Best Cordless Garden Vacuum UK 2024

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You need a quality cordless garden vacuum to remove the leaves from your garden.

If you want to get the best results at all times, you should make a good purchasing decision and that is the essence of this piece.

We have made the task easier for you with the following well-researched products.

Our Top 3 Cordless Leaf Vacuums

i. Greenworks 40V (Best Vacuum Overall)

The Greenworks 40V leaf blower (view on Amazon) with a vacuum is a powerful machine that features a brushless motor technology which guarantees perfect performance.

It has a push-button start so that you will be able to put it to work with ease. With a mulch ratio of 10:1 and a large collection bag of 45 litres, this is certainly the product to go for.

ii. Ryobi OBV18 18V (Runner-up)

This Ryobi OBV18 18V 3-in-1 machine (view on Amazon) can work as a mulcher, blower and vacuum. It has a maximum airspeed of 201km/hr so that the most satisfactory blowing and vacuuming results will be achieved.

It is powered by an 18-volt brushless motor making it ideal for various tough jobs. With a mulching ratio of 10:1, you can be sure of a perfect job at all times.

iii. Einhell 3433600 (Best Budget)

The Einhell 3433600 (view on Amazon) is a cordless garden hoover that is very easy to handle. You can easily switch from blowing mode to suction mode without looking for any tool.

There is an adjustable secondary handle which makes it possible for you to have a good grip during operations. Its electronic speed control guarantees easy adjustment of blowing and suction intensity.

Cordless Garden Vacuum Detailed Reviews 2024

Here are our 9 leaf vacuum reviews  2024 in the UK

1. Greenworks 40V Cordless Brushless Blower Vacuum

Greenworks GD40BVK2X



The Greenworks 40V is a cord-free blower vac with rich features that will turn your garden maintenance around. It comes with two 2Ah lithium-ion batteries with a charger so that you can have a smooth-free operation. It makes use of brushless motor technology to deliver fade-free power. You can easily switch from a blower to a vacuum without making use of any tool.

It is an ideal battery-powered leaf cleaner for getting rid of debris from hard areas in your garden. You won’t experience toxic fumes, vibrations, noise and your running cost will be near zero. With a push-button start, you can put your machine in action without much hassle. It has a mulching ratio of 10:1, meaning that you will experience high efficiency without much effort.

Also, there is a large collection box of 45 litres which guarantees maximum comfort because frequent evacuations will be prevented. Its variable speed dial is a plus giving you access to a maximum speed of 150 miles per hour. Its battery can work on all 40V Greenworks tools and that is why you can be sure of cost-effectiveness.

What’s more, this vacuum for leaves in the garden weighs just 3.9 kilograms and that is why you can manoeuvre it on your garden without much stress. With a runtime of 60 minutes, you can be sure adequate time to carry out a thorough job for the most satisfactory result.


2. Ryobi OBV18 18V

Ryobi OBV18



The Ryobi OBV18 18V leaf blower vacuum is an ideal product to go for if you want to take your garden maintenance to the next level. It comes with a strong 18-volt brushless motor making it easier for you to achieve your blowing and vacuuming goals. It has a turbo mode which is perfect for tough jobs with a mulching ratio of 10:1.

This lightweight garden vac has a variable speed control so that you will be able to have absolute control on every operation. It does not come with a battery or charger but compatible with all 18V ONE+ system chargers and batteries. This means that with an 18V ONE+ battery, you have the opportunity of powering over 100 garden and home tools for superlative versatility.

Furthermore, this garden leaf hoover has a maximum airspeed of 201km/hr when in blower mode while the vac mode has a maximum airspeed of 122.5km/hr. This way, you will be able to get the best blowing and vacuuming results without much hassle. With a 45-litres collection bag, there is enough space for debris collection before going for an evacuation.

You will love its ergonomic handle and shoulder strap which guarantees greater convenience during use. Its lightweight design is a plus and that is why you can manoeuvre this machine with ease for the most satisfactory result.


3. Einhell 3433600 Power X-Change Cordless Leaf Blower

Einhell 3433600



If you desire the best leaf vacuum that will effectively handle your garden tasks, you should consider the Einhell 3433600 Power X-Change cordless leaf vacuum and blower. This 3-in-1 machine has to blow, vacuuming and mulching functions so that you will be able to achieve the best result. It is powered by a 36-volt lithium-ion battery, which is not included, so that high performance will be guaranteed.

Also, there is an electronic speed control which helps in the easy adjustment of blowing and suction intensity. You don’t require any tool to switch between blowing and suction modes, as you can do so while working without interfering with your work. You will love its large collection bag of 45 litres with a window for easy monitoring.

With ABS-battery monitoring system, you can be certain of active battery management for maximum power. Also, it helps in boosting the lifespan of the battery and that is why this machine is your best bet for optimum durability. It makes use of ecologically sustainable technology to reduce emissions and energy consumption by up to 25%.

Also, its ergonomic handle is a plus making it convenient to operate. There is an adjustable secondary handle which guarantees a perfect grip during operations. You will love its comfortable harness which ensures that the product weight is evenly distributed on your body so that operational fatigue will be prevented.


