Robot Mop Buying Guide

Are Robot Mops Any Good?

Robotic mops are efficient in the maintenance of house floors and can tackle fresh spills. Robotic mopping devices are still under development.

It’s the reason a robot mop can keep the levels clean, but when it comes to a stubborn set of stains, you might need some manual scrubbing.

iRobot Braava Jet 240

Another robotic mop that ranks head to head in terms of value for money and cleaning performance is iRobot Braava Jet240. Jet240 is an affordable robot mop suitable for small areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

It has a jet spray that takes care of accumulated dust and old stains. Using i-adapt 2. 0 Navigation, the floor mopping robot remembers the cleaning area as well. It automatically avoids carpets, rugs stairs and other drop-offs. The mop can be purchased with either disposable or machine-washable multiple-use cleaning pads.

Jet 240 covers an area of up to 25 m2 in dry mode, while it’s only up to 20 m2 during mopping. The mop has a smooth design with only one button on the top. Start, stop and virtual barrier settings can be controlled from the same.

You will find a folding handle that helps while filling the tank of this mop. The water tank hole and cleaning pad ejector are located beneath its handle. Overall, Jet 240 is a suitable purchase if you have to clean a small area.

What is the best floor-mopping robot?

Don’t have the time right now to check all the options? iRobot Braava 390T is a high-end floor-mopping robot that has got maximum marks from our experts.

Whether it’s dry sweeping or mopping, 390T is the best robot vacuum and mop available in the UK market.

How Do Robot Mops Work?

All the robot mops have similar functionality. You have to fill its tank with freshwater and press the start button or use the app or remote to initiate the cleaning session. There is a microfiber pad, which wipes and cleans the floor. The robot mop keeps the pad wet using the water from its inbuilt reservoir.

After completing the cleaning task or running low on battery, a cheap robot vacuum will automatically return to its charging station.. However, the self-recharge feature depends upon the model. This is a simple explanation of how a robot mop works.

Apart from regular mops, there are robot vacuums cum mops. Such a device has an added advantage: the ability to draw dirt and pet hair via suction strength: for example, Roborock S5.

If we talk about navigation, a robot vacuum uses a specific cleaning movement to go through a particular area for the initial few days. Once it creates a map or remembers the obstacles, it will avoid the regular furniture pieces and other objects placed on the ground level.

To Hybrid or Not to Hybrid?

Robot mops have several standard features; a water tank or reservoir that can be filled with water or a cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth that mops the floor. Sensors are the third common component, which helps mops to move around the furniture and other obstacles.

In terms of functionality, robot vacuums are divided into two categories: primary or single-purpose and hybrid. Essential mops like iRobot Braava Jet 240 can only sweep an area before it starts mopping. This means it will collect all the dust and dirt in a removable microfiber pad, not in a dust canister.

On the other hand, hybrid mops can mop as well as vacuum. For example, Roborock S5 does the vacuuming as well as also works as a mop. It’s not necessary, but hybrid models are generally more expensive than their essential counterparts. With the price, you also get some extra features like wireless connectivity and voice control using Google Home or Alexa.

Should You Throw Out Your Swiffer?

Swiffer sweeper pads, dusters, and mop kits last way longer than you think and it assists you a lot. Their mops are useful when there is some accumulated stain, which might need some manual scrubbing.

But whatever you do, you have to do everything manually with a Swiffer. So, do not throw out your Swiffer, store it safely and use it when it’s essential.

What To Consider When Buying Robot Vacuum and Mop

Cleaning Functions: A robot mop is not only limited to floor mopping nowadays. Depending on your requirements, you can purchase a mop with added features. Roborock S5 is a robotic mop that also works like a vacuum.

Similarly, W400 Shinebot is a robotic mop that also scrubs the floor for excellent cleaning results. So, browse the options we mentioned above and choose one according to the cleaning functions you need.

Floor Types: Robot mops can clean most flat surfaces and carpets. However, the efficiency differs. Some of the mops can give you excellent cleaning results on hard floors, but they struggle on mats.

So, if you have mixed floorings, then you should consider a robotic mop that can maintain both flat surfaces as well as carpets.

Coverage Area: How much floor space a mop can clean after one full charge? If you have a big house or a large office, you should keep a check on the coverage area as well.

For example, Braava 390T can mop an area of up to 33m2 while it can vacuum an area of up to 92 m2. You will find the coverage area in the description of a robot mop.

Runtime: The duration for which a robot mop cleans continuously on the power supplied by its battery is called runtime. High battery backup, means a robot mop will be able to clean a more significant area. The runtime also varies depending on the functions you are using. In the mopping mode, the runtime will be comparatively less than if you are using the device like a vacuum.

The charging time of a mop is also essential. It is the duration where you have to wait for the robot vacuum to get juiced.

Warranty: Robot mops comprise many internal moving parts, so you have to make sure it has decent coverage. Moreover, a robot mop uses water to clean the floors, wherein any of the components might fail due to moisture, even if you are taking good care of the robot mop.

However, if you have a warranty, you can be assured that a certified technician will replace the broken or default parts.

Extra Features: Robot mops has some additional features that can make house cleaning even more convenient.

  • One of the most exciting features of a robotic mop is its wireless interface, which allows you to control it through a smartphone app. This feature will enable you to clean your room without your presence.
  • Another convenient feature is self-recharge. A robot mop with self-recharge can automatically find its charging dock once it’s low on battery or completed the given cleaning task.
  • Quick charging time is another feature that you should check. If you have a large house and you want to clean it for a limited period; quick charging will be useful. Don’t want to wait for the robotic mop for a long time? Look for a model that charges fast.
  • Scheduled cleaning is a feature wherein a robot mop can automatically clean an area. You only have to pick the time, and the device will complete the assigned cleaning task at the same time without your interference.
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