What Are The Uses of Vacuum Cleaner?

Do you love your vacuum cleaner?

Well, you will like this cleaning device even more after knowing that it can do more than just removing the dust and dirt from your house.

If you have used a vacuum only to collect the soil, here are nine surprising situations where it can be helpful.

For most of the given tasks, you will either need an upright or canister vacuum with multiple attachments. However, you can accomplish small cleaning jobs using a handheld vacuum.

Things You Can Do With a Vacuum Cleaner

1. Collect Excess Pet Hair

A vacuum cleaner can easily collect all the pet hair from your carpet and hardwood. But, you can also use it to extract the hair from your pet’s and your clothes.

Remove all the hair from bed sheets and other fabrics before you put them inside a washing machine. Excess hair can cause clogs, leaks and also force the water pump to fail.

2. Recover Lost Items

You drop a small article on your carpet and then immediately lose track. What can you do in this situation? Well, use a vacuum.

Put a pantyhose or stocking on the regular vacuum cleaning attachment and use it over the area where you lost the item. Within a few seconds, your vacuum will suck up the thing, and the fabric will keep it outside the dirt chamber.

3. Remove Allergens From Doors & Windows

We know that a vacuum can easily collect dust and dust without any hassles. But, what you might not know that it’s perfect for taking out allergens as well.

So, you can use this device to clean door/windows tracks, curtains, blinds and all other similar components. These are familiar places where bacteria, pollens, black dirt and other allergens hide.

4. Clean Air Vent Grills

Air vent grills see many airflows, so they get filthy after a while. These grills can attract a lot of dirt, webs, pollens, dead skins and similar debris.

Unfortunately, they can also be a breeding ground for several nasty bacteria and germs that can make you and your family members ill. However, you can clean these grills using the vacuum’s brush nozzle.

5. Insect Control

Use the vacuum frequently to clean your residence, and it will kill around 96 per cent of fleas, including larvae and adult. It also removes dust mites, which feeds on human dead skin. These tiny insects reside in your mattress and will not leave until and unless you use something as powerful as a vacuum.

If your vacuum comes with a hose and crevice tool, then you can easily catch spiders or any other insects from tough to reach corners. Once your insects are gone, it can also remove their cobwebs. You can attach a clean cloth to clean them.

6. Remove Carpet Indentations

Have you noticed any indentations in your carpet till now? You can fix them very quickly.

First, place an ice cube on the affected areas and allow them to melt completely. The water will revive the carpet fibres. Then, let it dry and use a vacuum to remove the indentations.

7. Freshen Pillows and Upholstery

Did you know that combining baking soda with your vacuum cleaner can work wonders in eliminating stains and odours from pillows and other fabrics? This cleaning hack is especially effective when used with a water filtration vacuum cleaner. Wondering what is a water filtration vacuum cleaner? It’s a specialized cleaning device that uses water as a filtration method to trap dust and other particles, resulting in cleaner air and more efficient cleaning. Give this method a try and see the difference it can make in your cleaning routine!. Sprinkle some baking soda over pillows, carpets and all other materials. Spread it a bit using a mop or damp sponge and wait for an hour.

Vacuum clean the baking powder from all the items, and you will notice a much brighter surface. Do you know why? Baking powder loosens all the dirt accumulation within 60 minutes, and vacuums take all of them away.

8. Prevent a Fire

Fire in a dryer is common, and most of the time, the reason is internal lint build up.

So, remove the lint trap and use the vacuum’s crevice tool to remove any lint trapped inside the vent. Repeat the steps a few times to minimize the risk of fire in your house.

9. Inflate Bedding

Are you expecting some surprise guests? And then you find that the air pump of the inflatable mattress is not working. Well, you can use a vacuum to inflate the bed and its pillows.

First, plug in the vacuum’s hose with the air inlet of your mattress you want to raise. Then, reverse the suction mechanism on this device. Turn on the vacuum, and now you will see that it’s blowing air instead of collecting dust.

Final talk

Vacuum cleaners are versatile devices that can perform a lot of cleaning task at your residence. Plus, this product is available in a wide range of form factors with a variety of attachments. It’s the primary reason why a vacuum is helpful in multiple jobs apart from cleaning the floors.

We hope you find the information mentioned above helpful. Start incorporating the ways mentioned above to make your lifestyle effortless. Plus, you will get the total worth of your investment in a vacuum cleaner by using it in multiple ways.

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