Ways To Clean Upstairs Windows From Inside – Secret Trick!

Dirty windows limit the sun’s rays and keep your residence in a depressing shade.

Their unsightly look can destroy your impression among friends, especially when you are inviting them to a weekend party.

However, it’s not always easy to clean the windows when you are living on the fifth floor.

But, you don’t have to worry because today we will talk about some of the efficient ways to clean upstairs windows from the inside.

How to Clean Outside Windows You Can’t Reach

Extension Pole for Cleaning Windows

Safety is the primary concern when you are cleaning anything using a ladder. Instead of using ladders, you can try a windows cleaning pole. Such a tool extends up to several feet and allows you to clean high windows without looking for a ladder.

Window cleaning poles come with dual attachments including a microfiber squeegee and washer. Use the damp squeegee to clean your windows and then wipe them dry with the microfiber blade. DocaPole Foot Extension Pole is a high-quality window squeegee you can try.

U-shaped Telescopic Pole

You can also use a U-shaped telescopic pole from inside the house. The user-friendly windows cleaning tool comes with sponges, squeegees, and a microfiber cloth for efficient results.

It’s one of the best tools for sliding windows because the extension pole gives you a reach of up to 4 feet. If you have double-hung windows, then a u-shaped window cleaner deserves your attention.

Magnetic Window Cleaner

Cleaning the windows that don’t unlatch is not an easy task. Ask one of the apartment residents and they will tell you the same. Instead of teetering on the window’s ledge and risking your life, consider a magnetic window cleaner. Such tools clean both sides of the windows.

All thanks to their microfiber cloth layer, you don’t have to spend much time and energy to cleaning tough-to-reach windows. However, you need to be gentle while pushing such a cleaning tool otherwise, the magnets might disengage.

Robot Window Cleaner

Do you like house cleaning tasks? Well, no one does. It’s the reason why we are suggesting you use robot windows cleaners that are remote-controlled and comes with a smartphone app.

Such a device uses suction technology to attach to the target surfaces. Using washable microfiber pads, a robot window cleaner gives you sparkling clean windows without putting much effort. You can try the Gladwell, Gecko Robot Window Cleaner which works efficiently to clean all the parts of your windows.

Removal of Sliding Windows

You can take out the standard sliding windows from their track for indoor cleaning. The removal and cleaning need to be done very carefully, otherwise, the glass might crack or break.

Clean the Window Screens

Apart from maintaining the windows, you should also consider cleaning its screens. The best way to clean the windows screens is to take them out, hose all of them using water, and let them dry. In case you don’t have an outdoor space, then vacuum cleans all the screens using a window vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. The Karcher window vac is one of the most reputed brands in the UK.

Then, spray water and vinegar mixed on all of them. Finally, use a rag to immediately wipe out all the cleaning solution as well as dirt. You can also use the bathtub and handheld shower to rinse and clean each window screen one by one after vacuum cleaning.

Contact the Professionals

An extension pole or magnetic window cleaner might do the needful, but these tools might not be suitable for some of the situations. For instance, there is no use for an extension pole that asks you to stand in the middle of the street.

Windows that do not have latches are also difficult to clean. So, if you cannot clean your windows without taking risks or you cannot reach them at all, then it’s recommended to contact a professional agency.

Bottom Line

The tools that we were discussing today work well in most conditions. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to deal with all the window types using the above-listed techniques.

If you facing problems while maintaining the windows or you don’t have time for such sessions, then it’s better to call the professionals.

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