Best Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaners (UK) 2024

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Shark cordless vacuums are gaining popularity in the UK market after each passing year. If you are also looking to purchase a new hoover, Shark is one of the best choices.

However, there are one too many Sharks to consider in the sea. It’s the reason why we will talk about the best five Shark cordless vacuums 2024.

Shark Cordless Vacuum UK Reviews 2024

Suitable cleaning devices to keep your house dust-free, you can choose any one of them depending upon your budget and cleaning requirements.

1. Shark Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner [IC160UKT]

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  • Pet vacuum: Motorised pet tool removes pet hair from carpets, stairs and sofas
  • Up to 50 minutes run-time*: Removable battery can be charged on or off the vacuum
  • Carpets and hard floors: DuoClean glides across all floors, no need to stop or change floor head
  • Powered lift-away: Go portable to easily clean stairs and reach under furniture
  • 5 years manufacturer’s guarantee: 2 years manufacturer’s guarantee on battery


Endless features, unparalleled versatility, reliable cleaning and extended battery backup are the few factors that drive Shark IC160UKT to the first entry on today’s list. It’s the first vacuum from Shark that is battery-operated. Using the DuoClean head, the vacuum gives you efficient cleaning in regular upright or handheld mode. If you are dealing with stubborn or accumulated dust, it has the Boost mode that drastically increases suction power to remove all of them.

IC160UKT is an all-around performer. As stated earlier, the vacuum can be transformed into a handheld. All thanks to its Life Away design, the vacuum can clean any surface, material or area. Its portable mode is appropriate for cleaning stairs, the area under the furniture, and other small articles. Its DuoClean head comprises two motorized brush rolls that work together to draw large dust, small debris, and fine dust without spreading them around the floor.

Intentionally made for pet owners, the vacuum can easily remove all animal fur within a few passes. Its hair removal attachment picks pet hair from hard floors, carpets, furniture and all the other areas without much hassle. The upright has a weight of 6.5 kg in the upright mode while the weight decreases to 2.5 kg once converted into a handheld. So, you get the nest of both worlds without applying much effort.

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal of the vacuum TRAPS 99.9 per cent bacteria and other microbial inside the dust canister to give you healthy and hygienic breathing air. The vacuum can capture dust particles and allergens as small as 0.3 microns, which means allergic individuals are safe while the vacuum is at work. It has a similar model called ICZ160UKT which has shark anti hair wrap cordless technology but is currently unavailable in Amazon UK, but you can check some other available anti hair wrap upright models here.

Shark IC160UKT is one of the best available Shark cordless vacuum in our list.  It’s the only drawback is a small dust canister. A runtime of 50 minutes is enough to clean big houses. It has a removable battery that can be charged in a vacuum or without it.

Key features:

  • Efficient animal fur cleaning
  • Decent runtime
  • Shark DuoClean head for versatile cleaning across all the floor types
  • Lift-Away technology for converting the vacuum into a handheld

2. Shark Anti-Allergen Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner [IF260UKTH]

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  • Cordless vacuum cleaner purposefully designed for allergy sufferers and homes with pets
  • Up to 60 minutes run-time*: 2 removable batteries can be charged anywhere
  • Carpets and hard floors: DuoClean glides across all floors, no need to stop or change floor head
  • Reach, charge and store anywhere: Flexology wand bends so you don’t have to
  • 5 years manufacturer’s guarantee: 2 years manufacturer’s guarantee on batteries


Due to useful features, Shark IF260UKTH stands in the second position on our list. With extended battery life, Flexology wand, fully-sealed filtration and DuoClean floor head, it can compete with any other cordless vacuum available in the UK market. Want to know more about our second recommendation? Read on!

Wand and trims of the vacuum are red while its cleaning head, as well as the handle, are grey. Shark keeps its weight under 4 kg, so the vacuum is stable and comfortable to hold. Its balance allows you to finish the house cleaning using only one hand. Even if you are dealing with back pain, there is no problem using the cordless. If you have an elderly in your family, he or she can very well use the IF260UKTH for a long duration.

The cleaning head of the vacuum features two motorized brush rollers; a soft brush for hard floors and harsh bristles to clean the carpets. Due to such an arrangement called DuoClean technology, cleaning is convenient as well as efficient.

Another innovative feature of the vacuum is its flexible wand, which bends from the middle so that you can easily clean the space under the furniture. Flexibility is provided by a hinge that can be released with a single press of a button. It’s what Shark calls Flexology wand.

