Best Microfibre Mop UK 2024

If you have a high-quality microfibre mop, then you will never have to scrub the floors. These floor mops give a shiny finish to the levels in no time.

Wondering which one to choose from the myriad of options available? We have it all here.

On this page, you will see a list of the best microfibre mops available in the UK market.

Why Use a Microfibre Mop?

Microfibres are electrically charged to attract dust, pet hair, and other microparticles. It’s the primary reason why microfiber mops are considered one of the best floor cleaning options. If you are not convinced, then there are other reasons as well.

  • They are versatile. You can use the same mop to clean dry and wet waste.
  • Such pads are eco-friendly because they can be reused several times. Once it looks exhausted and dirty, the machine washes the pad, and it will be as good as new.
  • Unlike regular mops, microfibres never leave streaks behind.

Best Floor Mop Reviews 2024

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Here are our 15 floor mop reviews 2024.

1. MR.SIGA Professional Microfibre Mop for Hardwood

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  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Built with durable plastic and sturdy stainless steel handle, inlcudes 3 reusable microfiber cloths and 1 dirt removal scrubber, applies to all kinds of floor such as hardwood, tile, marble, laminate, vinyl, make boring chore of cleaning your floors easy and effortless.
  • CONVENIENT STEER - Features 360 degree maneuverable swivel head allows you mop around the stairs, furniture and table legs flexibly. 15" x 5" wide surface mop pad with improved fabric clip-on design covers more area while cleaning, makes cleaning floor fast and efficient. It' also suitable for commercial and industrial applications.
  • DOUBLE LOCK TELESCOPIC SYSTEM - Stainless steel adjustable handle can be extended and locked to any available position, which offers a comfortable pickup and hold for different person, makes cleaning the floor without having to bend down. Heavy duty stainless steel handle with double lock system is designed to hold the desired position firmly in its place, so you don't have to worry the pole will slide down while mopping.
  • DUAL ACTION MICROFIBER PAD - Our double sided microfiber cloth is reusable and machine washable, so it's environmentally friendly. Blue side is perfect for wet or drying mopping, while plush beige side works best for waxing. Microfiber mop attracts fine dust & hair effectively and absorbs waster instantly, without lint or streaks left behind, leaves your floor sparkling. If you would like to purchase extra microfiber refills, please refer to ASIN B01E40PRM2.
  • MR.SIGA's mission: Make your housework easier, and make the world cleaner. Should you have any questions about the product or after-sale service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for support and advice!


If you need a compact and lightweight mop that can clean the floor well, Mr.Siga Microfibre mop is one of the great choices. It comes with a dual-sided microfibre cloth that clasps in the cleaning pad.

The blue side of the cloth can be used to clean floors while its beige side is for waxing. Due to clasps, you don’t have to deal with Velcro strips that tend to lose after a while.

Designed with convenience and manoeuvrability in mind, the professional mop has a 360-degree swiveling handle that allows you to clean tough to reach spots.

Apart from hard floors, you can use the mop to clean walls, windows and even cars. Above all, you will never find a scratch on any surface.

The includes one dirt removal scrubber and three microfiber cloth. So, you don’t have to look for anything after you invest in the professional cleaning solution from Mr Siga.

2. Vileda Turbo Microfibre Mop and Bucket Set

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  • One Vileda Mop and Bucket Set with foot pedal-operated wringer
  • The foot pedal on this mop bucket allows you to control the water in the microfibre mop so you can more efficiently clean a variety of hard floors with the appropriate amount of water
  • Mop and bucket set features an easy-carry handle for perfect balance while mopping floors; telescopic handle extends from 55 cm to 130 cm for easy use
  • Vileda microfibre mop removes over 99.9% of bacteria with just water* and no harsh chemicals
  • *Microfibre mop head removes E. coli and S. aureus from hardwood floors and ceramic tiles, as tested at a third-party lab


A stylish and highly rated cleaning kit from one of the best floor care product makers, the Turbo. It has a higher price tag than our previous two recommendations. However, the makers have several innovative features to justify its price.

