Miele Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners UK 2024

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Miele cylinder vacuum cleaners are known to be efficient. The brand manufactures several models that please you with their value for money and cleaning performance.

However, they have an extensive range of power horses that can confuse you to choose the best out of them. It’s the reason why we have reviewed some of the best Miele cylinder hoovers in the UK after looking at their features as well as price.

The descriptions with each model will help you choose the right vac, according to your needs and preferences.

Why Buy a Miele Cylinder vacuum?

Miele produces excellent vacuum cleaners available at different price categories. So, it is a brand that makes products for everyone.

However, the brand is an expert for cylinder vacs. Vacuums that are reliable, efficient, powerful and gives the best value for the investment.

These are the reasons why you can trust a Miele cylinder vac. For detailed features and reviews, read on.

Top 4 Miele Cylinder Vacuums Reviews In UK

Here are our 4 Miele cylinder hoover reviews 2024.

1. Miele Complete C3 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

The best bagged vacuum cleaner for pet hairs, Miele C3 is our top recommendation in the UK market. You all know we do not readily suggest a product at the very top of our list. So, what makes it unique, let’s find out.

Miele C3 performs brilliantly on any floor type, be it hardwood, carpeted or laminated; you get a dust-free shining surface. Its turbo brush gives you freedom from pet hair while the Active AirClean filter removes and contains animal odour. Apart from the floor or carpets, C3 is also useful in upholstery furniture and many other objects in your house.

There are foot controls to change the suction power. So, you do not have to stop while changing the floor type; change the suction setting. Another impressive feature is its one-touch cable rewind system. One press on the console and the entire power cable rewinds to its central unit.

It’s clear from the name that C3 is specially made for animal fur, but let us tell you that C3 is the best Miele for pet hair. Included turbo brush or standard floor head combined with powerful suction, which can tackle any dust including the falling hair from your four-legged partner. All thanks to its 900W suction capacity. However, due to its comparatively high weight, it is not recommended for the elderly or individuals dealing with a bad back.

Apart from the heft, this Miele cylinder bag hoover has nothing else that you can dislike. It’s practical, powerful, and easy to use. Looking at all these features and price, we can say that it’s a good deal altogether.

Key features:

  • Powerful vacuum
  • Expert at catching animal fur
  • Different power settings


2. Miele Blizzard CX1 Comfort Bagless Cylinder Vac

Miele Powerful CX1 comes with excellent suction power and Vortex – an aerodynamic airflow mechanism for best-in-class cleaning performance. High-quality build and ability to work at almost any surface add to its value.

One of the essential features is Vortex, which generates an airspeed of more than 100 km/hour for excellent suction and supreme performance. The credit also goes to its powerful 900 W motor. For laminated floor and tile cleaning, it has a broad floor head for better coverage and results.

CX1 gets an A-class rating for dust emission. HEPA filters are the reason behind it, which removes all the dust particles and never allows them to escape back to the atmosphere. Controls are all located on its handle so, you can change the power levels conveniently. The ergonomic handle gives you a comfortable hold, and you never feel stressed even after a long cleaning session. It also comes with a Parquet Twister XL, specially made for delicate floors.

Emptying the dust is an easy task with CX1. Press a button, and it will throw all the soil in the targeted dustbin. It’s hygienic because you do not have to make direct contact with the sand while emptying the canister.

Features are all attractive, but this Miele cylinder bagless vacuum comes at a price tag that is comparatively higher than other models. So, if you are on a budget constraint, then it might not be a suitable hoover. Also, it has an average performance while removing pet hair. Maybe that’s why Miele already gave us C3.

Even with some small flaws, CX1 can be a pretty addition to your house because of the excellent suction power, Vortex and HEPA filters.

Key features:

  • Vortex for top-notch cleaning performance, especially on hard floors
  • Anti-allergen HEPA filters
  • Ergonomic hold with all the controls


3. Miele Compact C2 Cat and Dog Cylinder Vac Cleaner

Designed for cat and dog owners, Miele C2 comes with a 900W motor, which is the reason for its reliable suction power. The vacuum includes a turbo brush that picks all the pet hair and filtration that contains the animal odour.

With a dark red appearance, C2 looks attractive. It has the same centralised hose connection on its primary unit that also has an in-built handle. C2 is compact and comparatively lightweight, hence easy to use.

The first feature that gives you complete mobility is its swivelling hose joint. Then comes its power cable measuring 7.5 metres, which when combined with a 3.5 feet hose gives you a large cleaning radius of 11 feet. So, you will be able to a complete area without changing the power outlet.

Dial control on its primary unit allows you to use six different suction levels. You can use them depending on the surface or material you are cleaning. Multiple suction is one of the main reasons why C2 has gathered some positive reviews.

As stated earlier, C2 comes with a turbo brush that digs deep into the upholstery and carpets to remove all the cat and dog fur. It also includes the AirTeQ floor head built for all the other cleaning purpose. AirTeQ has an advanced airflow mechanism for better cleaning performance. Other attachments include a crevice tool, upholstery nozzle and dusting brush.

The vac is lightweight and compact, but that does not mean it cannot perform well. Miele C2 gives you desired results on both carpets and hard floors but lacks onboard storage for included accessories.

Key features:

  • AirTeQ floor head with improved airflow
  • Turbo floor head to remove pet hair
  • Large cleaning radius
  • AirClean filter to absorb pet odour


4. Miele Classic C1 Junior PowerLine Cylinder Hoover

If you are looking for an affordable bagged vac cleaner, then you should consider Miele C1 Junior. It has the word “Junior” in its name, but still comes with six suction levels and gives you a cleaning radius of 9 metres. Also, it is lightweight and offers excellent results on all floor types.

