Best Window Vacuum Cleaner UK

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In this guide, we’ll review the best window vacuum cleaners UK in 2024 & help you to decide the most suitable vacuum for window cleaning.

Here you will discover the most popular & user-friendly window vacs in the market without spending too much time researching and comparing hundreds of products available out there.

Let’s check the reviews below;

Window Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

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Here are the top 10 window vacuum cleaner reviews along with their description. Know their abilities, dimensions, and features so that you can choose a suitable window vac for your house.

1. Kärcher Window Vac WV5 Premium incl. Accessories, Window cleaner

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  • Efficient: Original Kärcher window vac removes wastewater from surfaces immediately before it drips down
  • For effortless window cleaning without drops or streaks
  • Nozzle attachments: Choose between two sizes of blades to clean large glass surfaces or smaller windows and cabinets
  • The Kärcher WV five makes all corners of your home sparkle
  • Streak free cleaning: Not only suitable for the cleaning of all smooth surfaces such as tiles, mirrors or shower cabinets


The Kärcher WV5 is one of the best window vacuum cleaners in the UK right now.

This handheld window vac from Karcher comes with a long runtime, it’s an ideal choice for residential and semi-professional use.

If you need a streak-free cleaning on all your house windows, mirrors and glass materials, then you can share a great repo with WV5. It comes with a cleaning kit and LED indicators for battery life. With a runtime of 35 minutes, you can wipe out around 105 square meters after a full charge.

It takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes to get full power. The cordless window vac comes with a removable battery, so you also have the option to include additional batteries if you need extended backup.

WV5 comes attached with a microfiber cleaning head, which eliminates the wastewater before it drips down and gives you quick results without creating any further mess. It also includes a narrow cleaning blade that allows you to clean the glass corners.

Overall, Karcher WV5 is an excellent window vac, even for more significant areas. If you own a large house with lots of windows or glass materials or need a cleaner with a long battery backup, you can invest in WV5.

2. Kärcher Window Vac Anniversary Edition

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  • Capacity: 0.2 liters


The 10th-anniversary edition from Karcher is one of the best window vacs you will ever encounter. With microfiber cleaning cloth as well as spray, two vacuum head and a runtime of 35 minutes, it gives you the best value for the investment. If you want to keep your house windows clean and shiny, it’s a great tool.

Kärcher window vac anniversary edition includes two primary components; a spray bottle in which you can dilute the window cleaner concentrate with water. Then you have the vacuum that can soak up to 100 ml of dirty water before it needs to be emptied.

Built with sturdy plastic, the vacuum is durable and can withstand regular wear and tear. To highlight its “anniversary” appearance, the vacuum is mostly black with some yellow parts.

The rechargeable window vac has only one control button at the handle that becomes green when you power on the unit. It takes around two hours for a full charge, which is comparatively higher than WV5.

If we talk about the attachments, there are a couple of suction nozzles having head sizes of 170mm and 280mm. You can use any one of them depending upon the windows or mirror size.

Cleaning the windows or glass items with a Karcher window vac is very easy. Spray water using the bottle and wipe out the area with a microfiber cloth to collect extra dirty water and dust. As the last step, vacuum the field to remove all the residue, leaving bright and streak-free glass.

3. Bosch Cordless Window Vac GlassVAC

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  • Impeccable cleaning: Windows, showers, tiles or mirrors, without leaving streaks with the window vacuum cleaner GlassVAC
  • Clean up to 35 windows: Long runtime with one battery charge, uninterrupted operations and practical LED battery display. Runtime: 30 minutes
  • Easy handling: Use the tool even in cramped spaces while avoiding contact with the windowsill thanks to the compact and lightweight design
  • Fast and strike-free window cleaning due to the know-how Bosch wiper blade technology from the automotive sector
  • Versatile window vacuum: Quick and easy change of window cleaning attachments for tackling different tasks with this Bosch cleaning equipment


The Bosch GlassVac is a versatile window vacuum cleaner. 

Not only useful while wiping out windows, but also helps you to clean other glass materials, kitchen counters, tabletops, gas stoves made of hardened glass, shower screens and much more.

Bosch cordless is easy to operate and involves only two steps; use included applicator to spray detergent on the targeted area and then use the microfiber cloth to remove excess dirty water and dust. Finally, use GlassVac against the surface to get a streak-free shine.

The vacuum comes with two cleaning blades with a size of 133 and 266mm. You can utilize any one of them depending upon the cleaning surface. Both modules have a unique polymer coating that reduces streaks and gives you a clean surface.

Its water tank is also easy to empty and clean; you have to press a button that opens the container so that you can throw the wastewater and rinse it off.

