Silent Vacuum Cleaner UK 2024

A silent vacuum cleaner can make our lives much more comfortable; imagine a device picking up all the dust and debris quietly!

None of the vacuums can be truly silent, that’s true.

But the idea is to look for cleaners that have the lowest noise levels so that you can use it early morning or even late at the night.

UK’s Top 10 Quiet Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Here are our 10 Silent vacuum cleaner reviews 2024 in the UK


1. Hoover Telios Extra Pets Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Telios Extra Pets Bagged Cylinder Vacuum



With Noise Reduction System, the Supersilent Hoover telios extra cleaner provides superior suction, and as it’s clear from its name, it is also hushed. This is the vacuum you should choose if you value your precious time and care for the environment.

Maze Noise Reduction System is the technology that drives the excess noise away from this vacuum. It includes a silence sponge set, which slows down the airflow to absorb the sound. Result; everyone remains undisturbed while you clean the house.

The low-noise hoover comes with an adjustable telescopic tube that enables you to clean above the floor. It captures 99.9 percent of the microbial and other airborne contaminants to give you a hygienic atmosphere inside the house.

With an auto power cable the vacuum gives you a cleaning radius. It is efficient in carpets and all other floor types, so it is suitable for your house if there are mixed floors.

Moreover, it comes with an accessory set that includes a dusting brush, upholstery brush, crevice tool and parquet brush. You can use these attachments to clean other objects and areas of your house.


2. Dyson V8 Absolute Silent Vac

Dyson 214744-01



Dyson always comes up with something that can beat other products in the same class. It must be one of the reasons why they still manage to be on top. V8 Absolute is another revolutionary machine from them; one of the quietest available in the UK market 2024. Read on to know more, and then you can decide whether you can bring it home.

The cordless has a noise level varying between 65 to 82 dB depending upon the power settings. At such low noise, no one will ever know that you are cleaning the house. It quickly transforms into a handheld, so that you can easily clean small areas like cars, stairs and other materials like furniture, slabs etc.

V8 has a long telescopic tube and an efficient floor head that gives you excellent cleaning under the bed and other furniture. With rotating brushes on its cleaning head, Absolute is also able to pick animal fur.

Moreover, it has a conventional filtration that captures all the allergen as well as other microbial and never releases them back to the surrounding area. So, it is an ideal option if you have an allergic individual in the family.

This soundless hoover has a decent runtime of 40 minutes that comes after a charge time of 3 to 4 hours. The given runtime is sufficient to clean a big house with 3 to 4 rooms.


3. iRobot Roomba 671 Robot Silent Hoover

iRobot Roomba 671



Robot vacuums are seeing high sales figures in recent years with iRobot riding ahead on Roomba vacuum series. One of the same is 671, which is popular because of its low noise functionality, Alexa and Wi-Fi support and ability to work on almost any floor; all in an affordable package. If you are new to robotic vacuums or you want a secondary vacuum for another level, this is another option to consider.

Wi-Fi connectivity is the most enticing features, which allows you to control the vacuum remotely, even if you are not present in the house. You can access the remote control from its mobile app.

Another related feature is its voice control provided through Alexa. It can clean for 90 minutes before returning to the charging dock. The given time is sufficient to clean the whole house.

Its carpet cleaning is a disappointment; Roomba 671 does not like rugs with long fibres. On all the other floors, it gives you excellent cleaning results utilizing 3-Stage Cleaning System. It is equipped with Dual Multi-Surface Brushes and Edge-Sweeping Brush that picks almost every dust particles and debris from the floor, even animal fur.


4. Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

eufy RoboVac 11S



Slim and powerful RoboVac 11S operates at one of the lowest sound levels. While at work, the Tobovac 11S makes a noise equivalent to a microwave. So, there are fewer chances that you will disturb other family members or the neighbourhood. Its innovative design and smart technology makes your life easier and gives you a clean house without much chores.

With RoboVac, you do not have to get involved in the tiresome task of dust-busting. Instead, you can utilize its multiple cleaning modes and auto-clean scheduling feature. Furthermore, it has Wi-Fi connectivity and also accepts voice commands through Alexa or Google Home.