The main floor head of C1 Junior is designed to clean both carpets and hard floors; you can change the mode with a footswitch that either drops down the brushes or take them up, depending on the area you are cleaning.

If we talk about the weight, C1 has the lowest weight on this list; it still has decent dust-carrying capacity. Whether you are cleaning wooden floors, tiles, or carpets, you get the desired cleaning results. It is also instrumental in picking animal fur. With an 800W motor, the vacuum is comparatively less powerful, but looking at the price, it is a good deal overall.

HyClean 3D bags and AirClean filters trap dust, microbial, and allergens and never allows them to escape. It comes with telescopic tubes that give you easy access to all the areas, even the tight ones.

Due to less power consumption, C1 will reduce electricity bills. At 79 dB, it will not make much noise to disturb your family members or neighbours. Onboard storage for all the accessories is an advantage as well.

Overall, C1 can fit your bill if you need an inexpensive bagged vac with strong suction. It is lightweight and comes with an AirClean filter to protect you from allergens.

Key features:

  • AirClean filter for improved allergen trap
  • Strong suction
  • Includes all the required attachments


Cylinder Vacuum Buyers Guide

Cylinder-based vac comes with various designs, weights, and suction power, so you should know what exactly you are buying before actually paying for the product. In this section, we will discuss some of the factors that you should consider.

How much do you want to spend on a vac? Determine the same and then search a cylinder hoover accordingly. Setting a low budget will also give you a filter to sort the resulting products on Amazon.

It’s not necessary that you always have to spend a significant amount to get a high-quality vac. So, compare the prices as well as features, then choose the cleaner with the required abilities and set the price.

Weight: Cylinder-based vacuums are generally compact and come with less weight if compared to uprights. So, the handling is comfortable.

Still, when you have to take the unit over the stairs, it can be tough if it is heavy. So, always check the weight while purchasing a cylinder hoover.

Suction power: If you want the best cylinder vacuum to perform efficiently on all floor types, you should look for one with high suction power. A powerful vac means you will spend less time and energy cleaning your house.

Anti-allergic filter: If you are allergic, then you need a filtration system that can contain all the allergens and dust particles. For that, you should look for a vacuum with HEPA filters. HEPA is a hospital-grade solution that gives you a hygienic environment to breathe. However, other filters like AirClean also do similar filtration.

Apart from removing allergens, filters can also remove pet odour. So, if you own a dog or cat, it’s better to purchase a cylinder hoover with HEPA or AirClean filters.

Cleaning radius: Another consideration is the area that you clean using a cylinder hoover. The length of the power cable added with the measurement of the connected hose makes the cleaning radius.

If you are the owner of a big house, then you must purchase a cleaner with a high cleaning radius. For small flats or homes, you can opt for a small or medium-sized coverage.

Included attachments: You must consider the accessories you are getting with the cylinder vacuum. For example, if you need to clean corners, there should be a crevice tool. Similarly, upholstery tools are required to clean furniture, car seats, and other items.

If you are a pet owner, then you should check for a turbo brush or similar attachment that can take care of the animal fur. Overall, put your finger on a vacuum that has the maximum accessories or at least the basic ones.

Floor types: What type of floors do you have in the house – hard or carpeted? It’s another consideration when you choose a hoover. Cylinder vacuums are right on all the floors; it will be a significant statement. However, it depends on the model and its features as well as attachments.

Read the description to know whether a vacuum can clean carpets or hard floors, depending on the flooring in your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Miele hoover is best for hardwood floors?

Miele Blizzard CX1 scores high when it comes to clean bare floors.

How often change Miele vacuum bag?

The vacuum bag in a cylinder bags cleaner should be changed every month. In Miele hoovers, there is an indicator that shows whether the container is full or not. So, you can follow the same.

Are Miele vacuums better than Dyson?

Tricky one. Both brands produce some of the best vacuums. You can choose either a Dyson or Miele vac depending on your preferences and requirements.

Nowadays, Dyson is concentrating on making cordless vacuums. On the other hand, Miele is continuously releasing improved cylinder vac year after year. So, to answer the question in a more specific way; if you need an upright or cordless, go for Dyson. For cylinder vacuums, Miele is the best.

How to open a Miele hoover cleaner filter?

That depends upon the model, and you can find the instructions in the included manual. However, the models we discussed in this post have similar ways to take out the filter.

a. Remove the HEPA filter plastic cover using the latch, and you will see the filter just ahead. There will be a mitre to show whether it needs replacement or not.

b. Firmly pull its bracket and take the filter out.

c. Insert the new filter, and push it inside the bracket until it makes a click sound.

d. Activate the filter changer indicator that can let you know when to change it next

Summary – Which Miele Vacuum Should I Buy?

Even the cheapest Miele hoover in the UK gives you reliable suction power to clean almost any surface or object in your house. It’s the reason why we chose to provide you with some of the best Miele cylinder vacuum cleaners.

If you are looking to get rid of animal fur, then go for C3. It’s the best to clean pet hair and also gives you excellent performance on all floor types. If you need a vac cleaning machine, especially for hardwood or laminated floors, Blizzard CX1 is the best.

It all depends on you; your preferences and your requirements. We have done our part; now it’s your turn to invest your money in the right product. Happy cleaning.

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