Best Steam Cleaner UK – Reviews 2024

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Finding the best steam cleaner isn’t easy.

You need a good steam cleaner that ensures all dust & dirt are eliminated without much hassle, one that suits your home, fulfills your needs, and meets your budget.

We’re here to help.

10 Best Steam Cleaner 2024 Reviews

We have spent countless hours searching for the best steam models available on the UK market; comparing products and considering different budget requirements, floor types, as well as house messes (e.g., animals, kids)

In this steam floor mop reviews section, we’ll overview each product one by one to help you understand each cleaner, so that you will be able to get it right in terms of your product requirements.

1. Kärcher Steam Cleaner SC 4 EasyFix

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  • Powerful performance: The Kärcher SC 4 EasyFix removes dirt and 99.999% of viruses* and bacteria** from hard surfaces with a steam pressure of 3.5 bar and ensures hygienic cleanliness
  • 2-tank system: The steam cleaner is equipped with a removable 2-tank system that can be filled during use. An area of 100 m² can be cleaned with one full tank
  • Floor cleaning: With the EasyFix floor cleaning set, consisting of 2 extension tubes, floor nozzle and microfibre floor cloth, all hard floors in the home can be cleaned comfortably
  • Practical accessories: The steam cleaner comes with a hand nozzle including microfibre cover, a point jet nozzle and a round brush. After use, the accessories can be stored directly on the device
  • Scope of delivery: The set includes the Kärcher SC 4 EasyFix Steam Cleaner, a steam hose with gun, the EasyFix floor cleaning set, a hand nozzle, a point jet nozzle and round brush


If you want a powerful steam mop to deep clean your household dirt efficiently; The Kärcher SC4 EasyFix premium is our top pick.

A lightweight, sturdy and overall best value product that you can have for under £200.

This powerful steam cleaner does not require any scrubbing or chemicals. And it comes with a water tank that can be refilled easily when at work so that your cleaning will not be interrupted.

With nozzles and brushes, you will be able to clean carpets and floors with ease, especially hard surfaces and difficult-to-reach areas.

Also, the steam cleaner produced is at 3.5 bar pressure, which ensures that all grime and dirt are blasted away efficiently. With a patented, flexible joint system, you will be enabled to reach difficult areas in your home. You will also love the carpet glider attachment, which is perfect for refreshing rugs and carpets.

What’s more, there is a LED display panel that enables you to monitor the machine and know the time to start or refill it. There is also on-board storage for storing all tools so that they can be easily accessed when needed. With the innovative EasyFix floor tool, you can change the floor cloth without coming into contact with the dirt extracted.

Also, you will love the cable length of 4 metres, which will enable you to clean hard-to-reach areas of your home for effective cleaning.

The continuous cleaning system will allow you to clean up to 99 per cent of common household bacteria on the hard floors.

Key Features:

  • Patented flexible joint system for easy access to difficult areas.
  • Carpet glider attachment for perfect refreshing of carpets and rugs.
  • Steam cleaner delivery of up to 3.5 bar steam pressure for efficient elimination of grime and dirt.
  • LED display panel for easy monitoring of your work.
  • Removable water tank so that you can refill with ease even when in use.

2. Shark Automatic Klik n' Flip Steam Mop for Hard Floors

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  • CLEAN HARD FLOORS WITH THE POWER OF STEAM: Confidently clean all types of sealed hard floors, including hardwood, marble, tile and stone. No harsh chemicals, just water
  • KLIK N' FLIP TECHNOLOGY: Double-sided cleaning power. Flip the mop head to clean double the floor area, then release the cleaning pad hands-free, with the flick of a switch. Heats up in 30 seconds
  • INTELLIGENT STEAM CONTROL: Easily switch between 3 automatic steam settings (Low, Medium & High) for a targeted deep clean at the touch of a button
  • TARGET SUCK-ON DIRT: Steam Blast mode delivers a direct blast of steam to lift stubborn messes. Easy to use with machine-washable, double-sided microfibre Dirt Grip pads.
  • INCLUDES: Shark Klik n' Flip Automatic Steam Mop (UK Plug), 2 Dirt Grip Pads, Filling Flask. 6m Power Cord. 1200W. Weight: 2.97kg. Colour: Bordeaux/Grey


If you’re looking for the best steam mop for carpets, hardwood, laminate and vinyl, you should consider the Shark S6003UK Klik n’ Flip Smartronic Deluxe steam cleaner. It comes with 3 intelligent steam controls so that targeted deep cleaning can be achieved.

