Everything you need to know about the best Gutter Vacuum Cleaners to buy in 2024

You surely don’t like blocked and dirty gutters. Do you?

Blocked gutters usually result in the accumulation of standing water which can damage the structure of your house.

If you want to maintain free-flowing clean gutters, a gutter vacuum system will be helpful.

This guide will help you to find a suitable gutter vac that will meet your expectations.

Best Gutter Vacuum (UK)

Here are our 7 best gutter cleaning vacuum cleaners UK of 2024. You are certainly not going to regret going for anyone of them.

1. SkyVac Atom Gutter Vacuum- Best Overall

SkyVac Mighty Atom


The SkyVac Atom gutter cleaning vacuum is our top pick. It is a powerful machine with great features that will make house maintenance a stroll in the park for you. Skyvac comes with a driving motor with a capacity of 1600 watts ensuring that you achieve more in a short time.

Furthermore, this model of Skyvac gutter vacuum is a commercial-grade machine that can be used for both domestic and industrial purposes. I

t comes with carbon fiber poles that are very light and that is why you can manoeuvre this machine with ease. SkyVac Atom is the smallest in the SkyVac family. Hence, it doesn’t take too much space in your van whenever you need to move it around.

With a multifunctional system having a blow function, this machine can also be deployed to dredging your pond and wet/dry pick-up.

It has the capacity of cleaning gutters as high 20 feet and that is why it is a hot cake in the market. Also, you will love the large container capacity of 35 litres ensuring that you don’t go frequent tank evacuation.

With a water lift of 110 inches and airflow of 3800 LPM (litres per minute), you can rest assured that your cleaning task will not witness any hitch. This is an ideal product for you if you want to get the most satisfactory cleaning results.


2. GutterSucker Gutter Cleaning Vacuum

GutterSucker Pro Gutter Cleaning


The GutterSucker Cleaning System stands out among its equals and this is not surprising. Powered by 3000-watt motors giving solid vacuuming at all times. It is a perfect machine that can be used for many purposes including vehicle vacuuming, machinery cleaning, warehouse/plant cleaning, just to mention but a few.

What’s more, the gutter cleaning vacuum system comes with a removable dust filter which is very easy to wash and that is why you can carry out dry vacuuming without much stress. There are lots of accessories accompanying this machine including two stainless steel wands, a dry floor nozzle, suction hose, wet floor nozzle, crevice tool and so on.

You will love the tank capacity of 60 litres meaning that uninterrupted cleaning will be enhanced at all times. Frequent tank evacuation will surely slow down your work and that is eliminated with the large tank. Also, the tank is made of stainless steel, hence, it is sturdy and durable thereby giving you value for your money.

Its lightweight aluminium poles can reach as high as 34ft ensuring that nothing stops you from getting the best gutter vacuuming. You will particularly love the airflow rate of 6360lpm which makes vacuuming an easy task for you. This is an ideal product for you to consider if you want your cleaning tasks to be stress-free.


3. SkyVac Atom Gutter Cleaning Vacuum (9 Metres)

SkyVac Spinaclean


The SkyVac Atom Gutter Cleaning Machine is another product of high quality from SkyVac. It is a perfect vacuum for both domestic and commercial gutter cleaning. It is powered by industrial-strength motors of 1600 watts. That is why you can achieve an enormous suction power of 100 inches of water lift.

You will also love the innovative side glide entrance which eliminates time-consuming blockages connected with front-entrance vacuums. With a large tank of 35 litres, more work will be carried out before going for an evacuation. A tipping chassis is in place so that you can empty the 35-litre tank with ease.

It is a lightweight machine meaning that you can use and move it around without much difficulty. If you truly desire the most satisfactory gutter cleaning experience, you should not hesitate to go for the SkyVac Atom Gutter Vacuuming System. It is a machine that will be there for you at all times.


4. SkyVac Atom Gutter Vac With Recordable Camera (35ft reach)

SkyVac Atom Gutter Cleaning Machine


The SkyVac Atom Gutter Cleaning Machine is also one of the top gutter cleaning products in the UK. It comes with powerful 1600-watt motors. It is a strong vacuum that will enable you to achieve the best result in a short time, making your house maintenance a child’s play.

Also, the SkyVac Atom Gutter Cleaning Machine can be used to clean your home as well as commercial buildings. With lightweight carbon fibre poles, you can easily manoeuvre your way through so that the best vacuuming results will be realized. It is compactly designed so that it doesn’t consume much space in your vehicle when moving it around.

You can also use this machine to dredge your pond as well as wet/dry pick-up because of its multifunctional system with a blow function. It can clean gutters and downpipes as high as 35 feet. Its large container of 35 litres will amaze you enabling you to work for more time before emptying the tank. You are also at liberty to use the disposable collection bag enhancing your flexibility.

What’s more, this machine has a water lift of 110 inches as well as airflow of 7166 LPM (litres per minute) so that you can smooth-free cleaning tasks. It is made of steel chassis and comes with tipping stainless steel drum for easy emptying. With a washable cartridge filter, you can use the machine for dry or wet pick-up so that you will be able to achieve the best cleaning results.


