Best Vacuum Cleaner Under £150

Vacuum cleaners can cost up to thousands or even more. However, not all of us can or want to spend that much of amount on a hoover.

Thankfully, several affordable vacuums can give you clean carpets that also without making a significant impact on your bank balance.

Here, we will talk about the best vacuum cleaner under £150 that can do all the house cleaning jobs for you.

Are Budget Vacs Any Good?

Feature-packed vacuums may cost more than £200, but does it mean that only high priced cleaners are better. Certainly not as there are hoovers under £150 that can match the suction power and cleaning performance like their expensive variants.

So, yes budget vacuums can be useful if you know what you need because you will not be able to get an all-rounder within this price range.

For example, if you need strong suction power, then you may have to compromise on dust capacity. If you need an effective filtrations system, then you may get a weak motor.

However, you can always find a model that will have every feature in the right proportions.

6 Best Vacuums Under £150 UK

Listed below are the top seven vacuums under 150 pound. We have tried to include uprights, cylinder, cordless and handhelds.

Note: This is just an idea. Most vacuum are priced under $150, but there are a few vacuum that may exceed this price range.


1. Vax UCPESHV1 Air Lift Steerable Pet Vacuum Cleaner




The Air Lift Steerable Pet Vacuum Cleaner from Vax gives you the benefits of an upright and also transforms into a portable cylinder to provide you with the best of handheld mode.

Easy to use. As you see that it is an upright cleaner with a height of 1.1m. The handle on the top makes it easy to maneuver while the pivoting and tilting brush gives you easy access to the corners. To clean spaces under low furniture, you can detach the stretch hose from the main brush head and use any of the accessories like a crevice tool. Its tube reaches up to 1.5m. Additionally, you can also detach the main handle and attach it to the hose for better grip and reach.

Additional modes. If you cannot clean the required areas with the upright mode or using the attachments, you can remove the cylinder to use this hoover as a handheld. For quick cleaning of stairs and ceiling, you can use handheld mode as holding the heavy cylinder with one hand, and its hose with another can be tricky. Changing modes might be challenging as there are many clips and buttons, but once you get used to it, the additional methods will come in handy while cleaning many materials and surfaces.

Turbo tool. The Air Lift comes with a 3-in-1 tool that has a crevice, upholstery and brush head. It is easily accessible as the apparatus is placed at the side of the central unit. The vacuum also comes with a turbo tool, which is a claw-like design to clean up stubborn messes like pet hair. This tool also works best for removing embedded dirt from the upholstery.


  • Excellent cleaning on stairs
  • Lightweight and steerable
  • Onboard storage for tools


  • Brush cleaning is difficult
  • Average suction for pet hair
  • Short hose
  • Lacks side suction for edge to edge cleaning



2. Henry HVR 160-11 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum

Henry HVR 160-11



Here comes a vacuum from a trustworthy brand that has already manufactured more than 10 million cleaners and most of them are still in use. Significant features of Henry HVR including its extended reach with 10m cable, large dust capacity and onboard storage for accessories makes cleaning easy for you. Whether you want to clean car interiors, carpets, or hard floors, nothing can beat HVR 160-11.

Huge dust capacity. HVR keeps you cleaning for long as it has a dust capacity of 6 litres that is five times more than most of the other vacuums. Innovative HepaFlo bags automatically locks all the dust inside, so that you can empty the dirt without creating any mess or spreading dust back to the environment.

Efficient motor. With Class A energy rating, the powerful engine of HVR gives you efficient cleaning. It is durable, never overheats and provides desired cleaning results.

Versatile. This cylinder vacuum includes crevice tool, combination floor tool, upholstery tool, and round dusting brush. With such a tool kit, you can quickly clean all the floor types, carpets and all materials.

Durable. As you see that the hoover is heavy at 7.5 kg, but with the weight and size comes durability. HVR is built to last. It is affordable but never looks cheap or disposable. If used with given instructions, HVR can last more than 20 years. Also, cleaning and maintenance are too easy, so it is likely to stay until it sees your next generation.


  • Enormous dust capacity
  • Long Reach
  • Excellent cleaning performance


  • Heavy


3. Morphy Richards Supervac Deluxe Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 3-in-1 734050

Morphy Richards Supervac Deluxe Cordless Vacuum



One of the best cordless vacuum cleaner from Morphy Richards, Supervac 734050 is a 3-in-1 cleaning machine that gives you optimum cleaning performance.