You will not need harsh chemicals or a cleaning pad with this amazing machine. It gets rid of all the bacteria in your home making it germ-free. The double-sided microfiber pads ensure that outstanding absorption is achieved. With the innovative dirt-grip technology, all household dirt is trapped giving you a satisfactory result.

Moreover, this machine ensures that quick drying time is boosted while the scrubbing power is enhanced for better cleaning of tough stains. Constant cleaning without streaking is also enhanced with the direct steam channelling technology. The dirt grip pads are machine washable so you won’t have to worry about replacing them.

What’s more, you can easily switch the machine to steam blaster mode so that you will be able to carry out targeted cleaning. With just a click of the switch, the dirt pad is released meaning that you will not have direct contact with bacteria and dirt.

Powered by a 2000-watt motor, this is certainly the perfect machine that will deliver high performance for your home. With a cord length of 8 metres, you can reach every nook and cranny of your home without much stress.

Key Features:

  • Three intelligent, direct steam controls for perfect cleaning.
  • Double-sided microfiber pads that grip every dirt.
  • Steam cleaner blaster mode for concentrated cleaning.
  • Gets rid of 99.9% of household microbes.
  • Compactly designed for ease of use and storage.

3. Kärcher SC 5 EasyFix Steam Cleaner

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  • Hygienic cleanliness: The Kärcher SC 5 EasyFix Steam Cleaner effectively cleans all hard surfaces in the home with up to 4.2 bar steam pressure and removes up to 99.999 % of viruses* and bacteria**
  • VapoHydro function: To achieve even better cleaning results, hot water can be switched on in addition to steam, making it even easier to loosen and rinse away dirt
  • 2-tank system: The tank can be refilled during use. It consists of two chambers with a capacity of 0.5 l and 1.5 l - enough to clean up to 150 m²
  • Powerful accessories: with the EasyFix floor cleaning set, hard floors such as laminate, parquet or tiles can be conveniently cleaned. In addition, a connection for a steam pressure iron is available
  • Scope of delivery: The set includes the Kärcher SC 5 EasyFix Steam Cleaner, steam hose and gun, EasyFix floor cleaning set, hand nozzle, microfibre cover, detail nozzle, round brush & descaling powder


If you desire an affordable cylinder steam cleaner that will quickly fix dirt and grime in your home, you need the Kärcher SC5 EasyFix. It is a versatile product that makes cleaning of tough stains as easy as ABC without the use of chemicals or scrubbing.

This machine makes use of constant steaming to get rid of dirt and bacteria leaving your home sparkling. It comes with onboard storage for accessories and tools so that you can easily get access to them when needed. You can refill its water tank with ease ensuring that your work will not be interrupted.

What’s more, you will love the collection of attachments as well as brushes which make it easier for you to clean taps, shower tiles, hobs, kitchen worktops and so on. With the EasyFix fixation system, you can remove cloth without having any direct hand contact with dirt.

The integrated descaling cartridge ensures that limescale buildup is prevented when you are cleaning with the machine. Its water tank is removable so that you can be flexible with your operation. All dirt and bacteria are eliminated for a germ-free home while the machine heats up quickly within 30 seconds.

Also, you will love the flexible joint system, which makes it easier to reach awkward areas. A LED display panel is in place so that you can easily monitor your operation.

