Vileda Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Vileda cleaning robots use the latest technologies to suffice your house cleaning needs. If you want a Vileda automatic cleaner for your house, then read on to know some the best ones.

Vileda is an established and renowned German brand for household cleaning products. Due to their high quality and durable nature, most of their products are loved by the UK house owners.

One of their innovative products is cleaning robots. Let’s get to know some of them today.

Best Vileda Cleaning Robot Reviews 2024

1. Vileda VR 101 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Part Number VR 101
Model VR 101
Color Red


Designed for flat floors and thin carpets, the VR101 cleaning robot is incredibly easy to use. It takes five hours for a full charge, and after that, you can use it for two cleaning modes with different runtimes. First, a 20-minute cleaning is recommended for small rooms and another 60-minute cleaning can be used for large houses.

Irrelevant to the cleaning modes, the Vileda robot vacuum uses four steps process to collect dust and debris.

Side brushes sweep the dirt towards the centre bar, which also collects large dust particles. A long centre sweeps any left dirt towards the brush bar, and finally, it’s suction power draws all the leftover waste.

Whether it’s a wooden, concrete floor or carpets, VR101 begins the cleaning movement in a circular motion that keeps increasing until it hits something to change the cleaning path. It has a useful brush bar that takes care of dust, debris and pet hair from all flat surfaces and carpets.

This budget robot hoover reaches corners and edges very quickly to give you a thoroughly clean floor. There are rubber bumpers to protect the unit as well as surrounding furniture pieces. Moreover, the vacuum has IR sensors to avoid any drops.

2. Vileda 136134 ViRobi Cleaning Robot

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Part Number 136135
Model 136135
Color Multicolored
Release Date 2012-04-29T00:00:01.000Z
Size 30x30x30 cm


Vileda Virobi is an affordable cleaning device that looks different than other robotic cleaners. As a budget robot vacuum, it needs to stand out because it is a wireless robot sweeper, setting it apart from the typical robotic vacuum..

Virobi never stores any dirt or waste inside a canister. IT has a disposable pad that attracts all the dirt to stick with it.

Virobi takes eight hours for a full battery and once ready, gives you two cleaning modes: 30 minutes and 120 minutes. The sweeper has physical buttons on the top to select the cleaning pattern.

Starting the robot sweeper is easy; you only have to stick one of the antistatic cloth with its round Velcro pad surrounding the primary unit. And place it any area where you want to clean.

Due to a couple of small rubber wheels, Virobi moves from carpet to hard floors and vice versa without any hassle. Once it hits an object, the sweeper changes the direction and continue to clean.

Whenever the sweeper hits something, its plastic cum Velcro pad automatically goes up to protect the primary unit. However, it will not be able to clear any wet waste, so make sure that are none.

Overall, the robot sweeper does an excellent job at cleaning. It can’t remember the trajectory it went through, so you might see it cleaning the same area again. The sweeper picks up all the dust, dirt, debris and pet hair; however, you cannot expect it to clean any bigger waste particles.

3. Vileda ViRobi Slim 149932

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  • Extra narrow dust-wiping robot
  • New compact design and flexible outer ring
  • Cleans along edges and under sofa, bed and other furniture


A simple looking and easy-to-use robot sweeper, our third entry is the slim version of Virobi. Similar to its original release, it automatically roams around your house floor to collect dust, debris and pet hair on a disposable pad.

However, the difference is its height, which is only 4.5 cm. Due to such a low profile nature, it quickly crawls under all the pieces of furniture in your house.

Virobi slim also has two cleaning modes with different runtime; 30 minutes and 120 minutes. The first option is suitable for single-room cleaning, and the latter is for multiple rooms or large area. Whenever you notice dirt on the floor, switch on the Virobi Slim, leave it on the floor and enjoy other parts of your life.

The robot sweeper comes with Vileda pads with powerful dust catching technology. So, it traps maximum dirt and pet hair in minimal passes. Suitable for all hard floors, the slim weeper has an outer plastic ring that protects it from obstacles. Also, the same ring serves as the Velcro base to stick the included disposable pads.

