Henry Hoover Vs Dyson Ball – Compassion 2024

Henry HVR 160-11 and Dyson 455665 Light Ball stand against each other in today’s Henry Hoover Vs Dyson Ball countdown show.

Henry is the oldest machine from Numatic; has been in the market for 30 years now. On the other hand, Dyson is making upright ball vacuums for than ten years.

Let us see what point they score in different departments, and in the end, we will see who wins the battle.

The Quick Pick – Dyson Ball

We compared Henry HVR 160-11 and Dyson 455665 Light Ball Multi Floor and witnessed that the latter overshadows the Numatic vacuum.

One of the best uprights available in the UK market, the Multi Floor is mostly flawless. It has some practical concerns, but the overall cleaning experience and usage are excellent.

So, if you are looking for an efficient vacuum with a price tag of around 200 pounds, then this is it; go for Dyson Multi Floor.

Henry HVR is also a brilliant vacuum that comes with a large dust capacity and is versatile enough to take care of all household cleaning tasks. It has a lower price and a smart base to store all the attachments.

Primary Differences

Numatic is a famous name in the British region. Only because they produce exceptional vacuums and Henry has been here since the 1980s. HVR 160 is an improved version, which is compact and affordable.

Featuring 620W motor, a long power cable and a comparatively larger dust capacity, it is an ideal cleaning solution for average households. It’s easy to maintain as well, due to the same it has been included as a friendly cleaning device in most homes and offices.

Dyson is another brand that never disappoints. They have a habit of releasing excellent products, and 455665 Light Ball Multi Floor is not an exception. The first model in the Light Ball series was released around ten years back, and the latest Multi Floor still has the same design, but with improved features.

Why it has the same layout? Because it works, most of the time. The first impressive component of the vacuum is its 700W motor that operates at A-class energy efficiency. Then it offers powerful suction, great design and many other excellent features.

Winner: With a powerful motor resulting in powerful suction, Dyson Multi Floor wins this category.

Design Differences

Something about this smiling face works for most UK buyers. Yes, we are talking about the cute-looking Numatic Henry HVR 160, which is one of the best-bagged cylinder vacuums from the last 36 years.

HVR 160 is a full-sized bagged cylinder vacuum that weighs 7.5 kg and has a dust capacity of 6 litres. The big guy needs a cupboard to store it because it cannot fit on a wall bracket.

However, with this heft and size, you get durability. HVR 160 is built to last; it’s not a low-quality cleaner that you can dispose of after using it for a few seasons. Also, it is easy to maintain and repair, so it is less likely to give you any trouble during your stay at your house.

Dyson 455665 Light Ball Multi Floor comes with a 700W motor, 1.6-litre dust capacity and a Class A rating in energy efficiency. Its instant-release wand and easy-to-steer ball technology dramatically impact the user. Add the 9.4m long power cable, and you get a large cleaning radius.

The floorboard has an improved design wherein it’s easy to remove and clean the brush-bar roller; rotate the blue end caps, and it comes out. There is a red switch on the front to control the suction level. You can set it to medium for a daily cleaning session. Move it at “- “while cleaning hard floors or delicate surfaces and set the suction at the maximum when there is a need to dig deep into the carpet.

The vacuum does not have a small appearance. Still, it weighs just under 7 kg. All the mass is down at the ball, so the weight helps you to control the vacuum in a better and more stable manner. So, the vacuum is easy to move and goes freely in a straight line. It only creates problems when you cramp it for extra room. In such scenarios, you can take out the hose and use one of its attachments.

At 6.9 kg, the Multi Floor is not heavy or hard to use a vacuum. However, twisting and turning the unit for a long time is not possible. You might face trouble cleaning the space under the bed or other furniture, primarily because of its big ball at the bottom.

However, carrying the vacuum over the stairs using its bin handle is comfortable. You can transport the upright with only one hand and use another for the hose or one of its attachments.

Only plastic has been used for the overall construction of the Dyson Multi Floor. We understand that it’s an excellent idea to cut down the weight, but this doesn’t give a feel of a premium vacuum coming from a stylish brand.