Due to low profile design, the RoboVac gets into the smallest of the furniture with ease. Equipped with 3-point cleaning system and BoostIQ technology, the vacuum works with a suction power of 1300Pa to give you a dust-free house.

Using its decent-sized dust bin, you can make full use of the 100 minutes it provides after a full charge. It has triple-layered filtration that keeps your house safe from allergens. Also, it has a sturdy built and tempered glass cover that protects it from scratches.


5. Eufy RoboVac 30C

eufy by anker RoboVac 30C Robot Vacuum Cleaner



Robust, reliable and affordable, RoboVac 30C is an outstanding vacuum that automatically cleans your house. It operates at a sound level of 55 dB, which is one of the lowest because of its brushless motor, which significantly reduces the operational chit chats and gives you an irritation-free cleansing.

With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can accomplish all your cleaning tasks from a smartphone. The super-slim RoboVac comes with 3-point cleaning system wherein three brushes work together to loosen the dust, and its 1500Pa strong suction extracts it to gives you a superior cleanup.

RoboVac 30C has BoostIQ technology, which automatically increases the suction strength within 1.5 seconds wherever required. So, it gives you excellent cleaning results on carpets and all other floor types. However, it is not s suitable cleaner for high pile carpets or rugs.

You can use its low profile design to clean the furniture that has a flat base. It has a decent 0.6-litre dust canister that lets you clean up to 100 minutes continuously. RoboVac comes with five cable ties so that you can use them to remove any wires that can entangle the vacuum.


6. Bosch BCH625KTGB Athlet Upright Silent Vac

Bosch Athlet Serie 4 BCH625KTGB



Quick cleanups or sweeping of large areas, Athlet does it both in the desired way, but without causing any discomfort to your years. That’s right, Athlet operates at 72 dB, which is comparatively higher then robotic vacuums, but still is lower than many other cleaners.

With the help of a durable lithium-ion battery, the vacuum delivers powerful suction for up to 60 minutes, which is sufficient to clean a medium-sized or large house.

However, the given runtime will be achieved only if it runs at the lowest power settings. Apart from that, there are two other power levels, wherein you will get reduced runtime, but high suction. There are three LED lights to indicate charge status.

Cordless design and compact nature make Bosch Athlet versatile and easy to move around. Its low weight further adds to the convenience. Remove the floor head, and you will be able to attach other accessories that will give you access to more narrow areas, curtains and above the head areas.

The Athlet upright vacuum cleaner comes with a shoulder strap, upholstery brush, and crevice nozzle. It’s a bagless vacuum with decent dust carrying capacity. Moreover, you will also find a light that will indicate the status of its filter and let you know when to change it.

The quiet hoover gives excellent cleaning on both carpets and hard floors. Of course, you have to change the power settings to level 2 or three while cleaning the carpets. Start the vacuum once, hear the sound, and you will understand, all it means is; business.


7. Hoover Enigma Pets Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Enigma Pets TE70EN21



Silent Clean comes with a noise reduction system that keeps the sound level within 79 dB. It has a compromised sound, but the service level is untouched. The vacuum gives you unmatched suction power that also without inhaling much electrical power. So, you are getting powerful suction and low electricity bills that even without causing much noise. We say; a great deal altogether.

The soundless hoover comes with a bagged that placed inside the main compartment of the vacuum. It’s ideal for families with young children and pet owners, so you will be saved here as well because you will not spend much on replacement filters.

One of the quietest vacuums comes with a power cable to give you a cleaning radius of 9 meters. It looks sufficient to clean a medium-sized or large room. It comes with an accessory set that includes a 2-in-1 crevice tool/dusting brush.



8. Duronic VC5010 Electric Bagless Sweeper

Duronic Bagless Cylinder Vacuum



With cyclonic cleaning technology and 4-litre dust capacity, the VC5010 works at a sound level of 72 dB, which is comparatively less than most of the other vacuums, but not the robotic cleaners. It comes with an affordable price tag, still includes the necessary attachments like a crevice tool and turbo brush.

The vacuum has a 500W motor, which is energy efficient and drives it to perform well on both hard floors and carpets. There is a built-in thermostat with the engine, which makes it durable and performance-friendly. It pulls smallest of the debris and gives you a decent performance over picking animal fur.