Versatile. A real multi-purpose cleaner, Supervac 734050 can be used as an upright, handheld or lightweight stick vacuum to clean over the head areas. Upright cleaning is ideal for carpets, all types of floors and bathroom tiles. Handheld works best for spot cleaning, stairs, curtains and upholstery furniture. The hoover has a motorised brush tool that spins once powered on, so it easily deals with pet hair and gives you a clean surface.

Back saver mode. While cleaning underneath the sofa, bed or any other furniture, you do not have to bend over at all. It has a back saver mode that flexes and clean the low areas without giving any stress to your body. At 4.3 kg, the super vac 734050 is also lightweight, so carrying it around the house or upstairs will not be a trouble.

Long battery backup. The best cordless vacuum under £150 comes with three powers settings, which also include a turbo mode to clean pet hair from the furniture or areas with extra dirt. With 32.4v battery, it gives you a run time of 60 minutes, so you will be able to clean the whole house in one session. Supervac 734050 takes only four hours for a full recharge, and once you are done with cleaning, you can easily store it into any cupboard.


  • Cleans well on carpet or hard floors
  • Swiveling head gives you easy access to corners
  • Back saver mode for easy cleaning under furniture
  • Long tube to reach high areas
  • Controls on the handle for easy access


  • Heavy handheld mode
  • Turbo mode creates noise


4. Hoover Freedom 2in1 Pets Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner [FD22BCPET]

Hoover Freedom 2in1 Pets Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner



A cordless stick from Hoover, Freedom FD22BCPET comes with 25 minutes of runtime and all the required accessories. Without any power cable limitation, you can quickly clean all kinds of surface, spaces under the furniture, and over the head areas.

Multifunctional. Use the Freedom FD22BCPET as a handheld to clean car interiors, upholstery, shelves or stairs while you can always wipe the floors with its wide nozzle and pole attached. Once you need to clean over the shoulder areas like ceiling or curtains, directly connect one of the given attachments at the end of the pole.

Lightweight. At 2.3 kg, the lightweight Hoover Freedom makes cleaning effortless. You can efficiently operate, use and carry it around the house without hurting your back.

Turbo brush. To loosen and pick all kinds of pet hair or strands from upholstery and carpets, it comes with a turbo brush. Rotating bristles of this pet turbo brush penetrate deep into the cleaning area to remove all the pet hair and give you a clean and sanitary house.

Dual modes. The vacuum has a trigger mode for quick cleaning and a continuous pattern that keeps it running until the button is pressed again. This feature saves your fingers from stress and aches while you finish the cleaning session.

Cyclonic technology. With cyclonic separation, the hoover extracts dust from the air, so that you do not have to clean the filters within short intervals.


  • Versatile
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Ideal for pet hair
  • Continuous mode


  • Small dust capacity


5. Vax 6131T 3-in-1 Canister Vacuum Cleaner, 1300 W – Orange

Vax 6131T 3-in-1 Canister Vacuum Cleaner


A no-nonsense vacuum cleaner, which is the successor of first-ever cleaner made by Vax, in 1977. The new Vax 6131T is a 3-in-1 cleaner for carpets, hard floor and all other materials.

Industrial design. Vax keeps the appearance of 6131T very simple and straightforward. The bright orange colour gives it more like the appearance of severe industrial vacuum cleaners UK, not just another household hoover.

Powerful motor. The vac comes with a solid 1300W motor that facilitates strong suction than many other expensive variants.

Easy to use. You can easily place the central unit at the centre of a room and use its lightweight accessories for cleaning. An extended power cable of 8 m allows you to clean the house without repeatedly looking for power outlets, so you do not have to push this relatively heavy cleaner around. Even if you have to move it around, there are five wheels to give it a stable movement.

Impressive dust storage. Its 8 litre dust storage capacity is almost double than that offered by most of the expensive vacuums. Due to large dust capacity, it always works with ample of suction power.

Cleaning power. Similar to suction power, its cleaning performance is also excellent. However, do not expect any fancy rotating brushes similar to expensive models as it cleans more in a conventional style.


