Best Carpet Sweeper In The UK 2024

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Are you looking for the best carpet sweeper in the UK?

We have carefully selected the best ten for you. The task of choosing an ideal floor and carpet sweeper may not be an easy one, especially when you have a busy schedule.

Hence, our team of researchers took the stress off your neck so that selecting a perfect product will be a piece of cake for you.

Top 10 Carpet Sweeper Reviews 2024

Here are our 10 carpet washer reviews 2024.

Are carpet sweepers any good?

Carpet sweepers are very effective for cleaning your floor. Usually, they are not motorised meaning that you have to push them across your floor when sweeping.

Their work is quieter and they are lighter in contrast to vacuum cleaners. They come with a long handle and a small box that holds the dirt container as well as the rotating brushes.

1. Gtech SW02 Power Sweeper

Gtech SW02 Power Sweeper



Coming top in our list of best carpet washer is the Gtech SW02 Power Sweeper. It is a battery-powered sweeper with no filter and bag meaning that you don’t have to worry about cleaning filters or emptying bags. With a 7.2V motor, this is a perfect machine for effective quiet cleaning. It glides on hard floors and carpets ensuring that dirt, pet hair and dust are picked up.

You will love the lightweight of the Gtech SW02 Power Sweeper weighing just 1.6kg. That is why you can manoeuvre it with ease so as to get the best cleaning result. It has a low body profile and adjustable handle making it suitable for reaching underneath your furniture. There is a straightforward steering mechanism that enables you to move the machine around your home without much stress.

What’s more, it is compactly designed so that you can store it conveniently in your desired location at home. It is an ideal product for stairs eliminating weight balancing associated with heavy sweepers. You can easily convert it to a handheld cleaner which can be used for your upholstery and stairs. You only need to remove the telescopic handle as well as guard and it automatically becomes a handheld cleaner.


2. Leifheit Rotaro S Deluxe Floor Sweeper

Leifheit Rotaro S Deluxe Floor Sweeper



If you desire a robust sweeper that will not disappoint you when it matters most, you need to consider the Leifheit Rotaro S Deluxe Floor Sweeper. This is a machine that comes with great features that turn carpet sweeping into a stroll in the park. It works perfectly on all floor types making sure that all dirt and dust are quietly picked up.

With a height adjustment dial, you can easily use the main brush to sweep any carpet height, not excluding smooth floors. Its double-driven corner brushes are well fitted to get duct from the edges to the pathway of the major brush. This will lead to the collection of debris from a wider path so that the most satisfactory result will be achieved.

This sweeper has a sweeping width of 32cm meaning that you can more result from your little effort. Also, you will love its dust collector which is large enough to take you through the entire cleaning process. You don’t need to worry about electricity or connecting a long cable enabling you to go for that fast in-between clean you have always desired.


3. Shark V3700UK Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper

Shark V3700UK Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper



This rechargeable cordless carpet sweeper is your perfect choice if you truly desire quick daily clean-ups in your home. It has a runtime of 60 minutes meaning that you have enough time to finish your job before going for a recharge. It uses a power-assisted brush roll and that is why your floor coverings will be kept clean and debris-free.

Furthermore, the Shark V3700UK Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper has a lightweight design making it easy to manoeuvre around your home. Its dust collector is very easy to empty giving you access to stress-free cleaning at all times. You will love its power-assisted brush roll which is very effective for getting rid of crumbs, debris and mud from your laminated floor and doormats.

Its ergonomic handle is a plus and that is why it is a very convenient machine to use. With a low-profile body, you can reach difficult areas with this splendid machine. It is very easy to empty its dust tray with just a touch of a button. If you want a no-nonsense approach to home cleaning, you should consider the Shark V3700UK Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper.


4. Ewbank 525 Manual Floor and Carpet Sweeper

Ewbank 525 Manual Floor and Carpet Sweeper



The Ewbank 525 Manual Floor and Sweeper is a versatile cleaning machine that has been tested and trusted. It is perfect for hard floors and carpets while it has been redesigned for better control and pick up. It has a dual dustpan that is easy to empty with a simple lever and that is why this manual carpet sweeper is hygienic to use.

Furthermore, it comes with a sweeping width of 21cm giving you more opportunity to complete your work in good time. With a long 105cm handle, you can sweep beneath the furniture without much stress. Its tufted brushes ensure that perfect pick up and performance are achieved at all times. This machine is your best bet if you are a fan of quick clean up in the house.

