Best Robot Vacuum Reviews (UK) 2024

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Are you looking for the best robot vacuum in the UK?

We are here to help. In today’s busy world, cleaning your home can be an arduous task.

However, if you can get the right tool for the task, you will achieve your cleaning goal without much stress.

We hereby review top robotic vacuum cleaners so that choosing the right product will not be a headache for you.

Best Robot Vacuum for 2024 Overall

Before we can discover the best robotic vacuum in the UK for 2024, we put so many things into consideration.

These include value for money, user-friendliness, astute navigation, first-class cleaning performance, ideal runtime, among others. We analysed many products and discovered the best ones you can put your money on.

iRobot i7156 Roomba i7

iRobot i7156 Roomba i7


The iRobot i7156 Roomba i7 is one of the best robot hoovers in the market right now.

It comes with smart mapping technology which ensures that every part of your home is cleaned.

You will love its 3-stage cleaning system and that is why debris, dirt and pet hair won’t have a hiding place.

The Design: The iRobot i7156 Roomba i7 is compactly designed so that it can reach difficult places like under the furniture and corners.

It is produced from plastic material and that is why it is a durable self-cleaning vacuum for the family. It also comes with an app which maps out your floor for effective cleaning.

How It Cleans: This automatic hoover has dirt detect sensor which discovers dirt and debris where they are concentrated. This sensor prompts the machine to clean areas with a high concentration of dirt thoroughly.

It navigates efficiently making use of the best patterns to get the best result for you. You can use Alexa and Google Assistant to control it, ensuring that every part of your home is covered.

Cleaning Performance: The iRobot i7156 Roomba i7 has a flawless cleaning performance sparing no dirt during its operation. It makes use of two-fold multi-surface rubber brushes to get the cleaning job done effectively.

With its powerful lifting suction, embedded pet hair, debris and dirt are pulled from their hiding places so that the best cleaning performance will be achieved.


  • Imprint smart mapping technology for proper planning of the cleaning process.
  • Hands-free manipulation with the aid of Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • 3-stage cleaning system for top performance.
  • Ten times airpower for maximum suction.
  • Compactly designed to reach every part of your home, even corners.


  • It can get stuck during operation.

Other Top Picks:

If the iRobot i7156 Roomba i7 is out of your price range here are a few options.

Eufy RoboVac 11

Eufy RoboVac 11This robotic vacuum comes with an anti-scratch tempered glass case which protects it from damage.

It conveniently evades obstacles, thanks to the infrared sensor and that is why it cleans without any hindrance.

Its battery can be charged automatically ensuring that there is no interruption during operations. With its drop-sensing technology, the Eufy RoboVac 11 cannot fall during operations.

iRobot Roomba 960

iRobot Roomba 960Another cleaning robot we endorse is the iRobot Roomba 960.

It is a powerful machine with 5x air power and 3-stage cleaning system for getting rid of pet hair, debris and dirt no matter where they are hiding.

With its dirt sensors, it can discover areas with concentrated dirt for thorough cleaning.


Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair

If you are a pet lover, you will certainly need a robotic hoover that works best in eliminating pet hair. After our thorough research, we can discover some products that will not disappoint you when it matters most.

Neato Robotics D750

Neato Robotics D750, Cleaner Premium Pack, Corner Cleaning Robot Vacuum with D-Shape + Exclusive Pet Accessories for Carpet and Hard Floors, App/Alexa Compatible, Silver

 out of stock


  • This Exclusive Package additionally includes: 1x ultimate pet brush, 2x filters, 1x cleaning tool, 1 side brush.
  • Pet hair, dust and allergens that linger in the home are first to go - the exclusive D-Shape design mimics corners of your home for a precise clean that round-shaped robotic vacuums simply can't do.
  • Protect valuable decor, pet bowls or heavy messes by creating "no-go" lines through the app which work as virtual boundaries so that the automatic vacuum knows what objects or areas to avoid.
  • Choose your clean - the Eco option gives a longer, quieter energy-saving clean while Turbo option provides a super-powered cleaning, with maximum hair pickup for a deeper clean.
  • Even with 120 minutes of run time per charge, Charge Time: Up to 150 minutes, the smart vacuum cleaner always goes back to its base to recharge if needed and picks up directly where it left off until the job is done


If you desire the best value robotic vacuum that will do a great cleaning job for you, you should try the Neato Robotics D750.

It has a battery life of 120 minutes, enabling adequate coverage of your entire house.

Its combo brush is exceptionally designed so that no pet hair will be spared during the cleaning process.

