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When it comes to keeping the house clean, you need one of the best spray mops that can easily give you a radiant floor and keep the way it is.

Cleaning is not an enjoyable task for any of us, but if you have a quality spray floor mop, you will not at least hate it.

But, what do we mean by a quality mop here?

Well, the most effective ones. And to share our recommendations, we have already reviewed some of the top spray mop available in the UK market.

Best Microfibre Spray Floor Mop Reviews 2024

Here are our 10 spray floor mop reviews 2024.

1. Vorfreude Spray Mop with Washable Pads

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  • SAVE TIME - The Vorfreude Microfibre Floor Spray Mop allows you to clean kitchen & bathroom floors with ease. The flat mop features a swivel head and ergonomic spray trigger, cleaning floors has never been so easy!
  • VERSATILE DESIGN - This magic mop is perfect for hardwood, tile, slab, laminate, ceramic, marble, vinyl or cement floors. With microfibre mop pads that are machine washable & reusable, saving you money and protecting the environment!
  • SPRAYER BOTTLE - The 700ml spray bottle has been made BPA free and can be used with water or your cleaning product of choice. The convenient size tank is reusable and allows you to clean large surfaces without refilling often.


An easy to use spray mob that makes floor cleaning a breeze. The floor mop from Vorfreuede has washable and reusable microfibre pads, which not saves your money from replacements, but also protect the environment from new earth fills.

Whether you are using hot or cold water or you are only dusting the area, the floor mop can take it all without any difficulty.

The microfibre refillable spray floor mop has a sturdy and comfortable to hold the metal handle, which is built to last. There are Velcro pads at the cleaning pad, wherein you can attach or remove a microfibre cloth.

Key Features:

  • Reusable microfiber pad can be machine washed for over 1000 times
  • Can be used with chemical cleaning solutions or homemade ones
  • A 360-degree swivelling cleaning handle

2. Rovus Spray Mop - Water Spraying Floor Cleaner

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  • SPRAYING FLOOR CLEANER - Make life easier with a Rovus Spray Mop and Microfibre Pad. The 350ml integrated water spray bottle releases a light mist to moisten the reusable cloth for the ultimate cleaning experience.
  • SWIVEL HEAD MOP - Rovus spray mop enables simple cleaning of kitchen tile or laminate, wood floor, vinyl, cement or hardwood. The 360-swivel head mop cleans hard to reach surfaces easily, attracting dust, dirt, muddy paw prints, hairs and moisture.
  • TAILOR TO YOUR HOME - Select whichever cleaning liquid suits your home best, or simply mist your surface with water. From essential oils and lemon juice to strong chemicals the water tank can aid in your unique floor cleaning needs.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS - Reusable microfibre cloths are washing machine friendly. The mop requires no batteries, disposable wipes or cleaning solution. The handle has a 350ml bottle which is BPA free. This convenient size tank allows you to clean effortlessly without having to refill.
  • HIGH STREET TV WARRANTY - We are committed to designing and manufacturing reliable and durable items. This product is covered by our 30-day money back guarantee.


Featuring an integrated spray bottle, the Rovus mop gives you an ultimate cleaning experience. It uses a microfibre cloth that naturally attracts dust particles, debris, moisture pet hair and hardwood.

Moreover, it has a 360-degree swiveling handle to give you a freehand cleaning session.

The microfibre cloth attached to the cleaning pad is machine washable and reusable. Its liquid compartment is also BPA free. So, if you are an environment enthusiast; you can invest in the mop because it’s not much harm to the eco-system.

Key Features:

  • Use any cleaning solution according to your needs
  • A 360-degree swivelling head
  • Thirty-day money-back guarantee

3. Vileda 1-2 Spray Microfibre Flat Spray Mop

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  • Trigger spray gives a fine mist spray of cleaning solution to the floor in front of the mop head
  • Flat mop head makes it ideal for larger floors and pivots to reach right under furniture
  • Microfibre pad combines with Powerzone head for great cleaning performance
  • Suitable for use on all hard floor surfaces, but ideal for wood and laminate due to the moisture control of the fine mist spray.