What’s more, you will love its non-marking rubberised tyres ensuring that your floor is protected during sweeping. Its high-impact body casing is also a plus and that is why you can achieve the best results with this product. It has a dust collector of high capacity enabling you to achieve with the little time you will spend sweeping.


5. Gtech SW22 Cordless Power Sweeper

Gtech SW22 Cordless Power Sweeper



The Gtech SW22 Cordless Power Sweeper gives you long-lasting cordless clean-ups at all times. It is a lightweight machine that glides across hard floors, carpets, upholstery and so on, giving you the perfect result you desire. It is easy to store with a foldable, adjustable telescopic handle and removable duster. It is easy to use with no bag to empty or filter to clean.

This small sweeper is perfect for all floor types without the need to change sockets or settings. Its straightforward steering enables you to move it freely around your house so that you will be able to get the best cleaning results. It is a very easy machine store – you only need to push down the handle and get rid of the duster.

You can easily convert it to a handheld cleaner so that you can use it for cleaning your upholstery and stairs. You can use the detachable duster to clean bannisters as well. With the edge sweeping brush and nylon brush bar of this carpet sweeper for pet hair, you can reach awkward corners to get rid of pet hair, dirt and dust. With a runtime of 120 minutes and 7.4V motor, this is the sweeper you need for those quick cleaning jobs you desire.


6. Ewbank Evo3 Manual Floor and Sweeper

Ewbank Evo3 Manual Floor and Carpet Sweeper


The Ewbank Evo3 Manual Floor and Sweeper come with all the features you require to carry out a perfect sweeping job. It has been redesigned so that enhanced control and pick up can be achieved. You can easily switch between carpets and hard floors with its adjustable height setting. With an easy-to-empty dustpan, a hygienic operation is always guaranteed.

You will love its sweeping width of 24cm ensuring that you cover more ground with few passes. With a long handle of 105cm, you can sweep beneath the furniture without much stress. Its tufted, durable brushes are very essential for achieving the most satisfactory pick-up performance. Your furniture is adequately protected with the rubberised protection bumper.

The Ewbank Evo3 Manual Floor and Carpet Sweeper are hygienic to use with the topside dust emptying mechanism. Its stainless steel handle is 3-part coated ensuring the durability of the machine. With spring-loaded dustpans of large capacity, you can get more work done before going for an evacuation. A low profile body is also a plus and that is why the machine can easily reach beneath the furniture.


7. BISSELL Natural Sweep Carpet Sweeper

BISSELL Natural Sweep Carpet Sweeper


The BISSELL Natural Sweep Sweeper works on various surfaces including carpets, area rugs, hard floors, just to mention a few. It is the perfect way to clean your home without using electricity giving you the freedom to clean without any condition. It comes with two brush rolls – one for gathering up large debris while the other one is for gathering up fine particles.

Also, there are small brushes on the four edges of the foot of this sweeper so that debris and dirt in corners and edges will be perfectly captured. It is compactly designed for easy storage because space can be an issue sometimes. With a narrower cleaning path, you can easily manoeuvre this machine around your furniture as well as small spaces in your home.

Lightweight design means that you can carry the machine from one place to another without sweating. It is a product that is easy to use with no battery to buy, no motor and you will love its twin dirt pans that are very easy to empty. With a cosy rubber grip, you can go on with your sweeping with ease. It is your ideal choice for quick in-between cleanings.



8. BLACK+DECKER PSA215B-GB Lithium Sweeper

BLACK+DECKER PSA215B-GB Lithium Sweeper



This battery-powered sweeper comes with a triple-action beater bar which ensures that perfect pick-up is achieved at all times. This saves you time with a guaranteed all-round cleaning. You can store this machine on a docking station which can also be used to charge it. If you have limited space in your house, this machine is the perfect choice for you because it is compactly designed.

Furthermore, the BLACK+DECKER PSA215B-GB Lithium Sweeper has a 360° pivot steering which makes it easy to manoeuvre on carpets as well as hard floor. Its adjustable handle is also a plus enabling you to adjust its height to ideal positions so that low places can be reached. With a quick-release bowl, you don’t need to touch the dirt and the bowl is translucent, hence, you will know when you need to empty it.