Key Features:

  • Integrated descaling cartridge for prevention of limescale buildup during cleaning.
  • Fast heat-up time of just 30 seconds for ease of use.
  • Removable water tank for easy refill with ease even when in use.
  • EasyFix fixation system for fast and convenient cleaning.
  • Constant steaming power with no use of scrubbing or chemicals.

4. Vax Steam Fresh Combi Classic Mutlifunction Steam Mop

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  • Steam + detergent breaks down grease and grime faster than steam alone and leaves floors smelling fresh.Volts: 220 - 240V. Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Built in handheld steamer which is suitable for cleaning of taps, tiles, windows, mirrors and more. Water tank capacity - 0.26 Solution tank capacity - 200 ml, Steaming time - 15 minutes
  • Quick and easy - ready to go in 40 seconds. Steam flow rate 15 gram per minute
  • Angular floor head gets into corners and other hard to reach areas for a more thorough clean
  • Variable steam control with overheat protection.


The Vax S86-SF-CC Multifunction Steam Mop is also one of our top picks due to its rich features. It is a perfect machine for tiles, bathroom surfaces, taps, sinks, mirrors and so on.

This multi-purpose steam cleaner uses both steam and detergent to deliver all-round cleaning for your home. It breaks down grime and grease faster due to its double power. With an angular floorhead, you can easily clean corners as well as areas that are hard to reach.

Moreover, its removable handheld unit can be detached with a simple click so that the best cleaning experience can be achieved. It heats up within 20 seconds leaving your surfaces and floors dry quickly. It is an ideal steam-cleaning machine for a busy home with kids and pets.

This 2-in-1 steam cleaner has a steam flow rate of 15 grams per minute and that is why it has the capacity of cleaning your home perfectly. With variable steam control and overheat protection, you can achieve the best result your desire. It is lightweight meaning that you can manoeuvre it with ease.

With an operating radius of 7 metres, you can cover more ground within a short time. Powered by a motor of 1600 watts, this is an ideal machine that can guarantee high performance. If you want to get value for your money, you should consider the Vax S86-SF-CC Multifunction steam cleaner.

Key Features:

  • 2-in-1 machine using steam and detergent for effective cleaning.
  • The steam cleaner flow rate of 15 grams per minute for high performance.
  • Combined steam cleaner and detergent cleaning for radiant floors.
  • Built-in hand held steamer ideal for cleaning windows, taps, mirrors, tiles, etc.
  • Steaming time of up to 15 minutes for steaming of high performance.

5. VYTRONIX STM01 10-in-1 1300W Multifunction Handheld and Upright Floor

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  • 10 piece accessory kit includes a wide variety of attachments making it suitable for carpets, hard floors, kitchen, bathroom, upholstery, windows, garments and many other applications.
  • Quick and easy to grab and go almost instantly taking just 25 seconds to heat up and with 25 minutes steam time.
  • Variable steam control dial lets you adjust the steamer to produce the preferred amount of steam for the job.
  • Compact and lightweight, the STM01 is and easy to use and store.
  • Multifunctional with removable handheld for convenient and versatile cleaning.


The VYTRONIX STM01 10-in-1 Multifunction Steam Cleaner Mop is a powerful machine that is perfect for cleaning carpets, windows, upholstery, hard floors, garments and so on. It is compactly designed so that you will be able to use it with ease.

This multi-purpose steam cleaner heats up within 25 seconds and can provide a steam time of 25 minutes. This will go a long way in ensuring that start your work without any impediments. You will also have the opportunity of achieving the best result.

Furthermore, it comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth which ensures that stubborn smears and dirt are removed. All bacteria will also be eliminated leaving your home germ-free at all times. With the angular floorhead, reaching hard-to-reach areas is made easier.

Also, you will love the carpet glider accessory which enables you to easily switch from hard floors to carpets in a twinkle of an eye. With the detachable handheld function, you can use the machine on different surfaces for effective results.