Virobi Slim works at a shallow sound level. So, none of the other individuals will be affected by a quick cleanup of your room. It’s lightweight as well as very affordable and gives you clean floors without investing any physical energy.

4. Vileda Robot VR 302 Bagless 0.5L Black, Red robot vacuum Robot

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Part Number VR 302 Saugroboter
Model VR 302 Saugroboter
Color Black


VR302 is a stylish cleaning vacuum great for daily floor maintenance. Apart from removing dirt and debris, it also takes care of the pet hair. So you don’t have to invest further for animal fur cleaning tools.

The Vileda robotic hoover gives you four cleaning modes: ECO, MAX, Spot, and scheduled cleaning. So, apart from choosing the cleaning modes physically, you can also schedule a cleanup. Irrelevant of the cleaning mode, the hoover follows a three-step process to draw dirt and debris: collect, sweep and vacuum.

  • A couple of rotating brushes collect the dust and debris to send them toward the main brush
  • At the centre there two sets of brushes: silicon to loosen and remove dirt from hard floors while for carpets, it has dense fibres. Both of these brushes collect the dust from the cleaning area to vacuum it inside the dust canister.

Apart from the cleaning modes, the vacuum also has three different cleaning styles; zig-zag, spiral and auto. It has a contactless obstacle recognition feature to remain safe from bumps. Moreover, it has Stair Safety technology that prevents any falling chances. Once exhausted, the device automatically returns to its charging base.


5. Vileda Robot Vacuum Cleaner VR 100 Robot black

The all-black robot vacuum VR100 has two cleaning modes (which are very similar to the previous variants): 30 minutes and 60 minutes. The buttons for the two runtimes or modes are on the top while the power button is located on the rear walls.

Press the power button, select the running mode and leave VR100 on the clean floors, it will take care of it. There are green sensors that turn on once you press the power button, which means it’s ready to roll.

As the robot hoover has a transparent dust canister, you will know precisely when to throw the dirt out. Removing the dust canister and its inbuilt filters is very easy. The dust canister and screen, both are fitted inside a transparent top that can be taken out. You will find two plastic latches, the first throw out the dirt and another one gives you access to its filter.

VR100 is an excellent option to consider for an area with fewer obstacles. As the robot cleaner cannot remember the cleaning diagrams, it gets confused while cleaning between lots of chairs and poles. However, the cleaning performance is impressive on hard floors as well as thin carpets. Moreover, its all-black design with a transparent dust canister looks attractive.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Vileda Cleaning Robot Is Best?

VR 302 is the latest and the best robotic vacuum offering from Vileda. It has a smart appearance, comes with a compact charging base and gives satisfactory results on both hard floors and carpets.

Does Any Vileda Cleaning Robot Work With Google Home?

None of the Vileda vacuums or sweepers is compatible with Google Home or Alexa. None of the Vileda cleaning robots has voice control.

Can Vileda Vacuums or Sweepers Clean Carpets?

Yes, all three vacuums that we discussed above, including VR100, VR101 and VR302 are capable of cleaning carpeted floors and rugs.

Which Vileda cleaning robot has mapping software?

The brand has not included mapping software in their vacuums, as they work on smart navigation as of now.

What is the best Vileda sweeper?

Virobi slim is a top-class sweeper from Vileda because it’s efficient in picking up dirt, debris and pet hair from hard floors. Due to its compact profile, Virobi slim can easily wipe out the areas under furniture pieces.

Are Vileda cleaning robots good for pet hair?

Yes, all the cleaning robots from Vileda are useful on animal fur. VR 302 is the best when it comes to cleaning pet hair from hard floors or carpets.


As we are done Vileda robot vacuum reviews now, it’s your time to make a choice. With a Vileda cleaning robot, you can have much-needed cleaning assistance at your house.

Whether it’s a cleaning hoover or sweeper, both Vileda products give powerful cleaning on hard floors. Vileda vacuums are suitable for carpets as well as flat surfaces.

However, its sweepers can be only efficient on hard floors and thin rugs. Sweepers might not be capable enough to replace your upright vacuum. However, it can perform small dusting jobs with ease.

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