Shark IF260UKTH utilizes a couple of removable Lithium-Ion batteries that provide thirty minutes of runtime each, so you are getting 60 minutes of runtime. The charging time for each cell is 3.5 minutes. Unless you have a colossal house, sixty minutes of runtime is enough to clean any area. If you want extended runtime, purchase another spare battery for the vacuum.

Key features:

  • High run time
  • Removable batteries
  • DuoClean floor for excellent cleaning on hard floors and carpet
  • Flexology wand

3. Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner [IF250UKT]

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  • Pet vacuum: Motorised pet tool easily removes pet hair from carpets, stairs and sofas
  • Twin battery model: Up to 44 minutes run-time*; removable batteries can be charged anywhere
  • Carpets and hard floors: Duo clean glides across all floors, no need to stop or change floor head
  • Flexology: Flexible wand bends to clean hard-to-reach places and folds for compact storage
  • 5 years manufacturer’s guarantee: 2 years manufacturer’s guarantee on battery


A mighty vacuum that keeps you satisfied with all-around cleaning and reliable battery backup, IF250UKT includes two batteries for an uninterrupted cleaning session. Dedicated pet fur removal attachment, folding wand, LED lights and HEPA filtration are its other considerable features.

Pet power brush, this is the attachment that makes IF250UKT one of the best recommendations for pet hair removal. Whether you are getting irritated from the pet hair on the carpets, furniture or hard floors, it gets you rid of all of them.

The vacuum comes with two batteries, and each one of them provides a backup of 22 minutes. So, you are getting 44 minutes of runtime using both cells. Batteries can be charged on the included dock or primary body of IF250UKT. The pistol grip of this vacuum gives you a comfortable hold. Its versatile and changes to a handheld while you need to clean the stairs, furniture or any other small area and material.

Shark IF250UKT comes with DuoClean technology on the floor head that works effectively on both hard floors and carpets. DuoClean cleans your house like a beast because it has two brush bars; the first row of soft brushes draws debris and dust from hard floors while its rear bristles are responsible for carpet cleaning.

For easy maneuverability, the vacuum has two wheels, and its floor head tilts and turns for better cleaning access, especially under and around the furniture. Moreover, Shark IF250UKT also has an innovative folding wand, which allows you easy clean under low areas. That’s what the brand calls Flexology tube. If you need a dust-free house, this is the vacuum you should choose.

The vacuum has two cleaning modes and speed control for the brush bars. Runtime depends upon the power settings as well as the brush bar speed. At 4 kg, the cleaning machine is lightweight, but it might feel heavy in one hand, especially while cleaning above the head areas.

Key features:

  • Pet power brush for effective removal of animal fur
  • Duoclean floor head
  • Convertible to handheld mode

4. Shark Anti-Allergen Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner [IF130UKTH]

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  • Cordless vacuum cleaner purposefully designed for allergy sufferers and homes with pets
  • Up to 30 minutes run-time*: Removable battery can be charged anywhere
  • Carpets and hard floors: DuoClean glides across all floors, no need to stop or change floor head
  • Reach, charge and store anywhere: Flexology wand bends so you don’t have to
  • 5 years manufacturer’s guarantee: 2 years manufacturer’s guarantee on battery


The IF130UKTH cordless vacuum comes with an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal that captures 99.9 percent of dust particles and allergens inside the dust canister and never allows them to escape. It has a flexible wand utilizing Flexology that helps you to clean the areas under low-base furniture.

As it is convertible to handheld mode, cleaning the entire house will not be a chore. That’s right, the versatile vacuum leaves everything spotless in a matter of time, and that’s why you will have extra hours on the weekend to spend on other household tasks. Moreover, its extendable wand gives you extra reach while cleaning curtains, ceilings and other above-the-head areas.

Specially designed for allergic individuals and users who own a cat or dog, the stick vacuum offers a runtime of up to 30 minutes. It comes with a hair removal tool that efficiently picks all the pet hair from all the materials and floors. So, whether it’s your sofa, carpets or regular hard floorings, you will not notice animal fur anywhere.

As its battery is removable, you can charge it anywhere. The cordless comes equipped with Duoclean technology, which gives you desired cleaning results on both hard floors and carpets without any manual interference.

Talking about ease of use, Shark IF130UKTH is lightweight and comfortable to hold. It’s a bagless model, so you will not spend anything on dust bags. The vacuum can stand without any support; so, you can collapse and store it anywhere.

If you suffer from any airborne allergy or you have a cat or dog in the house, then Shark IF130UKTH gives you the assurance of incredible cleaning performance as well as hygienic surroundings. Overall, you will love the cleaning effectiveness provided by Shark IF130UKTH.

