Best Budget Robot Vacuum UK

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Robot vacuums make cleaning easier and effortless but getting the best budget robot vacuum in the UK is not as easy as ABC.

Since there are lots of products in the market, choosing an ideal one that will meet your expectations require thorough research.

We have analyzed several robots and discovered the top ones that can be relied on so that making a selection will not be difficult for you.

Cheap Robot Vacuum Comparison

1. iRobot Roomba 671 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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  • 3-Stage cleaning system picks up everything from small particles to large debris, to pet hair
  • The auto-adjust cleaning head automatically adapts its height to keep the dual multi-surface brushes in close contact with different floor surfaces, to effectively clean carpets as well as hard floors
  • Dirt detect sensors recognize concentrated areas of dirt and prompt the robot to clean them more thoroughly
  • No smart home hub required


Our top pick is the iRobot Roomba 671 and it is one of the best robot cleaners you can find in the market. It features a side sweeper which is very vital for cleaning edges and corners.

With two-fold multi-surface brushes, large debris, hair, dust and dirt are effectively eliminated from your floors. Its dirt detect technology is unique and that is why dirty areas are easily recognized for thorough cleaning.

Furthermore, this inexpensive machine is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa enabling you to control it with your voice. It works perfectly on bare floors as well as all carpet types except very thick ones. This budget robotic vacuum for pet hair is ideal for homes with pets and that is why it is number one on our list.

What’s more, you will love its iAdapt responsive navigation technology which helps in ensuring effective coverage of your room. It can easily avoid stairs with the aid of cliff sensors and its 3-stage cleaning system ensures that all particles are picked up without leftovers.

With an auto-adjust cleaning head, deep cleaning of hard floors and carpets is enhanced. The runtime of 90 minutes is a plus, enabling the machine to cover your entire home for the best result.

Key Features:

  • 3-stage cleaning system ensuring that all particles are picked up.
  • Dirt detect sensors for thorough cleaning.
  • Auto-adjust cleaning head ensures that the best result is achieved.
  • Side sweeper for getting rid of dirt and debris on edges as well as corners.
  • Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

2. Eufy RoboVac 11 Self-Charging cylinder Robotic Cleaner

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Part Number 2724632756798
Model 2724632756798
Color Black
Is Adult Product


If you want the best robot vacuum for hardwood floors at a cheap price, you should consider the Eufy RoboVac 11.

It comes with a high suction power of 1000 Pa and that is why its performance is beyond this world. With a low-profile design, it can easily reach difficult areas like beneath the furniture and kitchen for the most satisfactory cleaning result.

Also, this machine can boast of 3 specialized cleaning modes – Max, Spot and Edge. You only need to adjust the settings in accordance with the type of job you want the robot to handle. It makes use of a triple-filter system – one high-performance filter and two regular filters – and that is why you will get a cleaner home with it.

Also, you will love its high-capacity lithium-ion battery which guarantees a runtime of 100 minutes. There is a 3-point cleaning system for achieving thorough cleaning at all times. With an anti-scratch tempered glass case, additional protection is sure for your machine.

Also, it has an infrared sensor for avoiding hindrances while the anti-fall sensor prevents falling during operations. It automatically returns to the charging dock for a recharge when it is low on battery and that is why uninterrupted cleanings are guaranteed at all times.

Key Features:

  • High-capacity lithium-ion battery guaranteeing a runtime of 100 minutes.
  • 3-point cleaning system for perfect cleaning results.
  • Anti-scratch tempered glass case guarantees maximum shield.
  • An infrared sensor helps in avoiding hindrances.
  • Drop sensor for preventing falls during operations.

3. Neato Robotics D650, Cleaner Pack, Corner Cleaning Robotic Vacuum

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Part Number D650
Model 945-0345
Color Black


The Neato Robotics D650 is an ideal robot hoover for you if you are on a budget. It is a perfect product for pet lovers with rich features that guarantee the perfect elimination of pet fur and fluff.

It is powered by a powerful battery that can give you 120 minutes of thorough cleaning. There is the innovative QuickBoost which enables the machine to charge when necessary.

Also, you can set No-Go lines for your robot and this will prevent packing everything out of the room before cleaning. This affordable robot vacuum comes with the Neato App so controlling the robot will be a stroll in the park for you in any location of your choice. You can be watching your favorite TV program while your automatic machine is busy cleaning your room.

With its multi-floor plan, it can handle multiple floors in your home for achieving the most effective results.