4. Black and Decker GWC3600L 36v

Garden vacuum reviews cannot be complete if the Black and Decker GWC3600L is not mentioned. It is a 3-in-1 machine with blowing, vacuuming and shredding capabilities. It comes with a dual interchangeable nozzle system so that you can easily switch from blower mode to vacuum mode. With its lightweight design, you will enjoy greater comfort and manoeuvrability when using this machine.

It is powered by a 36-volt lithium-ion battery which means you don’t need to worry about power cables or fuel. This machine a Power Select function which enables you to choose between the ECO and TURBO modes. You will love its ergonomic soft-grip handle which makes its use more comfortable.

Also, it has a shredding ration of 7:1 so that you will be able to achieve the best result. With a maximum airspeed of 218 km/hr, high operational performance is guaranteed at all times. It has a collection bag capacity of 17.5 litres which make it possible for you to enjoy smooth-free operations at all times.

What’s more, it has a low sound level so that you will not be bothered with too much noise during operations. With a vibration rate of less than 2.5 m/s2, you can be sure of more comfortable operations for the most satisfactory result.


5. Makita DUB182 LXT 18v Lithium Ion Leaf Blower

The Makita DUB182 LXT 18v Lithium Ion Leaf Blower is an ideal product for achieving the best garden maintenance. It has a maximum air volume of 2.3 cubic metres per minute and a maximum air pressure of 5.4 kPa. You will love its ergonomic soft-grip handle which gives you maximum comfort and control.

Besides, its anti-static electricity is a plus and that is why comfortable operations can be achieved at all times. With 3 air volume settings – low, medium and high – you can sure of perfect control of your operations for the most effective results. It can also be used for vacuuming with a large dust bag.

With a charge time of just 22 minutes, your machine can get a renewed energy within a short time. You will love its low vibration and noise levels making it possible for you to experience a high level of convenience during operations. It weighs 1.7 kilograms which means that you won’t have issues manoeuvring this machine.



6. COSTWAY 3-in-1 Garden Leaf Blower

COSTWAY Cordless Petrol Vacuum



Garden hoover reviews cannot be exhausted without referring to the COSTWAY 3-in-1 Blower. It functions as a blower, mulcher and vacuum so that you can have a machine that will handle every aspect of your garden maintenance. Its design places top priority on performance, safety and dependability so that you will be able to achieve your goals with ease.

It is powered by an air-cooled 26cc 2-stroke engine which has the capacity of delivering a maximum airspeed of 70 metres per second. This will make it easier for you to get your jobs done with the highest level of efficiency. With its 750-watt motor and high speed of 8000rpm, you can be sure of perfect cleaning of every part of your garden.

You will love its ergonomic handle which guarantees the reduction of fatigue as well as strain on your body. In the vacuum mode, there is an auxiliary handle which offers maximum comfort when working for a long time. Its collection bag has a shoulder strap so that you will be able to experience greater convenience when the machine is being used.

It weighs just 5.4 kilograms meaning that you will be able to manipulate it without much stress. Switching modes is as easy as ABC and you can do so while an operation is going on. With a large capacity collection bag of 40 litres, you can be sure of maximum comfort and high efficiency.


7. PETROL Garden Leaf Blower & Vacuum

Callow PETROL Garden Leaf Blower



The Callow Petrol Garden Leaf Blower & Vacuum has all the rich features that will certainly make your garden maintenance task a piece of cake. It is powered by a strong 25cc engine so that you will be able to get the most satisfactory outcome. It is easy to install and can be used anytime for effective cleaning.

This 3-in-1 machine has the capability to mulch, vacuum and blow so that your cleaning goals will be easily achieved. You will love its lightweight design which makes manoeuvring easier and its compact design makes storage a stroll in the park. With a large collection bag capacity of 50 litres, you get down to work without experience frequent evacuations.

Also, it has a high blow speed which ensures that all leaves are properly blown no matter their sizes and weight. With a mulching ratio of 10:1, you can be sure of high-level performance at all times. It weighs just 5 kilograms meaning that you won’t experience much difficulty when working.


8. AOSOME BV3405 3 in 1 Leaf Blower




Leaf vacuum reviews cannot be complete without mentioning the AOSOME BV3405. It is a unique machine with 3 functionalities – blowing, vacuuming and mulching. Its maximum blower speed stands at 62.7 metres per second guaranteeing maximum blowing performance. With a maximum vacuum airspeed of 47.5 metres per second, you can be certain of optimum suction performance.

Also, this machine has a shredding ratio of 12:1 which guarantees maximum output with little effort. You will love its powerful air-cooled single-cylinder 25cc 2-stroke petrol engine making it possible for you to experience the best performance at all times. Your comfort is assured, thanks to the 2 shoulder harness straps – one for the collection bag and one for the engine.

With a super large collection bag of 60 litres, it is more convenient for you to carry out your operations without frequent evacuations. It is easy to start with an anti-vibration handle which ensures that vibration is reduced by 40%. It can be used on different terrains, by various users for different objects.