The Design: The Neato Robotics D750 has a D-shape design and that is why it can reach difficult to reach areas like corners easily.

There is also an advanced navigation technology which ensures that about 4600 square feet of space are covered in one cleaning cycle. With the 5 GHz Wi-Fi, you can control the activities of this self-driving vacuum with so much ease.

How It Cleans: This machine has a unique brush system with a combo brush that picks up pet hair from wherever it may be hiding.

You can specify No-Go lines so that your food area and pet’s bed will not be disturbed. It has a zone cleaning mechanism which enables you to target special areas for the most satisfactory result.

Cleaning Performance: The ultra-performance filter of this machine guarantees high cleaning performance at all times. It cleans deeper, ensuring that every dirt is completely eliminated.

It conveniently traps fine dust on carpets and textiles so that the best result will be achieved. The Quick Boost feature gives additional power to the robotic to handle tough jobs.


  •  Flexible to use with the Eco option for saving energy while the Turbo option takes care of hard jobs.
  • Two additional filters and a replacement brush for getting the best cleaning result.
  • D-shape design for reaching corners.
  • 120 minutes runtime after a single recharge guarantees adequate coverage.
  • Zone cleaning feature for easy targeting of difficult areas.


  • D-style body may interfere with its proper movement.

Other Top Picks:

If the Neato Robotics D750 doesn’t sound right for you here are a couple other options.

Neato Robotics Botvac D5

Another best robot hoover in the market right now is the Neato Robotics 945-0239.

It features a D-shape design and that is why it can reach corners without much stress during operations.

With its Precise LaserSmart Navigation technology, your home is methodically cleaned without jerking around unnecessarily. You can control it from your phone so that the most satisfactory result will be achieved.

iRobot Roomba 980

The iRobot ROOMBA980 makes use of a 3-stage cleaning system for thorough cleaning.

Its boost mode provides ten-times airpower for cleaning hidden dirt, especially on carpets.

With an auto-adjust cleaning head, various floor surfaces can be cleaned effectively including hardwood floor, carpets and so on. You will love its advanced dirt detect technology which ensures that very dirty areas are detected for thorough cleaning.


Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Getting the best robot hoover for your carpet requires adequate research so that you will be able to lay your hands on the best product.

We have made the selection process easier for you with our analysis of top cleaning robotic machines that will perfectly clean your carpets.

iRobot Roomba e5

iRobot Roomba e5


Robot vacuum reviews cannot be complete without mentioning the iRobot Roomba e5.

It features a 3-stage cleaning system which is perfect for getting rid of all types of dirt on your carpet.

With two-fold multi-surface rubber brushes, easy contact with hard floors and carpets is encouraged for perfect cleaning results.

The Design: The iRobot Roomba e5 comes with 3 buttons situated at its centre. The main button is at the centre and acts as the cleaning button as well as a power button. The left button is the home button while the right button is the spot clean button. The bottom of this machine has three wheels, two rubber brushes, battery, dustbin and one spinning brush.

How It Cleans: If you are very busy and don’t have enough time to monitor a vacuum that works by itself, you can count on the iRobot Roomba e5. You can schedule the machine to work on a daily or weekly basis. If you like, you can set a one-time schedule and you are good to go.

Cleaning Performance: Our research reveals that this machine can vacuum 99.9% of debris and dirt on carpets as well as a hardwood floor. We discovered that it works perfectly well for getting rid of all types of dirt, including cereal, kitty litter, sugar, fine dust, among others.


  • WiFi connectivity for easy manipulation from your phone.
  • Power-lifting suction guaranteeing 5 times pick up rate.
  • 3-stage cleaning mechanism for eliminating microscopic and non-microscopic dirt.
  • Adjustable two-fold rubber brushes for continuous contact with your carpet.
  • Wide range of sensors for effective navigation of your floor.


  • No recharge and resume capability.

Other Top Picks For Carpet:

If the iRobot Roomba e5 doesn’t sound right for you here are a couple other options carpet clening vacuum.

Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner [BoostIQ] RoboVac 30C

Our other top preference for carpet is the Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner [BoostIQ] RoboVac 30C.

It comes with 9 anti-collision sensors for uninterrupted cleaning at all times. Its 3-point cleaning mechanism is a plus and that is why no dirt is spared during the cleaning process.

With large wheels to move over your carpet and drop-sensing technology, this robot vac is your best bet for the most satisfactory result.

Dyson RB01 NB 360

When it comes to superior carpet cleaning for the most positive experience, you need to consider the Dyson RB01 NB 360.

