Can A Robot Vacuum Clean Multiple Rooms?

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A robot vacuum can do a lot without much user’s interference. It’s the reason why such appliances add more comfort to your lifestyle. You can set up a schedule for the robotic device to clean the house when you are not around. But, what if you have a big home with multiple rooms?

No need to worry because most automated cleaners can clear one of the rooms and go to the next as per the navigation. Still, you have to be careful while picking up a robot because not all of them are good at cleaning a series of rooms.

So, yes, a robot vacuum can clean multiple rooms, but the question is, can it do the cleaning as per your expectations? The answer depends upon its price tag and technology. All the robots can deal with multiple rooms, but only some of them can offer high-quality cleaning results. Let’s discuss what type of robots can handle more than one room. Read further to know your options.

Which Robot Vacuum Can Tackle Multiple Rooms?

Cheap robot vacuums are capable of cleaning multiple rooms as they do not have an automatic stopping feature after cleaning one area.. There are two types of robot cleaners; one with a random navigation system and another that uses a laser or camera to map your residence. Both the techniques are significantly different to each other when we talk about several rooms.

If you have a limited budget and you live in a house with 3 to 4 rooms, a vacuum with mapping ability might not be your preference. Why? Because a random navigation robot can deal with these many rooms without much difficulty.

Let’s see what are the differences between random navigation and mapping capability.

Robots With Random Navigation

As you can take clues from its name, a robot with random navigation moves and cleans without following any pattern. Instead, the device bounces randomly in the area and changes its direction. Such automated cleaners cover a room at the same time that a vacuum with mapping ability requires.

But, randomly navigating robots are not very smart. It’s why there is no assurance that such a device can bounce to take the right path through the door and move to the next room. There are no barriers that can stop this device to move ahead from one room to another, but nothing is guaranteed.

Think about the possibilities. For instance, what if the cleaner goes to the second room without even cleaning the first one? There are chances that it can somehow move into the next room but never bounces towards the third one.

And what if the battery dies before covering all the areas? It’s another concern when you are using a robotic vacuum with random navigation. Let’s discuss more about it.

Runtime And Navigation Of Robot Vacuums

Random robotic cleaners are efficient and covers an area without taking much time. But, they don’t know their powers. A random navigation robot cannot remember which floors it has already cleaned and what needs to be covered.

This lack of memory makes negative impacts on its performance once the battery charge ends. If you own a big house, the robot will return to its charging dock when out of juice. But, will the machine resume where it left off? No. It becomes worse if you have carpeted floors. The robot vacuum works at high power while dealing with rugs, which means it will be out of fuel earlier than you expect.

Robots with mapping ability are intelligent because they know where dirt lies and which areas are already cleaned. So, once the battery is full, such a vacuum will return to the spot where it left off and resume the cleaning process.

Hence, the performance and coverage remain intact even if the battery dies in the middle of the house cleaning task.

Overall, robots with random navigation can clean multiple rooms, but they are not very efficient at this job. On the other hand, intelligent vacuums can cover all the rooms without any problems.

Robots With Mapping Ability

What is mapping functionality? Automated vacuums with a mapping feature can brilliantly clean multiple rooms as per your expectations. Such a device uses vSLAM or LiDAR technology to create a map so that it can determine the cleaning path and move into the next room after cleaning the first one.

These robots move into straight lines instead of randomly bouncing over all the materials. The mapping functions also allows you to set your robot to clean a particular area.

For instance, Ecovacs Robot Vacuum OZMO920has laser technology that maps your home and floorplan for efficient cleaning. You can also use it through Google Assistant or Alexa.

This model and all other robotic cleaners with any mapping technique can resume once the battery charges. Apart from OZMO920, you can also try RoboVac G30 or Bagotte Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Final Talk

So, can a robot vacuum clean multiple rooms? Yes, all of them can. But, models with mapping ability can do it better.

You will find a wide range of robot vacuums with this function functions. Their price tag differs according to the make and model, but you can get a high-quality cleaner within £300.

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