Key features:

  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal for total protection from allergens and other contaminants
  • Flexology wand
  • Easy to store due to self-standing ability
  • Batteries can be charged anywhere; on the vacuum or separately

5. Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner [WV251UK]

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  • Sleek cordless handheld design Ideal for quick clean ups
  • Designed to be displayed quick charging storage base means it is always fully charged and ready to go
  • 16 minute runtime and one touch easy empty dust cup
  • Two year manufacturer warranty for complete peace of mind
  • Includes crevice tool and pet tool


Shark WV251UK gives you sheer cleaning power in your hands. With a sleek design, stylish appearance, low weight, and easy-to-reach controls, the handheld makes on-spot cleaning very convenient. The next-generation handheld has a powerful motor that gives you high suction power for unmatched cleaning results.

The handheld comes with a quick charging base that quickly rejuvenates its battery. It includes a spare Lithium-Ion battery that can be charged and stored on the charging base. With its 16 minutes of runtime, you can easily clean the kitchen slabs, tabletops, counters, or furniture within a few seconds.

Included pet and crevice tool assists you in the cleaning process, and you get a thoroughly cleaned house free from animal fur or any other dust particles. Due to its powerful suction, the handheld easily captures all the dust particles, crumbs, pet hair and other waste particles within a few passes.

Weighing only 1.3 kg, the handheld gives you no trouble while cleaning the curtains, ceilings and other above-the-head areas. So, even if you have a weak wrist or arthritis, Shark WV251UK can be an excellent investment.

Not only inside the house but the handheld can also be used conveniently inside your car as well. Due to its compact and lightweight nature, it reaches under the seats, between the car seats and other hard-to-reach corners.

For hygienic dust emptying, the vacuum has a single button that throws out all the dust at once. Its filtration system keeps the allergens and other microbial at bay so that it can be used around allergic individuals. The charging base has enough storage for the vacuum, batteries and attachments. Still, its compact and can be stored anywhere.

If you have a large family or you own a pet, Shark WV251UK is an ideal portable cleaner. As it includes twin batteries, a charging base and cable, you will not have to invest in any other items.

Key features:

  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Includes pet and crevice tool
  • Powerful suction
  • Dual battery for extended runtime


Why Buy a Cordless Vacuum?

Rechargeable cordless vacuums do not have the restrictions of a power cable. Moreover, they are lightweight and hence easy to move around the house. Apart from that, there are other advantages to using a cordless cleaning device.

  • Cordless vacuums are easy to use on stairs, inside cars and in many other small areas
  • Compact footprint results in hassle-free storage
  • It’s easy to clean the ceilings, curtains and above-the-head area using a cordless cleaner

Things to Consider When Buying a Cordless Vacuum

Now we have discussed Shark cordless vacuum reviews from the UK market; it’s time to set your preferences before you invest in any one of them. In other words, you should know the requirements and other factors to get the right Shark cordless for your house. Read on to know those points that you should keep in mind while purchasing a cordless vacuum.

Vacuum Type: We have two choices under Shark cordless vacuums: Bagged or bagless. A bagged cordless vacuum needs replaceable dust bags to store and manage the waste particles while the bag fewer ones store everything inside a dust canister.

If you choose a bagged cordless vacuum, you will have to purchase replacement dust bags. On the other hand, with a bagless cordless, you have to empty the dust canister. So, think about which category can be useful as well as convenient for you and choose a cordless one accordingly.

Form Factor: Next to the deciding factor is the vacuum style you need. If you are looking for a cleaning solution for floors, including carpets and other high-traffic areas; choose an upright Shark cordless. If you need convenient on-spot cleaning, then go for a handheld that will give you excellent quick cleanups on furniture, curtains and other small areas.

Filtration: Look for HEPA filtration, especially if you are allergic. HEPA is medical-grade filters that keep your house free from allergens and other microbial.

Weight: Another critical factor is weight. If you are living in a big house or multi-floored apartment, you cannot move around a massive Shark cordless vacuum. Choose the best lightweight vacuum variant that can assist you while cleaning the stairs, furniture and other over-the-head areas.

Floor-type: Carpeted, hard floor or mixed floorings; Shark cordless vacuums have a different level of cleaning expertise, which depends upon the model. Cordless with DuoClean technology is ideal for both floor types. Choose a Shark cordless depending upon the house floors. We have discussed the performance according to the floorings in each given description. So, it will be easier for you to choose any one of them.

Suction Power: Whether it’s Shark, Dyson or any other vacuum, the performance is decided by suction power. Choose a vacuum with high suction power. In living areas, you should choose a lightweight Shark cordless that can easily pick up all the dust particles and debris.