With its strong V2 spin motor that runs at 78,000 revolutions per minute, high cleaning performance is guaranteed at all times.

You can easily schedule the cleaning time using your smartphone, if time is not on your side, with the aid of the Dyson Link App.


Best Budget Robot Vacuum

Have you read many robot vac reviews yet you are not able to get the best budget robot vacuum for your home? We’ve got you covered.

You don’t need to break the bank before using a robotic hoover in today’s world. We have carefully selected first-class products and the good news about them is that they will not create a hole in your pocket.

Eufy RoboVac 11

Eufy RoboVac 11


The Eufy RoboVac 11 is fortified with a lithium-ion battery that can last for up to 90 minutes.

Its 3-point cleaning system ensures that thorough cleaning is achieved even if the dirtiness is more pronounced.

You will love its anti-scratch tempered glass, drop-sensing technology and an infrared sensor for effective performance.

The Design : This robotic vacuum comes with a circular shape with tempered glass at the top. It is 3.1 inches tall with a diameter of 13 inches and that is why it remains one of the shortest cleaning robots in the market.

Also, you will find 11 infrared sensors on its front, a central rolling brush, two side brushes, a swivel wheel and a drop sensor making this machine perfect for all-round home cleaning.

How It Cleans: Before using this machine, you need to properly prepare the cleaning area so that high efficiency will be achieved. It doesn’t do area mapping, hence, you should be prepared to use it when you are around so that you can monitor its activities.

During its cleaning process, it turns off when there is an obstruction so as to preserve the battery runtime.

Cleaning Performance: The Eufy RoboVac 11 has a good suction power but gets stuck at times. You can use once daily because it battery takes too much time to charge up fully. It works for 90 minutes, cleaning every nook and cranny for the most satisfactory result.


  • Low profile design for easy reach of every corner.
  • Enough runtime to finish the whole house.
  • Can be manually controlled in addition to the remote control.
  • Large dustbin preventing frequent evacuations.
  • Infrared sensors for avoiding hindrances.


  • Requires adequate monitoring which is not time-saving for someone with a robot.

Other Top Picks For Best Budget:

If you want extra functionality check at the Roomba 671.

iRobot Roomba 671

The iRobot Roomba 671 features a 3-stage cleaning mechanism which ensures that large and small debris are eliminated.

It has a cleaning head that adjusts its height automatically so that the two-fold multi-surface brushes can have a proximate collision with various surface types.

Its dirt detects sensors are very effective for identifying very dirty areas for thorough cleaning.


The ECOVACS ROBOTICS N79S is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a runtime of 100 minutes.

It comes with 4 cleaning modes so that the perfect outcome will be realized. With its 3-stage cleaning mechanism, there is no hiding place for any dirt and debris in your home.

You will love its anti-collision and anti-drop sensors which help in guaranteeing high performance.


Best Robot Vacuum for Hardwood

It is not every robot vacuum that is perfect for hardwood and that is why we researched the best ones that can perform optimally.

We discovered that getting the right machine for your hardwood will go a long way in helping with its maintenance.

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S


This hardwood robotic hoover comes with multiple cleaning modes so that high performance will be achieved.

It has a triple-filter system for achieving an extremely clean home. With a runtime of 100 minutes, it gets the job done with just a single charge.

You will love its dust bin capacity of 60cl eliminating frequent evacuation.

The Design: The Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S is designed with an anti-scratch tempered glass-top so that it will be adequately protected from obstacles.

There is an infrared sensor which helps in avoiding stumbling blocks during operations. It is super slim and that is why it can reach difficult areas with ease.

How It Cleans: You can auto-schedule this robotic, eliminating the need for thorough monitoring. It makes use of drop-sensing technology and that is why it will not fall on stairs as well as edges.

It automatically gets back to the charging point when the battery is low so that all-round vacuuming is not compromised.

Cleaning Performance: This machine cleans perfectly without making too much noise.

It reaches underneath the furniture because of its slim profile guaranteeing high performance. It jerks up suction power in 1.5 seconds if additional suction is required for the most satisfactory result.


  • BoostIQ technology for enhanced performance.
  • 100 minutes of consistent suction.
  • Large wheels for easy movement around your home.
  • Super slim profile ensures that every hard-to-reach area is covered.
  • 3-point cleaning system for perfect cleaning.


  • Cannot be controlled with your smartphone.