With a spray above the cleaning head, the 1-2 Spray showers a mist of cleaning solution where you need. As it has a comparatively efficient cleaning pad, you can use the mop for large floors as well. In combination, the mop uses PowerZone microfibre cloth that attracts most of the germs quickly.

The spray floor cleaner is suitable for all flat surfaces, especially wooden, laminated and delicate ones because you can control the moisture according to your will and requirements. Its liquid chamber is right next to the handle and trigger system. Filling the container with a cleaning solution is easy. You can use the Vileda spray cleaning solution or any other homemade cleaner, according to your preferences.

Key Features:

  • Trigger spray system for controlled mist
  • Includes the PowerZone version of microfibers that are better in terms of picking dirt
  • Suitable for all floor types

4. Beldray LA032133TQ Lightweight Refillable Microfibre Spray Mop

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  • This Beldray spray mop is lightweight and easy to use, measuring 42.5 x 14.5 cm with a 119 cm handle, long enough for comfortable use.
  • The 350 ml water cartridge capacity allows for more cleaning time between refills so you can clean a larger surface area faster.
  • The handheld trigger increases the convenience of the mop, while the refillable cartridge is a hygienic alternative to a mop bucket.
  • The microfibre pad picks up and locks in dirt, containing it rather than pushing it around the floor, guaranteeing an effective clean.
  • Suitable for all hard floors, the mop has powerful cleaning action and enables you to clean chemically-free with no streaks or residue.


Daily mopping sessions can give you backache or neck pain. If you don’t want that, then choosing the LA032133TQ from Beldray can be a wise decision. More hygienic than a dirty hand rag that you have to wash multiple times to get the floor cleaned, the Bedray mop also gives you fast and efficient results.

LA032133TQ is suitable for all floor types, whether tiles, wood, or laminated ones. Apart from regular cleaning, you can also remove marks and stains due to its targeted trigger spray mechanism.

The liquid tank allows you to take any cleaning liquid along. If you are not a fan of chemical solutions, you can make a biodegradable cleaning mix of your own. Mix half cup white vinegar in 300 ml water. Add two tablespoons of baking soda backed by a couple of drops from an essential oil bottle. Mix it well and pout the mix inside the spray bottle.

Key features:

  • Microfibrepad for effective cleaning
  • Easy to use trigger system
  • Leaves no streaks

5. Floor Spray Mop, BMOSTE Microfibre Water Spraying Floor Cleaning Tool

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  • ❤【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】: the floor spray mop is ergonomically designed for cleaning most smooth floor types. for Hardwood, Wood, Vinyl, Ceramic, Concrete, Tiles Laminate floors. The neck of the mop is expandable using the unlock button, as shown in the image for easy reachability. The rotatable, flexible neck aids in comfort and ease of use while also saving time.
  • ❤【SAVES TIME】 - 360 degree microfibre mop can help you to clean the floor under the bed, the couch and so on.The BMOSTE Microfibre floor mop cold steam cleaning quickly, easily, and safely cleans your; kitchen, hardwood, tile, laminate, ceramic, vinyl, or concrete floors. The mop can be used as a dry duster with the swiveling head. The simple ergonomic trigger is an easier wet mop.
  • ❤【SAVES ENERGY and Money 】- The 42cm by 14 cm cleaning surface is 100% machine washable and reusable. The quality metal pole construction is sturdy, reliable and durable. It includes a perfectly sized reusable and PBA free 600ml bottle to allows for longer cleaning while ensuring the mop stays light weight. Save money with this 100% reusable floor mop spray mop that does NOT require; batteries, disposable pads, or cleaning liquids.
  • ❤【CLEANING SOLUTION OPTIONS】 - Choose the best cleaning solution for your needs. This floor mop with integrated spray can clean with simple water in a cold steam pattern, or add any cleaning solution. Try environmentally friendly cleaning with lemon or essential oils in water, or you may use the strongest chemicals.
  • ❤【1 YEAR WARRANTY 】: You can get a clean window glove, a cleaning brush, 2 pads and BMOSTE Spray mop comes with a 1 year warranty. We strive to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. If you have any question about the spray mop, please kindly contact us soon.


