How To Use A Tile Steam Cleaner 

If your bathroom or kitchen tile is looking a little worse for wear, you may be considering giving it a deep clean. However, scrubbing tile by hand can be a tedious and back-breaking task.

Fortunately, there is another way to get your tiles sparkling clean – using a tile steam cleaner. But when it comes to the steam clear you can either call the professional or use it by yourself. So, if you want to know how to use a tile steam cleaner, read on these steps.

Steps To Use A Tile Steam Cleaner

Remove Hurdles

Before you begin any sort of cleaning project, it’s important to clear the area of obstacles. Move any furniture that might be in the way, and make sure you have plenty of space to work.

This will help you to avoid any accidents, and it will also make the job go much more quickly. Once you’ve moved the furniture, you can begin to focus on the task at hand. And who knows?

Clean The Tiles ( Mop and Brush)

The first step in cleaning your tiles is to give them a good sweep. This will remove any surface dirt and debris that might be present. Once you’ve swept the floor, you can fill a bucket with warm water and add a squirt of mild dish soap. Dip your mop into the soapy water and wring it out well. Then, start mopping the floor in small sections, working your way across the room.

Be sure to rinse your mop frequently in clean water to avoid leaving streaks on the tile. If you have any stubborn stains or areas of built-up grime, you may need to use a brush to scrub them away.

There are special brushes made for cleaning tile, or you can use an old toothbrush. Just wet the brush, add a little bit of soap, and scrub away at the stain. It may take a little elbow grease, but eventually, the stain should come up.

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Rinse The Floor

Once you’ve cleaned the entire floor, it’s time to rinse away the soap and dirt. You can do this by mopping with clean water, or you can use a garden hose to spray down the floor.

If you choose to use a hose, be sure to start at the farthest corner of the room and work your way toward the door. This will help to avoid leaving any puddles of water on the floor.

Prepare The Steam Cleaner 

Most steam cleaners have a water tank that needs to be filled with distilled water. Once the tank is full, screw it back into the machine and make sure it is properly attached. Then, take the brush attachment and attach it to the end of the steamer wand. For best results, it is important to use the appropriate brush for the type of surface you are cleaning.

For example, if you are cleaning tile floors, you should use a soft brush so as not to damage the surface. Finally, plug in the machine and turn it on. Depending on the model, you may need to wait a few minutes for the machine to heat up before using it.

When using a tile steam cleaner, always start in a small area and work your way out. To clean most effectively, hold the steamer close to the surface and move it slowly back and forth. You may need to go over areas multiple times to remove all dirt and grime.

When you are finished cleaning, be sure to unplug the machine and allow it to cool down before emptying the water tank and storing the machine away. With proper care and maintenance, your tile steam cleaner will provide years of trouble-free use.

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What To Do If You Don’t Own A Steam Cleaner?

Springtime is upon us which means it’s time for some deep cleaning. For many of us, that means breaking out the steam cleaner to freshen up our carpets. But what do you do if you don’t have a steam cleaner?

Never fear, there are still ways that you can get your carpets clean and fresh without renting or buying a machine. 

Rent One

If you only need to steam clean your carpets once or twice a year, then it might make more sense for you to just rent a machine from your local hardware store.

This way, you don’t have to worry about storing the machine or maintaining it. Just be sure to read the instructions carefully so that you know how to use the machine properly and avoid damaging your tiles and carpets.

Hiring a Professional 

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of renting or operating a steam cleaner, another option is to hire a professional tile and carpet cleaning service. This is often more expensive than renting a machine, but it will save you time and effort.

Be sure to ask around for recommendations or check online reviews before hiring anyone, as you want to be sure you’re working with a reputable company.

Borrow From Friend

If you have a friend or family member who already has a steam cleaner, see if they’ll let you borrow it for the day. This is probably the cheapest option since you won’t have to pay anything other than maybe gas money if they live far away.

Just be sure to return the favour by letting them borrow something from you when they need it! 


A tile steam cleaner is a great way to clean your tiles without all the hassle of scrubbing by hand. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and always start in a small area to avoid any accidents. With a little time and effort, you’ll have your tiles looking good as new in no time.

Also, there are several ways to clean your carpets without a steam cleaner. If you don’t want to invest in a machine of your own, consider renting one or hiring a professional service. Or, if you have a friend with a machine, see if you can borrow it for the day. 

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