Other Top Picks:

More recommendations robot vacuums that are near perfect on hardwoods.

iRobot Roomba 980 Review

The iRobot ROOMBA980 is another smart choice for your hardwood floors.

It makes use of iAdapt 2.0 navigation technology to reach everywhere in your home.

With a runtime of 120 minutes, this is certainly the right machine for effective cleaning jobs.

It has a low-profile design and that is why it reaches difficult areas, like underneath the furniture, with ease.

Neato Robotics Botvac D5

The Neato Robotics 945-0239 is D-shaped machine with CornerClever technology.

You can control it with your phone and locate it when there is a reason to do so.

With its Precise LaserSmart Navigation, your home is scanned and mapped for methodical cleaning.

It automatically returns to the charging point when low on battery and continues until the whole process is complete.


Best Robot Vacuum & Mop

Looking for a robot vac with a mopping function? You are not alone. We analysed various products before discovering the one that will give you the best result.

It guarantees a better user experience for a cleaner home at all times.

Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

The Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner makes use of synchronous sweeping and mopping systems so that the best cleaning result will be realized.

It can be controlled with your phone, thanks to the smart app which is also very essential for scheduling the cleaning job.

Powered by a 5200-mAh battery, this machine can work for 150 minutes without any interruption.

The Design: The Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner comes with a raised laser cover at the centre with physical buttons on top for on/off, spot cleaning as well as recharging.

It is 3.8 inches high and that is why it can easily manoeuvre through difficult areas. There is an indented portion close to the back of the machine which helps in holding the microfiber mop module.

How It Cleans: The Mi Home app mainly controls this machine with features for spot cleaning and general vacuuming.

There are five cleaning modes including Mop, MAX, Turbo, Balanced and Quiet. Also, zone cleaning can be carried out on areas with high traffic and you can also control this machine with the aid of the Amazon Alexa as well as Google Home.

Cleaning Performance: The Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner clean thoroughly in a back-and-forth snake sequence. It gets to edges, walls, around chair legs so that the most satisfactory outcome will be achieved.

It is not deterred by obstacles ensuring that every part of the house is properly cleaned. Its mopping performance is very encouraging for a 2-in-1 machine.


  • The sweeping system increases utilization of wind for perfect suction.
  • Mopping system ensures that water stain and streak are eliminated.
  • Anti-collision sensors for safe cleaning.
  • Advanced mapping capability for easy scheduling of tasks.
  • 150 minutes runtime prevents frequent recharging.


  • App is not intuitive enough.


More Recommended Robot Vacuum

Here are the 7 more recommended robot vacuum

1. iRobot Roomba 960

iRobot Roomba 960



The iRobot Roomba 960 is a robot vac that comes with great features for effective cleaning. It is an ideal product for you if you want an effortless way of cleaning your home in today’s busy world.

The Design: The iRobot Roomba 960 is designed with an auto-adjust cleaning head so that areas with too much dirt will be properly cleaned. It weighs 8.5 pounds and measures 13.8 by 3.6 inches making it ideal for reaching every part of your house.

There is a big clean button on top and you will also find the home as well as spot cleaning buttons. It has an embedded camera at the front which helps with navigation while a dust bin at the back.

How It Cleans: A pair of roller brushes beneath the machines lift debris for vacuuming. An activated side brush will sweep furniture legs, baseboards and along walls. Many sensors help in identifying areas with large debris for adequate attention.

It wheels ensure that it moves from one place to another without any hindrance. It can be controlled with iRobot Home app which is available for Android and iOS devices. Cleaning is initiated by pressing the clean button and you can use the app or Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa voice commands.

Cleaning Performance: The iRobot Roomba 960 makes use of 3 cleaning-pass settings to achieve the best cleaning performance. The one-cleaning pass ensures that a single pass is carried out over the whole area.

Two-cleaning pass gives you double pass and this is ideal for homes with pets. The automatic cleaning pass leaves the robot to decide the number of passes that will produce the best result.

Short Key Features: This robotic hoover features a 3-stage cleaning system and that is why no dirt is spared no matter where it is hiding. With i-adapt 2.0 visual localization technology, you can select items and rooms you don’t want the machine to come in contact with.


2. iRobot i7156 Roomba

iRobot i7156 Roomba



If you want a robot hoover that delivers according to specifications, you should consider the iRobot i7156 Roomba. It is included in our list because of its unique features and exceptional ability.

The Design: The iRobot i7156 Roomba is designed with a plastic material for high-level durability. With a dimension of 35 by 35 by 9.1 centimetres, it is a perfect machine for nearly every home.