What’s more, this sweeper has a runtime of 60 minutes which is enough to finish your task before going low on battery. You will also love the low-profile body which makes it easy for you to reach awkward places, especially under your furniture.


9. EWBank – Evo 3 Manual Carpet Sweeper

EWBank – Evo 3 Manual Carpet Sweeper



The EWBank – Evo 3 Manual Sweeper makes use of cutting-edge design for enhanced control and pickup. You can easily switch between carpets and hard floors with the adjustable height setting and this can be achieved without much stress. It comes with a top-side waste emptying system which makes it be hygienic for use.

It is a lightweight machine and that is why it can be easily moved from one place to another in your home to another with ease. With durable synthetic brushes, you are certainly going to get a product that will give you value for your money. You will love its compact design making it convenient and easy to store in your space-starved home.


10. Beldray LA024855TQ Lightweight Carpet Sweeper

Beldray LA024855TQ



Coming last in our list of top ten carpet sweepers is the Beldray LA024855TQ Lightweight Sweeper. It is a perfect product for you if want a machine that will save you space at home. It makes use of two auxiliary brushes and natural bristles of high quality so that all dirt and dust particles will be efficiently dislodged and collected.

Whats’ more, you will love its 110-cm lightweight handle which makes sweeping as easy as ABC for you. The pole can be dismantled into three sections saving you more space. Its bristles and brushes can be maintained easily with a brush comb attached to the handle.


How does a carpet sweeper work?

A carpet sweeper is used to mechanically clean carpets. They were widely used before vacuum cleaners came on board and are still used in many homes and commercial establishments today.

Usually, they are lightweight and do not generate too much noise when in use. Hence, their use does not disturb babies, pets, patrons, patients and so on.

A carpet cleaner normally has a small box with rollers and brushes at its base connected by gears or a belt. There is also a container for holding dirt during sweeping operations.

When a carpet cleaner is pushed on the floor, the rollers turn which makes the brushes exhibit rotation. The brushes ensure that dust and dirt are swept from the floor right into the dust container.

Choosing The Top Carpet Sweeper

A carpet cleaner of high quality will ensure that your carpets stay in good shape at all times. As a result of this, you need to make sure that you get the best product so that you will be able to get the most satisfactory results. It is very important for you to have clear expectations in order to get a product that will work perfectly for your home.

There are different types of carpet cleaners with various specifications and capabilities. Some will only spray water as well as a detergent on your carpet, carry out major scrubbing before sucking the water back into the machine.

You can also find attachments for hard floors in some machines. Some machines cannot pick up loose dirt and debris, hence you may need to vacuum your carpet before using them.

Furthermore, some machines are multifunctional with dry vacuuming capability and washing mode. This means that you will not need two gadgets when you want to carry out your cleaning.

Usually, they are compactly designed saving so much space but may not be very effective in vacuuming in contrast to standalone vacuum. Some products will only spray water on your carpets without doing any scrubbing meaning that they cannot be used for washing carpets.

How much do I need to spend on a carpet cleaner?

Typically, carpet cleaners are priced between £75 and £350. It is advisable for you to spend more than the minimum so that you will be able to get an ideal product. In most cases, very cheap products may not give you your desired results because of their limitations.

On the other hand, spending more does not guarantee that you will get the best product. Consequently, you need to check the specifications of the product you want to buy and read lots of carpet sweeper reviews.

Carpet Type: It is very important for you to know your carpet type and know how often you should wash it. You should not hesitate to look at the manufacturer’s instructions so that you will be sure that a carpet cleaner is appropriate.

How dirty your carpets get: This should also be considered when you are planning to make a purchase. If you have a high traffic household, you may need to clean your carpets more frequently. Also, if you have children, pets and smokers at home, the frequency at which you clean will be high.

What are the most useful carpet cleaner features?

Here are some of the features to consider when buying a carpet cleaner. If you really desire the best product, you need to put them into consideration.

Weight: The weight of the product you want to buy is very essential because some products can be very heavy. Since you are going to push the machine around, it is advisable to look for a product that is not too heavy. This is more important if you have many stairs in your home and cleaning them will be stressful with a heavy machine.

Quick-dry mode: Quick-dry mode machines make use of less water which ensures lighter clean as well as quick drying time. In most cases, full drying should be achieved within one hour. You can go for this type of machine if you carry out regular light cleaning.