The name “Turbo” comes from a mechanism of its bucket. As you see in the image, the Turbo Microfibre mop has a foot pedal on one side. Once you put the wet Microfibres inside the bucket basket, push the pedal downwards.

The lever will spin the internal hoop draining all the water from the inserted mop. The makers know that you will need a variable amount of water for different floors, so they have included this feature.

Bucket of the Turbo mop is also large enough to be useful for medium or large-sized houses. There is a spout on the side of the bucket to easily pouring out of water. The expendable tube reaches up to 130 cm, and it has a triangular cleaning head, which gives easy cleaning overall, even in the corners.

3. Vileda 1-2 Spray Microfibre Flat Spray Mop

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Part Number 133345
Model 133346


The ready to use Spray mop from Vileda is a suitable cleaning solution for hard floors. Due to its moisture control feature, the mop is ideal for wooden and laminated surfaces. Its handle has a refillable liquid compartment, so you don’t have to use a bucket of water to get the desired cleaning results.

Even if you don’t have a cleaning solution, you can use detergent and water mix in the liquid chamber, which has a rubber cap to prevent any leakage.

1-2 Spray Ultramax has a spray located above the cleaning pad. Use the trigger to spray a fine mist of liquid cleaning solution and use its microfibre-covered pad to remove grease, dirt, and stubborn marks. The mop for wood floors also pivots and gives you easy cleaning reach under low base furniture.

4. Masthome Mop and Buckets Sets Floor Mop bucket

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  • 【2 in 1 Cleaning Bucket】:The mop and buckets sets with 2 chambers that features WASH and DRY usage.This design is easy to clean your mop.
  • 【Microfibre Mop Pads】:The flat mop and buckets sets come with 6pcsreusable mop pads .The microfibre has great cleaning and super water absorption.It is machine washable.Pads Size:32x12cm.
  • 【360° Rotating Mop Head】:The microfibre mop with 360°rotating mop head,it can help you clean the hard-reached corners and the place under the furniture.
  • 【Drain Plug】:There is a drain plug at the bottom of the mop bucket to facilitate the drainage of dirty water. And the bucket lid is detachable,convenient to clean the bucket.
  • 【Compact & Lightweight】:The mop and buckets sets is compact in design. It with 132cm stainless steel handle, suit for cleaning Tiled, Marble, Laminate, Hardwood floors.


Designed with two compartments, the mop and bucket system from Masthome prevents repeated use of dirty microfibre cloth. You can use one chamber to wash the mop and another to squeegee it dry. While squeezing all the dirt and grease is removed, so that you can start fresh in a different area.

The mop is efficient in picking up dirt, pet hair and other debris. However, the 360 degree swilling property makes it even more useful, especially while cleaning the corners and area under low profile furniture.

Using its ergonomically designed long handle, you can easily clean all the surfaces without bending your back or applying extra energy. No manual handwashing of a rug or microfibre required, you only have to insert the cleaning pad inside a couple of compartments to continue the cleaning work.

5. Amabana Microfiber Floor Spray Mops

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  • Spray mop, no need to carry a heavy messy bucket,refillable 300mL bottle to provide fresh cleaning solution at all times. A much better way to mop floors!
  • Necessary Cleaning Assistant: This floor mop hardwood can rotate 360 degrees at will, which can help you clean the dead ends of the house with stress-free; Spray water according to your requirements. Add in our microfiber spray mop and get around bulky, heavy cleaning tools.
  • With this spray mop, you can quickly and easily mop the floor without bending over, without changing the water, and without washing your hands. All you need to do is press the handle lightly with one hand and you can enjoy the music easily while dragging the floor.
  • Upgraded Version Spray Mop: The quality metal pole of floor mop spray is sturdier and more durable than traditional spray mops,will not get loose and broken; And this spray mop will not leaking with sealed liquid container.
  • Extra Scraper with Comb: The multi-function scraper is given to squeeze water on the spray mop pads, dirt and stains on floor/tile, the side of the comb shape can remove the hair, which make the cleaning job much easier.