It comes with dirt detect sensors making it easy to identify trouble spots for painstaking treatment. You will love its compact design and that is why it can reach difficult areas with ease.

How It Cleans: This machine makes use of smart mapping technology for well-organized cleaning. You can schedule the cleaning job so that you will be able to accomplish your goals without much stress.

It makes use of a 3-stage cleaning mechanism using two-fold multi-surface rubber brushes to eliminate dirt.

Cleaning Performance: The 10X powerlifting suction of this machine helps in delivering the best cleaning performance. It produces enough airpower which ensures that all debris, dirt and pet hair are suctioned without any compromise. The 3-stage cleaning system also helps in achieving high performance.

Short Key Features: The iRobot i7156 Roomba is fortified with voice command through Alexa or Google Assistant, making the control of the robot a stroll in the park.

It dirt detect sensors are essential for recognizing areas with too much dirt so that the robot can clean the areas thoroughly. Its lightweight design is a plus and that is why you can move it from one place to another with ease.


3. iRobot Roomba 671

iRobot Roomba 671



We also recommend the iRobot Roomba 671 which is a perfect robot hoover for all homes. It cleans perfectly well without the need for you to do any hard work during the cleaning process.

The Design: This machine comes with an auto-adjust cleaning head and two-fold multi-surface brushes perfect for cleaning various types of floors, including hard floors and carpets.

Its iAdapt responsive navigation technology is a plus and that is why it can reach everywhere in your home for a perfect cleaning. Its compact design enables it to reach difficult areas like under the furniture with ease.

How It Cleans: The iRobot Roomba 671 makes use of a 3-stage cleaning mechanism to effectively clean your home. The roller brushes beneath the machine lift up dirt and get it prepared for vacuuming.

The AeroVac filter ensures that all debris and pet hair are captured without any leftovers. You can manage the cleaning process with the aid of the iRobot Home App giving you a perfect clean without much effort.

Cleaning Performance: According to our research, this robot vac works perfectly well for getting rid of dirt on areas with high traffic in the home, thanks to its dirt detect technology.

Its suction power is unique ensuring that no dirt is spared during operations. You will love its 3-stage cleaning mechanism which boosted the cleaning performance for a nice looking home.

Short Key Features: The iRobot Roomba 671 has a virtual wall mode which helps in keeping it in the rooms you want it to clean and away from the ones you don’t.

Also, it has a Halo mode which prevents it from having contact with certain items that requires special protection.


4. Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner (RoboVac 30C)

Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner



If you desire the best robot cleaning without breaking the bank, you need the Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This machine is carefully produced to deliver by its specifications.

The Design: The Eufy Robot vacuum cleaner has a super slim design and that is why it can get to difficult areas without too much stress.

There are 9 anti-collision infrared sensors which prevent clashing with obstacles. You will love its cutting-edge brushless motor which ensures that vacuuming noise is drastically reduced.

How It Cleans: These robot hoover works has many cleaning modes with the possibility of scheduling the job while sitting back to watch.

With its 3-point cleaning system, all dirt and debris are loosened and suctioned for a perfect clean. Its large wheels can quickly move on carpets as well as door ledges making sure that cleaning is carried out with utmost perfection.

Cleaning Performance: The performance of this machine is exceptional. It cleans absolutely without making so much noise. Its sucks up dust and dirt with 1500Pa of suction guaranteeing the best cleaning performance. With an amazingly slim profile, it can reach difficult areas with ease for effective cleaning result at all times.

Short Key Features: The Eufy Robot hoover is a powerful machine that can boast of 100 minutes of runtime after a single charge.

You will love its drop-sensing technology which does not allow it to fall from stairs and ledges. There are dual-hall sensors which keep the machine within borders. A large dustbin of 0.6 litres is a plus and that is why you don’t have to worry about frequent evacuations.

5. Neato Robotics 945-0239

Neato Robotics 945-0239



The Neato Robotics 945-0239 made to our list of best robot vacuums in the UK. It is an ideal product for you if you want to get it right in terms of robotic cleaning.

The Design: The Neato Robotics 945-0239 is produced with a steel of high quality with a D-shape design and that is why its durability, as well as high performance, cannot be questioned.

Measuring 33.6 by 31.9 by 10 centimetres, this machine has the capacity of reaching everywhere in your house with ease. You will also find the ultra-performance filter, side and combo brushes making it the perfect machine for all cleaning jobs.

How It Cleans: This machine makes use of cutting-edge laser floor mapping so that precision cleaning can be enhanced.