GlassVac comes with powerful Li-ion batteries that can be charged using an included micro USB cable. As it’s a cordless cleaner, you can use the vac anywhere inside or outside the house. After a full charge, the vacuum runs for up to 30 minutes.

4. Vileda WindoMatic Power Window Vacuum Cleaner

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  • One Vileda WindoMatic Power window vacuum cleaner
  • Handheld window cleaner features two suction modes, with +50% suction power in max mode for easy, powerful window cleaning
  • Vileda vacuum window cleaner cleans up to 120 on one charge of its powerful, rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Window cleaner has a flexible neck that makes it easy to clean the edges of windows and other hard to reach spots
  • Vileda handheld window cleaner comes with an easily removable water tank that can be washed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning


WindoMatic is another window vacuum that comes from Vileda. With one full charge, the cleaner can wipe out around 120 windows. It provides decent suction power and gives you an effective cleaning performance. If you need some extra energy or suction, it also has a Max mode for that extra boost.

The first feature that you will notice is its two levels of settings for suction strength. Its flexible neck allows you to clean tough corners. As stated above, the vacuum comes with a Max mode, which doubles the power but also drains the battery faster.

Using such settings, you can not only clean windows but also tabletops, mirrors, kitchen slabs, and many other flat or transparent surfaces.

WindoMatic is built with high-quality materials that will last for long. It is comparatively, lightweight, and easy to empty. So, you can conveniently use it to clean windows without leaving any smears.

You will not find a spray bottle and microfiber included with the vacuum, which is a negative aspect because you have to purchase these two items separately.

Its price is comparatively high, and there are window vacs you can buy for less than also with a spray and cloth. Despite these drawbacks, the unit is considerable because of its excellent suction power and cleaning ability.

5. Kärcher Window Vac WV2 Premium With Accessories

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  • Efficient: Original Kärcher Window Vac removes wastewater from surfaces immediately before it drips down – crystal clean windows without drops or streaks
  • Nozzle attachments: Choose between two sizes of blades to clean large glass surfaces or smaller windows and cabinets
  • All-in-one solution: Suitable for window cleaning as well as other smooth surfaces such as tiles, mirrors, showers and cabinets
  • Maximal flexibility: The powerful lithium-ion battery cleans approximately 25 windows (surface area of 75 sq m) on a single charge
  • Includes spray bottle with microfiber cleaning head, detergent concentrate (20 ml), as well as a battery charging device


WV2 is an excellent cordless from Karcher that performs very efficiently on a variety of objects and surfaces including mirrors, windows, tiles, and even floor. It also has an impressive battery backup of 25 minutes.

Comparatively compact than any other Karcher vac, WV2 cleans up to 75 square meters or 25 windows after a full charge. With such features, the window vac is perfect for minor cleaning jobs in your garage, kitchen, and other parts of your house.

We are discussing the premium version of Karcher WV2 that includes a cleaning kit. Inside the package, you will find cleaning detergent (20 ml), a microfiber cloth with a spray bottle, a battery charging cable and a small suction blade that is useful while cleaning the window corners, and other tricky places.

Due to its simple design, you can easily clean the windows and mirrors to get a streak-free surface. It can also be used to dry out condensation and to clear small liquid spills.

You need some practice to be an expert user of WV2. Once you get a hold of it, the daily cleaning for transparent objects will be comparatively easy and quick. It’s relatively expensive to other models on this list, but the product justifies its price tag with an easy-to-use design and powerful suction.

Overall, the window vac has positive reviews from its buyers because of the ability to clean not only windows but also kitchen tops, ovens, hardened glass gas stoves, and much more. It’s also reliable and made in a robust manner to stay with you for a long.

6. Kärcher Window Vac WV 1 for windows

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  • Effortless: Small and ergonomic handheld window cleaner, leaving behind no drops or streaks thanks to powerful suction technology
  • Lightweight & compact: The WV 1 window vacuum has a 250 mm wide cleaning head to clean all surfaces whilst still being lightweight and easy to use
  • Powerful: The updated battery gives the window vac a run time of around 20 minutes, enough time to clean approximately 55 m² on a single charge – while the integrated LED display tells you when to connect the battery to the charger
  • Simple: The convenient handling allows you to reach even the lower parts of the window frame and confined spaces such as shower corners without problems
  • Hygiene: The dirty water tank holds up to 100 ml and can be emptied at any time, effortlessly and fast – after cleaning or in between


Rechargeable Karcher WV1 is an entry-level window vac in the WV series. It is lightweight and covers 55 square meters of windows after a full charge. There are no accessories included with the vacuum. However, it is comparatively affordable and is perfect for small houses.

