Best 12v Car Vacuum Cleaner UK 2024

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The 12v vacuum cleaners are most suitable for vehicle cleaning, even if you have pets or kids.

Strategically manufactured to be used with the car’s inbuilt cigarette lighter adapter, these vacuums are moderate in size and are great to manage dust on the move.

For buyers looking for best 12v portable car hoovers; today’s post is for you.

Best 12v Car Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 2024

Here are our 12 Car Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 2024

1. Black & Decker PD1200AV-XJ- Best 12V Car Hoover




A mini handheld crafted especially for your ride, PD1200AV-XJ comes with a 12v power cable. So, it can be only used with 12v input, available from a car cigarette lighter.

The corded vacuum comes with a long crevice attachment that helps you to clear areas under car seats, door trays and other nooks and corners. Another attachment is a flip-up brush that can be used to clean seat covers, boot space and other flat areas. By attaching these accessories with its 1.5-meter long hose, you can reach all the tough to clean nooks and gaps.

The 12v auto vacuum works at high suction, and that’s why you get what is required; a clean car without any mess. The only downside of this handheld is its ability to pick long pet hair. However, if you have a cat or dog with short fur, you will never be disappointed.

Emptying the canister is easy; you only have to push a button, and all the waste comes out. You can also wash the dust chamber following the instructions in its manual. Due to a compact footprint, PD1200AV-XJ is easy to store inside the trunk or cupboards inside your house.


2. HOTOR Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner

HOTOR Corded Car Vacuum



With high suction power up to 4500 PA, the 12v corded car vacuum cleaner efficiently picks all the leftovers and other waste particles from your car. The multifunctional corded vacuum clears both dry and wet waste. Completed with several attachments, it assists you while cleaning any vehicle with difficult to clean tricky areas. Moreover, at 75dB, it creates comparatively low noise.

The vacuum cleaner comes with a brush to loosens dust, crevice tool to clean cracks and pockets, and a soft tube to clean even more inaccessible corners. None of the vacuum can easily pick up the dirt from foot mats; it’s the reason why Hotor has included a loosening brush with the product. It also has a zipped storage bag that keeps all its accessories safe and accessible.

Hotor 12 volt car vacuum is easy to clean. Its equipped with steel HEPA filters so that you will have a house like hygiene even on the move. LED lights are another exciting feature that can be used by professionals as well. Due to the lights, you can clean the dark corners in a better way. Makers state that they will refund the amount if you will not be satisfied with this 12v car vacuum. Using the provided carrying bag, you can conveniently store the vacuum inside the garage or trunk of your ride.


3. Dyson DC58 V6 Handheld Portable Vacuum

Dyson DC58



One of the latest offerings from Dyson, DC58 works with cyclone technology powered by a digital V6 motor. V6 can spin 110,000 times minute, which is thrice than other engines. All these components together generate high suction power that picks every waste particle from your car.

With its efficient filters, the vacuum captures dust particles as small as 0.5 microns. So, you are free to clean your vehicle even if you are allergic to dust. To help you even better it includes a crevice tool and a dusting brush to clear tricky corners. For fine dirt, the vacuum has a mini mortised machine.

As we stated, DC58 utilizes cyclone technology that is comparatively powerful the other waste picking mechanism. This Dyson has more advanced 2-Tier RadialTM cyclones, where 15 cyclones work together across two tiers to enhance the airflow and capture dirt as small as 0.5 microns.

The 12 volt vacuum has a robust and durable battery that works continuously for 20 minutes without degrading the suction strength. You can also use the 12v cleaner at Boost mode, wherein it will only last for six minutes. If you are using the mini-motorized tool with the vacuum, you will get 17 minutes of battery backup.

Talking about ease of use, DC58 is comparatively more substantial than other 12v and has a firm grip. With such accessories and features, DC58 promises to give you a beautiful looking car interior whenever you want.


4. BLACK+DECKER PV1200AV-XJ Auto Dustbuster




Compact and lightweight 12v vacuum from Black & Decker come with a decent-sized cable that allows you to clean your vehicle thoroughly. PV1200AV-XJ works with Cyclone technology to optimize suction power and provide constant suction power. It has a side emptying dust canister, means all the waste goes out without even touching them.

