Best Handheld Vacuum For Stairs UK

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After receiving lots of online requests, today we will talk about the best handheld vacuum for stairs that you can purchase in the UK.

Apart from that, we have listed also nine other highly rated vacuums in 2024 that excel at stair cleaning jobs.

Whether you want a device to deal with carpeted stairs or hard steps, we have covered them all.

Our Top 3 Handheld Stairs Vacuums 2024

I. Gtech Multi MK2 (At Amazon)

A versatile vacuum that comes with a wide range of attachments, which makes it suitable for stairs and quick cleanups. Gives you access to areas that you cannot clean with traditional techniques.

Our experts picked it as a top contender as its effect on all the surfaces and quickly draws all the dirt including animal fur.

II. Dyson V6 (At Amazon)

We are pleased to introduce you to the powerful V6 with an array of brilliant features and useful tools.

Lightweight and easy to use, the Dyson vacuum provides efficient suction for desired results on both carpeted and hard steps.


Lightweight and sturdy, the handheld from Black & Decker is another perfect option to clean stairs.

Cost effective, this one can be easily used as a secondary vacuum for quick cleanups. Devoted and dedicated to your stairs, it brings the best out of them.

Top 9 Handheld Vacuum For Stairs Reviews

Here are our 9 handheld vacuum for stairs UK in 2023

1. Gtech Multi MK2 – Handheld Stair Vacuum

Gtech Multi MK2 K9



The lightweight handheld from Gtech comes with 22V lithium-ion battery and a decent runtime. Its charging time is four hours. More on the better side; comes included with a crevice tool, 40 cm extendable hose and dusting brush suitable for stairs, car upholstery and other quick cleanups. It also has a motorized brush that is more helpful in removing pet hair.

Made of high-quality materials, MK2 has a modern style that includes grey, black and some hints of green. Its ergonomically designed handle fits well in your hand, and the power button is well within reach. You might prefer a trigger-based cleaning mechanism, but an on/off switch results in less fatigue. The stairs hoover also possesses an LED headlight that comes handy when it’s dark.

MK2 is a practical tool that comes with onboard storage for dusting brush and crevice tool. It does not have a charging dock, but you can remove the battery while it’s charging. There are four LED lights above the handle that keeps you informed about the battery levels and also let you know once it’s fully charged.

The transparent dirt receptacle of the portable vacuum can be taken out quickly. By flipping a latch, you can release all the dust and get back to your cleaning session. Its sponge filter also comes out with the dirt box. We suggest you clean the filter regularly to maintain constant suction power and efficiency.

Overall, MK2 is easy to use a device that performs well on steps, cars, furniture and other small materials or area. If you face difficulty while using the hoover or any of its included attachments, you can consult the instructions that are easy to follow and rings the best out of this machine.


2. Dyson V6

Dyson V6



V6 is an excellent Dyson handheld. Why? Because it’s lightweight and you can easily manoeuvre it over the stairs. Ergonomically designed, it fits perfectly in your palm and spreads the weight.

Point and shoot cleaning, durable suction power and ease of use are the other features that drive Dyson V6 to trigger to this list and answers why it’s one of the bets Dysons.

Many other handhelds utilize cyclone technology to draw dust and debris, but V6 is the only finalist. Emptying the dust canister is the dirtiest part of a cleaning process. It’s the reason why Dyson integrated one-touch release of dirt and debris in this hand held.

Motor, suction power and runtime are three essential parts of a vacuum. Juiced by a digital engine and Lithium-ion battery, this Dyson vacuum is robust and works faster to complete the cleaning task. All thanks to its two-tier cyclone mechanism, V6 picks all the smallest particles from the steps, including pet hair.

Its cyclone suction uses 15 levels of cyclones to produce a centrifugal force that creates a powerful upward air suction to trap every micro-particle that comes in its way. Its digital motor running at 110, 000 RPM is the power behind everything the handheld does.

The charging time of the stairs cleaner is 3.5 hours, which results in a backup of 30 minutes. As the device uses a Lithium-ion battery, it provides fade-free suction.

You might notice a specific drop after 90 per cent of usage, but it will be minutes away from a dead battery. As you see, V6 excels in all the three departments; it has a powerful motor, high suction and sufficient battery backup.






Lightweight and powerful, PD1820-GB by Black+Decker is another handheld that’s is an idle device to clean the stairs. It’s an affordable option and has a comparatively lower price tag than the top two contenders.

