Is There A Robot Vacuum That Avoids Dog Poop?

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Robot vacuums are meant to clean your house, not make it dirty.

It’s horrible to watch, but many robot vacs will happily distribute dog poops about the house without realizing it.

That’s why a question arises if any robotic vacuum exists in the market that can avoid dog poop?

The answer is Yes.

Several cheap robot vacuums in the market are equipped with sensors to detect and avoid obstacles, including pet waste like dog poop..

The latest Roomba model Roomba® j7+ robot vacuum, actually identifies will avoid running over dog poop.

So there’ll be no more bad surprises for you.

Maybe this is the most effective use of artificial intelligence we’ve ever seen.

How does the new Roomba avoid dog poop?

The Roomba® j7+ robot vacuum uses PrecisionVision Navigation to detect and avoid your pet’s waste for clean, trouble-free cleaning.

For more details, check out this article: iRobot’s latest Roomba can detect pet poop (and if it fails, you’ll get a new one)

Is there any Other Robot Vacuums That Avoids Dog Poop

The Roborock S6 MaxV S6 MaxV has eyes to keep a watch on such messes and stay away from them.

How exactly it works? This vileda robot vacuum has a twin camera system at its front that avoid all the obstacles, including pet poop, shoes and similar materials.

Apart from that, MaxV has several attractive enhancements like 25 per cent more suction strength and a big water tank to work for longer durations.

So, if you are afraid that a robot vacuum is not suitable for your house because of pets, then S6 MaxV might be the solution.


Here is another good news.

In addition to the dual camera, this cleaning device also has LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and vSLAM. The latter checks all the images taken using the dual cameras to operate and recognize any obstacle in its cleaning route. With the help of this system, the vacuum will avoid pet poop or their eating bowls and notify you on the app.

In dark or areas with low light, the cleaning device also uses infrared imaging. Once you start the vacuum, it moves in an organized way and creates a map of your house. Once the device cleans one room, it updates the same on the map.

Multi-level mapping ability is another impressive feature of the Roborock S6 MaxV. It allows the vacuum to map up to 4 levels in your house.

You can schedule this vacuum cum mop to clean them according to the requirements. You can also set no go zones where cleaning is not required.

S6 MaxV is efficient on all the floors. Whether you have hard floors or carpets, it offers excellent cleaning results and keeps your house free from dirt and pet hair. Plus, this model also has a mop, which makes it versatile.


If you are a pet owner who needs an automated cleaning machine that can notice poop and all other pet-related obstacles, then trying Roomba® j7+ is not a bad idea.

You will like the device because its high suction power removes all the dirt from your carpets.

So, not only this robot vacuum avoids dog poop, but it also keeps your house free from its hair.

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