How To Get Rid Of Bad Smell In Vacuum Cleaner?

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You clean the house and throw all the garbage, but there is still an unpleasant smell in the atmosphere. But, you cannot find the source.

If there are no spots or areas you have missed, then there are chances that this odour is coming out of the vacuum or any other cleaning tool you are using.

Cleaning the house is a part of daily routine, but most of us don’t know how to clean a vacuum and all its parts. But, you don’t have to take it apart. Go nearby the cleaning device and take a sniff.

If you notice bad smells from the vacuum, then dirt deposits might be the reason. If you don’t know how to tackle such a situation, follow the tips to eliminate unwanted vacuum odours.

Change The Dust Bag

The most common solution to kill vacuum smell is by cleaning the dust canister or changing its dirt bag. It seems like an easy solution. But, most of us replace the dust bag only when it’s full.

A dust bag can withstand multiple uses of a vacuum. It means all the dirt and garbage from your house is now resting in the vacuum’s dust canister. It depends upon the model and frequency of usage, a vacuum cleaning device last for various cleaning sessions.

One of the best wet-dry vacuums has a significant ability to last for multiple uses, which is a great feature. But, it also means that yesterday’s leftovers are still inside your house.
So, whenever you find the vacuum is the source of any unwanted smell, clean its dust canister or replace the dirtbag.

If you own a bagless vacuum, then take out its dust cup and throw all the waste. Then, clean the canister using mild detergent to ensure all the odours are gone. Re-attach the canister once it dry.

Check For Blockage

You clean the canister or replace the bag, but the situation is still the same. It means that the source of smell could be a blockage in your vacuum. So, you need to check two places.

The first part you need to inspect is the rotating brush head of your vacuum. If you have pets, then there are chances that some fur pieces attached with dander are trapped in the head. Remove if you notice any pet hair or anything similar that can cause a foul smell.

Apart from the brush head, you can check the vacuum path. If you own a stick vacuum, take out its brush to prevent any dirt clogs in the course. Use a flashlight for proper visual.

Clean The Vacuum Parts

Cleaning the vacuum and all its parts is one of the best ways to eliminate the unwanted smell. Use baking soda as it can quickly kill even stubborn odours. Remove all the detachable parts, including dust canister, filter, nozzles etc.

Use a damp cloth with baking soda to wipe all these parts. Dight them extensively to make sure you don’t have to repeat them. Afterwards, use a dry cloth to absorb all the moisture and reassemble the vacuum.

Put A Room Freshener In The Filter Cavity

If you prepare lemonade or enjoy oranges in the morning, then store their peel offs. Citrus is one of the best solutions if your vacuum stinks even after cleaning its canister and other parts. Put an orange or lemon peel into the filter cavity of your vacuum.

It will create a fresh aroma inside the vacuum and your house. It’s the most affordable and organic way to refresh your living area.

Sprinkle Cinnamon

Spice up your vacuum by sprinkling some cinnamon in its canister or dirtbag. It will absorb all the unwanted odours and a fresh scent in your office or house.

Cinnamon a fantastic cooking ingredient, and it also works as a room freshener whenever required.

Wash or Replace The Filter

A vacuum has one of the most challenging jobs to perform in your house. Some of these cleaning devices also work as a mop. So, no matter how much you clean it, there will be some smell after frequent usage.

If you notice a smell from the vacuum, then its filter might be filthy. And it’s easy to understand because it purifies a lot of air while you vacuum the area. So, clean or replace the filter frequently to maintain optimum efficiency and prevent odour.

Use Perfume Pads In The Filter

You can try perfume pads especially manufactured for vacuums. They are available in various aromas and sizes, so you can easily choose one of them accordingly.

Check the size of the filter before you select any of the scented pads. Once in place, it will release a gentle aroma every time you use the cleaner.

Place A Potpourri In The Dirt Canister

Another pocket-friendly, efficient and natural way to eliminate bad disinfect in a vacuum cleaner is potpourri. This product can easily handle all the odours in your bathroom; it can also tackle the vacuum. You can choose the scent to produce in multiple aromas.

You can use potpourri, similar to cinnamon. Sprinkle it inside the dirt canister or bag. You can also scatter the potpourri on the floor so that it can be collected by the vacuum to leave a pleasant fragrance.

Use Vanilla Extract

Spray some vanilla extract inside the dust canister or the bag. If you like the smell of vanilla, then put a few of its drops on a paper towel and vacuum those pieces.

Your vacuum will absorb the vanilla extract and release a pleasant smell.

Final Talk

We hope that you don’t have to deal with a smelling vacuum. Even if you do, there are multiple ways to combat the unwanted odour without investing much time or efforts.

Start by replacing the dirtbag or cleaning the canister, and then check for any internal blockage. If you don’t find anything helpful, try natural remedies like orange peel, vanilla extract or cinnamon.

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