Are you terrified of cleaning the house floors because of the heavy bucket? Let’s present you with another spray mop from Ambana that has 300 ml refillable cleaning solution container. So, the process is simple, spray some cleaning solution according to the requirements and clean a surface.

As the spray mop has a 360-degree swivelling handle, you can easily reach the edges as well as corners. Without making any contact with the dirt or bending over, you can get a clean floor.

The spray container of the mop is leakproof, and also has a turdy tube sturdy. It comes with a multi-function scraper that can be used to remove extra water from the swab. You can also use it to remove accumulated dirt from floors. On the tool, you will also find a brush comb that eliminates hair and stranded waste from upholstery and other materials.

Key features:

  • 360-degree swivelling head for better cleaning reach
  • Removable and easy to fill the liquid container
  • Durable built
  • Leakproof liquid container

6. Professinal Microfiber Flat Mop

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  • Professional quality, great for cleaning the home or office. Get your hardwood, laminate, tile, stone and concrete floors clean in a faction of the time with less effort! You can buy mop pads that needs to be replaced in our store to solve your worries.
  • PREMIUM PACKING SETS:3 Replacement Mop pads measuring 18" x 5.5" for home and commercial use Re-Up fiber technolog.Unique loops design make it ideal for both wet and dry cleaning. Removes wet or dry hair, dirt and dust.
  • MAGICAL HOOK DESIGN:Pad paste on the head Without HOOk&LOOP System, but more fastness and more durable.
  • USAGE: Machine washable dust mop pads, much more economical than disposable products. This microfiber mop pad has industrial grade quality, great for cleaning the home, office ,schools, hospitals, floor, walls, dust off your t.v or blinds.
  • CLEAN ANYWHERE: Our dry mop Aluminum Handle High Up to 53 Inches and Rotates Smoothly Making it Comfortable for deep under furniture and high corners.


Whether you need a cleaning solution for your house or office, the high-quality microfibre mop from Newyang is an excellent option. In a short duration, the mop frees a floor from dust, grease, and other debris. Hardwood, laminated or stone, the mop gives you a clean floor without applying much effort.

The microfibre floor mop includes three replacement microfiber pads. All of them are built using Re-Up fibre technology, which uses a unique design to provide perfect results on both dry and wet dust. This mop has a hook and loop technique to attach the pads, means you have to “paste” the pad on its cleaning head.

Such a process of assigning a pad with the primary unit is different but fast and durable. Included pads are made of high-quality material and can be machine washed when over soiled. So, you don’t have to invest in replacement pads after you purchase the professional mop from Newyang.

This flat surface mop has a 55-inch high aluminium handle and a rotational cleaning head. So, you can use the mop to clean the area under furniture without bending your back.

7. MEXERRIS Microfiber Mop Spray Mops

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  • 【FLOOR CLEANER SPRAY MOP WITH 3 MICROFIBRE PADS】- MEXERRIS’s Microfibre Spray Mop makes cleaning quick, easy, and safe cleans your kitchen, hardwood, marble, tile, laminate, or ceramic floors. The spray mop heads can be used in two ways for dry o wet, push the trigger to activate the spray easy wet the mop. The spray floor mop can adsorb dust, paper pieces, hair meanwhile protect your wooden floor. 3 pads which can be used alternately.
  • 【FLAT MOP WITH 300ML CAPACITY BOTTLE】 - The microfibre spray flat mop includes a perfectly size reusable 300ml bottle, using more flexible with light weight body. The microfibre spray mop pad is 100% machine washable and reusable. The aluminum alloy pole construction of the floor spray mop is sturdy, reliable and durable.
  • 【CLEANING SPRAY MOP EASY AND QUICK TO USE】 - The mop spray cleaner is always ready for cleaning, with 100% reusable cleaning system that doesn’t require batteries o charging cable. The microfibre mop pads have millions of microscopic fibers that grab dirt, dust, hair, and moisture meanwhile reach deep into cracks to pick up more grime than flat disposables.
  • 【MOP SPRAY WITH 360°ROTARY MOP HEAD】 - 360°rotary mop head of the hard floor spray mop easily reach into the dark corners of sofas, bottoms, etc, do not need to bend over, bid farewell to mobile furniture. Our flat mop with spray can clean with simple water, or add any cleaning solution. Design your own cleaning plans.
  • 【SPRAY MOPS METALLIC HIGH QUALITY AFTER-SALE SERVICE】 - If you have any issues with our spray kitchen mop, simply write to us and we will contact you to solve it within 24 hours. Hope our floor spary mop can make you enjoy cleaning.