Running time: The running time of a carpet cleaner is also a feature to look out for. This is very vital because it will determine how long you can work before recharging the battery. A good runtime means that you will be able to cover more ground before having a low battery.

Auto-mix: The auto mix feature ensures that water and detergent are automatically mixed for convenient cleaning. This will save you so much time because you won’t have to worry about mixing water and detergent manually.

Crevice tool and detergent spray: The crevice tool ensures that tight corners and narrow spaces are properly cleaned. This ensures that dirt is spared in order to achieve the most satisfactory result. The detergent spray pre-treats tough stains making them easy for washing.

Dry vacuuming: The dry vacuuming feature is usually found in multi-functional cleaners. This enables them to pick up debris before going ahead with real washing. Consequently, the best cleaning result will be achieved at all times.

Sweeper Vs Vacuum- What is the difference?

The revolving-brush sweeper is still relevant in today’s world, even with the popularity of vacuum cleaners. Before you make a final decision on the product to go for, it is very essential for you to know their differences.

Efficiency: The sweeper is energy efficient because it does not use electricity. In most cases, a battery is used to power some sweepers boosting their energy efficiency. In contrast, vacuum cleaners are more efficient because they get the job done in less time without requiring too much human energy. They can conveniently clean large areas as well as very dirty carpets with so much ease.

Convenience: You can use a sweeper conveniently because it is light, easy to manoeuvre and store. Also, you don’t need to go through too much stress before emptying dirt into the trash. You can easily use it for quick sweeping under the sofas and beds because it is very light with no cumbersome setup process.

On the other hand, a vacuum cleaner has a vacuum power that easily sucks out automatically making it more convenient for cleaning. Electric vacuums make use of bags that require replacement and heavier units cannot be used for small jobs.

Versatility: Sweepers are perfect for cleaning surface dirt on floors and carpets. They are not the choice for thick and excessively dirty carpets. A vacuum cleaner has the capability to clean all manners of carpets but may not be as effective on hard floors as sweepers.

However, with some attachments, an electric vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning upholstery, auto interiors, drapery and so on, a task that is not possible for a sweeper. Talking about the area, a vacuum cleaner can clean more area than a sweeper.

Cost: Of course, the sweeper is cheaper than the vacuum cleaner but their results are incomparable. There are some sweepers that cost about the same as a vacuum cleaner and they last longer than the cheap ones. Vacuum cleaners cost more, especially high-end ones.

If you want to get the more powerful central vacuum cleaner that needs special installation, you should be ready to pay more but the result you will get will be outstanding. Your pocket and expectations will certainly determine the best product to purchase so that you will get the best cleaning results at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sweep a carpet with a broom?

Rubber brooms can be used to sweep hair off your carpet. Usually, indoor carpeting is best cleaned with a cleaner but if a vacuum is not available or the carpet is too dirty, you can pick up the surface dirt with a broom. A broom will help in picking up the surface while vacuuming can then follow.

How do you use a carpet sweeper?

You need to push the sweeper over the debris and apply push as well as pull force in overlapping strokes. The dirt will then be collected in the dust container which should be emptied regularly to avoid overflow. It is very important to get rid of debris that will be too big for the carpet washer to use.

Manual or Electric Carpet Sweeper?

Even though both manual and electric sweepers will perfectly clean your carpet, an electric machine will do a better job. However, you need to be aware that manual sweepers do not make much noise making them suitable for noiseless operations. If you want the best result, it is advisable to for an electric sweeper.

Is vacuuming or sweeping better?

It depends on your objective and the type of floor. Usually, sweeping is carried out on hardwood, stone tile and ceramic floors. Also, a broom can easily get rid of debris and dirt in cracks between hardwood and gout around stone or ceramic tiles.

On the other hand, vacuuming is perfect for carpets because of their fibres. It can also be used for handling wet spills as well as on hardwood or tile floors when the beater bar is turned off.

Bottom Line

Getting the best carpet sweeper in the UK should now be easier with this review. Your hard-earned money should be spent wisely, hence, you need to carry out proper research before making a purchase.

We have reduced your research time with the list of tested products above. Making a choice from any of them will go a long way in helping you to achieve the best cleaning result.

This review is a product of comprehensive research carried out by top analysts and it is our hope that you will find it useful. At the end of the day, you will achieve your desire for cleaning your home without too much stress.

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