Weighing just 1.4kg, this machine is easily manoeuvrable and its storage is a stroll in the park. With a 3000-watt engine, this machine is surely your best bet if you really desire a high cleaning performance.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a 10-piece accessory kit for perfect cleaning of hard floors, kitchen, upholstery, windows and so on.
  • Quick to grab and use so that perfect cleaning will be enhanced.
  • Heats up quickly within 25 seconds and has a steam time of about 25 minutes.
  • Variable control function for adjusting the amount of steam to suit your purpose.
  • Compactly designed with lightweight for ease of use.

6. Morphy Richards 720020 9-in-1 Steam Mop

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  • Keep your surfaces around the home clean, the 720020 kills 99.9 Percent of bacteria
  • 9-in-1 Upright steam Mop with detachable handheld cleaner
  • Large 400 ml water capacity - meaning more cleaning time between refills
  • Instantaneous steam boiler - no waiting for the steam Mop to be ready to use
  • Continuous steam and no waiting for the system to cool down before refilling; refer user manual under technical Specification for troubleshooting steps


The Morphy Richards 720020 9-in-1 Steam Cleaner is an ideal product for you if you are preoccupied with high performance. It comes with dual functionality which makes it useful as a mop and carpet cleaner.

You can easily detach its handheld unit so that you clean different surfaces in your home. It heats up after 30 seconds eliminating the unnecessary waiting time associated with some steam cleaners. With a 1500-watt engine, you can rest assured of high performance at all times.

What’s more, there is a facile steam output control which makes it possible for you to be flexible with your work. With a large water capacity, you can steam clean for about 15 minutes. The clear-view tank is a plus making it easier for you to monitor the water movement and know when a refill is needed.

Its tank is detachable enabling you to work without unnecessary interruption. Also, the tank is very easy to fill. Its floorhead is properly designed so that it will be easy for you to manoeuvre. You will love its 5-metre cable and storage which makes it easier for you to reach every part of your home.

This machine is compactly designed and that is why it is easy to use and store. You will not regret betting your money on this product.

Key Features:

  • Easy to remove handheld cleaner for flexible use.
  • More cleaning time with 400ml water capacity.
  • Instant steam boiler for quick deployment.
  • Constant steaming for high performance and no need to wait for the system to cool before refilling.
  • Compactly designed for easy use and storage.

7. BISSELL Vac and Steam 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Includes an integrated steam on demand feature
  • Dry tank technology keeps everything in the dustbin dry, ensuring an easier clean up
  • 4 L water tank capacity
  • Ready to use in just 30 seconds
  • Variable steam control with overheat protection


The BISSELL Vac and Steam 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful machine that makes home cleaning a piece of cake. It is fortified with top features which will certainly give you value for money.

It comes with a retractable handle so that you can choose a comfortable height for your operation. Also, the handle can be collapsed into the machine in order to store it conveniently. You will also love the dry-tank technology which ensured that moisture is kept out when you are cleaning.

With variable steam control as well as overheat protection, you can set your work in accordance with the type of work at hand. Cleaning around and under your furniture is easier with the right accessories that enhance versatility.

Refilling the tank is not a difficult task as you can easily refill it while working. The vacuum function can be used on its own and can be simultaneously used with the steam function.

Key Features:

  • Integrated steam-on-demand functionality for efficient cleaning.
  • Dry tank technology for keeping the dustbin dry.
  • Variable control and overheat barrier for the safety of use.
  • The large water tank of 4 litres for uninterrupted cleaning.
  • Destroys 99.9% of bacteria for a germ-free home.

8. Vax Total Home Master Multifunction Steam Mop

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  • Multifunctional with integrated handheld for convenient above the floor cleaning. For steaming surfaces, tiles, taps, windows, mirrors and more
  • Angular floor head gets into corners and other hard to reach areas for more thorough clean
  • Quickly and easily converts into a handheld.
  • 16 piece complete multi-purpose tool and accessories kit. Weight- 2.7kg
  • Ready to go in 25 seconds from switching on


If you need a perfect machine for cleaning various surfaces in your home, you should look for the Vax S7 Total Home Master Multifunction Mop. It is a multi-functional cleaner with an integrated handheld so that above-the-floor cleaning can be carried out conveniently.

