Best Ash Vacuum Cleaner UK 2024

Are you tired of struggling to clean the ash from your wood stove, pellet stove, heat stove, or wood-burning fireplace?

Using a regular hoover for this purpose is not safe and can cause other issues.

Fortunately, there is a solution: an ash vacuum cleaner. This type of vacuum is specifically designed to clean up ash residue and reduce odours and allergens associated with burnt wood fibres and smoke.

In this guide, we’ll help you find the best ash vacuum cleaner available in the UK market.

Our Top Picks of 2024

Here are the best ash vacuum cleaners UK for 2024; Check reviews & comparisons below.

Ash Vacuum Reviews

1. De Vielle Ash Vacuum Cleaner

De Vielle Ash Vacuum Cleaner




    The De Vielleis the most potent ash vacuum cleaner among our top picks. It is an innovative ash hoover that will give you an optimum result without much effort. It is an ideal product for getting rid of debris and ash from fireplaces grills, BBQs, wood burners, among others.

    With a powerful engine of 1200 watts, this machine will make vacuuming a stroll in the park for you. It is lightweight; hence, you can move it around without much problem. You will also love its 25-litre volume capacity, and this is very large enough to last you many days of vacuuming.

    This machine comes with a 3-filter system so that an improved performance will be achieved at all times. Its HEPA filter in the system also ensures that all particles are entirely trapped, especially tiniest ones. You can move it around with its ergonomic handle, making it comfortable to use.

    There are vital accessories that make this machine more comfortable to use. The hose and nozzle are specially designed to reach all areas, even hard to reach areas. You will not mind the nozzle filter, which is perfect for blocking large debris so that they don’t clog the system.

    If you desire an ash vacuum cleaner that will give you a clean job effortlessly, you need De Vielle Ash Vac. It is a product that has been tested and trusted for effective ash vacuuming which will not compromise quality.


    2. VonHaus 15L Ash Vacuum Cleaner

    VonHaus Ash Vacuum Cleaner




    The VonHaus 15L ash vacuum cleaner is the perfect machine for cleaning up debris and ash from grills, fireplaces, BBQ’s, wood burners and so on. It is a powerful machine with an 800-watt engine making ash vacuuming an easy task for you.

    Furthermore, Vonhaus ash vacuum comes with a 1.25-metre flexible black hose and aluminium nozzle so that difficult places can be reached with ease. There is also a detachable mesh nozzle filter which will ensure that large debris is prevented from blocking the system.

    You will also love the washable HEPA as well as cloth filters which are essential for capturing tiny allergenic particles. With an ergonomic top carry handle, you can move the hoover around with ease.

    Weighing just 3.6kg, this is an ideal lightweight product that will vacuum your ash without much stress. Having a volume capacity of 15 litres, you can take your time before going for an evacuation. This will enable you to get more work done without unnecessary interruption.

    If you are looking for an ash vac that will certainly give you value for money, you really need to go for the VonHaus 15L Ash Vacuum Cleaner. You will enjoy working with it and the final result will be satisfactory. Your home will be allergen-free helping to prevent health-related issues associated with ash.


    3. Dicoal DI1200INOX 1200W 20 Litre Ash Vacuum

    ALTUNA Ash Vacuum Cleaner




    The Dicoal DI1200INOX is an ideal product for you if you desire the best cleaning result. It is packed full of features which will make you’re cleaning a child’s play.

    With an 1200-watt engine, an effective result is guaranteed without much effort. It comes with a 20-litre volume capacity and can be used with or without a bag giving you ample room for flexibility.

    What’s more, the Dicoal DI1200INOX is a lightweight product which makes it easy to use. It has a warm air blower function so that you will be able to hoover more effectively.

    You will enjoy its low noise which makes vacuuming a stress-free affair. It also comes with extension tubes and hoses so that you will be able to carry out the different types of jobs. This machine is designed with stainless steel and that is why it is highly durable.

    Its HEPA filtration system ensures that all particles, including tiny ones, are successfully captured. If you want to get a perfect outcome from your ash vacuuming, this is surely the product to consider. There is no doubt that you will get value for your money and absolute satisfaction.


    4. BACOENG Ash Vacuum Cleaner

    The BACOENG Ash Vacuum Cleaner is a multi-functional product with powerful suction and blowing function. It will not only suck ash but blow dust and pet hair from various corners of your home.

    With 1200-watt pure copper motor, you will certainly get a top performance using this machine. It also has a large 20-litre dust tank which means that you don’t need to empty the tank every time you use it. You can find an aluminium extension tube that protects your hands from heat.

    Fully packed with accessories that will make your task easier, this is the machine to get if you truly desire the best. Your home will get an ideal vacuuming that will delight you.


    5. Ufixt 15 Litre Ash Vacuum Cleaner

    Ufixt 15 Litre Ash Debris




    The Ufixt 15 Litre Ash Debris Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is a machine that is designed for those that desire quality. It is an ash vac fortified with an 800-watt motor enabling you to get your ash vacuuming done with ease.

    You will love the ergonomic handle of this machine which makes it easier for you to carry it from one place to another. It is bagless which has 15-litre dust capacity meaning that you can clean more before thinking about evacuation.

    With a HEPA filtration system, you can be assured that all particles, especially tiny ones are not spared. It also has an ergonomic handle so that transportation will not be able to issue for you. All accessories are in place to ensure that you get your vacuuming done with much stress.

    A filling level indicator is also included which makes it easier for you to know when you need to empty the tank. The British-compliant plugs are in place for easy connection and deployment.