VC5010 has a decent 5-meter power cable, so you will be able to clean medium-sized areas without changing the power outlets. For large areas, the cleaning radius can be a problem. Its telescopic tube is adjustable between a length of 57 to 93 cm.

So, you can change its height according to your requirement. Another positive aspect of the vacuum is its filtration, which is capable of trapping all the allergens and airborne contaminants. So, we will recommend the vacuum to allergic individuals.

You can overlook any of its shortcomings after looking at its powerful cleaning performance and the price, which is comparatively lower than many other models on this list.


9. iRobot Braava 390t Robot Mop

iRobot Braava 390t



iRobot 390T is a high-end vacuum from the Braava series. It has two cleaning modes, and while working at any of them, 390t creates the lowest sound possible.

Not even enough to wake up a kid sleeping another room. The vacuum makes a sound similar to microwave, so you do not have to wait for the right time to clean your room.

First is the Sweep mode, which wipes out the area using a dry fibre cloth. Another one is the Mopping mode, and this is the method why you are looking for a mopping vacuum. In this mode, the cleaner uses a water container to keep the fibre cloth wet and mops the floor. Separate pads are available for each mode, some of them are also included with the vacuum. You can purchase more when required.

In the mopping mode, the vacuum can mop up to 33 m2 (355 ft2) while in the dry sweep mode the maximum it can go is 93 m2 (1001 ft2). Some sensors assist the vacuum to go around the obstacles.

So, even if it will hit something, that will be a light one, nothing will be damaged. Additionally, there are cliff sensors that make it perfect for cleaning.


10. Miele Complete C3 Silence Bagged Vacuum

Miele has made a massive fan based in the UK, and if you need a silent vacuum from them, C3 Silence Cylinder Vac is an excellent option. With active filters, superb performance and noise level 0f 64 dB, it is one of the quietest vacuums we have seen. It’s the precise reason why it’s holding the number one spot on our list.

C3 Silence Ecoline is a bagged vacuum that comes with foot controlled suction and HEPA filters, which makes sure that your house remains free from allergens or any other microbial that can trigger allergic reactions.

Its floor head comes equipped with EcoTeq Plus technology which when combined with an efficient 500W motor gives you unmatched cleaning performance that also at reduced energy consumption.

The silent hoover uses Dynamic Drive technology in its rubberized wheels, which gives you silent movement utilizing swivel castors and advanced shock absorbers. It has an average motor, but excellent suction power that provides exceptional cleaning results on carpets and hard floors. The vacuum is even able to pick animal fur.

C3 is quiet, but be realistic; it is not silent at all. If you need a hoover that can give you desired cleaning results without creating much noise, Miele bagged vacuum is an option to consider.


3 Reasons to Buy a Silent Vacuum Cleaner

Everyone can take benefits from a comparatively quiet vacuum cleaner. However, these are the significant reasons why we should look for a soft hoover.

  • If you have kids in the house that might wake up if you use a regular vacuum cleaner with high sound levels.
  • You do not want to disturb your family members and neighbors while you clean at odd hours.
  • Quiet vacuum cleaners also help if you have pets in your house who are scared by a high noise level.

Due to these reasons, we have collected the top ten quiet vacuum available in the market, followed by a detailed review for each one of them.

Most of the quieter vacuums are cylinder based, but we have included some of the uprights as well. You might find these models a little expensive, which is due to the technology used to curb their noise levels.

Understand Decibels to Find the Quietest Vacuum!

If you are looking for a quiet hoover, make sure you check the Decibels (dB). It decides how much noise a vacuum cleaner will create. High dB means a vacuum is noisy and vice versa.

A decibel is an algorithmic unit, which means that a vacuum with a sound level of 55 dB will make ten times less sound then a vacuum with a sound level of 65 dB. As we stated earlier, there is no such thing as silent vacuuming, all you can try to find is; quietest among all of them.

Upright Vs Cylinder Vs Robot vacuum – Which Is Quietest?

Robotic vacuums are the quietest. Next is cylinder based variants, then the uprights. As we discussed above, the robotic hoovers from iRobot vary between 55 to 62 dB.