Want to make cleaning fast, efficient and safe for your kids or pets? Choose a Microfibre spray mop from Mexerris, which gives you easy and effortless cleaning results on all floor types, including hardwood, tiles, marble, laminate or ceramic.

It can be used in two ways; either use the mop for dry and wet waste or if you need to clean marks for some extra shine, use its spray to throw some cleaning solution.

The spray cleaner has a lightweight body, hence moving while cleaning the house floor will not be a trouble. It has a 300 ml liquid compartment where you can store a cleaning agent if you need. This pads included with the product are machine washable and reusable.

This spray cleaner has a 360-degree swelling cleaning head. So, without bending, you can clean all the areas, including the furniture bases. Its pole is made of pure aluminium an is long-lasting. Overall, this mop is efficient and at the same time durable as well.

8. Spray Floor Mop, PAPCLEAN Microfibre Spray Mop

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  • PAPCLEAN Never Stop Improving - We received many advice from our customer since it start selling, we are happy to hear good side also focus on bad side, we gathered our customer’s advice, upgrade our spray mop timely to ensure you get our newest version mop. All Parts are made from top grade material for long lasting use, Innovative fully sealed water tank, say goodbye to Leaking around, reinforced responsive trigger, more sturdy and reliable. Every little improvement make us do better!
  • Make Cleaning Effient And Effective – Leave the heavy messy bucket alone, spray mop come with the 410ML Water tank, you could fill it up with your favorite cleaner, just make sure clean the water tank when you finished the cleaning. Simply push the trigger on the handle, it turns water to water mist evenly, save water and make mopping efficiency with minimize efforts than the regular mop.
  • 2 IN 1 Spray Mop – Features to used as both wet and dry mop, this spray mop uses the magics of microfibers to absorber the smallest dirt and dust, and used as a wet mop to clean wooden floor, hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, cement, tile, laminate, stone and concrete floors . Dry Rubbing,wiping waxing without change equipment.
  • Superb Quality and 360 Rotating Head – Every parts of the pole is made from druable, high quality stainless steel, sturdy and reliable, no craking, easy to grip and handle. No bend over for the extendable pole, relaxed your back from now. 360 degree rotating spray mop head, reach out every corner of your house which is hard to been seen before, like under the counch, wardrobe or bed and so on.
  • Reuable 3 Free Replacement and scrubber – Our spray mop come with 3 microfiber mop pads, can be washable and reusable, will not cause waste for the environment, excellent water abosortion with balanced friction contribute to best mopping experience. One TPR scrubber helps you to remove hairs, sewage and stubborn stains from the pads, be your good helper when you finished the mopping.


With a 360-degree adjustable cleaning head and a tube build with four different sections, the dust mop from PAPCLEAN gives you a convenient cleaning across the house. With its swivelling cleaning head, you can easily access the corners, edges, and under the furniture for a thorough cleaning.

The handle is easy to adjust the height you want, which can be adjusted according to the use. As there are four sections, you can add or remove them depending upon the cleaning area.

The dust mop includes four microfibre cloths, and all of them are washable and reusable. These soft cloths very efficiently pick all the dust and debris. There are clips to hold the cleaning cloth at its place.

With stainless steel tube, aluminium cleaning pad and plastic, the mop are durable as well as stable while cleaning. Due to rust-free metal and plastic construction, you will be able to use the dust mop for many years. As it’s lightweight, you can easily clean a large area without much stress.