Pivoting nose of the vacuum has ten position adjustments, which allows you to clean tricky areas inside a vehicle. For more confined corners, it has an inbuilt crevice attachment that can be pulled out from the cleaning head. It also includes an upholstery brush and a carrying bag where you can store all the components at the same place. Due to the bag, you can take the vacuum along while on road trips or keep it in the garage for easy and secure access.

At 1.13 kg, the 12v cordless hand vacuum is very lightweight and can be operated by any of your family members. Its comfortable grip and easy to reach buttons makes the car cleaning even more convenient. Moreover, the vacuum has a decent dust cup that sores all the waste of your car without repeated emptying.

Overall, PV1200AV-XJ is an affordable and efficient 12 v handheld that makes daily car cleaning an easy task. Its flexible cleaning head and extendable crevice clean the entire vehicle without much hassle.


5. HEYNER Turbo 3 Power Pro Handy Vacuum Cleaner

HEYNER Turbo 3 Power Pro Handy Vacuum



Perhaps you need a vacuum that can deep clean your ride like a dry cleaner. Our tenth entry from Heyner gives you the same and clears everything out of your vehicle; whether it’s your car, boat, caravan or van. Forget about crumbs and debris because the vacuum even removes cigarette ash, pet hair and many other strands that other cleaners cannot.

To use the provided attachments in a better way, you get a 3.6-meter power cable. Once connected with a 12v cigarette lighter port, you can use the included powered brush or crevice tool. The former is specially made to clean upholstery and animal hair. So, whether it’s the cabin, foot space or trunk, the vacuum has all the required features to clean every area of your car as the way you always wanted.

Weight of the Tubo3 is just above one kilogram, which makes it one of the lightest car vacuums available in the UK market. To make the storage easy, it also includes a carry bag.

After looking at the features, we can state the Heyner Turbo 3 is an inexpensive, efficient and competent car vacuum that has an easy to empty canister. One of the best vacuum for car detailing, it never needs any dust bag, so you will not have to spend much on its maintenance.



6. AivaToba Portable Cordless Car Hoover (Quick Charge Tech)

AivaToba Handheld Vacuum



The cordless portable from AivaToba gives you restriction-free cleaning. Its 2500mA Lithium-Ion battery works for up to 35 minutes. For the given backup, the battery needs a charging time of four hours. The extended backup comes from three batteries; all are working together to provide you with a cleaner ride.

Its recommended giving a break after every 15 minutes. Its 120W motor made from pure copper generates durable cyclonic suction power of 6000PA. With such drawing strength, the vacuum can easily pick three smartphones. So, the other small waste particles, including dirt, liquid spills, debris, leftovers, ash, paper scraps will not be a challenge for the cordless.

AivaToba portable includes two power adapters. So, it can be charged from a regular wall outlet or used with a car cigarette lighter port. Dual power mode makes it suitable for quick cleanups inside the house or garage as well as vehicle cleaning. However, you cannot charge it inside the car.

The handheld vac comes with three attachments that help you while cleaning rugs, car seats, stairs, narrow corners, and other tricky areas in your house or vehicle. It has two standard filters that retain smaller dust particles inside to give you a pollution free-breathing air.


7. Laluztop 12V Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Laluztop Car Vacuum Cleaner



With powerful suction of 6000pa, the vacuum cleaner from Laluztop can pick two iPhone 6s at the same time. You can imagine how efficiently the vacuum can collect all leftovers and waste particles from your car. It works at a low noise level of 69dB, so you can clean your car without letting anyone know.

It’s one of the best 12v car vacuum cleaners that are lightweight, portable and easy to handle. It comes with three attachments; brush, hose, nozzle a hard hose to clean all the area inside your vehicle, including the corners and crevices that cannot be cleaned with bare hands. The vacuum also includes a carry bag that keeps all these components together. Due to its compact footprint, you can easily store the vacuum and related accessories in the trunk or garage.