Ergonomically designed Bmoste spray cleaning tool is suitable for all the hard floors including wooden, vinyl, concrete, ceramic and laminated ones. As it has a microfibre cloth, the cleaning mop clears all the dust and debris in a fast and efficient manner.

You either use the mop as a dry duster or trigger the spray wherever necessary for deep wet cleaning. Moreover, its 360-degree swivelling neck gives you easy access to areas under the furniture and other tough to reach corners.

The refillable spray floor cleaner mop comes with two microfiber cloths included. These clothes are machine washable and hence, reusable. Its metallic tube has a high quality built, and the liquid container is also PBS free. The mop weighs only a kilogram, so usage or movement will not be a trouble for any family member, even the elderly.

Key Features:

  • Works with all the cleaning solutions
  • Perfect sprays at any angle
  • A 360-degree swivelling neck

6. MEXERRIS Microfiber Mop Spray Mops for Floors Cleaning

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  • 【FLOOR CLEANER SPRAY MOP WITH 3 MICROFIBRE PADS】- MEXERRIS’s Microfibre Spray Mop makes cleaning quick, easy, and safe cleans your kitchen, hardwood, marble, tile, laminate, or ceramic floors. The spray mop heads can be used in two ways for dry o wet, push the trigger to activate the spray easy wet the mop. The spray floor mop can adsorb dust, paper pieces, hair meanwhile protect your wooden floor. 3 pads which can be used alternately.
  • 【FLAT MOP WITH 300ML CAPACITY BOTTLE】 - The microfibre spray flat mop includes a perfectly size reusable 300ml bottle, using more flexible with light weight body. The microfibre spray mop pad is 100% machine washable and reusable. The aluminum alloy pole construction of the floor spray mop is sturdy, reliable and durable.
  • 【CLEANING SPRAY MOP EASY AND QUICK TO USE】 - The mop spray cleaner is always ready for cleaning, with 100% reusable cleaning system that doesn’t require batteries o charging cable. The microfibre mop pads have millions of microscopic fibers that grab dirt, dust, hair, and moisture meanwhile reach deep into cracks to pick up more grime than flat disposables.
  • 【MOP SPRAY WITH 360°ROTARY MOP HEAD】 - 360°rotary mop head of the hard floor spray mop easily reach into the dark corners of sofas, bottoms, etc, do not need to bend over, bid farewell to mobile furniture. Our flat mop with spray can clean with simple water, or add any cleaning solution. Design your own cleaning plans.
  • 【SPRAY MOPS METALLIC HIGH QUALITY AFTER-SALE SERVICE】 - If you have any issues with our spray kitchen mop, simply write to us and we will contact you to solve it within 24 hours. Hope our floor spary mop can make you enjoy cleaning.


For easy and quick cleaning on all hard floors, you can try the mop spray cleaner from Mexerris. Whether it a wooden surface, tiles, or ceramic floor, the mop can be used as a duster and whenever you see a mark, its spray can be used for deep wet cleaning.

There is a trigger located beneath its handle so that you can choose the amount of mist required on a floor. All the dust particles, debris, pet hair and other stranded waste are captured in both methods.

The microfibre floor mop with spray includes a couple of washable and reusable microfiber cloths. Then, it has an aluminium alloy pole that remains stable and sturdy for a long time. Moreover, the attached cleaning head has a 360-degree swiveling neck for versatile cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Excellent customer support
  • Lightweight
  • Includes two microfibre cloths


7. ARSUK Trigger- Microfibre Flat Mop

Whether you want to clean hard floors, walls or windows, choose the Arsuk floor cleaner for better cleaning results. It comes with a soft microfibre cloth, which is expert is eliminating grease, dirt, and other debris from all flat surfaces. Apart from removing dust, the microfibre cloth also removes 99 per cent of the bacteria.

