Best Carpet Vacuum Cleaner UK 2024

Finding the best carpet vacuum cleaner might not easy. You need a hoover that ensures satisfactory cleaning on your carpet, one that’ll fit your home and you can buy within your budget.

In this post, we’ll reveal the 10 best hoovers for carpet in the UK that will clean your dusty rugs & carpet efficiently with their powerful cleaning system.

Best Carpet Vacuum Reviews 2024

Here are our 10 vacuum cleaners for carpet,  reviews & buying guide below.


1. Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum

Dyson DC41



The suffix “Animal” indicates that Dyson DC41 is specially made for pets. The all-rounder vacuum gives you desired results on almost any floor. It’s expensive but includes all the features and attachments that you will ever need to clean your house. Extreme suction power and motorised brush also add to its value.

Follow the instructions manual, and you will be able to assemble DC41 within minutes. Its floor head houses an innovative set of bristles that lower and raises depending on the surface you have targeted.

The idea is to maintain the appropriate distance between the brush and the ground resulting in optimum cleaning.

Brand’s Advanced Root Cyclone technology makes sure that DC41 cleans maximum dust per watt as compared to other uprights. All the dirt is stored in a 2.1-litre canister that is easy to empty, even using one hand. The hoover is British Allergy Foundation certified as well, means there will be less or no dust to escape back into the environment.

DC41 has onboard storage for its crevice tool. Telescopic wand is easy to remove when you have to clean over the head areas, curtains, or stairs. Another innovative feature is its Tangle-Free Turbine tool featuring counter-rotating heads with flexible brushes that picks all the pet hair from upholstery, carpets, corners, and places that are difficult to clean using regular brushes or tools.


2. Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner [NV801UK]

Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner [NV801UKT]



One of the most popular vacuums, The Shark NV801UK comes with Duo Clean technology that makes it great on carpets. Its canister has a Lift-Away mechanism to give you easy access while cleaning small areas and materials.

Let us talk about Duo Clean mechanism, which is the first feature to make a difference. The technology consists of two brush rollers instead of one. A soft brush that makes the first contact with the floor is specially made for hardwood, tiles, and marble floors. It collects all the dust particles to give you a clean surface.

The second brush designed for rugs and carpets picks dust, pet hair and other debris from fibres like a fine comb. Together, both the brushes give you a more comprehensive cleaning. Due to their presence, you do not have to change the attachments while you change the floor.

The next considerable feature of NV801UK is Triple Particle Cleaning that ensures effective cleaning of dust, dirt as well as debris. Soil can be air sucked in while debris needs to be pulled. With an open floor head, Shark upright does the same and draws in the debris closer for a better cleanup.

In the lift away mode, the vacuum works as a handheld, and there is also a Powered Lift-Away mode where the suction brush works at double suction power. With such features, NV801UK stands out in terms of cleaning efficiency.


3. Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum

Dyson 214744-01 V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum



Dyson gives you another powerful vacuum “V8 Absolute Cordless” that has an easy to use handheld mode and direct-drive cleaner head to give you unmatched cleaning performance on carpets.

V8 comes with two-floor heads; the first is the direct-drive cleaner with a sturdy brush bar that gives you relief from dust and dirt, even from the thickest fibres. A brush bar combined with a powerful 350W motor provides you with desired results in less time. Second is a soft roller, designed to pick dirt from hard floors.

The rigid tube of Dyson V8 detaches from the primary unit to transform into a handheld. In the portable mode, it becomes easier for you to clean the stairs, furniture pieces, and other small or difficult to reach areas. When combined with mini motorised pet attachment, it also works effectively to remove animal fur from your house.

V8 does not have any negative aspect apart from a hefty price tag. However, with its advanced features and power, it justifies the price. If you need a cleaner that can easily tackle the dirtiest of the carpets, then V8 is the best option. You will only overlook the hoover if you are on a budget.


4. BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution




Our fifth contender comes from Bissell, the ProHeat 2X Revolution; easy to use, manoeuvre and maintain. The vacuum comes with features that make it a one-stop cleaning solution for any house, especially those with pets.