Its innovative SpinFlow technology ensures that precision brushes are combined with powerful suction to get rid of unwanted dirt, debris and pet hair. It returns to the charging base when low on battery and resumes immediately to complete the job.

Cleaning Performance: The performance of this robotic hoover is amazing. Deeper cleaning is achieved with the help of its combo brush while the ultra-performance filter ensures every pet hair, as well as dirt, is trapped.

Its D-shape helps in reaching corners for the most effective cleaning. Precise LaserSmart Navigation helps in making the cleaning methodical through scanning and mapping of the entire process.

Short Key Features: The Neato Robotics 945-0239 comes with an extra-large bin preventing frequent bin evacuations.

It can be controlled with the Neato app so that you don’t go through much stress while the robot is working. The app also enables you to schedule cleaning for the robots and this will simplify the cleaning process of your home.


6. Dyson RB01 NB 360

Dyson RB01 NB 360



Dyson is a popular name in the world of vacuum cleaners and its presence is also felt in the robotic vacuum world. The Dyson RB01 NB 360 made our list of top robot hoovers and the reason for this is not far-fetched.

The Design: This machine is designed with a full-width brush bar so that eliminating debris will be a child’s play. It comes with a V2 digital motor which makes it work at high suction.

There are nylon bristles which guarantee effective dirt removal by driving deep into the fibres of carpets. It is also fitted with carbon fibre filaments which help in getting rid of fine particles on hard floors.

How It Cleans: Its V2 digital motor spins at 78,000 RPM ensuring that every dirt is completely picked. The nylon bristles work deep down into the carpet fibres for the purpose of dirt removal.

Fine dust on hard floors is not left out, thanks to the carbon fibre filaments which take care of them. It cleans for 45 minutes if it is on max mode.

Cleaning Performance: Its 360-degree vision system helps in getting the best cleaning performance. Everywhere is cleaned with powerful suction that leaves no leftovers.

You can even schedule the cleaning time with your smartphone using the Dyson Link App. The HEPA filter also helps to clean air during and after cleaning.

Short Key Features: The Dyson RB01 NB 360 is powered by a V2 motor of 160 Watts with a spinning rate of 78,000 revolutions per minute.

It has a bin capacity of 0.33 litre with a runtime of 45 minutes when on max mode. With a noise level standing at 78dB, you can be sure of noiseless cleaning operations at all times.




Robot vacuum reviews cannot be complete without referring to the ECOVACS ROBOTICS N79S. It is a perfect machine for cleaning your home especially if you don’t have too much time to spare.

The Design: This machine is designed with a plastic material giving it lightweight for easy movement from one place to another.

It has a V-shaped main brush and that is why it can deep clean without much hassle. With a high-efficiency filter, airborne triggers are reduced during operation.

How It Cleans: The ECOVACS ROBOTICS N79S makes use of three cleaning modes – auto, edge and spot modes. The auto mode is used for general cleaning while the edge works best for certain edges. If you want to go on an intensive cleaning, you will need to put it on spot cleaning mode.

Cleaning Performance: According to our research, this robotic vacuum performs very well on carpets, cleaning deep into the fibres. The battery runs for 120 minutes after a full charge ensuring that everywhere is cleaned before low battery crops up.

Short Key Features: The ECOVACS ROBOTICS N79S comes with smart app and voice controls enabling you to make use of Alexa or Google Home Voice prompt to give orders to the machine.

You can also make use of the ECOVACS app for the purpose of scheduling and customizing the cleaning operations. Its anti-collision and anti-drop sensors help in ensuring that the best cleaning result is achieved.

Robotic Vacuum Buying Guide

Sales figures for robot vacuums are at rage; not surprising. It’s easy to guess; because none of us likes the loathed task of housecleaning, which involves dusting and pushing and pulling a heavy upright vacuum.

Robot vacuums, on the other hand, are free from cables or hoses and needs a little intervention from you. You can use a remote or smartphone app to run and control vacuums, which can tackle almost all the household waste, including pet hair.

High-end automatic vacuums can also be programmed to wake up and start cleaning without any manual interference. We have prepared a buying guide for individuals looking for one of the best robotic hoovers for residential cleaning. Let’s start with quick tips.

Budget: You can get a vacuum at as low as £25, and the price goes more than £8, 000. If the price is different than there must be changes in the built quality, suction power and features. So, decide a budget, so that you can filter your options accordingly.

Cleaning area: Hard surface, carpets or mixed floor types? What is the kind of floor in your house? Depending upon the same you should choose an option.