Here comes the feature that will double the value of this Laluztop car vacuum; it can tackle both wet and dry waste. So, whether its spillages or other dirt particles, clean them all in and around the car using its 4.6-meter power cable. All you need is; cigarette lighter connector of your vehicle. With such features and accessories, the vacuum will save a considerable amount of cash that you spend on car cleaning.


8. TowerTop 12V 5500PA Car Hoover

With a 120W turbine motor, the car vacuum cleaner from TowerTop generates a suction power of 5500 PA. If you are looking for a portable 12v vacuum that can take pet hair and other waste out of your car, TowerTop cleaner can be the right choice. As it’s a multifunctional vacuum, you can also clear liquid spills and other wet garbage.

The portable car vacuum cleaner comes with a 16.4FT power cable that allows you to clean all the areas without any hassle. Besides that, it has four different attachments for improved cleaning.

Whether you are purchasing a vacuum cleaner for household or outdoor use, you should always consider the filtration. TowerTop vacuum excels in this department and gives you a hygienic environment inside the vehicle. All thanks to its HEPA filters, it can capture even the smallest of the dust particles. The filters are washable and reusable, so you will not have to spend on its replacement.

To store the vacuum and its attachments, it comes with a storage bag. The carrying bag makes storage easy, and you can also carry the vacuum while you are going out on a camping trip.


9. xingruyu 12v Car Vacuum Cleaner

With a suction power up to 6000PA, the car vacuum cleaner from xingruyu can pick up two mobile phones. Now you can guess how efficiently it can draw the dust, pet hair and other garbage from your car. Moreover, the vacuum can also clear liquid spills and other wet waste. It’s an enemy of anything that spoils the appearance of your favourite ride. Apart from all that, the vacuum is strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

The portable vacuum for vehicle three attachments; flat nozzle to clear the corners, dusting brush to remove animal fur, and long hose nozzle to expand the cleaning radius. There is an also storage bag to store the vacuum and all its attachments.

xingruyu includes HEPA filtration in this car vacuum. Its recommended washing the filters after every usage to maintain efficiency. At 980 g, the handheld is easy to use. Also, it has a stylish handle with the control on the front. The cleaner also works at noise level, 72dB.

The power cable of a car vacuum should be long enough. The makers understand the same and include 4.5-meter power cable that allows you to reach the internal as well as external areas of a vehicle.


10. Reserwa 5th Gen Car Vacuum Cleaner

Reserwa 5th Gen Car Vacuum



The dry and wet vacuum cleaner from Reserwa works at 4500 PA suction power, which is enough to pick up an iPhone. So, it will efficiently collect all the crumbs, dirt and leftovers from your vehicle. Moreover, the vacuum can manage both dry as well as wet waste. There are LED lights in front of the cleaning head, which makes clearing the dark parts easy.

The vacuum comes with a washable and reusable HEPA filter that not only traps dust particles inside the dust cup but also maintains constant suction power throughout the cleaning session. It has another black screen that is responsible for containing bigger dust particles like strands, animal fur, mudstones etc. For maximum suction power, it’s recommended to use both the given filters.

To clean all this waste, the automobile vacuum comes with three attachments; brush, soft crevice tube to clean leather seats and hard hose for trunk and areas under the seat. The comfortable handle of this vacuum gives you complete control.

It has a 5-meter power cable that gives you easy access to all the areas of a vehicle. Copper is used in its power cable to make it more efficient, and there is also a built-in fuse to prevent any internal damage due to short circuit. Once you are done, dust canister of Reserwa car vacuum can be separated by pressing a button.



11. SONRU Car Vacuum Cleaner

The portable vacuum specially designed for automobiles works at 150W to generate a suction power of 7000Pa. Once plugged with a 12v cigarette lighter port, it cleans your car fast and efficiently. Whether its dirt, leftovers, liquid spills or other wet garbage, the car vacuum from SONRU takes care of everything to give your vehicle a better appearance. You get everything without generating much noise; it works within 70dB.

SONRU car vacuum comes with a stainless steel filter that can be washed and reused. Built of steel, its filters are corrosion or dust-free, durable and are equivalent to HEPA filters. The vacuum has a 15FT power cable and four attachments that allows you to clean the entire car without looking for any other tool.

