Vax Blade 32V Vs Dyson v8 Vacuum Comparison 2024

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We are back with another comparison cum battle of Vax blade 32v vs Dyson V8.

V8 is known for efficient cleaning performance. However, Blade 32v is the latest competition with a similar-looking sleek stick design.

Let us find out if the product from Vax can overshadow V8 in terms of suction power, battery life, appearance or in any other department.

Our Quick Pick – Dyson V8

Dyson and Vax give you competent products that can perform well on all floors. However, Dyson V8 is a better vacuum. It gives you superior performance on hard floors, does better at containing allergens and include a wide range of attachments. With all these features comes a hefty price tag and this is the only point where it takes the hit from Blade.

On the other side, Blade is also an excellent choice as it has a lower price tag and provides unmatched carpet cleaning. Allergen retention and cleaning abilities on hard floors are the factors that take it to the second position.

Vax blade 32v vs Dyson V8 Primary Differences

Let us start with the fundamental differences between the two models and then we will discuss the others in detail.

  • Both Blade 32V and V8 are battery-operated stick vacuums with handheld mode.
  • Blade 32 comes with a “Helix” airflow that improves cleaning efficiency while V8 has dual tiers of radial cyclones that gives you excellent suction power and excellent allergen retention,
  • The vacuum from Vax weighs 5.52 kg while the Dyson stick cleaner is comparatively lightweight at 2.56 kg. There is a difference between the weight of these two. However, both of them perform in a balanced way, and are comfortable to use. There are minor differences between the usage. But, once you need to clean over the head areas, you will find V8 comparatively lightweight and easy to use.
  • For carpet cleaning, V8 comes with a direct-drive cleaner head, and it also includes a mini-motorized tool for pet hair. However, there are no such attachments in Blade.
  • On standard setting, V8 generates a noise level of 67 dB while Blade 32v stands at 83.2 dB and 85.5 on Boost Mode. As you can see, the Blade is noisier then V8. So, you cannot have a conversation while the blade motor is at work. However, it’s not that loud to make you feel irritated, but it makes that much of a sound you realise that it is cleaning “your” house.

Vax Blade 32v vs Dyson Design Differences

Dyson V8 has a stick design that makes it lightweight, and as we stated earlier, you can also transform it into a handheld. Vax Blade 32v has a similar design, including a pivoting head and it can also be converted into a handheld.

Vax Blade 32v has LED lights in front of the floor head. LED buttons on Blade are convenient to operate. However, V8 does not have views on the floor head. Another difference is the trigger cleaning mechanism; V8 requires the trigger to be continuously held while you clean.

The case is different with Blade; wherein there is a power button instead of a trigger. Most buyers find trigger systems tiring. However, it rarely wastes any battery power while you move from one place to another.

Talking about the dust capacity, V8 has comparatively small storage with 0.54 litre while Blade comes with a 0.6-litre dustbin. As both the vacuums are bagged, you need to empty the canister regularly.

Blade 32V cannot stand itself, which is a serious concern as well as a difference because V8 does not have a problem standing.

V8 and Blade 32V, both are lightweight stick vacuums that come with handheld mode as well. In this department, Blade wins and scores high marks than V8. We like the easy access to LED light buttons on Blade as well as the power switch instead of the trigger. Also, Vax ships the Blade with a better dust canister.

Cleaning Performance and Suction Power

Dyson V8 is one of the best all-around cleaners among cordless, but does that mean Vax Blade 32v cannot compete? Well, that’s what we will discuss in this section.

Have you used an electric brush? If yes, then you will know that its motor slows down once the battery is low. Well, this is not the case with either V8 or Blade. Whether the vacuum is running on a flat battery or a lesser charge, you will never notice degraded suction. Moreover, the level of dust in their canister will not affect the suction power as well.

  • On Carpets and Hard Floors

According to the tests conducted by Dyson, V8 has the most powerful suction power. All thanks to their V8 motor and double-tier Radial cyclone technology.

Dyson includes a Soft Floor roller for the hard floor while Blade has LED lights on the floor head. As you can see, both models try hard to win your heart with different features and functions. However, Dyson wins the category. With the soft roller, it collects approx — 95 percent of the dust and debris in one pass.