Pet-friendly: If you have pets, then you should look for a robot hoover that can draw animal fur.

Mobile apps: Some of the vacuums can be added to smartphone apps from where they can be controlled. If you need this feature, then find options that has a wireless interface and can work with smartphone applications.

Suction power: Like design and features, the suction strength of robotic vacuums differs according to the brand, model and price. If you are living on carpeted floors, choose a powerful hoover that can draw all the debris and dirt.

Runtime: The runtime of robot vacuums depends upon the battery, motor and the power settings you are using to clean. If you have a big house, battery backup plays a vital role while cleaning.

Why Do You Need a Robot Vacuum?

Robot vacuums are small, efficient and available from different price categories. If you have a small house or flat, then a robot vacuum can give you a simple cleaning solution.

For big houses, you can invest in a robot hoover, so that it can work in conjugation with other uprights to keep your home as clean as possible depending upon the requirements.

If you need more reasons to invest in a robot vacuum, read on.

Not much manual operation required: A vacuum never puts a strain on your or the situation. You have only to turn it on, and a robot vacuum will start cleaning according to the instructions.

If you are ill, recovering from an injury or cannot move, then a robot vacuum is a useful house cleaning solution. Even if you are not suffering from any trouble, but you don’t have enough time to pick up an upright or canister and clean the floor manually; you can opt for an automatic hoover.

Automatic adjustment according to the floor type: Robot vacuums are equipped with sensors that detect the change in cleaning surface and adjusts the settings accordingly. When you have a robotic vacuum, you don’t have to think about the floors types, leave it powered on and the area will be cleaned automatically.

Self-charging ability: No need to manually plug in a vacuum to a dock or electric outlet. Once its battery is low, the hoover will automatically return to its dock and will be charged for the next cleaning situation. A robot vac also returns to its charging station once the assigned task is completed.

Can clean the house in your absence: Robotic hoovers can be instructed to clean the house anytime, even in your absence. This feature can be helpful while you are on vacations or coming back from a long day of work.

Low maintenance: When compared to upright or canister vacuums, robotic cleaners need minimal maintenance. Empty the dust canister regularly and keep the filters clean. These are simple steps to maintain a healthy vacuum for long.

Factors to Consider While Looking For a Robot Vacuum

That brings us to the section where we will discuss some of the considerations while you look for a robot vacuum

Size of the house. Robotic vacuums are designed according to the cleaning area. If you have a big house, then invest in a cleaner that can cover the entire house. Example, ILIFE V3S Pro is only suitable for small flats and office. On the other hand, a high-end Roomba i7 can take care of an area up to 2000 square feet. So, pick an option that suits the size of your house.

Dimensions of the vacuum: Height and width of a robot hoover matter because of several reasons. First, it will determine whether it can get into the low profile furniture. Example, Eufy Boost IQ is 12 cm tall while Bagotte BG600 has a height of 8 cm. You will find many variations while browsing for robot vacuums. So, choose according to the existing pieces of furniture in your house.

Second, a vacuum with a bigger diameter generally means that it has a bigger dust capacity. Such vacuums don’t use replaceable bags, so you will need a decent dust carrying ability to continue cleaning for a long time.

Floor-type: Robotic vacuums can clean both carpets and hard floors, but some are better at cleaning rugs while several other options offer unmatched flat surface cleaning. Example, Coredy vacuum cleaner gives efficient cleaning on both carpets and hardwoods.

However, if you only want to maintain flat surfaces like wooden, vinyl, or tiles, you can invest in a cost-effective option like ILIFE V3S. If you’re going to clean bathroom or kitchen tiles, you can try iRobot Braava Jet 240, which is built to dust as well as mop a flat surface.

Pets. We are thankful that there are several vacuums available in the UK market that can quickly draw animal fur. Example, Coredy robot hoover and Annew robot vac pick up all animal hair and other stranded dust to give you a clean house. A new vacuum also comes with HEPA filters that trap and contains all the dust particles as well as allergens.

Wi-fi connectivity: Robot vacuums with the wireless interface can be controlled via a smartphone app, remote control or both. If a vacuum has Wi-Fi connectivity, means it can also be synced with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for voice commands.

The price of a wireless vacuum can be comparatively high. But, if you want a cleaner that can take care of the floors even if you are not around, you might spend on one of those: example, iRobot Roomba 671, which wireless as well as voice control via Alexa.