Car vacuum and its accessories can be stored in a carrying bag, which is already included. Utilizing the container, you will be able to keep all the cleaning components accessible and safe. On the cleaning head, there are lights to cover the dark areas. If you face any trouble with the views or any other part, you have a period of three months to get the product replaced.



12. Banaton Car Vacuum Cleaner

Utilizing 106W, the car vacuum cleaner generates a suction power of 5000PA, which is more than enough to pick all the dust, debris, leftovers from your car. Moreover, the vacuum is also capable of tackling wet garbage. What else you need from a portable 12v car vacuum?

Gasket nozzle already installed is suitable for cleaning leather seats, dashboard and other surfaces of your vehicle. The vacuum has four attachments including a brush that cleans soft materials, long/short flat add-ons to clear narrow corners and an extension hose that can be used with the other three to clean trickier areas. Moreover, the car vacuum has a 5-meter cable that allows clean all the areas of a vehicle.

The vacuum uses Nano waterproof stainless steel filter screen and it blocks the collected dust particles and other microbial. Both the filters can be washed and reused, so you do not have to spent on the replacements as well. Its recommended cleaning the filters after every use to maintain their durability. Apart from efficient filtration, the vacuum has cyclone dust collection that adds to the longevity of filters and its motor.

If you want to use the vacuum for quick cleanups inside the house; you have to purchase an AC-DC socket converter. For any defects or problems, you can contact Banaton at the 24-hour support. They respond timely without irritating you.


12v Car Vacuums: Are They Worth It?

A 12v vacuum is one of the most useful additions for your ride. But why? And are there any differences between regular vacuums and 12v cleaners? If you have any of these questions, keep reading to know more about the product under our radar today, which is 12v car vacuum.

History of 12v vacuums

The 12v power outlet is also known as the car cigarette lighter port and auxiliary power outlet. A default component of cars, boats and many other vehicles it’s the primary source of power to the portable device while you are on the move. Initially, the port was designed only to light cigarettes, but later it gained popularity and became useful for many other devices. But, why alternate current to charge the portable devices? Why are vehicles not using direct current to charge your gadgets? Let’s discuss the same in this section.

When electrical systems were included in transport means, they were driven only by a DC motor. The power was enough to control the basic amenities like headlights. However, the provided voltage was variable, and portable devices cannot take that. That’s when the innovation of lead-acid batteries changed the way of powering on the go gadgets.

Direct to Alternate current: One giant leap

Now portable electronics were using a DC motor and lead-acid battery. However, the advanced automotive electronic products arrived only after the introduction of alternators.

Different from generators, an alternator produces an alternating current that is converted to direct flow. The converted current is then used to recharge or power the electronic items. This mechanism is also not able to provide a steady current, however its constant enough to power a device with the right connector.

It’s how a port meant to light cigarettes became easy to access to a vehicle power source. Easy because you have to insert or remove a power plug to start or stop an electronic device. ANSI/SAE J563 are the specifications developed to maintain the compatibility between 12V power plugs manufactured by different companies and the cigarette lighter connectors.

Once the standards were set, different brands started manufacturing a variety of portable devices that can be used inside a vehicle. Even if you are a non-smoker, you must enjoy the benefits of the “cigarette” lighter port by investing in one of the 12v car vacuum cleaners that we discussed today. Apart from that, you fill find multiple devices that can make your life easier by taking its supplies from the lighter port.

12v car vacuum cleaner: What is it?

One of those devices that can use the power from a car cigarette lighter to clean your car is sold as a 12v car vacuum cleaner. Different from regular uprights or cylinder vacuums that utilize electric power or battery, a 12v vacuum can only work with cigarette port available in any vehicle.

A 12 vacuum is generally lightweight with a compact footprint. Such vacuums come with all the accessories you will ever need to clean your SUV. In the UK market, there are various 12v car vacuums available from different brands. Major ones include Dyson, Black & Decker, Bagotte and CLY.

Regular vacuums and 12v handhelds: Is there any difference?

