Great Ways to Make Your Floors Last Longer

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Do you want your floors to last? Then you should think about them more often.

They are the surface of your home/office space and as such play a vital role in the feel, durability, and general appearance of the entire space.

How To Make Your Floors Last Longer

This is why it is essential that you understand the necessary steps for caring for your floors so that they can last longer, remain beautiful, and function even better.

Follow me as I outline 6 great ways to make your floors last longer.

1. Throw Rugs

You cannot just take up your hardwood floor and throw it into the washing machine if it gets dirty or a gruesome mess spills on it. No! It’s not that simple, and you know that. However, floor mats and rugs will give you that liberty. These handy décor pieces are perfect options for protecting your floors from all kinds of stains or water damage.

They also serve as protection from regular wear or domestic accidents by absorbing sudden/unexpected impacts. I cannot overemphasize the importance of protecting your floors with throw rugs and mats; it is a sure way to ensure your floors last longer.

When using throw rugs, ensure that you place them strategically in areas prone to damage such as in front of appliances used regularly and door entrances. Also, remember to clean them regularly and when they are stained and ensure they don’t get damp on the floor.

 2. Pets

While protecting your floors from damage, it is essential you tackle some apparent causes. Yes! Your cute little furry munchkins can gradually damage your floors if you do not take precautionary motives. They often have sharp nails beneath their paws and may be used to scratch your floors.

Also, some huge dogs can cause damage by just the weight of their footfalls. When you have soft flooring, it is important to trim your pet’s nails regularly to avoid the unintended harm they may cause especially to products like padded vinyl and cork.

3. Grout

Grout is a dense substance used to fill gaps or as a reinforcement that allows for the natural expansion and contraction of concrete or flooring elements as a result of changes in temperature. It is quite pliant, and as a result, porous.

This means it is possible for water or unwanted liquids to penetrate the subfloor. It doesn’t matter if your floor is made with the most resistant and durable materials, it is crucial that you protect the lines between the pieces, as they are vulnerable to liquid penetration and even stains.

Thankfully, there are a couple of grout sealers that can be applied on a regular basis to protect your floors from these dangers. You can also completely remove and reinstall your grout lines without altering a single tile.

4. Replacement Pieces

It is true that there can be a slight variation in the texture, color, or design of manufactured materials over time, especially when natural elements are used. As a matter of fact, some new pieces tend to look completely different.

On this note, it is vital that you retain a couple of extra pieces at the end of your floor installation. This way, you can repair eventual damages that may occur, and your floor will be as good as new. You wouldn’t have to worry about a section of the floor looking different or out of place.

5. Protection

If you want your floor to last, then you must take deliberate measures to protect it from damage. You may be thinking; floors are hard why do they need protection? The truth is, a lot of materials used for flooring are vulnerable especially when exposed to liquids.

For wooden floors, polyurethane should be applied repeatedly after any refinishing projects. Tiled floors, on the other hand, have to be sealed with grout sealers and this process must be repeated yearly to maintain the look of the floor installation.

6. Maintenance

Finally, regular maintenance will make your floors last longer. It is true that all floors will degrade over time, but how long your floor will last will depend on its maintenance routine. Tiny particles of dust and dirt can be dragged across the floor material and may leave tiny unnoticeable scratches.

Over time these scratches can accumulate and will alter the appearance of the floor. If you don’t want your floor to look old after a year, then you should sweep, vacuum, and steam mop the floor (if appropriate) on a regular basis. This way you will continuously remove such particles and your floor surfaces will not only look better but last longer.

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