Runtime: Robot vacuums run on a battery, which needs to be recharged. Any decent vacuum has a runtime of up to sixty minutes that is sufficient to clean a small or medium-sized house. If you have a big house, then you might need approximately two hours of battery backup.

Apart from the runtime, look for automatic resume wherein once discharged a robot hoover should return to its charging station. Once charged, it would resume for the place the vacuum left off.

Dust capacity: We are talking about robotic vacuums. Still, their dust bins have to be emptied manually, except iRobot i7 plus. For small or medium-sized houses, you don’t have to throw out the waste while cleaning repeatedly. However, if you have a big house, then consider a robot vacuum with high dust carrying ability.

Budget: Robot vacuums are available from various price categories. You can spend more for some extra features and added comfort as well as convenience. Let’s talk about the quality and features that you will get under different price ranges.

Up to £200: Low to mid-range robot vacuums that gives you a long runtime, decent dust carrying ability and low profile dimensions to get under furniture pieces.

You will save a few bucks here, but you should forget the features like wireless connectivity, control via mobile apps and a smooth navigation. One of the best robot hoovers under this price range is ILIFE V5S Pro, that has a price tag of under £200, but maintains the house floors in a significant way.

Up to £500: Love the idea of wireless connectivity? Then you have to pay some extra amount on a robot vacuum, which is fast, efficient and has sophisticated navigation.

Automatic cleaning machines like iRobot Roomba 960 does not only comes with a Wi-Fi interface but also cleans your house in less time without making much noise. You can connect it to mobile apps and instruct the robot vac to clean the house through the same.

Up to £1000: If you need deep cleaning over carpets for animal fur, large dust bin, and many other features, then you have to pay for them.

Example, iRobot Roomba i7 or Neato robotics D750 includes all the house cleaning features that you can expect from robotic vacuums. Power saving as well as quiet operation and longer runtime. Moreover, these vacuums are resumed the cleaning session where they left off due to low battery.

Robot vacuums at this price range generally include HEPA filtration that contains and traps the allergens inside the dust canister for a clean and hygienic environment.

Are Expensive, Vacuums Worth It?

Not always, but some of the robot vacuums are worth a high price tag. However, we have seen several affordable variants that perform better than their expensive counterparts.

For residential purpose, you can get an efficient robot vacuum within £200. If you need pet hair cleaning and wireless interface, they you can spend anywhere up to £400 or £500.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Robot Vacuums Good on Carpet?

Vacuums struggle while cleaning carets, especially with long fibres. So, if you need a robotic vacuum for carpeted floors, look for a variant that clearly states that its good on the carpets. Example, the Coredy vac and iRobot Roomba 981 works effectively on carpets as well as flat surfaces.

How Long Do Robot Vacuums Last?

With proper maintenance, a vacuum can last up to six years. Appropriate maintenance means, you have to empty its dust canister regularly, replace the battery after every two years, and filters after three to six months.

How Often Should You Use a Robot Vacuum?

That depends upon the house, family members and pets. If you have a small apartment and you live alone, then once every day will be fine enough to keep the living area clean. On the other hand, if you have kids or pets in the family, then the robot vac has to work twice every day.

Can Robot Vacuums Clean Multiple Rooms?

Vacuums have no trouble cleaning multiple rooms. However, it’s necessary that a robot vacuum can automatically attach itself to the charging dock one it has a low charge. This feature is useful if you have a large house. Example, iRobot Roomba 981 and Neato Robotics D7 are the best options if you are considered about maintaining multiple rooms.

Can Robot Vacuums Clean Corners?

Yes, there are brushes to reach the triangle. However, the cleaning efficiency also depends upon the shape of a robot vacuum. Example, Neato Robotics D7 can reach the corners in a better way when compared to spherical variants.

Can Robot Vacuums Clean In The Dark?

Yes, robot vacuums can clean dark areas. It doesn’t matter for a robotic vacuum whether the cleaning area of dark or lightened, it never looks on the dust while cleaning.

Which Robot Vacuum Has The Best Suction?

We have tested various robot vacuums, and after checking the results can state that the iRobot Roomba series has the best suction, especially Roomba 981. With powerful suction, these robot vacuums give you a convenient cleaning solution because of wireless connectivity and app control feature.

Summary: Best Robot Vacuum Overall

If you desire the best robot vacuum UK, iRobot Roomba is our top pick. Though there are some other options in our review depending on your needs.

We have analysed many top products and believe that any one of them will give you the most satisfactory result, especially in today’s busy world. With our thorough research and investigations, we hope you will be able to choose a product that will meet your expectations.

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