9. Floor Spray Mop, BMOSTE Microfibre Water Spraying Floor Cleaning Tool

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  • ❤【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】: the floor spray mop is ergonomically designed for cleaning most smooth floor types. for Hardwood, Wood, Vinyl, Ceramic, Concrete, Tiles Laminate floors. The neck of the mop is expandable using the unlock button, as shown in the image for easy reachability. The rotatable, flexible neck aids in comfort and ease of use while also saving time.
  • ❤【SAVES TIME】 - 360 degree microfibre mop can help you to clean the floor under the bed, the couch and so on.The BMOSTE Microfibre floor mop cold steam cleaning quickly, easily, and safely cleans your; kitchen, hardwood, tile, laminate, ceramic, vinyl, or concrete floors. The mop can be used as a dry duster with the swiveling head. The simple ergonomic trigger is an easier wet mop.
  • ❤【SAVES ENERGY and Money 】- The 42cm by 14 cm cleaning surface is 100% machine washable and reusable. The quality metal pole construction is sturdy, reliable and durable. It includes a perfectly sized reusable and PBA free 600ml bottle to allows for longer cleaning while ensuring the mop stays light weight. Save money with this 100% reusable floor mop spray mop that does NOT require; batteries, disposable pads, or cleaning liquids.
  • ❤【CLEANING SOLUTION OPTIONS】 - Choose the best cleaning solution for your needs. This floor mop with integrated spray can clean with simple water in a cold steam pattern, or add any cleaning solution. Try environmentally friendly cleaning with lemon or essential oils in water, or you may use the strongest chemicals.
  • ❤【1 YEAR WARRANTY 】: You can get a clean window glove, a cleaning brush, 2 pads and BMOSTE Spray mop comes with a 1 year warranty. We strive to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. If you have any question about the spray mop, please kindly contact us soon.


Looking for an easy and fast way to sweep your office or house? The floor cleaning tool from Bmoste can be a smart choice if you carefully look at its features. First, it has a 600 ml liquid container that can spray your preferred cleaning solution. Whether you have to take care of regular dust, debris or animal fur, try this product from Bmoste, and you will not be disappointed.

Then, the Bmoste spraying tool is lightweight and hence, easy to move around the house. There is a trigger to control the liquid sprays and make targets for marks or stains. Accumulated debris, bacteria, germs, or whatever you are afraid of, give them the Bmoste treatment, and they will be forced to leave the house.

You can use a homemade cleaning solution if you are an environment enthusiast or you don’t want toxic chemicals in your house. All you need is vinegar, water and essential oil if you wish to the area to be fresh.

10. Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Microfibre Mop and Bucket

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  • Mop and Bucket set with Easy Wring for effortless wringing to help save you time
  • Press the foot pedal to spin the mop head and remove dirt and water
  • Microfibre mop head is absorbent and will clean even greasy dirt
  • Triangular shaped head gets right into corners and pivots to reach under furniture
  • Microfibre mop head is easily removable and washable at up to 60 degrees Celsius.


If you are looking for a microfibre floor mop, you cannot ignore the Easy wiring and Clean mop from Vileda. It’s expensive but works well to give you fantastic cleaning results.

The mop has a tringle shaped cleaning head to get in the corners, and an excellent microfibre cloth to clear dry dust and soak liquid spills.

You can release all the soil and excess water into its wet basket container. Press the paddle to rinse off the stuck dirt and extra water. There is another container to hold a cleaning solution. These two separate chambers make sure that you get a shiny floor without touching the dirt or washing a mop. Not only hygienic but also comfortable and fast.

The Easy Wiring mop has a tube extendable between 83 to 130 cm so that you can change the cleaning height according to the requirements. Overall, a suitable cleaning solution for your medium or large-sized house.