The spray floor mop has a metal tube and a durable built overall. It has a trigger system for spraying cleaning agents so that you can use the mist according to the requirements. A hook on the top of this cleaner makes it easy to hang it in a garden for natural drying.

The microfibre cloth is washable up to 100 times. It has a decent-sized liquid container that can be used for any cleaning solution. The complete unit can be divided into three parts, which allows you to store it securely.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for smooth surfaces
  • Improved microfiber cloth to pick fifty per cent more dirt
  • High quality built


8. Bona Mop Kit- Best Mop for Wood Floor

Bona spray floor mop kit is easy to use a cleaning solution that includes the brand’s wood floor cleaning solution and a replacement microfibre cloth. The mop keeps the dirt, stains, and allergens away from your wooden floors, giving you a clean and hygienic living area.

No need to carry a bucket of water or bend over to wipe the floor, you only have to press the trigger located on its handle for spray and start gliding the mop.

The mop has a 360-degree rotating cleaning head that gives you easy reach to all over the areas including edges, corners and furniture bases. Overall, it’s one of the best mops available in the UK market.

Key Features:

  • Useful mop kit for wooden floors
  • Includes a cleaning liquid cartridge and a microfiber cloth
  • 360-degree swivelling cleaning head for easy cleaning to all the areas


9. DRYZEM 360 Multi – Mop & Scraper

When it comes to optimum cleaning, Dryzem 360 Multi Top delivers the best. It gives you satisfactory results without touching dust particles or lugging around with buckets of water repeatedly. It has an innovative molecular atomized sprayer that eliminates any chances of liquid soaking into the floor, especially wooden surfaces.

Moreover, it has a 360-degree swivelling cleaning head that gives access to tight corners and edges.

The spray microfibre mop has a decent sized container where you can fill a cleaning solution of your choice. If you are an environment enthusiast, choose a homemade cleaning mix or look for natural biodegradable cleaning agents.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic handle with trigger for one-handed use
  • Suitable for all the floor types
  • Risk-free one-month guarantee


10. KCT 2 in 1 Red Spray Mop Floor and Window Cleaner

Had enough of that water-filled buckets and rags? Try these KCT floor spray mop kits for easy and efficient house cleaning. This mop is lightweight and has a top-notch trigger spraying system, so it is very to operate as well. All you have to do is push the trigger at the targeted area and move the mop.

The microfibre pad is washable, and you can use it numerous times. As it’s a microfiber mop, it automatically draws all the dirt from corners and crevices better than any other flat surface cleaning product. As it is valid on all hard floors including laminated, wooden, concrete, tile, vinyl or ceramic surfaces, you can invest in it for thorough cleaning of your house.

Key Features:

  • Inexpensive
  • Suitable for all hard floors
  • A comparatively bigger liquid container


How Does a Spray Mop Work?

A mop captures all the dry dust with its microfibre cleaning cloth. For sauce stains, wine marks or stubborn boot dirt, you can use its trigger spray to introduce some of the cleaning solutions on the targeted surface.

Once wet, the dust is soaked by the cleaning cloth. Once you are done, either wash the microfiber pad manually or machine wash it for future use.

Buying Guide: Things to Look When Choose Mop

After knowing the best microfibre spray floor mops available in the UK market, you should also consider some of the factors before buying one. We will share a buying guide with some of the significant suggestions from our experts.

Floor type: The first thing you should consider while buying a microfibre spray floor mop is the type of floor available in your house. If you have a water sensitive wooden, laminated or any delicate surface, you should invest in a spray cleaner that is suitable for such an area. For example, Dryzem 360 multi-mop has a molecular atomized sprayer that eliminates any chance of entering the liquid inside wooden surfaces.