It is specifically designed with D shape so that it can clean corners effectively. This machine can automatically return to the charging dock when a low battery is witnessed and this will go a long way in preventing interrupted cleaning jobs.

Key Features:

  • Improved combination brush for deep cleaning.
  • D-shape design perfect for corners and edges.
  • Ultra-performance filter guarantees clean air during and after operations.
  • Automatically returns to the charging dock when low on battery.
  • Multiple floor plan feature for easy coverage of many floors.

4. Ecovacs DEEBOT U2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop

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  • Smart App & Voice controls: use Alexa or Google Home Voice commands to direct cleaning. Use the ECOVACS app to customize, schedule & monitor cleaning sessions, accessory status, & Receive error alerts. It only supports 2. 4GHz Wi-Fi.
  • Auto-clean + 4 specialized cleaning modes: smart motion guided Auto-clean mode, plus single room & Spot mode for targeted cleaning, edge mode for hard-to-clean edges, & Max mode for 2x the normal cleaning power.
  • 3 stage cleaning system: industry leading cleaning system that combines high-efficiency vacuum suction, a deep reach HELIX main brush & Dual wide reach side brushes.
  • Ecovacs features: includes anti-drop & anti-collision sensors, 120-minute life Lithium battery, auto-return charging, durable protective bumpers, air filtration, anti-scratch finish, a large easy-to-empty dustbin, large wheels for climbing thresholds, etc.
  • Accessories: Includes N79S - DN622.11 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, (1) main brush, (2) side brushes, (1) docking station, reliable Customer support and our worry-free 24-month warranty


This inexpensive machine comes with a rated power of 25 watts and that is why its high performance is not negotiable.

It comes with a V-shaped main brush which is very effective for dust and dirt lifting, particularly on carpets. That is why it is easy for this robot to properly deep clean without leaving leftovers.

Besides, different cleaning modes will make it easier to get the best result. The auto mode is very useful for general cleaning while the edge mode takes care of edges. If you want to carry out intensive cleaning, the machine should be set to spot-cleaning mode. You can control it with ease from anywhere, thanks to the ECOVACS Home App accompanying this product.

Also, the ECOVACS ROBOTICS N79S is compatible with Amazon Alexa enabling you to control it with your voice. Powered by a 2600-mAh battery guaranteeing 120 minutes of runtime after a single charge, you can be assured of perfect cleaning of the whole house.

Automatic charging is also enabled, enabling the machine to get back to the charging dock when there is a low battery. You will love its high-efficiency filter, ensuring an absolute reduction of airborne triggers during cleaning.

Key Features:

  • V-shaped main brush for deep cleaning.
  • Adjustable cleaning modes for thorough cleaning.
  • Easy to control with ECOVACS Home App.
  • Works perfectly with Amazon Alexa.
  • The runtime of 100 minutes for the most satisfactory result.

5. Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Say Goodbye to Food Crumbs & Pet Hair: R500+ is a 7.2cm super thin robot vacuum cleaner, easily sucks up food scrap/ crisp/ biscuit and other debris from under beds, sofa and hard to reach areas with zero effort. Include 3-point cleaning system and dual edge-brushes, works on hard floors and carpets to clean dirt dust and pet hair. Conveniently clean, schedule and customize cleaning preferences from remote control. Sleek, anti-scratch tempered glass top cover design complements your home décor.
  • Convertible Vacuuming Wet-Dry Mopping Function: R500+ floor cleaner robot supports wet-dry mopping function, vacuum multi-surfaces, dry sweep hardwood floors or wet-dry mop hard surface floors as you need, providing a comprehensive cleaning performance (Water tank and cleaning mop cloth sold separately). Anti-collision prevents unnecessary crashes, anti-drop intelligent sensor technology avoids to fall.
  • 5 Efficient Cleaning Modes: R500+ smart vacuum cleaner adopts 5 selective cleaning modes which includes Spot Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, Max Vacuuming Cleaning, Single Room Cleaning and Manual Cleaning to easily clean your home. Enjoy your time and leave this wireless vacuum to take care of your home. Engineered with dual-hall sensors can detect boundary strips to keep R500+ in the rooms you want to clean (Boundary strips sold separately).
  • High-Capacity Battery and Auto Charging: R500+ supports up to 120 minutes of constant cleaning, which is suitable for all household or public places cleaning. With self-charging technology, the robot vacuum could seek the charging base automatically after finishing its work, make sure that it's always ready to clean. Easily increase the suction power from Max 2000Pa to stable between different modes, but extremely quiet under 60dB.
  • What You Get: R500+ robot vacuum cleaner, plus completely range of robot vacuum accessories: 4x side brushes, 1x extra set of filter, 1x main brush, 1x remote control, 1x cleaning brush, 1x charging dock, 1x power adapter, 1x welcome guide and user manual. Support floor mopping cleaning function and Boundaries Stripes (Sold Separately).


