How to Use Steam Mop to Clean Floors Effectively?

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If you have purchased a new steam mop, but don’t know how to use it, then you are in the right place. Here, we will discuss how can you benefit from the new cleaning tool.

Such an electrical device might be an alien initially, but its usage is very straightforward. But, let’s understand the basics of a steam cleaner.

At first let’s know, how does a steam mop work.

A steam mop uses a heating component to boil the water you fill inside its container. The boiling liquid creates steam, which is transferred via a nozzle.

All the steam mops come with various attachments, which works according to their functions and cleans the targeted surface.

As you can understand, the mop uses its steam to loosen all the grime and dirt so that the pad can absorb all of them. Hence, such a mop can efficiently deal with stubborn marks and stains.

How to Use a Steam Mop?

You will find a wide range of steam mops in the UK market. Not to worry because all of them operate similarly. So, you can easily understand and use one of them.

Let’s discuss how.
Remove all the loose objects: Take out all the materials that can act as obstacles in the cleaning process. For instance, remove the dining chairs if you are cleaning your kitchen.

Sweep or vacuum: For fast and effective cleaning, we suggest that you use a broom or vacuum to clear loose dust particles first. This step will help the mop to focus more on stains. Plus, it will not drag a large chunk of debris to scratch your floors.

Prepare the steamer: Attach the dirt grip pad or towel with your floor steamer. The towel could be replaceable or reusable depending upon the make and model. Keep some spare mop pads so that you can replace the existing ones.

Refill the water tank to its maximum capacity so that the mop can work longer. Connect the device with an electrical outlet or power on the button if it’s battery-dependent. The mop will light up an indicator within 20 to 30 seconds once it’s ready to go.

Start away from the doors: To avoid walking over on the areas you just cleaned, we suggest that you start from a corner that’s furthest from the doors. Clean in a straight pattern to easily remember the parts you already covered. Glide the mop back and forth motion for desired cleaning results.

Never leave the mop unattended: Turn the steamer off if you are taking a break. If the cleaning device works at the same spot for a long, it might damage the area.

What Floors Can I Clean With a Steam Mop?

Here is the good news.

A steam mop is helpful to clean lots of surfaces, including ceramic, tiles, concrete, linoleum and carpet. Make sure that the floor is sealed, and then you can use the steaming device to clean it. However, do not use the tool on hardwood floors, especially if they are unsealed.

Perform a test if you are unsure whether the mop is safe for the floors. Drop a small amount of water on a contained spot and check after some time. If the water is unabsorbed after some minutes, then you can use the mop on the floor because it’s sealed.

Can I Use a Steam Cleaner on the Carpet?

If you live in a house with mixed floors, you can use a multipurpose steam mop to clean the carpets. Most of these streaming devices come with a carpet glider that attaches to the cleaning head to tackle all the resistance from the fibres.

However, please do not use any of the steam mops without reading its instructions. Steam can damage the rugs or change their appearance. So, make sure it’s compatible with carpet cleaning.

How often Should I Use a Floor Steamer?

Well, the answer depends upon the level of dirt your house floors can get every day.

For instance, if you have kids or pets, then the muddy paws and shoes will force you to use the mop twice a week or maybe more. For an average household, steam mopping the floor once every week is sufficient.

Can I Fill the Water Tank with a Cleaning Solution?

All the floor steamers use water to clean the carpets. Filling such devices with a cleaning solution might damage them and harm your carpets.

Some of the models allow you to scented water. However, it’s better to check the instructions manual before using anything else apart from water.

These mops are designed to offer chemical-free cleaning. So, such a cleaning tool don’t need anything apart from water. Hence, it’s safe to use around pets, kids, and elderlies.

Can I Use Tap Water For a Steam Mop?

Yes, you fill tap water in a steam mop, but it should not be hard. Use distilled water if you are getting a hard water supply because it can damage the mop.

Hard water comprises minerals like magnesium and calcium, which might block the mop’s steam output.

Final Talk

Now you know how to use a steam mop. It’s easy to understand because there are only a few steps to follow; clear the area, refill the mop’s tank, power it on and start steaming.

A steam mop is one of the best household tools that cleans and sanitizes your house. If you reside with pets or kids, then it could be a smart purchase. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s manual that comes with a floor steamer.

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