Whenever we discuss vacuums, we only talk about uprights, cylinder vacuums, backpacks, but nothing about 12v car vacuums. Why? It’s because a 12v vacuum cannot compete with regular residential vacuums, in terms of suction strength.

Portable ones are only capable of cleaning small or medium-sized vehicles and boats, that also without the need of any external power source. They are also convenient for quick cleanups. These are the reasons why 12v vacuums have its audience, and it will never lose it’s a place from the UK market. So, before we move ahead, let’s discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of a 12v car vacuum.


Compact size: Almost half the uprights or other variants, a 12v car vacuum is easy to transport. Due to a small footprint, it can be stored anywhere in the garage or your car trunk.

Lightweight: As you read in the given descriptions, such vacuums are generally lightweight. It’s the reason why a 12v cleaner is easy to move around inside a vehicle.

Affordable: The average price of 12v car vacuums is surprisingly less than other variants. The amount varies depending upon the features. However, you can get the best car vacuum cleaners under 50 pounds.

Attachments: A 12v car vacuum comes with all the required add-ons and accessories that you need for a clean car.

Easy to maintain: You must have noticed that almost every 12v car vacuum is bagless. Hence, you do not have to invest in dust bags. Moreover, their filters are washable and reusable, which again saves your time on replacements.


Less powerful. A 12 v car vacuum has less suction power when compared to uprights or other high-end handhelds.

Small bin. These vacuums need to be emptied regularly, which can be a problem if you are using your car after a long time.

Buying restriction. Less number of vacuum makers are manufacturing 12v car cleaners. Hence you have limited options to choose.

Damage prone. Any portable vacuum is fragile, so you should handle it like a sensitive gadget. Still, if the device is mobile, there are more chances of damage, especially if users tend to leave it at a place where the vacuum are unsafe.

12v car vacuum: How to choose the best?

Fewer brands, but numbers of 12v car vacuums are high in the UK market. It’s the reason why selecting the right one can be difficult for you. So, we have created this guide that will help you to make an intelligent choice.

a. Suction power. The strength of a vacuum motor decides suction power. A car vacuum with high suction will pick up all the dirt, dust and other waste particles quickly and efficiently. When buying a 12v car vacuum, check its suction power and always look for maximum. We have mentioned the suction strength in each of the versions mentioned above. So, you can make a suitable choice for anyone of them.

b. Bin capacity. As you must know, the dirt inhaled by any 12v car vacuum is stored in a dust cup. So, it’s suggested that you choose a vacuum with large dust carrying capacity. A big dust chamber means; you will spend less time emptying it.

c. Attachments. If you are investing in a car vacuum, it’s fine to expect it will handle all areas efficiently; inside or outside of the car. However, a vacuum needs few attachments that can assist you while cleaning door pockets, gaps between the car seats, and other tricky corners. So, choose a 12v car vacuum that has a hose, brush and crevice tool. If you own a cat or dog, look for an add-on that can take care of the animal fur.

d. Functionality. 12v car vacuums are available in two different types: one with regular dirt cleaning and another that can tackle both dry or wet waste. The latter has a high success rate in terms of cleaning, especially when you are working on foot mats.

e. Portability and storage. A 12v car vacuum promotes portability. Still, you should look for a version that has less weight as well as a small footprint. If you want a vacuum that can be stored anywhere to you can take it wherever you go, look for a compact one with less weight.

f. Vehicle size. Be it a car or SUV; they are available in different shapes and sizes. The bigger ride needs a vacuum that has a long power cable. An extended power means you will be able to clean the interior or exterior, without looking for any other source of energy. So, choose a 12v car vacuum with a long power cable. Most of the options that we have mentioned include a power cable between 3.5 to 5 meters. Choose according to your requirements.


Be it a hatchback, SUV, truck or boat: if you are using it, there will be dust. A 12v car vacuum can be a great choice for your transport help, especially if you are on the move most of the time. You will see various options with different designs and features. Choose the one that suits your budget as well as requirements.

We have already given you some of the effective 12v car vacuum reviews that can make your investment look good. Check the specifications as well as descriptions and choose the one that can be the right cleaning solution for your lovely ride.

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