If you desire a budget robot vacuum for carpets that will give you high performance always, you should try the Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

This best price robot vacuum comes with a super slim design that enables it to reach difficult areas including beneath furniture, sofas, beds and so on. With an auto-adjust cleaning head as well as two wheels, this machine can move from carpets to the hard floor without much stress.

Also, it comes with multiple cleaning modes – auto, spot, wet/dry floor, max vacuuming and edge. That is why it offers absolute cleaning without much hassle. When low on battery, it automatically returns to the charging dock so that vacuuming is not interrupted at any time.

With a strong suction of 1400 Pa in addition to two side brushes, it has the enhanced capacity of picking up pet hair, debris, dirt and particles.

You can assign a vacuuming zone so that the robot will not go off-track for the most satisfactory result. Its dual-hall sensors will also recognize boundary strips so that it does not get to forbidden areas during cleaning. With cutting-edge drop-sensing technology, this machine can work efficiently without falling down during operations.

Key Features:

  • Multiple cleaning modes for high-level cleaning.
  • Auto-adjust cleaning head guarantees deep cleaning.
  • Super thin design for easy reach of difficult areas.
  • Automatically gets back to charging dock when low on battery.
  • Strong suction power for maximum performance.

6. Midea Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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  • ⭐⭐【Self-Rechargeable Powerful Robotic Cleaner】 1000PA powerful suction with tangle-free pet hair technology picks up furs, debris, dust and dirt effortless. Automatic docking and recharging function will guarantee the best cleaning results regardless of your presence.
  • ⭐⭐【Smart Sensor & Slim Design】 Smart sensing system are engineered for anti-bump, anti-fall and obstacle detection. The 3.1 inch (thickness) slim body design enables the machine to go underneath the furniture where most of the dirt gathers.
  • ⭐⭐【Multiple Cleaning Modes】Using remote controls, MR02 offers 4 different cleaning options to satisfy all your cleaning needs, including Spot Cleaning mode, Edge mode, Zigzag mode and Auto Cleaning mode.
  • ⭐⭐【Cleaning and Mopping All in One】With vacuuming, sweeping, and damp mopping functions all in one, this cleaning robot vacuum is capable of maintaining the gleaming tile, hardwood and laminate floors and carpet.
  • ⭐⭐【High Efficiency HEPA Filter】Equipped with true HEPA filter that absorbs 99.7% of the dust, mites and allergens as small as 10 microns, the robotic clean will remove the odors from pets and smoking. 2 Hepa filter replacement are included in the package with your purchase.


Cheap robotic vacuum reviews cannot be complete without mentioning the Midea Robot Vacuum Cleaner. It has a powerful suction power of 1000 Pascals (Pa) and that is why it can handle jobs involving small or large particles. It comes with 4 cleaning modes – Zigzag, Edge, Spot and Auto – for a high level of flexibility during operations.

This 3-in-1 robot can sweep, vacuum and mop guaranteeing the best cleaning results always. It comes with a washable, removable dustbin which makes evacuation a piece of cake for you. With a low profile design, it can get to hard-to-reach areas, including beneath the bed and sofa, for a sparkling home.

This machine is powered by a motor of high quality with wheels that make climbing low-pile thresholds a child’s play. With an efficient HEPA filter, allergens, mites and dust are absorbed for cleaner air after cleaning.

You will love its anti-collision sensors which are very effective for preventing collision with obstacles. Anti-drop sensors will also prevent falling during operations. It automatically returns to the charging base when its battery is low and this guarantees uninterrupted cleaning at all times.

Key Features:

  • Self-rechargeable for hindrance-free vacuuming.
  • Powerful suction guarantees effortless pick up of debris and dirt.
  • Smart sensors for preventing falling and bumping.
  • 4 cleaning options for a high level of flexibility.
  • Multipurpose functions for getting the best result.

7. iRobot Floor Mop Cleaner, Robotic

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The iRobot Braava Jet 240 Robotic Mop is a unique product with features that will take your home cleaning to the next level. It is an ideal robotic hoover for hard floors including stones, tiles and hardwood.

