What is The Best Floor Steam Cleaner To Buy UK

Steam vacuums are gaining popularity as an alternative to chemical cleaning that can harm your body as well as the environment. A steam cleaner uses only water to give you a throughout clean and hygienic house.

It’s the reason why we are presenting a buying guide for steam vacuums wherein we will discuss the different types, budgets and other factors you should consider while purchasing a steam-based vacuum cleaner.

You might think, what else should I look into a steam vacuum apart from the types? Let’s discuss some of those factors that can make a real difference.

a. Dimensions: Whether it’s a mop, handheld or canister vacuum, steam cleaners come in a variety of sizes and weights. Make sure you check both of these measurements so that you can have an idea of whether you will be able to carry or push it. On top of that, the size will decide the storage place. So, we must have enough storage for the cleaning machine.

Think before you invest, do you need a portable steamer? Or a full-fledged steam vacuum that will stay only for residential cleaning? Depending upon the same; make your choice.

b. Power: Next important factor to consider is the time it takes to get ready: the boiling time. A less powerful boiling motor will take extra time to prepare the vacuum for action. On the other hand, a robust engine can generate a usable call from the cleaning head anytime soon.

So, look for a powerful motor, especially if you have a large area to clean. Because a weak steam vacuum can even overheat if you try to take extra work.

c. Water tank capacity: The water-carrying ability of a steam vacuum decides the time that you will spend on refilling. Small handhelds come with a little water tank, which is obvious. Steam mops have comparatively bigger water tanks. The two variants that excel in terms of water tanks are; cylinder and vapour.

A cylinder or vapour steam vacuum with a bigger water tank will take extra time to heat. On the other hand, handhelds and steam floor mops are ready within minutes. So, think about what you need and choose a vacuum from the given types.

d. Pressure and temperature: High pressure means powerful steam that works very fast to dissolve dirt, grime and stains. With strength, you should also check for the heat of the steam. Vacuums working at high temperatures produce dryer steam to provide better sanitization. This means it will kill more contaminants and provide deep cleaning. Ultimately, better in terms of cleaning performance.

The next big thing in terms of pressure and temperature is consistency; the ability to maintain the same power. If a steam vacuum is inconsistent, you will not like the cleaning results. You might think that a steam vacuum with high pressure and temperature is expensive. But, if you need a deep cleaning and clean house, then you can bear the cost.

Variable speed control for pressure and temperature is the best possible solution. If you can adjust these two, you can use the steamer on delicate floors or objects as well.

e. Power cable: If you are looking for a corded vacuum, then this will matter a lot. For large areas, you need a long power cable, so that you do not have to change the power outlet repeatedly. On the other hand, if you need a cordless steamer, then you should look for its runtime and battery power.

f. Accessories: Several steamers come with a regular cleaning floor head, so you would like to have some accessories wherein you can use to clean other areas and materials.

For example, you will need a concentrated nozzle to clean the ground and corners. Similarly, a squeegee will be used to clean windows and a brush to surfaces that need some scrubbing. Look for such attachments in your steamer. It will be a bonus if you see a steam vacuum with onboard storage for all the accessories.

g. Sound level: Steam vacuums produce low noise if compared to regular cleaners. However, they are not silent, and some of them can be very loud, especially cylinder and commercial steam vacuums.

If you are concerned about the sound levels, then check the Decibels while you browse steam vacuums. Low dB (Decibel), means a product will make less noise. In our case, the product is a steam vacuum.

h. Ease of use: Weight is not the only deciding factor when you think about convenient usage. Also, check for a comfortable grip and controls located near the hands. A long hose will be a great addition if you are after a cylinder steamer.

i. Budget: We have already discussed all the types of steam vacuums. So, the price will vary according to the category you choose. Then, the price will also vary depending on the brand and included features. Handhelds are affordable, but they are only suitable for cleaning small areas and objects. Steam floor mops are also a cost-effective purchase.

However, if you choose to purchase a vapour or miele cylinder vacuum, be ready to invest a higher amount. These two are suitable for large areas and will save you a lot of other cleaning products.

j. Convertible models: Several models work as a mop as well as a handheld. You have to convert them into a handheld mode. Look for such products, so that you can clean the floor using the conventional method and to clean small areas or objects, you can use the portable mode.

k. Automatic shut off: Several cleaners power off automatically when left unattended for a particular duration. Such variants save electricity, clean surface and are responsible for low noise pollution. Invest in a model that has such a feature.

l. Size of the floor head: If you are looking for a mop, you would like a bigger cleaning head that can finish the floor wiping quickly. The same goes for the cylinder or vapour vacuums, look for a bigger floor head for fast cleaning.

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