Best Time To Buy A Robot Vacuum?

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Looking to save on a robot vacuum? You’re in luck! Robot vacuums are typically discounted during the holiday season.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are especially good times to buy, but you can often find deals throughout December.

So if you’re looking for a great deal on a robot vacuum, keep your eyes peeled for sales!

Early Spring: Late February to May

Spring is the time when most of the home projects start. Hence, it’s the perfect time to invest in a robot vacuum. You will find a wide range of sales and discounts during these months.

So, you can enjoy attractive deals on any of the vacuums in the spring season.

If you miss the Spring sales offers, then try to browse vileda robotic vacuums once summer starts. New automatic vacuums are generally released in these months.

So, most of the sellers try to clear some shelf space for the latest models. Robotics are not usually available in a clearance sale. But, be attentive, and you can find something.

Amazon Prime Day

Robot vacuums like BoostIQRoboVac 30C are electronic devices, and hence you can get huge discounts on Amazon Prime day. But, check the date because it changes every year.

Prime days were held in July for many occasions, but then it was pushed to October 2020. In 2024, the Prime days started on 21st June and ended on 22nd.

If you are interested in getting a robot cleaner from Amazon, we suggest downloading its app. The application will let you know about all the upcoming deals.

Black Friday Weekend

Cyber Mondays and Black Friday weekends are some of the best times to buy electronics and other household appliances. If you’re in search of the best budget robot vacuum, there are plenty of options available to explore.. We suggest that you act fast.

Otherwise, you will not find the right option due to high demand and fast selling. If you cannot find any deal on Amazon, you can try other stores and local outlets. This year, the Black Friday sale will go live on 26th November.

Other holidays: Easter, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are holidays when you can purchase a robot vacuum. As we stated earlier, start looking for the deals early because they might not last.

The Worst Time to Buy a Robot Vacuum

Some of the seasons are not very good to purchase a robot vacuum if you plan to invest in a cleaning solution; it’s best to avoid these days.

Winter and fall: These two kinds of weather are precisely the opposite of spring because it’s not a good idea to purchase a robot vacuum in winter or fall.

January: Most of the old stock is over by the end of the year. Plus, none of the brands launches new models in the later months. So, do not plan to buy a robot vacuum in January.
September: Similar to January, September is not a good time to buy a vacuum. So, it’s better to wait for the holidays.

Any time of the year without any research: You will find a wide range of robot vacuums in the UK market. It’s the primary reason why you should research a lot before investing in one of them. Consider the movement method, battery life, ease of use, cleaning modes, budget etc.

What type of floors do you have in the house? It’s another point where you need to think because all the robots are not built the same.

Do you also need to mop function? In other words, consider all the possible points before picking an automated cleaner. Let’s discuss the factors in the next section.

Robot Vacuum Buying Tips

Once you know the best time to buy a robot vacuum, the next step is to understand what factors you need to consider before investing in it. So, it will help if you keep the following things in your mind while picking an automated cleaning machine.

Try a long-lasting model: Well, it’s a common factor to think about, but most users forget to check the built materials while purchasing a vacuum.

A durable cleaning device means you don’t have to look for early repairs and replacements. So, look for a high-quality model that can offer the complete worth of your investment.

Carpet type: Almost all the robot vacuums are effective on both hard floors and carpets. However, all of them cannot deal with medium or high pile carpets. So, check the carpet type in your house and purchase something accordingly.

For instance, Proscenic 850T is only suitable for hard floor and low pile carpet. Buy, BoostIQRoboVac30C is perfect for medium-pile carpets as well.

Runtime: All the robotics are cordless and uses a battery to operate. So, it’s crucial to check the battery’s runtime. Make sure the robot has the battery power to cover your house or office.

App and voice support: You might have a habit to control your smartphone, AC or TV via voice commands. Robot vacuums can also accept the same with the help of Google Assistant and Alexa. Some of them are also compatible with smartphone apps for convenient usage. So, pick something that has all these features.

Warranty: Most of the robot vacuums are available with some coverage. However, you need to find the best among them, depending upon your budget and other requirements.

For instance, the warranty varies between one to five years, depending upon the make and model. So, pick something that has a backup of a maximum number of years. Make sure that the vacuum’s batteries also have some warranty.

Register for deals and promos: Marketing emails are irritating. But, not when you are looking for a new appliance. So, sign up the marketing newsletters from online stores and reputable brands. Plus, keep a look for promotional ads.

Install the Amazon app and browse some robot vacuums. Afterward, it will send you notifications about all the recent releases and sales. Add an automated vacuum in your cart and then close the app. There are chances that the store might send you some extra discount coupon codes.

Negotiate when buying locally: If you are interested in visiting a local outlet, negotiate the price if you find it high. You can compare the cost with any online store and then hammer out the salesperson. Besides that, make sure you can return the vacuum if you find any error or damage.

Shopping malls and shops allow you to touch and feel the product. Local shopping is also helpful if you need the vacuum urgently. So, try the outlets nearby your office or home but only after some research.


Robotic vacuums are the future of cleaning solutions. Now, you know the best time to buy a robot vacuum, so check the available models and choose a model that suits your requirement and budget.

Late February and March are the perfect months to invest in an automated vacuum. But, try to avoid winters and fall.

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