What’s more, the handle’s angle is specially designed so that the balance of the blower can be properly kept. Its flat nozzles guarantee concentrated airflow so that there will be a faster flow rate. There is a self-locking handle by the trigger which helps in controlling engine speed as well as the flow rate.


9. Hyundai Lightweight 26cc

Hyundai Lightweight 26cc



The Hyundai Lightweight 26cc comes last in our list but it is not the least. It is powered by a 26cc 2-stroke air-cooled petrol engine and that is why its versatility cannot be disputed. As a result of this, you can use it to tidy up your garden all year round. It has 3 functionalities – blowing, mulching and vacuuming – making it one of the best products you can lay your hands on.

With a maximum airspeed of 244 kilometres per hour, you can be sure of optimum performance at all times. You will love its EURO 5 engine technology which guarantees a reduction in emissions and fuel consumption. It weighs just 6.7 kilograms meaning that you won’t have issues with its manoeuvre.

Its balanced design is a plus and there is a shoulder harness which makes it comfortable for you to use the machine. You can easily control the airspeed with the easy-to-reach switch so that you will be able to achieve the best result. Also, it can be used to clear snow, gutters and grass trimmings. You can also use it to dry your vehicle as well as machinery.

Its large collection bag of 40 litres offer convenience because you will be able to work for a long time before going for an evacuation. With a mulching ratio of 10: 1, you can rest assured of a high level of efficiency. Changing from blower mode to vacuum/shredder mode is as easy as ABC since you only need to remove the blower nozzle and fix the debris pick-up tube.


What to consider when buying a cordless leaf vacuum

When buying a cordless leaf vacuum, it is very important for you to know the factors that contribute to getting effective results with a product. There are machines with only blowing function while others have both blowing and vacuuming modes. Your expectations will go a long way in deciding the right product to go for.

If you only want to clear leaves on your garden without worrying about their collection, you can go for a product with a blower function alone. However, if you want to eliminate the leaves completely, you should go for a machine with both blowing and vacuuming functions.

Power type: A cordless vacuum can either be powered by a battery or a petrol engine. A battery-powered machine is easier to use because it does not require hectic maintenance associated with petrol engines. On the other hand, petrol engines are usually more powerful with the capability of handling all types of jobs.

Battery type: If you are going for a battery-powered machine, you need to know the type of battery that is compatible with it. Common battery types include lithium-ion (Li-ion) and nickel-metal hydride (NiMH). The former is more popular because of its advanced performance features. Some products come with a battery while others don’t, hence it is very essential for you to check all these before making a purchase.

Runtime: The ampere-hour (Ah) value of a battery usually determines its runtime. The higher the Ah value, the longer the runtime will be giving you enough time to complete your task before going for a recharge.

Engine capacity: If you are going to buy a petrol engine machine, you should not forget to check its engine capacity. This will go a long way in determining the performance of the machine. A 52cc engine will surely offer higher performance than a 26cc engine but your pocket size will determine your final choice.

Collection bag capacity: The collection bag capacity of your preferred product will determine the level of convenience you can achieve with it. If you go for a small collection bag capacity, it means you will have to cope with frequent evacuations because the bag will fill up quickly. A large collection bag will make your job easier because you won’t need to empty the bag frequently.

Garden size: The size of your garden will also determine the perfect product that can be used for it. For a large garden, you will want to consider a machine that is powerful enough to give you the best result. Also, you will need to consider comfort features like shoulder straps and ergonomic handles because you will be spending more time on the job.

For a small area, you can buy a product with a small motor which will go a long way in reducing the amount you are going to spend. This will also ensure that the machine is light so that you can manipulate on the garden with so much ease. You may not worry about comfort features because you will not be using it for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are battery-powered garden vacuums any good?

Battery-powered are very good even though some traditionalists will argue that the corded ones are better. With powerful batteries, cordless garden vacuums can produce an airflow of up to 400 cubic feet per minute (CFM). That is why it is possible for you to get a high performance if you are able to go for a good product.

Can I vacuum leaves with a wet-dry vac?

You can use a wet-dry vac with a blower port to vacuum leaves. Without that, it is not advisable to use a wet-dry vac to vacuum leaves if you don’t want to spoil the machine. The best way to do this is to use a leaf blower vacuum and the job will be properly carried out.

Can you use a leaf vacuum on wet leaves?

You can use it on wet leaves but this can be a tough task because the extra water will make them heavier. Even though wet leaves will not release dust into the atmosphere during operations, the additional effort required to get this done is the big deal.

Can you use a leaf vacuum on gravel?

It is not advisable to use it on gravel because it can damage the machine, If you want to pick up leaves in an area with gravel, you can blow the leaves to a plain ground before going ahead with the vacuuming.

Are garden leaf vacuums dangerous?

The only danger associated with them is air pollution. If you are using a gas-powered blower, you will notice an emission of pollutants which can be compared to the ones that cars give off.

Summary – Which Cordless Vacuum Should I Buy?

You should be able to get the best cordless garden vacuum from all the products reviewed above.

Each of them has been carefully analysed with a guarantee that you will get value for your money.

We believe you will make good use of this piece so that you will be able to find a product that will meet your expectations.

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