11. EasyGleam Blue Mop and Bucket Set

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  • EASY TO USE: two chamber bucket featuring one WASH and one DRY side. Once bucket washes and the other is the dry chamber to remove excess water. When the desired level of dryness is achieved, mopping is quick and effortless. The cleaned surfaces dry quickly without water marks or streaks. No more drying the floor with a towel after moping.
  • MULTI-SURFACE Suitable for Tiled, Marble, Polished Concrete, Stone, Laminate, Hardwood, Vinyl, LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiled flooring) and Ceramic floors.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL Suitable for soaking up spills, picking up dust, pet hair and dirt. It can also be used to clean windows, walls, floors, corners and skirting boards. The swivel mop head also ensures hard to reach places are cleaned with ease.
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT The EasyGleam bucket is compact and slim in design (40x26x20cm). The mop head and handle can be dissembled to fit perfectly inside the bucket. The whole cleaning system can be stored with ease and convenience.
  • 2 X MICROFIBRE PAD SUPPLIED. Microfibre can absorb 7x its own weight in water ensuring cleaning and mopping up spills are fast and efficient. Microfibre pads are over 4x more effective at cleaning. They can be washed and reused many times without degrading. Simply wash by hand in warm water or machine wash at 30 degrees.


Featuring two bucket compartments, the mop set from EasyGleam allows you to use the required level of water on a particular surface. Its bucket has a side to wash the mop, and on the other hand, you can remove the extra water, and once the desired level of dryness is achieved, continue to clean for a shiny surface without any marks or streaks.

So, you don’t have to dry the floor after mopping by turning the fan on or using dry towels.

EasyGleam cleaning set is suitable for all hard floors, including tiles, concrete, stone, marble, hardwood, ceramic and vinyl. It’s also capable of dealing with both dry and wet waste.

Apart from floors, the mop set can be used for windows, walls and skirting boards. Due to its long tube, you can reach above the head areas easily while its 360-degree swivelling head gives you easy access to areas under furniture.

The telescopic metal tube of the set can be disassembled into four parts. This feature is useful when you have to adjust its height. Also, for space-saving storage, you can break the tube into sections and keep them all inside its bucket.


12. Mayshine Professional Flat Floor Mop

Need a simple and effective cleaner to maintain the house floors? Choose this professional mop from Mayshine. Its 360-degree swivel handle and four detachable rods make cleaning more comfortable in every corner of your home. The handle also has rotational angles to reach corners.

You can choose the rod length depending upon your height because the rod has four removable parts. So, using the included extension piece, the length can either 117 cm or 153 cm. As the length of its rod is adjustable, you will never face difficulty cleaning any area of the house.

The versatile mop can be used on a variety of hard floors, including tiles, laminated surface, concrete, hardwood and stone. Apart from flat floors, you can also use a professional microfiber mop to clean walls and windows.

There are five microfibers already included with the product, and all of them are machine washable as well as reusable. So, you will not have to invest further in replacement mops.


13. MASTERTOP Spray Floor Flat Mop Cleaner

Traditional mops, rugs, brooms; give them a break because now you can use a self-wringing Spray mop from MASTERTOP. Its effective decontamination, fast dehydration, and powerful squeegee provide you with a perfectly cleaned floor, that also without touching the dirt.

Regular dirt or liquid spills, the super absorber microfibre cloths quickly clean them. Moreover, it also takes care of animal fur and other stranded waste. As it has a 360-degree swivelling head, you can easily clean hard to reach edges and corners. Apart from the floors, you can also clean walls, closets, and windows.

If you are suffering from back pain or you don’t want to bend down regularly while cleaning under the bed, because it has a long handle and a large cleaning head. The Self Wringing microfiber broom can stand alone without any support. You can also use its hanging hole to place the swab in your garden in the daytime so that it can dry naturally.


14. Large Area Mop 60CM Wide Microfiber Flat Mop

Getting tired of using a bucket, sponge, or rug for a clean floor? Put all of them down and try the new microfibre mop from Large Area, which is nothing less than a dirt magnet. Moreover, as you are using a microfibre to clean the floors, you are removing bacteria and other microbial as well.

So, without any toxic chemicals that are enemies of your health as well as the eco-system, you can get a shiny surface within a few minutes.

The handle of this professional mop is made of stainless steel and is adjustable between 4 to 6 feet. Its cleaning head is all aluminium and is durable enough to be at your house for many more years.

There are three pads already included with the mop, and all of them are washable as well as reusable. These are high-quality pads that can absorb seven times more water than their weight.


How to Use a Microfibre Mop?