Winner: There are insignificant differences between the weight of today’s contenders. However, HVR has a better build quality when compared to the Multi Floor. So, it’s a tie once again.

Cleaning Performance and Suction Power

Henry is a practical cylinder vacuum that comes with a 2.3m long hose so that you can easily reach tight places. It also helps you while cleaning the stairs.

Next comes the power cable, which is enormously long at 10 m stuffed under the top of Henry HVR 160-11. Due to a decent-sized cable, you can clean an entire area without changing the power outlet. Rewinding the power cable is the tricky part because you have to do it by hand.

The suction power of the HVR is fantastic and picks up all the dust particles. With a powerful motor generating high suction, power HVR is also an energy-efficient vacuum with Class A ratings.

The Light Ball Multi Floor utilizes Radial Root Cyclone bagless technology, wherein multiple cyclones work together at an optimized airflow to capture dust particles and allergens rather than releasing them back into the atmosphere. It eases the filtration system, and that’s why the vacuum works with a pair of washable filters that last for a lifetime.

To switch on the Multi-floor, you have to press the red power button. If you are cleaning a delicate floor, press the silver button to switch off the revolving brushes. Talking about suction power, Dyson can outperform many uprights in terms of picking up dust particles from carpets or hard floors.

All thanks to its different suction levels and floor head with revolving brushes, Multi Floor is capable of tackling any floor type. It also surpasses HVR 1600. Our experts have given high marks to the Multi Floor in this department.

We tested the vacuum on stubborn cat litter, and it never left anything behind after two passes. Whether you are using it on hard floors or carpets, it gives you a clean and shiny surface.

It also has excellent front-edge cleaning, which never forces you to use the crevice tool along the kitchen skit boards. The floor head is not as efficient as the edge-to-edge side cleaning. However, that’s a common disadvantage in uprights.

Both the vacuums struggle with thick pet hair. With Dyson, you can use the Tangle-Free Turbine Tool, which will be an additional investment. If you have pets in the house shedding a lot of hair, then we suggest you skip these two and look for some other options from Dyson.

Winner: None of the vacuums comes with automatic rewinding of the power cable. However, the Multi Floor overshadows Henry in terms of suction power, mobility and ease of use, especially over the stairs.


Henry HVR 160 uses TriTex Filtration System, which gives you a performance more or less similar to HEPA. So, you will get protection from dust particles, airborne allergens and other microbial. Even if you or someone in your family has asthma, you can opt for 160.

The bagless technology of the Multi Floor is successful in saving you from allergens. It is one of the best vacuums to contain dust mites, microbial and other bacteria. If you suffer from any airborne allergy like asthma, this is the best option you can select.

Use the vacuum to clean the house, and you will notice that the atmosphere is filled with fresh and clean air. These are the reason why it gets certification from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and a Class A rating for dust emissions.

Moreover, as it’s a bagless vacuum, you will not have to invest in dust bags. Also, the filters are washable, as we stated earlier. So, you will make some savings on the replacement filters as well.

Winner: Both vacuums perform well in terms of allergen containment. But, HEPA filters are only present in the Multi Floor, which is a hospital-grade screen, better for allergic individuals. So, Dyson Light Balls win this category.

What accessories come with the Henry Hoover and Dyson Ball?

HVR arrives with three six-litre self-sealing bags, including the one pre-installed. In the box, you will also find three attachments, including a crevice tool, an upholstery nozzle and a regular brush for general cleaning. All the accessories can be stored on its smartly designed base.

The regular adapter is also known as the “combi floor tool” because it can lower or upper the brush bar depending upon the floor type.

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor comes with several attachments; a stair tool and a combination containing five different components. Couple of brush heads; wherein one is smaller than the other, two crevice tools; one of which can be extended to reach distant surfaces or objects and an angular brush that efficiently cleans your wardrobe and additional drawers.