Its direct-drive cleaner has an articulating ball joint, which is very flexible and gives you an enjoyable experience of cleaning the floor around and under furniture pieces. For severe dirt accumulation, V8 has the Max Mode, which cleans anything, but drains the battery quickly.

With 32V battery, Blade is not wicked at suction power either. It gives you the best cleaning on carpets. Whether you are working on a thin or thick carpet, the vacuum removes all the dirt and dust without spending much time. In our tests, Blade 32v beats V8 in this department. At the same time, Blade is unable to perform as better as V8 on hard floors.

Winner: V8

For cleaning hard or laminated floors, V8 is undoubtedly the best vacuum. Due to superb suction power, it quickly collects all the debris from all floor types. The blade is not wrong at it either, but Dyson is the best.

  • Furniture and Above the Head Areas

Both models can be transformed into handheld so that you can easily clean the stairs and above-the-head areas. These two also include a turbo tool, which is helpful in the easy removal of dirt and dust from upholstery.

Winner: Tie

Due to similar features and functions, it’s a tie in this category. However, due to its low weight, V8 is easy to use while cleaning over the head areas.

  • Car Vacuuming

While cleaning your car, you will only need the attachments, not the floor head. We will talk about the tools in detail. However, both models come with a crevice tool, a dusting brush and a turbo tool.

Any of these accessories, combined with powerful suction in handheld mode, can give you excellent results in both models. So, they both share the points in this category as well. Also check what are the best car hoover available in the UK.

Winner: Tie

  • Pet hair Cleaning

With powerful suction, both models can dig deep into the carpets or upholstery to eliminate pet hair. Using the turbo tool, you can get even better results.

Winner: Tie

We call tie in this category as well.

Overall winner: V8

Both models are experts in removing pet hair, cleaning carpets, over-the-head areas, hard floors and stairs. The blade has an extra edge while cleaning the carpets, but V8 is the best vacuum to clean hard floors.

Battery Life and Charging

V8 has a free run time of 40 minutes, but Blade surpasses it with 45 minutes. These are the numbers when you use the vacuum at standard suction and non-motorized tool.

Five minutes, does that makes a difference? It’s not the complete story, though. Blade works for up to 20 minutes with maximum settings while V8 dies within 8 minutes.

You can recharge the Blade within 4 hours while V8 takes around five hours for a full battery. Whether the battery is full or low, none of the vacuums loses suction power at any point.

Winner: Blade 32v

It’s a close call, however with a better runtime in max mode and less recharging time, Blade wins this category.

What Accessories Come With The Vax Blade 32v and Dyson v8?

With the crevice tool, soft dusting brush and pet turbo tool, Blade 32v appear like a tough contender in this category, but V8 remains unbeaten. V8 comes with a direct-drive cleaner head, mini dusting brush, crevice tool, mini motorized tool, combination tool and a soft floor cleaner for hard floors.

The mini motorized tool comes in handy when you have to clean the stairs, your car and many other awkward and tight places. Dyson also gives you a docking station where you can store and charge the V8.

The blade can compete with the wide variety of attachments offered by V8, but for that, you need a Pro Cleaning Kit containing ten different cleaning accessories. It’s a separate item, means you have to make some additional investment to get this delivered. However, the vacuum gives you some extras that make your cleaning process easy and convenient.

Very smartly, Vax has placed a holder on the extension tube of Blade 32v, wherein you can carry either a dusting brush or crevice tool. Choose any one of them depending upon the usage.

Blade also includes a wall mount bracket, where you can store the vacuum in an upright manner. Unlike V8, the cradle or the bracket included with Blade 32v only holds it, do not expect any battery recharge.

All the mentioned tool can be attached to the central unit or the hose on any of the models. As we talked earlier, due to an extended range of accessories and a charging station, V8 overshadows Blade in this category.

Winner: V8

With a better range of accessories, primarily the mini motorised tool, V8 wins this category with marginal stars.

Using the Vax blade 32v & Dyson v8

Dyson V8 has a trigger grip with all the control close to your hand. As all the weight is positioned around your side, cleaning the ceiling and over-the-head objects becomes comfortable and less tiring.

Once you hold the hard plastic grip of V8, the sides of the motor touch your thumb and upper hand making you uncomfortable while cleaning sessions. A soft plastic or rubber coat could have been better, and it would have helped you with a better grip as well.