So, who don’t you dedicate this cordless hoover for stairs and for small cleanups like stairs, furniture and vehicles and let your frontline vacuum do the real house cleaning?

PD1820-GB has a unique built, which looks like a snail when idle because its 1.5-meter hose rests by wrapping around its main body. And it appears similar to a snake when at work.

Check the images and you will know it. Due to such decent length, its tube useful to clean small areas like steps. As it a cordless version of vacuums, you can get all the dirt and debris from your stairs without worrying about the power cable.

At 1.5 kg, the stair vacuum is lightweight and a perfect option for individuals with health issues. Due to its low weight, you can easily carry it over the steps using one hand to hold the hose and another to take its primary unit.

The stylish handheld comes with an 18V battery that cannot be detached while charging. You have to place the primary unit over a dock. It’s an eco-smart docking charger dock that juices the battery within four hours and readies it for a runtime of 15 minutes.

The backup is significantly lower than the V6 trigger, but you will not mind it looking at the price tag. It’s the reason why we earlier mentioned that the PD1820L-GB could only be used as a secondary hoover only for quick cleaning over stairs, furniture, or vehicles.


4. Hoover Jovis+ Corded Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Jovis+ SM550AC



Jovis plus a range of powerful vacuum cleaners by Hoover. SM550AC is one of the Jovis+ models that comes with a six-meter power cable suitable for an entire thirteen-step staircase. Due to 550W continuous power with cyclonic mechanism, this handheld Hoover for stairs works with effective suction on all the surfaces.

Ergonomically designed for comfortable use, this Hoover includes a crevice tool that provides easy access to corners. Dusting brush is also included, which is very effective on a variety of materials and surfaces.

SM550AC has a hygienic dust emptying system, which allows you to dispose of the waste without touching them; you only have to push a button, and everything will be gone to the main dustbin. Due to zero contact with dirt, it’s a useful cleaner for allergy sufferers.

You can easily remove the filters from this stair vacuum. As it’s washable and reusable, you can wash the filter under running water to remove all the dust. Regular filter cleaning maintains the suction strength and also promotes battery life. Make sure that the screen is completely dried before reinserting it.

Thanks to the included pet turbo brush, you can easily lift all the stubborn pet fur from carpeted stairs and furniture. Even if you do not own a cat or dog, this brush is a must because it has rotating bristles that go deep down the carpet fibres for a great cleanup. Overall, it makes sure you can walk dirt free.

Overall, Hoover SM550AC provides powerful cleaning performance over stairs and small areas or materials. A long power cable and multiple attachments add to its value.



5. Vax Gator Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Vax Gator Cordless Handheld



Stylish appearance and simple usage, that’s how we can describe today’s fifth contender. With a 10.8V battery, it runs for 15 minutes and gives you a hygienic way to empty its dust canister, which is easy and quick. Built with Gator Mouth technology, the handheld has a button to press that open its lid, so that you can shake the unit to release all the waste in a dustbin.

Talking about the design, the Vax H85GAB10 is an attractive piece of machinery, which combines white a colour scheme of white and orange. Due to its sleek and modern appearance, the hand held never looks like an affordable purchase.

But, it’s not only the design that makes it one of the bestsellers in the UK. H85GAB10 also gives you quick cleanups due to its useful accessories, primarily the crevice tool.

Meant for short term stair cleanings, Gator has a short running time. However, it’s not the runtime that creates trouble because we expect this much backup from a budget model. The problem is its charging time, which can be up to 12 hours. So, there are no chances of a quick top up if the battery dies in between a cleaning session. It has a regular power cable for charging, no docking base included.

As you can see that this Gator is a cost-effective cleaning solution for small areas like stairs. So, you cannot compare the suction power to the expensive machines. However, if we talk about everyday cleaning tasks, the stair hoover performs well and keeps the stairs clean; whether it’s carpeted or hard-surfaced.


6. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser



Pets are a great stress reliever, but it takes a lot to upkeep them. Especially when it comes to cleaning, you have to tackle their stubborn hair repeatedly. Not only on your furniture but stairs and car seats as well.

To clean pet hair from these small materials and areas, you need an appropriate tool; something like Pet hair eraser from Bissell that comes with a motorized brush, upholstery tool and a crevice attachment. All of them created to accomplish one mission; pet hair removal. And looking at the features, the handheld and its accessories seem to be prominent.

Coming in a black case with hints of neon green, the Pet Hair Eraser uses a Ni-Cad battery. So, you will feel disappointed if you expected the latest lithium-ion here. Its power is 14.4V, which tends to fail at the end of the battery level. However, it never adds to the weight. The battery takes five hours for a full charge and works for 15 minutes after that.