It has a slim feature enabling it to manoeuvre around difficult places including beneath the furniture, kitchen cabinets and so on. With its capability to automatically choose a cleaning mode based on the pad type, the best result is always guaranteed.

This machine can be programmed to zone cleaning so that it focuses on the area that requires adequate cleaning. It has a precision jet spray which ensures that stains and dirt are loosened without the spray being applied to your walls and furniture.

You will love its vibrating cleaning head which works perfectly for scrubbing stains and dirt so that the most satisfactory result will be achieved.

What’s more, its cliff detect sensor helps the robot from falling off stairs during operations. With a dust capacity of 150 ml, you can set it to work without worrying about frequent evacuations. If you want to get the best effortless cleaning of your home without creating a hole in your pocket, you should go for the iRobot Braava Jet 240 Robot Mop.

Key Features:

  • Slim design for reaching difficult areas.
  • Multiple cleaning modes for achieving the best result.
  • Zoned cleaning guarantees a perfect outcome.
  • Precision jet spray for loosening stains and dirt.
  • A vibrating the cleaning head ensures deep cleaning.


8.  ILIFE A4s – Remote Control Cleaning Robot


The ILIFE A4s Robotic hoover can boast of second-generation algorithm software and that is why it is very efficient in getting rid of dirt and debris.

It makes use of an advanced brushless motor which guarantees lesser noise during operations and a high level of durability. It can be scheduled to clean at any time, even when you are sleeping or not at home.

You will love its cliff sensors which prevent falling off the stairs. Its cutting-edge roller brush is a plus while 2 side brushes ensure thorough cleaning at all times and make it easy to use.

You can switch to the max mode if you want an enhanced pickup of dirt and dust. With a powerful lithium-ion battery of 2600 mAh, 140 minutes of runtime is guaranteed.

When there is a low battery, it automatically returns to the charging dock and that is why there is no interruption during and after cleaning sessions. Its low-profile design ensures that everywhere is touched, even under the beds and sofas. It automatically adjusts to all floor types including tile, thin carpets, and hardwood, among others. With multiple smart sensors, falling off stairs and bumping around are prevented.

Key Features:

  • Advanced brushless motor of quiet operations.
  • Can be scheduled for cleaning tasks.
  • Upgraded sweep system for high effectiveness.
  • Cliff sensors for preventing falls.
  • Cutting-edge tangle-free roller brush guarantees the best cleaning result.


9. Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner


If you want the cheapest robot vac with great cleaning features, you should get the Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner. It is fortified with cutting-edge smart movement system and that is why it works in a random pattern for the most comprehensive cleaning. With its improved anti-drop technology, it works confidently without the fear of falling.

You will love its anti-collision technology enabling it to work perfectly without colliding with any obstacles. It has 5 cleaning modes and that is why it can be used on all floor types.

You can use a remote control to operate the machine ensuring ease of operation. It has a powerful suction that is capable of picking up debris, pet fur, hair, and dust, just to mention a few.

What’s more, with a running time of 100 minutes when fully charged, you can be assured of effective all-round cleaning of your home. With automatic recharge, it returns to the charging dock for more power when its power level is low.

Its anti-collision technology makes cleaning more effective as it does not come into contact with any obstacle. Also, the anti-drop technology ensures that it does not fall off during operations.

Key Features:

  • 5 cleaning modes guarantee superb cleaning.
  • Anti-drop and anti-collision sensors for smooth operations.
  • Large wheels for easy movement on various types of floors.
  • Automatic recharge for uninterrupted cleaning.
  • Large dustbin for extended cleaning period.


10. Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner


If you want the best budget robot vacuum and mop, your best bet is the Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner. A 5200-mAh battery powers it for a cleaning time of 150 minutes.

It automatically returns to the charging base for more power when the battery power becomes inadequate. You will love its anti-collision technology which makes use of infrared rays to recognize obstacles.

With the tangle-free side brush, main brush as well as Omni-directional wheels, hair is prevented from entering the machine to prevent clogging. Zoned cleaning is enabled so that you can limit the movement of the robot for effective cleaning. This machine has an ultra-thin design and that is why it enters difficult areas, like underneath the furniture, with ease.

Its high-performance filter can maintain almost all its performance capacity for up to one year after use. This 2-in-1 machine has a powerful sweeping system that picks up all dirt effectively. Its mopping system is unique ensuring that no water streak is left behind after cleaning.