We know that V8 works in dual modes; upright and handheld. In any of the styles, you can attach its accessories directly to the floor head or with the hose. Once connected with any of the accessories, the vacuum can easily clean the floor, bookshelves, ceiling, curtains, stairs and many other surfaces or objects.

When it comes to changing the accessories, you will see another improvement here. Now, you will find the release clip on the accessories. In previous versions, it used to be located on the primary unit and hose, so changing the attachments used to be a cumbersome task. However, with the introduction of a new design, you can swiftly complete the process even using one hand.

As discussed earlier, V8 comes with a motorized tool, crevice tool, soft roller cleaner head, combination tool, and direct-drive cleaner head. So, there is everything that you will ever need during house cleaning. Moreover, a wall-mountable docking station is also included. When not in use, you can use the dock to charge the device or store it without any difficulty.

We know that bin emptying is an easy task with V8. Release the latch located at the top and pull it upwards to open the dust lid. A rubber collar is a simple, but useful addition that eliminates the need to manually clean the bin.

As Blade 32v has a similar design, it also gives you the same gripping inconvenience and ease of controlling the functions. The release button is located on the hose and primary unit, not on any of the accessories, unlike V8. However, due to the lack of accessories, the vacuum is not suitable for stair cleaning.

There is a motorized brush head that you can attach with its main body, but that Is too big to be used on stairs and other narrow areas. A smaller brush could have been useful, but that is only available in the pro cleaning kit, which is sold separately. The crevice tool gives you some relaxation by cleaning the stair edges from dust and pet hair.

Winner: V8

Filtration and Dust Emptying

Both the models are swimming neck to neck in the water till now. Vax gives you better battery backup and unmatched carpet cleaning while V8 gives you all-around performance with exceptional cleaning on hard floors. As we will discuss filtration now, things will change it will be interesting to see the competition now onward.

One of the most significant negative points of Blade 32v is its low-class filtration, especially when compared to V8. The blade is most likely to reintroduce the allergens into the atmosphere while cleaning. So, if you have asthma or any other airborne allergy, concentrate only on V8.

On the other hand, V8 does an exceptional job at keeping the allergens contained and emptying the canister. It captures a particle as small as 0.3 microns and leaves your room hygienically clean once you are done vacuuming.

All thanks to its HEPA filtration and a new hygienic bin mechanism that automatically pushes the dust outside the bin using a silicone collar. Here, a vacuum is not relying only on gravity to drop the debris. Also, you do not have to use your hands to take out the fluff from the bin. V8 comes with two filters, and both are washable. So, you will not have to spend on replacements.

Blade 32v has a flat bin design that can be detached from the central unit while emptying. It is convenient to throw the dust; however, you cannot clean the bin at all. There is no dust-throwing feature in Blade; all you have is gravity. Its filters and also washable and reusable.

Winner: V8

When it comes to filtration or dust emptying, Dyson V8 is the deserving winner. Valid on containing allergens and dust particles, it gives you a clean atmosphere. Dust emptying is also easy on Vax. However, it lacks the automatic throwing mechanism of V8 and loses.

Value for money

Toughest category to decide the winner, however looking at the price, Blade 32v gives you the full amount of cash spent. With a less price tag Blade, 32v comes closer to V8 in almost all the departments, except allergen retention and hard floor cleaning.

V8 is expensive, but still, it is the best vacuum in the UK market. Only due to the high price tag, Dyson is losing in this category. Also, due to its expensive nature, it is out of reach for most of budget-friendly buyers.

Winner: Blade 32v

Vax blade gives you right value for the investment. It has a similar performance while cleaning pet hair, stairs and over-the-head areas or objects. When it comes to carpets, it overshadows V8. Less power to retain allergens and poor hard floor cleaning are the two negatives of Blade in front of V8, still, due to the close performance in other departments, 32v gives you the full value for money.


The battle of Vax blade 32v vs Dyson v8 is over, and V8 comes out as a clear winner. Powerful cleaning, excellent allergen retention and the ability to work on almost any surface make it an ideal all-rounder vacuum.

Blade 32v cannot be ignored either. It is less effective on hard floors and does not comprehensively retain the allergens, but has a low price tag. On the positive side, it has an exceptional cleaning performance on carpets.

So, for those who are looking for a high-quality vacuum, but cannot afford V8, Blade 32v is an ideal choice, especially for those who live in a house with carpeted floors.

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