A microfibre is the best way to clean your house without investing much effort in money or time. You can use it for both dry and wet cleaning.

Dry mopping:

This mops can very well work similarly to a broom.

  • Attach the included microfibre cloth with its cleaning head and sweep any hard floor. Cloth creates a magnetic effect to attract all the dirt and debris to give you a clean floor.
  • Once you are done, remove the cloth, and either machine wash or shake is clean in a trash bin.

Note: If you are cleaning a heavily soiled area, make sure you sweep it with a broom for better results.

Wet mopping:

  • Adding some water to a microfibre cloth makes it perfect for cleaning all hard floors.
  • Place a microfibre cloth under any of the faucets to make it wet.
  • Wire out extra water and attach the microfibre cloth to the cleaning head of a mop.
  • Start wiping the floor and once the cloth is dirty, wash and reuse it again following the above steps. If you are using a microfibre set like Vileda Turbo, the process will be much easier.
  • Once you are done machine wash the cloth for future use.

Buyer’s Guide Of Floor Mop

Microfibre mops give you hygienic cleaning and dry faster for the next use. Apart from that, if you need full value for the investment, you should check the following factors while looking for a microfiber mop.

Type: We discussed three different categories of a floor mop. A regular mop that has microfibre cloth that needs to be replaced while cleaning like MR.SIGA Professional floor mop. Then, you saw some mops with a spray system, the best example is Vileda 1-2 Spray mop, which gives you targeted cleaning without any amount of water. We also have cleaning sets, like Vileda Turbo Mop.

So, think about what you need and choose the preferred design. If you need easy cleanup, choose a mop and bucket system. For even faster results, go for the spray mops. All you need is a cleaning solution.

Weight: It is essential for elderlies or users dealing with back pain. Even if it has a long handle, you will have to pick the mop while moving it for storage. So, check the weight before you buy a microfiber mop.

Included items: Most of the mops that we discussed today come with replacement cloths. Some of them also come with an extra attachment to remove excess water from the microfibre pad or cloth. So, choose an option that has all the related items already included. So, you don’t have to look for other things on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are floor mop Made of?

A blend of polyester and polyamide makes microfibre. Scrubbing and cleaning are served by polyester while holding of dust, and quick-drying is provided by polyamide. The ratio of this mixture is generally mentioned on the packing of a mop.

What is the best microfibre mop for hardwood floors?

We have mentioned several of those. However, the best among all is from Mr Siga, the professional mop that we have listed as our top recommendation. It can delicately clean all the hard floors. If you need controlled moisture for wooden and any delicate levels, then opt for Turbo floor mop from Vileda.

What is the best floor mop to use?

That depends upon your usage and preferences. As we discussed, there are three different types of floor maps available in the market. Choose one of them according to the weight, included clothes and other features.

Do I Need to Buy a Chemical Cleaner?

If you have a mop with a spray container, then yes you can purchase a chemical cleaner. However, there are nontoxic cleaning solution as well, that are biodegradable and hence environment-friendly.

How do you clean a microfibre?

Wash pads or cloth with warm water and soft detergent. Never use a fabric softener or bleach. Rinse the fabric properly before placing it into the dryer. Overall, treat microfibre cloths as delicate fabrics for best cleaning results.

Is it Better to Use a Mop or Swiffer?

No obvious answer to this question. However, the significant difference is between their usage. A mop can be used for sweeping a large area while Swiffer sweepers are meant to take care of small messes.

Apart from that, Swiffers comes with a higher price tag. Even its cleaning cloths cannot be washed and reused. On the contrary, a microfibre mop is a cost-effective and versatile cleaning solution, wherein you can reuse its pads or clothes multiple times.

Summary – Which Mop Should I Buy?

There could be no better options than what we discussed today in microfibre mop reviews. All the floor mop are cost-effective and have multiple features to give you the worth of your money. If you are still confused then, you can select any of the top four recommendations.

If you want a bucket system, choose Vileda Turbo, for targeted cleaning, go for Vileda 1-2 Spray Ultramax. The first two are regular microfibre mops that give you efficient cleaning with their magnetic properties towards dust and debris.

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