You will love its angular floorhead which ensures that every corner of your home is reached. This machine can be easily converted into a handheld for easy cleaning of multiple surfaces.

It is lightweight making it easier to manoeuvre and there are accessories that make its multi-functionality a reality. That is why this machine is ideal for getting rid of all types of dirt, including stubborn ones.

Another good thing about the Vax S7 Total Home Master Multifunction Mop is that it can be used to clean clothing and upholstery. Also, with the window cleaning tool, you can get rid of grime, dirt and filthy fingerprint from the surface of your window.

Without mincing words, this machine is your perfect choice if you want to get the best cleaning results at all times. You are certainly not going to be disappointed if you purchase this machine because it is fortified with amazing features.

Key Features:

  • Integrated handheld for easy cleaning above the floor.
  • Angular floor head for efficient cleaning of difficult areas.
  • Can be easily converted to a handheld for easy above-the-floor cleaning.
  • Heats up quickly within 25 seconds so that you don’t wait for too long to start work.
  • 16-piece multipurpose machine with vital accessories.

9. BLACK+DECKER FSMH1351SM-GB 9-in-1 Steam Mop

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  • Maintain healthy and clean home without chemicals – simply add tap water
  • Kills 99% of bacteria and germs
  • Clean any surface with detachable handheld multi-purpose steam cleaner and a range of accessories
  • Powerful and continuous automatic steam flow for best cleaning results
  • Safe to use on any sealed floor or surface


Coming last in this best steam mop review is the BLACK+DECKER FSMH1351SM-GB 9-in-1. This machine comes with rich features that will make home cleaning an easy affair for you.

With the ability to get rid of all dirt and bacteria in your home, this steam cleaner is all you need if you want a germ-free habitation. It comes with a detachable handheld so that you can handle multiple surfaces with great ease.

You don’t need to use any chemicals with this machine since its steam power is of high quality. Continuous steaming is guaranteed so that the best result will be achieved at all times. It is safe for use on all surfaces and sealed floors.

The machine heats up within 15 seconds after which you start your cleaning process. With a 180° pivoting mop head, you can easily reach difficult edges and reduce your fatigue. Its 6-metre cable is also a plus enabling you to reach every section of your house without using an extension.

What’s more, you will love its lightweight which makes it easier to manoeuvre during operation. If you really want a multi-functional machine that will not create a hole in your pocket, you should go for the BLACK+DECKER FSMH1351SM-GB 9-in-1 Mop.

Key Features:

  • Flexible joint system for perfect access to difficult areas.
  • Perfect home cleaning device without the use of chemicals.
  • Detachable handheld function for easy above-the-floor cleaning.
  • Destroys 99.9% microbes for germ-free home.
  • Constant steam flow for effective cleaning at all times.


10. Vileda Steam Mop, Best for Carpet & Hard floor

This steam cleaner review is not complete without the Vileda Steam Mop because it is a versatile machine for wood floors and carpets. It is powered by a motor of 1550 watts which is enough to eliminate dirt and bacteria in your home no matter where they are hidden.

Within 15 seconds, this machine will heat up making sure that all microbes are killed without the use of chemicals. It is a lightweight machine and that is why you can carry it around with ease. Also, you will not have any problem with its storage because of its compact design.

You will love its swivel mop head which makes it easy to manoeuvre the machine around your furniture. With an operating radius of 6 metres, you will be enabled to clean effectively within a short time. It also comes with a variable steam setting so that the flexibility of operation will be enhanced.

Besides, there is a carpet glider which helps in refreshing carpets and rugs for a sparkling home. There are 2 durable microfiber pads and a filling jug so that it will be easier for you to carry out your cleaning effectively.

