Can You Steam Clean A Mattress?

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If you browse mattresses on Amazon, you will find that all of them come with a warranty. Backup support from manufacturers is a nice feature.

However, if you want the mattress to last for a long, there are specific steps you need to follow. One of them is the regular cleaning of your sleeping surface.

Let us discuss the steps and required measures.

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Why Clean a Mattress?

The cleanliness of your mattress is one thing that can affect your sleep. Beds are not only responsible for giving you the necessary comfort and support. It also affects the oxygen intake of your cells while they rest and regenerate.

Gives you better sleep: We spent one-third of our life on a bed that makes around 318 months. That’s an extended period, which you do not want to waste tossing, turning, sleep less and waking up impaired.

Removes pathogens: Mattress absorbs sweat, dead skin, dirt, stains, and dust mites. Sometimes, small insects are also there that cannot be seen through the naked eye. All the mentioned factors will stay on your mattress until and unless you clean it.

Protects your body: We rest on the mattress for eight hours on average and breath in the same dirt, critters, and grime that is hiding inside. Such trapped harmful particles can create respiratory troubles, insomnia, damaged immune system, allergies and even decreased libido in the bedroom. So, if you want your body to rejuvenate while sleeping and you can stay healthy for a long time, you need a clean place to sleep.

Keeps the mattress in service for long: Mattresses are expensive, especially if they are made of gel-infused memory foam or latex. If you do not take care of the bedding, it will not last more than 6 to 7 years. However, regular cleaning, flipping and rotating of the cushion will enhance its life by up to 12 years.

How to Clean The Sleeping Area?

  1. Remove all the sleep accessories

Take out all the linens, mattress and pillow covers, quilt covers, duvet inserts or covers, or any decorative accessory you have added to your sleeping area. Separate all these components based on their colors and wash them. If you are sure that the colors will not bleed, use warm water to clean and dry at high heat. The heat will remove the gunk and dust mites from these items.

If you are not using a mattress cover, it is time to purchase one. A mattress cover will protect your cushion from stains and stop pests to share the bed by absorbing moisture as well. Above all, you can easily remove the cover for easy washing. We recommend that you wash the cover and all related items at least once a month.

  1. Steam Clean The Mattress

Use upholstery attachment of the vacuum to clean the surface of your bed. You will be surprised to see the hidden dirt, dust, and hair, even if you are using a mattress cover.

You should choose a steam cleaner or mattress hoover over regular vacuums because the former is the safest, quickest and eco-friendliest way to deep clean the mattress. The level of cleaning offered by a steam cleaner cannot be achieved by any other device or method.

Apart from sanitizing the bed, a steam-based vacuum will also help you to clean different areas and materials in your house. However, there are a few things that you need to consider if you are a mattress steam cleaning.

  • All the beds are not compatible with steam cleaning. So, you should check the manual, and it is safe, then only you should consider using a steam vacuum.
  • Several steam-based vacuums dry the surface while it’s getting cleaned. However, such cleaners are expensive. If you see any moisture or dampness after steam cleaning, allow the mattress to dry for two to six hours before you rest on it again.
  • If you have both cleaners including the steam-based and regular ones, we recommend you use the traditional one on the steam cleaner handheld on the mattress. This step will remove all the debris including pet hair and other dust particles so that the steam vacuum can concentrate only on killing the pathogens and allergens.

Now, let us pay attention to the cleaning process.

  • To clean the mattress, you will need an upright steam mop or a canister-based vacuum. As you need the strongest and hottest steam, a handheld or inferior quality upright vacuum cannot be used. In other words, you need a steam vacuum that can clean the mattress without leaving behind much moisture.
  • Use the accessory provided to clean upholstery furniture and do not spend much time in one spot. You have to perform a thorough cleaning without supplying much steam or moisture inside the mattress. If you try to pass the steam vacuum over the same area several times, then the drying time will drastically increase. It may also raise mildew troubles.
  • After steam cleaning, let the mattress dry by ventilating the area and powering on the fan. Make sure that the cushion can breathe properly.
  • The final step is to sprinkle some baking soda over the mattress, which will act as a deodorizer and absorb all the moisture. You can follow this step whether you steam clean or wash the mattress cover and other items in a machine. If possible, leave the soda on the mattress for the next 24 hours, which can be possible if you are going for a short weekend trip. Once you come back, vacuum clean the soda and you are done.

Stain Cleaning

Your mattress is also a home for spots and stains. Blood, sweat, liquid spills and many other stains are likely to spoil the appearance of your sleeping surface.

If any of them is too old, then there are chances that it has set the roots pretty deep. So, it is time to clean them using salt and lemon. You should follow this process if none of the vacuums are useful.

  • Mix lemon juice and salt to create a thick paste.
  • Gently apply the paste on the stains and leave it here for up to 60 minutes.
  • Wipe the glue using a soft towel, and you will see that the stain has lightened. Use a steam vacuum once to banish it entirely. You could use the washing machine if the stain were on any of the covers.

How To Keep Your Mattress Clean?

  1. Keep your room at average temperature to avoid extra heat as well as excess moisture.
  2. As stated earlier, purchase a mattress cover or protector.
  3. Do not allow pets to share the same mattress.
  4. Do not leave wet towels or clothes on the bed for long.
  5. Always wash your hands and legs before you go to rest.

Bottom Line

In four short crisp and easy steps, you will be able to clean your mattress from dust, dirt, pests and other pathogens. This gunk causes negative impacts on you, your partner and the bed.

Regular cleaning of the mattress will protect all three of you, and you will be able to extend its life. If the mattress life is enhanced for the next five years, you will also be able to save some bucks by “not” investing in a new mattress.

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