How To Dispose Of Vacuum Cleaner?

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Vacuum cleaners are one of the devices that’s commonly found in all the households. More than 5 million users purchase a new vacuum every year in the UK.

But, no matter what make or model you are buying, such a device will deteriorate in performance and efficiency after some years. Then the only option is to look for a replacement.

You can very easily purchase one of the best vacuums, but what about the existing cleaning device. You can try and resell or gift it to someone who needs a vacuum. But, what if it’s not active anymore?

Well, why don’t you recycle the old vacuum cleaner? It might not be easy to find a recycling outlet in some regions, but it’s worth your effort.

Why Should You Recycle The Vacuum?

A vacuum cleaner is an easy to use device. But, the cleaning machine is brutal to recycle once it stops working. The primary reason is its construction, which is mostly plastic. Most of the vacuums are made of plastic, which makes their recycling process challenging.

However, you don’t have to worry because multiple companies are coming up with initiatives to recycle.

These recycling programs and their locations help you dispose of your vacuum in a convenient and environmentally friendly way. Google search for Recycle vacuum cleaner near me, and you will get some of the outlets.

Vacuum Recycling Tips

If you want to recycle an old vacuum, then Best Buy is one of the best options to try. They are a prominent recycler of old electronic items. The brand can reprocess all the household and kitchen appliances irrelevant to your purchase location.

If you are not sure about the terms and conditions, then visit their site to check the list of acceptable electronic items. Do you know the best part?

They will recycle your vacuum or any other electrical appliance without any expense. All you need to do is, visit one of their recycling outlets and drop off the old vacuum. As easy as you can read it.

Other Options To Recycle A Vacuum

As we stated, you can donate a vacuum if it’s in working condition. You can schedule a pick up using Donation Town, which is a site that facilitates charity according to your location.

Big organizations like Goodwill and Salvation Army can also pick up the vacuum from your doorstep.

Recycling Centres

Apart from Best Buy, other establishments offer vacuum cleaner recycling. Such electrical devices come with a lot of metal and plastic parts. So, it’s easy for the recycling brands to reprocess these materials according to their requirements.

You might not find the recycling outlets easily. So, it’s better to search on Google or Bing. Apart from these centres, you can also dispose of a vacuum in a scrapyard. However, don’t expect much in return. No matter the exchange price, you can quickly get rid of the old cleaning device.

Sell The Vacuum For Parts

If you want to earn some pocket money, then try to sell the vacuum. If you cannot sell it as a whole, you can also take its parts and then auction them individually.

Features like nozzles, brushes, and hoses are easy to sell. Filter packs, spare belts, and the motor assembly can also fetch you some pounds.

Repair And Reuse

If your vacuum is still in a working condition and upgrading to a better option, you can opt to donate it. Donate the cleaning device to a charitable trust.

If the vacuum is not healthy, then grant it to daycare, church or school. Almost any commercial establishment will enjoy the benefits of vacuum, especially if they don’t have funds to invest in such appliances.

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