In addition to the hard floor and pet cleanups, the vacuum has an efficient carpet cleaning process. You have to mix the cleaning solution in its water tank and pass the hoover over carpeted floors. You will notice that all the spots, stains, dirt, and pet hair are gone.

You can also use its Deep Clean mode that uses extra water for cleanups and hence the carpet might take some spare time to dry. Another Express mode cleans and dries the carpets within one hour.

Cleanshot Preheat is another excellent feature of the ProHeat 2X wherein you can target and throw a pre-treating solution at a spot or stain. Once the dust particles are loosened by the solution, you can easily clean the stain using its 12 alternating rows of power brushes that rotates to clean the surface and collect all the dust.

As the vacuum has a wide cleaning area of 11-inch and a generous 25 feet power cable, it gives you an efficient cleaning in a large area.

Overall, Bissell ProHeat 2X has excellent features for stain removal and carpet cleaning. It is also versatile in dealing with all the household cleaning tasks. It can be only prohibited for budget buyers.


5. iRobot Roomba 981 Robot Vacuum cleaner

iRobot Roomba 981 Robot Vacuum cleaner



Today’s seventh entry comes from the elegant house of iRobot. Join us to know more about the Roomba 981 robot vacuum cleaner.

With an excellent navigation system, Roomba maps the area, and that’s why it knows where it is right now and where it has to go. Due to rubber rollers, it never tangles with hair or anything else. Another impressive feature is its adaptive cleaning head that automatically adjusts according to the floor type.

So, once you move it from a hard floor to rugs, Roomba automatically increases the suction power; this feature is not available in any other robotic vacuum cleaner. However, due to the high suction, the noise level rises to 61dB. You will not mind this much sound, will you?

WLAN is another factor that attracts the buyers towards the cleaner. Use your mobile and control the machine in any way you want; sounds exciting? Well, it is indeed. Through the app, you can also check the area already cleaned by the vacuum and much more. You can also control the device through Alexa. It looks like Roomba comes with all the great features that you can expect from an automatic hoover.

An all-rounder cleaner overall. Recognises everything, and that’s why anyone could use it. The only negative aspect is its price. If you remove the budget barrier, then this is the best vacuum you can purchase in today’s market.


6. Gtech Mk2 AirRam Cordless Lightweight Vacuum

Gtech AirRam MK2 Cordless Bagless Vacuum



Launched three years back, Gtech Mk2 AirRam is a sleek upright vacuum that takes care of all your household cleaning requirements. Its portability and cordless nature make it a handy cleaner. Headlights, improved dust canister that can be emptied in a natural way and a clever suction that picks up even the smallest of the dust particles are the other considerable features.

The battery-powered hoover is lighter than most of the upright cleaners. However, it is heavy enough to stand on its own. There are four wheels; two big and couple of tiny ones. Its motorised brush bar adds to the movement because it is powerful enough to carry the whole unit by itself.

With such arrangements, it simply glides on the hard floors and makes the cleaning session productive as well as enjoyable. However, it does not include any attachments, which can be a downside for many buyers.

Mk2 comes with AirLOC design, which picks big dust particles while moving forward and smaller ones at the backward strokes. Due to the AirLOC, you might need a little extra resistance while pulling it towards yourself.

If you do not want the house cleaning to be a workout, choose Mk2.


7. Henry Harry HHR 200-11 Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Henry Harry HHR 200-11



A no-nonsense vacuum, HHR 200-11 comes with powerful suction and high dust capacity. It is also easy to move but does not include many attachments.

HHR 200-11 includes the HairoBrush floor head; a useful motorised turbo tool that is efficient in cleaning carpets and hard floors. It quickly picks pet hair and all the other dust particles to give you clean and hygienic house. A charcoal layer on its vacuum also provides freedom from pet odour.