The vac scores high when it comes to cleaning extra water and reaching tight corners. It also did well in some of our tests. However, the vacuum tends to leave streaks on ceramic tiles. To clean the stripes, you can use a soft cloth.

WV1 has the same straightforward design as other variants of this series. It comes combined with 100ml dust storage and LED charging indicators. The window vac has a 250 mm cleaning head, which never loses suction; even at a low battery.

The vacuum has a runtime of 20 minutes, and there is no option to use a spare battery. So, it’s not well suited to clean a lot of windows at the same time.

It’s an excellent vacuum for your house that gives the full value for the investment. You can opt for WV1 if you do not need extra attachments or extended runtime.

7. Beldray BEL0749 Cordless Window Vac

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  • Lightweight and simple to use, the Beldray window vacuum offers fantastic cleaning for windows and mirrors with a streak free finish.
  • Featuring an easy to empty water tank with a generous 60 ml capacity, you can cover every window in your home without refilling.
  • Simply wash your window, mirror or glass surface with your preferred detergent and warm water before using this convenient window vac.
  • Use the cordless window cleaner to quickly remove the grime and grease from your surfaces, leaving them dry, clean and crystal clear.
  • Measuring just 18 cm (L) x 28 cm (W) x 31.5 cm (H), it is comfortable to hold and can be stored away in the cupboard after use.


Beldray gives you another cordless in the face of BEL0749 that gives you a streak-free cleaning on windows, mirrors, shower screens, tiles, and many more objects. Its ergonomic handles give you a comfortable hold and usage without giving much stress to your wrists.

Made with a mix of blue and white plastic, the vac has a fresh appearance. Its water tank is transparent, while the power button is smartly placed at the top of its handle. You can easily power on or off the device, using your thumb. To get power, it uses a 3.7-volt battery.

BEL0749 does not have a spray bottle or microfiber pad. So, you can use a foam or soft cloth to wash the targeted surface with detergent and then use the vac to get a dust-free and sparkling surface. Its 10W motor generates a strong suction that eliminates all the grime and grease without much effort.

Moreover, its large 60 ml water tank and 30 minutes of runtime allow you to clean a transparent material without any interruption. You can use both cold and hot water in the device. It’s recommended to use warm water while removing stubborn stains.

As it’s a lightweight vacuum, you will never feel any difficulty while prolonged cleaning sessions. Due to its compact nature, you will not face any problems storing the vacuum as well. The water tank is also easy to empty.


8. VonHaus 3-in-1 Window Vacuum

VonHaus 3-in-1 Window Vacuum is another vac that prevents the use of massive or complex devices and gives you a quick and efficient way to clean the windows. You can also wipe out or remove the condensation from a shower screen, tabletops, car windows, and other transparent objects.

The window vac comes with a spray bottle, wherein you can fill any cleaning liquid or detergent mixed with water. Spray soapy water on a targeted surface, use the included microfiber head to wipe it clean. Finally, use the vacuum to get a grime-free surface without any streaks.

VonHaus has a water tank that is easy to empty. You can remove the rear secure plug to throw the dust. Also, due to the transparent water tank and fill marks, you can see the dust tank filling and empty it accordingly.

It gets the juice from a  large battery (Lithium Ion) that generates high suction power to remove fingerprints, smudges, and dust. The runtime of 40 minutes provided by the Li-ion battery is more than sufficient to clean all the windows in your house

Even with all these features and power, the vacuum is compact as well as lightweight. It may be more substantial than most of the models mentioned on this list; however, if you browse Amazon, you will find comparatively more massive window vacs.


9. TECCPO Cordless Window Vac

With all the useful features, TECCPO Cordless Window Vacuum Cleaner is receiving positive reviews from users. Its makers get maximum points for including a telescopic handle that gives you an additional cleaning extension up to 280mm. Until and unless you are very tall, there will be a requirement for a telescopic handle if you are cleaning above the head windows or materials.

Even with the attached extension, this vacuum is lighter than many other models listed here. Also, its 180 ml dust capacity allows you to clean for longer without emptying it. However, due to the dark cover of its dust store, there are chances that you will not be able to see the waste filling.

The vacuum takes two hours for a full recharge and works for thirty minutes on moderate settings. To get the best performance from TECCPO vac, use included trigger bottle to spray some detergent on the targeted surface.

Next, use the provided squeegee to wipe out the extra water and dirt. Finally, utilize the vacuum to clean and shine the surface. If you have condensation issues in your house, the cleaner can dry it from the windows or mirrors within a short period.

Talking about the shortcomings, the vacuum gives you some difficulty while cleaning the bottom edges of a window. You cannot use it upside down or on the sides as it starts leaking.