With a volume capacity of 0.4 litres, you can enjoy your work without frequent interruptions. If you really want to enjoy your cleaning chores at home, this is an ideal product to go for.

Key Features:

  • Comes with two microfiber pads as well as a filling jug for efficient cleaning.
  • Carpet glider for effective carpet refreshing.
  • Eliminates 99.9% microbes ensuring that your home is germ-free.
  • Ideal for all floor types including sealed hard floors.
  • Compact design for ease of use as well as storage.


What’s The Best Steam Cleaner UK?

The Kärcher SC4 EasyFix is the best steam mop right now. Thanks to its uncomplicated operation with a sturdy 3.5 bar super-heated & continuous cleaning system that can kill up to 99% common household bacteria.

It’s the best value steam cleaner UK under £200 budget. The 2000 watts motor of SC4 model ensures high cleaning performance. Also, it comes with a removable water tank of 1.3 litres for an easy refill even when in use.

The 4 metres long cord allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas quickly, efficiently, and conveniently.

If you don’t mind spending more, then I would recommend going with the Kärcher SC5 Steam Cleaner. It comes with a bigger water tank of 1.5 litres. The “Vapo Hydro Function”- (Which combines vapour steam with the blast of hot water) made the SC5 unbeatable. It enables to the removal of even the toughest dirt.

How Much Should I Spend on a Steam Cleaner?

You can buy great steam mops for under $90 from Amazon, while you should not spend more than $50 on handhelds. Cylinder vacuums are available for under $150. However, if you need a vapour or all-in-one vacuum, you can spend up to $180 to $220.

Our expert team has tested hundreds of steam cleaners, and according to us, a high price is never an assurance of quality. Everything depends upon the brand, model and features you need. To cut short your search time, you can have a look at our best handheld steam cleaner here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are they better than a traditional mop and bucket?

Pushing a mop is more comfortable than using a mop to wipe out the entire floor. On top of that, steam can kill 99.9 bacteria and other microbial, so it’s hygienic than conventional bucket and mop. If you have kids in the house, then there are high chances that you want your home not only cleaned but sanitized.

What Type of Flooring Can I Use a Steam Mop On?

Do not use a steam floor mop on hardwood or laminated floors without testing the surface. If the steam reaches to the core of a vulnerable item, it will not last for long. Also, do not use steam cleaning on adhesive tiles.

Do steam floor mops disinfect?

Just because of steam, it’s not a guarantee that a mop can sanitize the floor, or kill all the bacteria including E. Coli. Steam mops can only kill all the germs only if it reaches a specific temperature. It’s the reason why we told you to choose a steamer that has high-temperature steam.

Can you put vinegar in a steam mop?

You can use the steam floor mop without mixing anything. However, if you will add vinegar, it will increase its germ-killing power. Moreover, vinegar will give you better cleaning results.

Do steam floor mops damage grout?

When you are cleaning the house with mops, you will not be able to clean grouts. To clean such areas, you will need a steam cleaner with the crevice tool, and it will not damage it.

Does steam cleaning kill flu virus?

Yes, you can kill the flu virus with a steamer. You can also kill such virus by wiping the surface with detergents, hydrogen peroxide and diluted bleach. Even a humidifier is capable of destroying the flu virus.

Are Steam Mops Safe for Wood Floors?

Most of the steam floor mops are safe to use on ceramic tiles, some laminated floors, vinyl, marble, stone as well as water-resistant hardwood floors. Steam cleaning is not recommended on unsealed wooden floors. Even on sealed or any wood floor, you should use low steam settings.

Bottom Line

In today’s busy world, you need the best steam cleaner in the UK so house cleaning will be a piece of cake for you. The steam cleaner is very essential in order to discover the right product that will meet your expectations.

We have carefully produced this steam mop review so that you will not have any problem making the right choice. It is our hope that you will go through it properly and decide on the best floor steamer that will handle your job efficiently. Above all, we are of high expectations that you will use this review to get the best value for your money.

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