The energy-efficient vacuum does not make much noise. At 72 dB, HHR 200-11 has a noise level that cannot disturb your family members or neighbours. It has a big dust canister as well as a long power cable to give you extended cleaning time and more significant area respectively. Its hose gives you easy access to the stairs and above the head areas. However, you will not find the automatic rewind function in this model

To summarise, Henry Harry HHR 200-11 is an excellent hoover for carpets available at a price that is accessible by all. If you need a cleaner that gives you unmatched results on all floor types, choose Henry Harry.


8. Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner [NV681UKT]

Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner [NV681UKT]



Easy to use a vacuum that gives you excellent cleaning performance, Shark NV681UKT comes with a powered brush bar that reaches great depth to remove dust, dirt and pet hair. With excellent manoeuvrability, the vacuum comes with a powered lift-away mode for better mobility and a turbo tool to collect pet hair.

Shark manufactures great cleaning machines, and NV681UKT is not an exception. It gives you excellent cleaning on all the floor types, except laminated ones where its performance drops drastically.

As we stated earlier that the vacuum has a powered lift-away mode wherein you can separate the canister and floor head. You can use NV681UKT in handheld mode as a stair vacuum, furniture and other small areas or objects. Combine it with the turbo tool, and you will not see any animal fur after vacuuming.

NV681UKT comes with duster, upholstery and crevice tools as well. It has LED lights, which gives you convenient cleaning access in dark areas. The floor head can pivot and swivel so that you can clean the areas under and around furniture pieces without any difficulty.

Using HEPA and filter foam, the vacuum contains 99.9% of allergens, which is fine if you are allergic to airborne microbial. Overall, Shark NV681UKT is an excellent hoover that gives you efficient cleaning results on all floor types but struggles on laminates.

Powerful suction and powered floor head aids to quick dust suction from carpets as well as hard floors. Portable design and lift away cleaning mode are other features that add to your convenience.


9. Miele Blizzard CX1- Best Carpet Hoover Overall

Miele Blizzard CX1



The Blizzerd CX1 is the top pick in our list as the best carpet vacuum in the UK. All thanks to its reliable suction power and floor head design, it is an excellent vacuum for carpet cleaning.

Set of all the required attachment adds to its value while HEPA filters make the hoover hygienic to use. It was also the brand’s first model to enter the club of bagless vacuums.

After a long time, Miele gave us a bagless vacuum CX1, which is worth our wait. With 900W, the hoover comes with unmatched suction power. The company’s Vortex technology works at a speed of 100km/h to capture all the dust, even the smallest ones. You will not notice degraded suction at any point, also if the dust canister is full.

The vortex mechanism is the most impressive feature of CX1. It’s a part of three-stage filtration that also includes HEPA screens and removes up to 99.9 per cent of dust particles. Also, it has a “Comfort Clean” provision, which automatically cleans the filter once its dirt and starts to clog.

CX1 comes with a knob that gives you four different suction settings. So, you will not face any problem whirl cleaning either a thick or thin carpet.


10. Miele Powerline Complete C3 Cat & Dog

Miele 10660820



The top-rated Miele Complete C3 is an excellent bagged cylinder vacuum that includes a turbo brush for carpet cleaning, EcoTeQ floor head, and comes with AirClean filtration. It also has a low price tag, when compared to other high-quality vacuums on this list.

EcoTeQ head is the most impressive feature of C3. It gives you efficient cleaning on all the floors, especially hard ones. Its turbo brush picks all the pet hair, dust, and debris from carpets to gives you fantastic results.

There is also a Cable Rewind feature where the vacuum wraps the power cable right after you push its footswitch placed on its primary unit. With such tools, you can easily clean large areas without spending much time.

Active AirClean filter is another considerable component that works best for pet owners. It discourages allergens and consists of an active charcoal layer to absorb animal odour.

C3 is not only one of the best hoovers for carpets, but also one of the best cleaners overall in 2024. It’s bagged, so you do not have to spend on replacement filters. The AirClean screen makes it ideal for a house to someone is allergic.


How to Choose The Best Vacuum for Carpet?