10. MVPOWER Window Vacuum

To clean and dry the windows efficiently, you need MVPOWER Window Vac. Due to its powerful suction, the vacuum removes dirt and extra water without taking much time. As it gives quick and easy results, you will not have to spend much time or energy on cleaning the windows or, mirrors.

Externally, the vacuum is mostly yellow in color, but its 200 ml dust tank is transparent. Its power button is located on the handle, wherein it also has an indicating light; blue for average speed and red for high suction gear. You have to press the power button long to switch it on or off the vacuum.

The vacuum includes a stainless steel telescopic extension rod that gives you an extra reach of 44 to 75 cm and helps you to clean high over the head and difficult-to-reach areas.

It comes attached with a long replaceable double-sided scraper and an automatic cleaning feature for itself. The device is waterproof, and its charging socket is also covered with a water-resistant silicon cover.

Charging time for the vacuum for a full battery is around four hours. After that, it works for up to 35 minutes on low-grade suction and up to 25 minutes on high grade.


Window Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

Window vacuums are trending nowadays because they can wipe out flat surfaces in a better way when compared to traditional upright or canister based cleaners.

If you are wasting your time and energy scrubbing spots from the windows in your house, but still getting a streaky appearance; you need a vacuum specially created for flat surfaces.

We are done with the top ten recommendations for the best window vacuum cleaner. Now, it’s time to know about some essential factors that you should know and check before investing in a window vac.

Portability. The first point you should consider is the weight and dimensions of a window vacuum. Generally, a high-powered vacuum is heavy.

However, some of the models have a useful combination of less weight and a powerful motors, resulting in a high price tag. We have mentioned the weight for all the entries so that you can choose according to your mobility preference.

Runtime. Most window cleaners are cordless; means get their power from a rechargeable battery. The  Runtime of a vacuum typically varies from 20 to 35 minutes. So, choose a vacuum that can give you sufficient time to clean all the targeted materials and surfaces in your house in one charge cycle.

Charge time. The charging time of window vacuums varies between 2 to 3 hours, depending upon the motor. A cleaner with a high powered motor will take more time for a full charge as compared to a low-profile vac. Choose a vac that has low charging time, but high battery backup.

Included accessories. Several window vac comes with two blades, spray bottle, cleaning detergent and a microfiber pad. These extra components are beneficial while cleaning. So, choose a model that comes with maximum tools.

Cleaning area. Along with runtime, you should also check the area that a vacuum can clean after a full charge. For example, a vacuum with 20 minutes od runtime can clean 75 square meters while one with 35 minutes can cover 105 square meters.

Cleaning ability. A window vac that cleans any surface without leaving grime or streaks is the best you can purchase. Also, it should be powerful enough to remove moisture and condensation. In all the reviews, we have mentioned whether a vacuum can clean in a streak-free manner or not, so you can choose accordingly.

Edge and corner cleaning. Several models are not experts in cleaning the edges or corners. It either happens due shape of either the vacuum or its blade. Select a model that can wipe out the entire area without any difficulty or choose one that comes with a smaller blade as well.

Versatility. A window vac should not be good only at cleaning windows. It should also take care of other surfaces and materials where dust can accumulate. Mirrors, tabletops, hardened glass devices like oven, gas stove, etc., ceramic tiles, and shower are some other places where you can use a window vac.

There are better and more powerful cleaners as well, that can even clear small liquid spills. So, select a model that can clean a maximum number of flat materials and once needed it can be also used for quick cleanups.

Budget. Window vacuums are small cleaning machines that do not have a high price tag like regular handheld or uprights. Compare the features as well as price while being reasonable and buy a vacuum that should fit your requirements, that also without spending extra.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use washing up liquid to clean windows?

Washing up liquid or soapy water is the best to clean windows. Apply the soapy water, use a cloth or microfiber to wipe out the dust and use a window vac for a sparkling surface.

What do professional window washers use?

They have their concentrate on window cleaning. Most of the time a professional window washer uses vinegar in warm water.

Can you pressure wash windows?

Yes, you can, however, use low pressure and full spray pattern. It’s easy, fast, and you do not have to apply lots of effort in climbing towards second-story windows.

Can you clean windows with soap and water?

Yes, you can add a few drops of liquid dish soap in a bucket of warm water. Apply the mixture using a spray or mob and at last wipe the windows using a vacuum.


If you are done cleaning windows or shower doors using water, then you should try a window vac.

We discussed 10 best window vacuum cleaners in 2024 that can clean any flat surface within a fraction of the time. Some of them don’t even leave streaks after you are done. So, choose any one of them to get a shining window.

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