This Bissell hoover perfect for stairs and pet hair because it has dual filtration layers. The first one is a high-quality mesh spread all over to trap dirt, pet hair and gunk. There is an added filtration layer that works up to some level. Filters are easily removable, washable and reusable and it’s recommended to keep them clean for improved performance.

The spot cleaning tool works great on carpeted stairs, but when it comes to thick rugs, this stair handheld hoover loses efficiency. Still, it can remove the upper dirt layer to prevent dirt accumulation. The upholstery tool can be used to remove dirt and pet hair from furniture and car seats.


7. Holife 8Kpa Handheld Vacuum Cordless


Sometimes it best to purchase a handheld that can be used only to clean stairs. Holife cordless vac can be one of the best cleaners for this purpose because it comes from a brand that’s known to produce some of the best staircase vacuums. Let’s explore more of its features, then you can have a better idea.

The Holife stair cleaning machine is an ideal option for quick clean ups for small areas because it can draw both dry and wet waste. So, not only stairs or cars, but you can also use it to clear liquid spills.

The lithium-ion battery has a runtime of thirty minutes, which is sufficient to cover the steps, furniture pieces and other small materials or areas. The vacuum has low weight, and hence it’s easy to handle. Even after a high suction power, Holife cordless remains quiet throughout the cleaning process.

Designed to tackle both carpeted and hard floored steps, the handheld comes with three attachments; the crevice tool and dusting brush are responsible for the dry dirt. To draw wet waste, it has a separate liquid nozzle. Using all these addons, you can easily reach all the corners of a staircase, car seats, sofa and other materials.

The incredibly cost-effective this handheld cordless vacuum cleaner for stairs is ideal. It gives you the full worth of the investment by providing satisfactory cleaning results. The suction power cannot be compared to the expensive variants, but the cordless keeps your house clean without any complaints.

It’s lightweight, easy to operate and comes with all the required accessories. Keep in mind that it can also draw wet waste, which is a beneficial feature if you have kids or pets in the house.


8. NOVETE Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

NOVETE Handheld Vacuum Cleaner



Featuring a 14.8 V motor, the vacuum cleaner from Novete provides an incredible suction strength of 7.5kPa. With such a force, the device can draw spilt food, dust hair, stubborn pet hair and even cat litters. It’s a cordless unit, so you can easily clean the stairs, a car and many other materials.

The handheld has an ergonomic handle that gives you a comfortable grip. Due to a superb protection layer, the handle never loses its colour; even after regular usage. The power button is also well within reach of your thumb.

With powerful suction, the cleaner picks 99.97 per cent of dust particles; as small as 0.3 microns. LED lights above the grip show the charging status as well as the amount of battery left. It’s a lightweight module, so you can single-handedly use the vac without much wrist stress.

Novete ships this vacuum with a 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery that works for thirty minutes. Due to the latest Li-ion cells, these hand held supplies fade-free power for constant suction. Apart from that, it includes three accessories; a crevice tool, brush nozzle and a rubber attachment.

Great stair cleaning machine for corners, stairs and other difficult to reach spaces, the crevice nozzle is the most useful add-on if you need a thoroughly clean house. Its brush easily removes pet hair, dander and other stubborn dirt from carpeted stairs and upholstery. The rubber nozzle is to collect liquid spills. Its motor can be damaged by water, so do not hold the device upside down while you are on the way to dispose of the wet collection.


9. Pro Breeze® 14.8V Wet & Dry Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Pro Breeze Handheld Vacuum Cleaner



Pro Breeze gives us a powerful 14.8V vacuum that features market-leading suction power of 6 kPa. So, it can clear everything from crumbs, dirt, liquid spillages and even microparticles from the stairs that cannot be noticed from naked eyes.

Fitted with a 90W motor powered by 2000mAh Li-ion cells, the handheld runs for 25 minutes. Lithium-ion batteries are durable, sturdy and hold the charge for a long time. So, you can enjoy fade-free suction and high efficiency. For a full charge, it needs to be plugged for approx. five hours. Once the battery is full, its green light will let you know about the same, so that you can get back to the cleaning process.

Due to a low weight design and cordless behaviour, you can take the handheld straight to the cleaning spot without any hassle. It has a separate carrying capacity for both dry and wet waste. So, the cleaning process is less annoying. Above all, it has three attachments that give you access and the facility to clean any material or area.