Weight: Bending, turning around, and moving with a mop are different parts of house cleaning. It’s the reason why you should consider a lightweight mop. It should be also ergonomically designed to prevent any wrist stress after prolonged usage. Especially if you are purchasing one for hospital premises wherein regular cleaning is required.

Liquid container: As we have already discussed, all the microfibre spray mops come with a liquid bottle for cleaning solutions. If you are purchasing the mop for a school, office or medical institution, look for the maximum capacity.

Storage: Long handle and cleaning pad, a microfibre floor spray mop needs vertical space to stand. Several spray floor mops like Arsuk floor cleaner can be divided into several parts of the whole storage. Various models also come with a hanging clip. So, choose a microfibre spray floor mop according to the available storage area.

Included microfibre cloths: If you don’t want to spend time in the future to find replacement microfibre cloths, choose an option that already consists of some of them. For example, Bmoste floor cleaning included a couple of microfiber cloths.

Cleaning pad: If you have a large house or big area to maintain, choosing a floor mop with a substantial cleaning pad will be wise. Spray floor mops with smaller cleaning pad dimensions will take more passes to wipe out a vast floor, taking more time and energy. On the other hand, a cleaning tool with a pad at least 40 cm long and 14 cm wide will cover more surfaces in less time.

Cleaning movement: Many areas in a house need you to bend while cleaning. Even then, you cannot find some of the most extended corners under an even bed cum sofa. So, choose a mop that has free movement around all the angles, so that you can reach all the corners and edges without using any extra tool or removing the furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Put in a Spray Mop?

In 300 ml water mix ½ cup of white vinegar. You can also add your preferred essential oil up to five drops. For hardwood floors, use 1 cup rubbing alcohol with 300 ml of water. These are homemade cleaning mix. However, you can also purchase liquid cleaning solutions to use inside a spray floor mop.

How Do You Clean a Microfiber Mop?

Mix a gentle detergent in warm water and wash the dirty microfiber cloth. It should be appropriately rinsed before going inside a dryer. Treat as a delicate fabric for better cleaning results.

Can You Put Mop Heads in The Dryer?

Once a microfiber cloth is washed and rinsed, you can put it into a dryer. Dry it on low temperature because anything over 140 degrees can damage the microfibre.

How Do You Make Mopping Solution?

To remove the sticky fil film from the house floors, you can very well prepare a mopping solution. Take approx. 300 ml water, add 1/4 cup mild dish soap, 2 cups vinegar, and ¼ cup of lemon juice. Mix them a little and pour inside a spray floor mop. For wooden floors, use rubbing alcohol with water.

How Much Vinegar Do You Use to mop?

½ cup of white vinegar is sufficient for one-gallon water. Make sure you do not use vinegar on wooden floors.

What Is The Best Mop For Hardwood Floors?

There is nothing better than we have already discussed today. You only have to take care of the moisture. Spray as little as possible on wooden floors and never use excess water while mopping. If you want some recommendations, then Vileda 1-2 Spray, Bmoste floor cleaning tool, and Bona wood spray are the best options.

Does Vinegar Damage Hardwood Floors?

Using vinegar with water is a standard household cleaning solution. However, on the hardwood floors, it has negative impacts. Vinegar is an acid, and slowly it eats up the shine of natural woods, leaving them exhausted and dull.

Does Vinegar Kill Mould?

Being a dilute acid, Vinegar can kill up to 82 per cent of mould and even prevent its future growth. If you are only using against mould, do not dilute the liquid further. Use white vinegar directly with a spray floor mop.

Conclusion – What is the Best Spray Mop to Buy?

Be it any of the hard floors, we have already discussed the best mops for household cleaning. Whether it’s regular maintenance or removing the marks from any floors, these microfibre spray floor mops are built to keep the house floors free from dirt and dust. Moreover, you can also absorb wet liquid and remove the stain using the inbuilt pray.

Read the spray mop reviews and you can purchase any one of the above depending upon your requirements. However, choose any of the three options from the top including Vorfreude, Rovus or Vileda, and you will never feel disappointed.

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