5. SkyVac Atom Gutter Cleaning Machine (6 Metres)

SkyVac Atom


The SkyVac Atom Gutter Cleaning Machine is an ideal product for both domestic and commercial cleaning. Powered by three 1600-watt motors which will guarantee a high level of performance at all times. It can be used for various purposes such as machinery cleaning, vehicle vacuuming, plant/warehouse cleaning and so on.

It comes with an extra-long 5-metre hose so that you won’t be deterred in your cleaning task. There is a washable detachable dust filter and that is why you can carry out your vacuuming without much stress. Many accessories come with this machine such as a suction hose, two stainless steel wands, dry floor nozzle, among others.

You will love the tank capacity of 110 litres and that is why this product stands out among the rest. This large tank capacity will ensure that your work is not slowed down by frequent evacuations. Durability is highly guaranteed because this gutter hoover is made of stainless steel and it is powerful. Certainly, value for money is sure with the SkyVac Atom gutter cleaning machine.


6. Nilfisk Multi ll 30T Wet and Dry Gutter Vac

Nilfisk Multi ll 30T


The Nilfisk Multi ll 30T Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner are designed for indoor and outdoor usage. It can be used for emptying blocked sinks, rain gullies and cleaning out gutters. With a 30-litre container capacity (22-litre dry capacity and 18-litre wet capacity), you will certainly achieve more with this machine.

Besides, this gutter cleaning hoover comes with a washable cartridge filter and that is why you can move from dry to wet vacuuming without getting rid of the filter. You can use it with or without a bag making it a flexible product for everyone. With a Push & Clean vacuum filter system, the air is pushed through the filter to get rid of clogging during use. This ensures that you work for a longer period without worrying about emptying the tub or cleaning the blocked filter.

It is a powerful dust extractor as the vacuum cleaner starts automatically when the device is put on. There are provisions for vacuum cleaner tubes, floor nozzles and other nozzles on the body of this machine. Also, you can take advantage of accessories like the Car Kit which comes with a Turbo nozzle having in-built rotating brushes for deep vacuuming of car mats.

A multifunctional gutter cleaning tool with extra features such as polishing, drilling and cutting made possible by a wide range of accessories. With a dynamic 1400-watt motor, you will certainly have access to enough power that will handle the most difficult cleaning tasks. Read full Nilfisk Multi ll 30T reviews.


7. GutterSucker Gutter Vacuum

Guttersucker Gutter Cleaning


For perfect domestic and industrial gutter vacuuming, the GutterSucker vacuum system is a product to beat. It is powered by 1500-watt motors give the best for your cleaning tasks. Its multipurpose use is incomparably giving you adequate flexibility of use.

Moreover, this machine has a removable dust filter which can be washed with ease making dry vacuuming a piece of cake. You love many accessories accompanying this machine such as a dry floor nozzle, two stainless steel wands, suction hose, just to mention but a few. That is why it is a perfect machine for various cleaning tasks.

What’s more, with a large tank capacity of 37 litres, you can get down to uninterrupted cleaning without much effort. You will not be slowed down by incessant tank evacuation because of this large tank capacity.

Designed with stainless steel, the tank is strong and will last for a long time. You are guaranteed value for money with this amazing product.

With lightweight aluminium poles that can reach 30 feet in height, you can’t be held back in your gutter vacuuming task. Its 4000 Air litres per minute is incomparable and that is why gutter vacuuming is as easy as ABC with this product. With an extra-long 5-metre hose and other awesome accessories makes it easier for you to clean gutters without any ladder.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Gutter Vacuums Work?

Gutter vacuums are very effective gutter cleaning tool as well as downpipes. This is achieved with the aid of flexible hoses fixed to a vacuum cleaner ensuring that every pebble and straw is eliminated. The downpipes are also fixed through the sealing of the hoses to the crest of the downpipes while the vacuum pulls out the blockages and debris from the bottomless part of the pipes.

How Long Does it Take to Clean the Gutters?

The time taken to clean your gutters depends on so many factors. The size of your home is essential as this will determine the longevity of the process. The magnitude of the debris is also a determinant and the suction power of the vacuum you are using will make your work to be faster or otherwise.

What Will Happen If I Don't Unclog My Gutter?

You’ll get loads of stagnant water on your property. Debris buildup will cause water to overshoot your gutter. Consequently, water will start finding its way to the foundation of your structure. And you know what? This will be a catalyst for a whole slew of issues including mould growth, flooding, landscape erosion and foundation problems. And clogged gutters will appear messy and unattractive, causing your home's curb appeal to dwindle.

Can I Unclog My Gutters Without Climbing A ladder?

Yes, if you have the right tool, such as a telescopic gutter cleaner or a long reach pole. Some Gutter vacs can reach up to 9 mitres or more. A pressure washer with accessories also is helpful to unclog your gutter from the ground. If you live in a two or more-level home, it might not be easy then. A professional can handle that.



Appropriate cleaning of your gutters is essential to get the best from your home maintenance. An investment in the best gutter vacuum will go a long way in helping you to achieve this.

If you desire a first-class gutter sucker that will give you the most satisfactory result, you should choose from the top products mentioned above.

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