    What’s more, this is an ideal vac to go for if you need to get rid of ash in your wood burner, BBQ, fire pits, grills and so on. You may not be able to get a better deal elsewhere, especially in today’s Hi-Tech world.


    6. Kaminer Ash Vacuum Cleaner

    Kaminer Ash Vacuum Cleaner




    If you want a powerful machine that will capture ash at an optimum level, your best bet is the Kaminer Ash Vacuum Cleaner. It is an amazing product that will give you a cleaning experience that will be highly satisfactory.

    Kaminer a 1200-watt engine that is designed to last, you will certainly get your vacuuming done without much hassle. You will not be afraid to clean your barbecue or coal fireplace because your job will be made easier. With its 2-layer filtration system, you can never get it wrong when it comes to getting the best cleaning job.

    Its UK British Standard BS Approved HEPA filter is a piece of evidence that efficient result will be achieved at all times. You can easily carry it from one place to another with an ergonomic carry handle. With a 18-litre tank capacity, you can work as much as you like before considering evacuation.

    Moreover, the metre modifiable steel-line suction hose with a metal end section is a plus. The Kaminer Ash Vacuum is all you need for a perfect vacuuming of ashes. It gets the job done effortlessly enabling you to get value for your money.


    7. Ovation 15L Fireplace Ash Vacuum

    Ovation 15L Fireplace Ash Vacuum




    After trying the Ovation 15L Fireplace Ash Vacuum Cleaner, you will surely give it a standing ovation. This is a product that has been thoroughly tested and will certainly give you the best vacuuming experience.

    It comes with a dynamic 800-watt engine which is ideal for your fireplace, log burner, BBQ or fire pit. Weighing just 3.5kg, this is a lightweight product you should get for easy deployment and transportation.

    It is a bagless vac. Hence, you don’t need to worry about bag replacement or emptying. This machine is a better option to brush and dustpan because you are going to get a more efficient result with it. A 15-litre dust capacity makes this machine the perfect choice for thorough ash vacuuming.

    Also, you will not mind its HEPA filtration system, which makes sure that the tiniest particles of ash are eliminated. With a low-noise motor, you will not be disturbed by too much noise when carrying out your task.

    Coming with two accessories that ensure that every difficult area is reached, this is definitely what you need for an active cleaning job. You will be amazed at how easier vacuuming can be with this beautiful machine.


    8. TecTake Vacuum Cleaner Blower

    TecTake Vacuum Cleaner



    If you want a powerful ash vac that can get difficult work done with ease, you need the TecTake Vacuum Cleaner Blower. It is a large-capacity vacuum with a volume capacity of 20 litres. This means that you can work for many times before emptying the machine.

    It is a bagless machine meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing or emptying a bag. You only need to wipe it when the indicator suggests and you are good to go. Its 1200-watt motor is an indication that you can get more work done without much effort.

    Besides, you will find a high-performance HEPA filter which ensures that every bit of ash is picked up. It is easy to move from one room to another because of its lightweight. There is also a long-lasting aluminium nozzle and dust tool for reaching small crevices that dust build-up can take place.

    With a filling level indicator, you can see the tank getting full for prompt attention. It has a hose length of 1.03 metres meaning that you can clean up ash and dust with ease. You will also love its accessories which will make your job a perfect and satisfactory one.

    This machine also features a power cord length of 200cm making it easier for you to manoeuvre it to the fullest. If you want a product of high quality, you should try the TecTake Vacuum Cleaner Blower.


    Why NOT Use a Regular Vacuum to Clean Ash?

    A regular vacuum is not the ideal choice for cleaning ashes due to so many reasons. Some of these reasons are discussed below so that you will be able to get it right at all times.


    Safety is the major reason why you should not use your usual vacuum for ash cleaning. Regular hoovers are not designed to withstand heat and this can expose you to danger if you use them for this purpose.

    Even when you schedule the vacuuming to hours after the ash is cool, there is every possibility that a clinker can still be present.

    Vacuum cleaners for ashes are designed to withstand hot temperatures and that is why they are recommended for this purpose. Also, they are usually made of metal so that they can withstand heat, unlike your regular hoover cleaners.

    Protect Your Household or Shop Vacuum Investment

    If you don’t want to destroy your regular vacuum quickly, do not use it to vacuum ash. Its motor will get burnt, and the rubber in the hose will melt. A fire can even be triggered in the vac and this can be very dangerous for you.

    A Regular Vacuum’s Accessories Cannot Take the Heat.

    All the accessories that come with an ash cleaner are designed to withstand heat. Its thermal hose is usually fortified with rubber-coated steel making it heat resistant.

    It also has a metallic nozzle and shaped in such a way that all the interior parts of your fire pits, log burners, chimineas, etc, are reached.

    A Metal Housing Reduces Fire Risk

    The metal housing of ashes hoover gives additional protection to your home when cleaning. It reduces fire risk while the sealed unit contains the dust.

    However, you must ensure that you move the ash hoover outside after use and safely throw away the ash.

    A Filter Made to Trap and Hold Ash Dust

    Ash dust cannot be compared to other dust, hence, it requires a special filter to contain it. An ash vacuum in the UK is designed with a special filter to handle warm ash and ensure that it is not released back into your home via the exhaust.


    You can get the best ash vacuum cleaner UK to get rid of ash that can trigger an allergy in your home.

    You should go through the product reviews above and choose the one that meets your needs. All of them have been thoroughly tested so that you will not make a wrong choice.

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