Cylinder vacuums have a sound level ranging between 64 to 72 dB. Uprights have high sound levels that start from 72 dB. With the reduction of noise, you lose some power.

However, if you choose the right vacuum with a powerful motor and suction technology, there are fewer chances your investment can go wrong.

Another thing to remember; bagless cylinder vacuums create less noise because they have thick plastic and other advanced technologies to curb the noise.

Choosing the Best Quiet Vacuum

Checking the sound level is not enough while you buy a quiet vacuum cleaner. Decibels only displays the sound level, but what about the cleaning performance?

So, the appropriate vacuum cleaner for your house should not be the one with the lowest sound levels. Instead, it should be the one that makes less noise, but also has all the other essential features that can keep your house clean and hygienic.

We have discussed some of the best quiet vacuum cleaners. Now, it is time to know what factors you should consider while buying one of them.

  1. As we stated earlier: it is the measurement of the sound a vacuum or any other device can make. Low decibels mean that the vac is not going to disturb anyone inside or near the house. On the other hand, if a vacuum has high dB, you should wait for everyone to wake up because of that… that is going to make some noise.
  2. Suction Power: It’s an essential factor to check in a vacuum. Several models compromise on their engines, only to reduce the noise level. So, make sure you dodge such variants and get the one vac that can pick every dust from your house. All the models listed on this page have a low sound level and they are high on suction strength. So, you can select any one of them depending upon the requirements.
  3. Filtration: HEPA filters are an essential component of a vacuum if you have an allergic individual in the family. Such filters trap and contain most of the allergen and microbial to give you contaminant-free air to breathe. So, look for HEPA filtration. Other filters perform up to the level of HEPA. However, the latter is the only medical-grade filter available in the market right now.
  4. Weight: If you are not going to invest in a robotic vac, weight is another concern. If it’s heavy, you are not going to like it. No matter it’s noisy or quiet.
  5. Accessories: You will need a variety of attachments while cleaning the house. For example, upholstery brush for furniture and crevice tool to reach narrow areas. Similarly, there is turbo brush for animal fur and many more attachments that you can use with vacuums. Look for a model that has the maximum accessories. At least, it should have the basic ones. Furthermore, a well-built brush can further decrease the sound level. So, this is another point of consideration while you browse quiet vacuums.
  6. Dust Capacity: None of us would like to empty the dust canister regularly between the cleaning sessions. If you have a bagged vacuum, then you have to replace the dust bag once it’s full. If it’s upright or robotic, then also you have to empty the canister to avoid any lack of suction. Look for a vacuum with dust capacity that suits the area you are going to clean.
  7. Budget: As you saw, we have collected quiet vacuums from different price categories. Low noise naturally means high price, but you should also know your requirements. If you have a small flat, then there is no point investing in a robotic hoover. Similarly, in the uprights and cylinder based vacuums, you will see a variety of prices and features. Match your requirements and then invest. Do not pay for the functionality that you do not need.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How Much Quieter Can You Expect?

Now you know most of the things about quiet vacuum cleaners. You must be thinking, what is the minimum sound level you can expect from a quiet vacuum?

To answer the same; regular uprights, handhelds or cylinder vacuums have a sound level varying between 74 to 81 dB. On the other side, the quiet vacuum has a sound level ranging between 55 to 72. You can see the difference and set the expectations accordingly.

What Is the Quietest Type of Vacuum?

While purchasing a vacuum cleaner, you have to choose between bagged or bagless variants. It depends upon your own choice but thinks about the noise retention they can offer.

A bagged vacuum has nothing but thin cardboard to stop the noise while a bagged model will have thick plastic for noise retention. So, you should consider a bagless vacuum higher in the order.

Bottom line

A quiet vacuum can be the best solution to clean while your baby is sleeping. Or you do not want to scare your dog or maybe your area has some noise regulations that you have to follow.

There are fewer numbers of hoover that comes with low noise levels. It’s the reason why we have collected some of the excellent models so that you do not have to waste your time looking for possible options.

If you want us to recommend one of the best silent vacuum cleaners from this list, we will take out the Miele C3 Silence Ecoline once again. It has a sound level of 64 dB, decent dust carrying capacity and gives you unmatched cleaning results on almost any floor.

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