  • Strong motor
  • Huge dust storage


  • Tiresome dry to wet changing
  • Not the best looking vacuum


6. Gtech Multi MK2 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Gtech Multi MK2 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner



A trustworthy companion, especially if you have a heavy upright or cylinder vacuum.

The Gtech Multi MK2 is our top pick among the best budget handheld vacuum cleaners in the UK.

Easy to use. Gtech Multi MK2 weighs 1.6 kg, which is why it is not difficult to carry around. There is a soft touch grip for you to hold it comfortably. The bin is transparent so that you can see the dust filling. Manufacturers have also included LED lights in the front so that you can quickly clean the dark areas.

Accessories. There is a range of attachments for you to use, including a crevice tool, power brush head, an extendable hose, dusting brush and extension tube. The power brush is the most important among all as it can be used to clean stairs, upholstery and other materials. It quickly picks up pet hair and other stranded waste.

Runtime. A single charge of four hours will give you a run time of 20 minutes. If you need to use the hoover for quick a quick clean up, it needs at least one-hour charge. To charge the battery independently, you have to detach it from the base.

Performance. The MK2 handheld vacuum is created only for light cleaning tasks, so the suction power is not high. With an empty bin, it generates a suction power of 2kPa, which drops to 1.5kPa when the container is full. It adequately cleans hard floors with the right attachments, but cleaning upholstery and carpets may take more than one pass.


  • Stylish cordless
  • LED lights for dark corners
  • Plenty of attachments with onboard storage


  • Poor suction on carpets


7. Vax U85-AS-Pe Multi-Function Hoover

Vax U85-AS-Pe Multi-Function Hoover



Built for large house owners, Vax U85-AS-Pe Air Stretch is a full-size cleaner with excellent reach. With the provided telescopic wand, stretch hose, extension hose and long power cable, you can clean the house without changing the power socket. Boasting a powerful 800W motor, 1.5-litre dust capacity, HEPA filters and quadruple energy ratings, the vacuum fits right into your budget and gives you desired cleaning outcomes.

Accessories. Vax never skimps on tools or attachments, and Air Stretch is no different. It comes with a three-way tool at the rear, comprised of a small crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool. There is also an additional tool kit comprising hard floor tool, high-angle tool, fur and fluff tool and a mattress tool.

Cleaning performance. Air Stretch is a large upright that gives you a firm feeling once you hold it. It is not lightweight, and its body and head only pivot up or down. Surprisingly, there is no side to side movements. However, it cleans well without making too much noise.


  • A large number of accessories
  • Turbo tool is included
  • Excellent on stairs and hard floors


  • Not steerable
  • Basic floor head


How to Choose a Vacuum Costing Less than £150?

Now you know all the best hoover under £150, it is time to understand what are the features you have to check before buying one. Here are a few points that you should consider before making a choice.

Vacuum type. The most important consideration is the type of cleaner that you want. Upright vacuums are most common in the UK, and the related models that we have listed can easily clean both small and large areas. Cylindrical models are also famous as they have large dust capacity. While these are common, cordless and handheld can also clean your house conveniently, but you will have to charge them for a few hours.

Suction power. Better suction means a hoover will be able to clean the area in a better way. It can take out the dirt and debris in one pass. While the suction power is not a problem within this price range, but still you should check the reviews before actually purchasing one.

Bagged or bagless. Bagless vacuums are preferred by the majority of buyers as it takes out the need to purchase disposable bags. However, individuals who have asthma or any other dust triggered allergies look for bagged hoovers.

Filtration system. HEPA filters are the best, and that is what we recommend. The filter takes out all the dust as well as allergens from the air. If you or anyone in your family has asthma or any other respiratory problem, you should choose a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

These are the four essential factors that you should consider. Other things to check are the attachments you are getting, dust capacity and weight.

Bottom Line

There are numerous outstanding vacuums available under £150, and we have mentioned the seven best models out of them. The best way to choose a hoover is to analyse your options, but you cannot go wrong with any of the models listed above.

For all-around cleaning performance, you can opt for Vax UCPESHV1 Air Lift. It is sturdy, easy to use and comes with many onboard accessories. However, if you like bagged variants, then Henry HVR is one of the best choices.

I hope this article is helpful and you are one step closer to buy the best vacuum cleaner under £150 for your house.

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