Runtime: The battery backup; is another deciding factor while you search for shark cordless vacuums. Think about the area you are going to clean with the cordless. We have discussed Shark vacuums with up to 60 minutes of runtime today. Take a rough idea about the minutes or hours you will take to clean a particular area, then choose a Shark cordless according to the same.

Dust Canister: As we know that all vacuums store the dust inside a cartridge or dust bag. So, once you know what type of Shark cordless vacuum you need, you should also check the bin capacity of a particular model.

Large dust-carrying capacity means you will spend less time emptying the canister or throwing the dust bag. Choose a Shark cordless that can store all the dirt from your house or office.

Attachments: Most of the Shark cordless vacuums includes crevice and brush tools. However, if you need to clean a variety of materials and areas like curtains, furniture and baseboards, consider a Shark cordless with as many accessories as possible. With some of the Shark vacuums, you can also purchase the attachments separately.

Noise level: A certain amount of noise will be generated by all cordless vacuums, whether it’s Shark or any other brand. On the positive side, Shark cordless are known for their quiet operation.

Still, choose a Shark cordless with a low noise level, especially if you will use it in educational or medical establishments. Even in a residential area, you don’t tell the whole neighborhood that you are cleaning today!

Animal Fur: If you are a pet owner, the requirements changes. You will need a cordless vacuum with high suction power that can draw all the pet hair. Apart from powerful suction, you will also need a pet hair attachment like a turbo brush, which can get rid of the animal fur from furniture and all other materials.

Corded VS Battery Powered Vacuum- Which is Right for Me?

The competition between corded and cordless vacuums is big. You should choose one of them depending on your preferences. The corded vacuum has high suction power because they work with electrical power. On the other hand, battery-operated vacuums tend to have a comparatively lower suction power.

The next difference is portability. Cordless vacuums are comparatively better in terms of mobility. The main reason why a corded vacuum is difficult to move is its power cable and sometimes; weight. Some of the corded vacuums come with a power cable up to a length of 20 meters.

Then comes runtime, corded vacuums will never ask for a battery refill. However, cordless ones have a specific period wherein they can work using power supplied by the battery, which can go up to 60 minutes. These are some of the points that you can consider while choosing between a cordless or corded variant.

Shark Cordless Vacuum vs Dyson- Which is Best?

Dyson and Shark are two vacuum makers with a strong presence in the UK market. Both brands offer a broad and diverse range of cordless vacuums that promises exceptional cleaning performance without any loss in suction power or clogging. Whether you have hard floors or carpeted ones, you can choose a cordless from any of the brands.

The deciding factor should be your need, not the brand. Check the features, performance, ease of use, price, attachments and other factors mentioned in our buying guide, then choose a variant irrelevant to the brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should I Invest in a Cordless Vacuum?

That depends upon your requirements. You can get a high-quality handheld cordless within £ 180. But, you should keep in mind that handhelds will be only helpful for quick cleanups. On the other hand, if you want a full-fledged upright with an ability to transform into a handheld, be ready to invest up to £380.

How long do Shark Cordless vacuums last?

Shark vacuums are generally robust and can live a long life. However, three years is the least a Shark cordless vacuum can last.

Do rechargeable vacuums use more electricity?

No, cordless vacuums can save on your electricity bills.

How long does it take for a cordless vacuum to charge?

Battery charging depends upon the brand and model. However, the average charging time is three hours. Several vacuums come with indicators to confirm the charging status. You can also leave a vacuum plugged it overnight because it will never overcharge.

Can I use a cordless vacuum while charging?

No, it is not recommended to use a cordless vacuum while it’s charging.

How long does the battery last on a cordless vacuum?

As we discussed, the runtime goes up to 60 minutes. However, if you choose a cordless vacuum with a removable battery, you will get virtually unlimited runtime. Example, Shark IF260UKTH.


Summary – Why Shark is My Favorite Vacuum Brand?

Cleaning is a necessary task that needs to be done on a daily basis. Whether it’s a residential area or an official premise, hygiene plays an important role. According to us, cleaning should not be a trouble, it’s better if it can be enjoyable. At least, a vacuum cleaner should satisfy your chores.

Well, that’s where Shark vacuums change the cleaning game and make vacuuming possible without any annoyance. DuoClean technology, Flexology wand, Complete seal for allergens; where should I stop? Most of the best shark vacuum starts and moves effortlessly; they are robust and reliable. All this is in a pocket-friendly price range.

These are the reasons why we completely fell in love with Shark vacuums. Different people have different options, but if you check the qualities of the Shark cordless vacuums that we discussed today, you will agree with us.

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