Many houses in the UK have carpeted floors, and that’s why you need a carpet vacuum cleaner that should dig deep into the fibres and clean everything.

If you are residing in the UK and you need a hoover for carpets that should not compromise on the dirtiest situations, then you are reading the right article. Here, we’ll discuss how to choose the best vacuum for carpet in 2024.

As we are done with the reviews, it is time to talk about some of the factors that we should consider while buying a vacuum that can excel during carpet cleaning. We are mentioning some of the considerations that you should remember and check.

Portability: An important factor is manoeuvrability; the hoover should be easy to move around. Whether it’s the stairs, over the head areas, area under the furniture or around them it should give you easy access. So, look for a lightweight vacuum that should have all the necessary accessories. Maximum attachments mean you will be able to clean almost any area or object in your house.

Cleaning radius: Power cable decides the area that you will be able to clean without changing the outlet. So, look for a vacuum that has a powerful extension of at least 12 meters. Also, look for a long hose that can easily reach over the head areas like ceiling and curtains.

Dust capacity: No one wants to waste time emptying the dust canister after 15 minutes. Whether you are looking for a bagged or bagless vacuum, select one with higher dust carrying ability. Dust sealing features are another thing that you can search for.

Filtration: You should look for an active filter, especially if you are allergic. All the hoovers include a screening process, but HEPA is one of the best hospital grade scanner that traps all the allergen and microbial to give you a hygienic environment. If airborne bacteria or dust particles triggers asthma in anyone in your house, we recommend you to select a bagged hepa-filter vacuum.

Floor head: A powerful motor can give you desired cleaning results if it is helped by an efficient floor head. Look for a vacuum that has a powered brush bar or one that comes different cleaning head depending upon the floor type. Make sure that the floor head swivels and pivots so that you can easily clean the areas under the furniture pieces.

Suction Power: Thick carpets attract a considerable amount of soil and dirt. Their long fibres also block vacuum intake and prevent the suction from deep within. It’s the reason you need a vacuum that can automatically adjust the suction power depending upon the carpet or there should be a different level of settings to control the suction force.

Charcoal layer: These features will not add any cleaning ability to the hoover. However, it is one of the essential components of a vacuum if you own a pet. A charcoal layer or some other features should be present in the cleaner that can take care of the animal odour.

Handheld mode: Regular floor cleaning can be done using an upright. But, if you need to clean the stairs or ceiling, you need a portable handheld mode. So, look for a vacuum that can transform into a handheld mode. Shark life away is one of the best examples of this mechanism.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should you vacuum carpets?

Home experts recommend that the carpets or rugs must be cleaned twice a week. If you are living in a high traffic area, then make it four. However, if you have pets in your house, daily vacuuming is advised.

Should you vacuum after carpet cleaning?

Vacuum the carpets before you clean it. You can also hoover the carpets again to take out the dirt that can give it a wicked appearance.

Does shampooing ruin carpets?

It’s a misconception. Carpet shampoos do the opposite; they remove the wear effects and make them look new as well as fresh again.

Should I vacuum a new carpet?

New carpets shed a small number of loose fibres that should be cleaned for a neat appearance. So, vacuum clean new carpets every day for a week.


Carpets; a painful area to clean. Most of the vacuums give you satisfactory cleaning on hard floors, some of the poorly made cleaners give you some hard time to remove the dirt and dust that are settled deep into fibres.

Many vacuums struggle on thick carpets, especially if there are accumulated dust particles and pet hair. It’s the reason why we have shared this list containing the best vacuum cleaner for carpet. Any of the above-discussed hoovers can give you quick and efficient cleaning results on carpets.

The Miele Blizzard CX1 is the best carpet vacuum you can buy with confidence. The excellent suction strength & high-grade filtration system makes it special. It’s also relatively affordable than some of the other entries on the list and gives you the best value for your investment.

If you have pets in the house, then Dyson DC41 is the best option you can consider. DC41 is excellent in picking pet hair and gives you a shining surface all around.

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