You can use the Mi Home App to control this robot with vital functions like scheduling, zoned cleaning, map saving, spot cleaning, direction control, customization and real-time monitor. It also works with Alexa voice control so that you won’t have much stress controlling the robot.

Key Features:

  • Mapping capability for smart navigation.
  • Smart sensors for avoiding collision with obstacles and falling off.
  • Concurrent sweeping and mopping for high performance.
  • Smart App control for effortless cleaning.
  • The strong suction power of 2000 Pa guarantees effective vacuuming.


Do Budget Robot Vacuums Really Work?

Budget robot vacuums are essential for cleaning your home effectively. Since you don’t need to break the bank before buying a robotic hoover, making your home clean is more comfortable and effortless with a robot, after all the world is evolving.

If you are like many of us with busy schedules, going robotic may be your best bet to get rid of dirt and debris in the home without much stress.

A lot of cheap robot vacuums in the UK are very effective for cleaning hardwood floors, tiles and carpets. They come with docking stations which make automatic recharging easier for uninterrupted cleaning at all times.

You can even schedule the cleaning sessions so that you will be certain that no session is missed for effective, all-around cleaning.

Buying Guide: Robot Vacuum Features & Functions To Look For

If you want to get the best affordable robot vacuum UK that will not disappoint you when it matters most, you need to put your ear to the ground. There are vital features that should be considered so that the best choice will be made.

Some of them are discussed below so that the most satisfactory cleaning result will be achieved at all times.

Control: This is the most important reason many people are going for a robot cleaner. Many products come with remote controls for easy management of the cleaning sessions. Also, some brands have apps that make management easier.

You can schedule the sessions with the aid of the apps so that you will be able to achieve the best result. Besides, you can use voice commands to control some products, thanks to their Google Home and Amazon Echo compatibility.

Cleaning modes: A robotic cleaner with adjustable cleaning modes is a plus for your home. The ability to automatically or manually alter suction to cope with various floor surfaces will lead to perfect cleaning results at all times. Some models have the spot cleaning mode which is essential for carrying out targeted cleaning.

Navigation: Since the use of a robot hoover will reduce your cleaning engagements, proper navigation is essential so that the best outcome will be realized. A good product should be able to navigate the layout of your room without colliding with furniture, entrapped by electric cables or falling off stairs.

Furthermore, some sensors help robots to achieve the best navigation. There are anti-collision sensors that help in preventing collision with obstacles that may come the way of the robot during operations.

Drop sensors prevent falling off while cliff sensors help it to discover any increase in floor height to prevent tipping over the edge. Some sensors can even tell a robot how far it has wandered while some will let it know the intensity of dirt so as to change its cleaning mode.

Mapping: Mapping capabilities in robotic vacuums enable them to produce a map of the cleaning space for greater efficiency. It will help them to know the areas they have previously cleaned so that unnecessary repetitions will be avoided. Mapping also helps a robot to resume at the place it has stopped after going for an automatic recharge.

Boundary blockers: With boundary blockers, you don’t need to clear the whole room before putting a robot cleaner to work. You only need to use this feature to enable the robot to know where to avoid it.

Some of these blockers are in the form of magnetic tapes which will be easily sensed by the machine. Some models have virtual barriers which can involve the designation of boundaries on the floor plan so that robots can avoid them.

Size: It is essential for you to consider the dimension of the robotic you want to purchase. Its height should be taken into consideration because it will go a long way in determining how well it can reach difficult areas including beneath your furniture and kitchen cabinets. If you get a product that is too tall, it may not reach these areas and may get stuck if it does.

Furthermore, a small robot will have a small dustbin while a big one will have a big dustbin. Since robot hoovers don’t make use of expandable bags when compared to other vacuum cleaners, the size of the machine will certainly determine its dustbin capacity.

Wi-Fi: If a robot hoover is WiFi-enabled, it will be easy for you to control it with your smart devices. This does not stop you from using a remote control exposing you to a high level of flexibility. You will also have the opportunity of getting access to some advanced functions that come with the apps of some models.

Summary – Which Best Value Robot Vacuum Should I Buy?

The popularity of robot hoovers is growing because of the smartness they bring into home cleaning.

With this review, it is our belief that you will be able to get the best budget robot vacuum in the UK so that you will be able to achieve your cleaning goals without any hard labour.

We hope you will make good use of it and take your home maintenance to the next level.

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