Brush, crevice and squeegee are the included attachments. Ideal for cleaning carpeted stairs, upholstery furniture or car seats, the brush attachment can also be used to clean electronic items like notebooks and computers. Crevice tool gives you easy access wherein other tools or device cannot reach, like the space between sofa cushions or car seats. Squeegee is used to collect the wet waste.

HEPA filtration and easy to empty dust canister are the other two features that add to the value of Pro Breeze PB-V01-UK. It also has a charging station that can be wall-mounted, if required.


What Makes a Vacuum Suitable for Stairs?

If you are reading this section, it means you have a fair idea of some vacuums that are ideal for taking care of the stairs in your house. However, it will be better if you know the factors that make a vac suitable for stairs.

Type: Upright and canister vacuums are not appropriate for cleaning stairs. The only options being an exception are those with the lift-away feature, where you can take out the vacuum from its main body.

Handhelds are the best options for stair cleaning. But, they do not have enough power to operate as your primary cleaning solution. So, if you need a hoover particularly for quick cleanups and to cover small areas, then choose one of the best handheld vacuums that we discussed today.

Size and weight: Bulky and oversized vacuums are of no use over the stairs because they will not fit your purpose. On the contrary, it can be a health hazard if you try to balance a substantial upright while cleaning the steps.

On the other hand, lightweight handheld hoovers are easy to manoeuvre. Hence, you can use one of them for quick cleanups and clearing small areas.

Accessories: A stair cleaning handheld should include all the required attachments that can be used to clean staircases.

Crevice nozzle, motorized brush and upholstery attachments are essential add-ons that you would require while stair cleaning; depending upon the built and surface. If a handheld comes with all of them, then it’s a suitable purchase.

Runtime: Talking about a cordless hand held, it should have enough battery back up to cover an average-sized staircase, car or dining area. It’s not necessary, but handhelds with extended runtime are expensive.

Like the V6, which has a battery power to run for 30 minutes; hence, the price tag is marginally high, But, Pro Breeze runs for 25 minutes and still is a cost-effective purchase.

Finding the right balance is the key here. Match your budget with the runtime you need to cover an area because the last thing you would want to see is a dead hoover and half of the stairs still intact.

Cleaning radius: If you need a corded handheld, then it should have a power cable that can reach all over the staircase or any other area you want to clean. The cleaning radius is the length of the power cable added with the length of the extension’s hose (if any).

A corded handheld should have a massive cleaning radius. So, that you can quickly clear all the steps and rails; top to bottom. A corded vacuum with a shorter cleaning radius is not suitable and can be a health risk if misused.

Price: A useful and efficient vac that can maintain the stairs should not cost more than $150. Unless you need something stylish like V6 and money is not a barrier for you.

A product like Gtech Multi MK2 comes within the same price bar and includes all the required accessories to maintain staircases. PD1820L-GB from Black and Decker is another excellent option.

How to Clean Carpet on Stairs?

Own a multi-story house? Then you must know that the carpeted stairs start to look soiled and exhausted within a few weeks of regular usage. In this section, we will know how to clean carpeted staircases?

Required items: Stiff brush, vacuum, carpet shampoo, and carpet cleaner or towels.

Loosen dirt and dust using a stiff brush. It a useful step to remove stubborn dust deep down the carpet fibers otherwise vac will not be able to draw them quickly.

Use a vacuum to take out the dirt. Deploy a vac that works best for stair cleaning, especially carpeted ones.

Shampoo the carpet. Use a scrubbing brush to apply carpet shampoo. It’s a time taking process, but required when you have to clean the carpeted staircases deep. As an option, you can also use a carpet cleaner. But, it’s not recommended for proper cleaning unless you know how to use it, the carpets are heavily soiled and need some serious washing.

Dry the steps. Remove the extra water using soft towels or cloths. You can also use a handheld carpet cleaner.

Vacuum again. Leaf the steps to dry overnight. When you see that they are totally dehydrated, use the handheld hoover once again as a finishing step. Enjoy a fresh-looking staircase.

Summary – Which Vacuum Should I Buy?

It’s not an easy task to clean staircases using uprights or canister vacuums. But, that does not mean there is no easy solution. Handheld vacuums are lightweight, sturdy and come with accessories that can clean carpeted or hard surface steps.

It’s the reason why we recommended the Gtech Multi MK2, which best handheld vacuum for stairs. If you are free on budget, then try the V6. What do you think about which one from the list would suit your stairs?

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