Any of the mentioned tools can be attached either to the hose or the plastic unit, which is 90cm long. Also, there is onboard storage for one device. Yes, it’s only one, but it comes very handy while cleaning the house.

In small areas, using the plastic piece is difficult, but it gives you easy access to the ceilings. Also, its extendable hose has a length of 3m, which is more than enough to clean stairs, furniture, and other small area.

Once you start using the stretchable hose, the tension created will pull the vacuum towards you. So, make sure that you have kept the central unit behind a bed or table while using the vacuum inside your house.

Winner: HVR comes with onboard storage for all the included attachments while Dyson gives space to hold only one tool. So, you can see that the Multi Floor is missing the trick here. There are more accessories and tools are included in the HVR 160 to make it better in this category.

Using the Henry Hoover & Dyson Ball

HVR 160 gives you a satisfactory cleaning experience. The foot switch on the combi floor tool comes in very handy when you have to clean mixed floor types, including carpets and hard ones. Included crevice tool gives easy access while tidying up furniture cushions and other tight spaces.

Controls are simple on the Multi Floor, there is one button to start/stop the Multi Floor and another to control the brush bar.

Once started, the vacuum is quiet; never surpasses the noise level of 66 dB; however, the manual states that it has a sound level of 80dB. Still, you cannot clean the house in the middle of the night.

Winner: Stair cleaning is easy with the Multi Floor due to its long hose and comparatively less weight. Also, it has a handle on the dust lid for easy mobility. So, Dyson is the winner in this battle of usage.

Dust Emptying

HVR 160 has a dust capacity of 6 litres, which means you will not be wasting much time throwing the dust bags. Once filled, changing and reinstalling a new packet is easy and takes less time. You have to lift the lid, remove its TriFlex filter and exchange the dirtbag. Due to the self-sealing feature, there is no chance of dust spillage.

As stated earlier, Dyson Multi Floor comes with a dust capacity of 1.6 litres which is sufficient for extended cleaning sessions. Removing and emptying the dust canister is easy. You have to press a button to take the canister out.

Target the dustbin and press the same button once again to release the bottom flap and throw out the waste. Due to a thick rubber seal, the flap needs some extra force to open. Overall, dust emptying is fast and easy. The dust canister can be washed out as well.

Winner: Henry has a better dust capacity; however, if we talk about emptying the canister; the Multi Floor is smooth. It’s bagless and also has a quick button to throw out the dust. So, Dyson wins the game of waste dumping.

Is the Henry Hoover or Dyson Ball a better value?

Investing in the right vacuum cleaner takes a bit of guesswork and lots of comparisons. However, HVR 160, which is a product of Numatic International, removes any chances of confusion.

Why? Because it comes from the house of Numatic, one of the most established brands composing Henry vacuums for more than three decades now.

So, you can trust the 160 because it is easy to use a vacuum that gives you convenient cleaning with a long power cable and extension hose. It never compromises on the suction power and gives you desired results on both carpets and other hard floors.

Affordable price is nothing less than a cherry on top of a chocolate cake. Overall, Henry HVR 160-11 is an excellent cleaning package wrapped inside a comparatively less price tag.

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor is an eco-friendly, versatile and silent upright vacuum, which highlights the best features from the makers. We earlier mentioned that its dirt flap needs some extra force to remove.

However, this problem remains only for the first few uses. So, we cannot complain about that. If you have a small puppy or cat, it can take care of a small amount of their fur. Do not expect it to clean hair from multiple pets.

Winner: Outstanding hard floor and carpet cleaning from only 700W of the motor are the two characteristics of the Multi Floor that we cannot find in any other vacuum at this price. The bagless clean is outstanding at this price, and no other vacuum can come closer.


We hope you enjoyed the comparison cum battle between Henry Hoover Vs Dyson Ball. Now, you have all the required information and using the same you can decide which one of these two vacuums will work best for your house.

HVR 160 is highly versatile and gives you a better dust capacity while Dyson Multi Floor is efficient on all floor types. So, think about what you want and choose the right model. Happy cleaning!

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