Best Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner UK 2024

This guide will help you find the best car vacuum cleaner in the UK in 2024.

Vacuuming is one of the best ways to get rid of dust, dirt or pet fur and keep your vehicle clean inside.

Popular car vacuums are cordless, lightweight, versatile thus portable & some plug into the cigarette lighter socket.

Let’s check which one is the best vacuum cleaner for your car.

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

After hours of research, here is our recommendation for the 8 best cordless car vacuum cleaners UK in 2024, Check out the reviews below,

1. Dyson V7 Trigger Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V7 Trigger Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner


With an outstanding suction & extended run time, Dyson V7 Trigger is the best car vacuum cleaner 2024.

This lightweight hoover easily cleans the mess under the car seats, dashboard, and other difficult to reach spaces. The trigger vacuum is successful mostly due to 15 cyclones that work efficiently well to give you a clean car.

Let us start with the price. Dyson V7 almost costs double than any other handheld hoover. However, as you see that we have kept it on the top of our list, we think that the vacuum justifies its price.

With over 30 minutes of runtime and hygienic bin emptying mechanism, V7 has all the features that make it the star of our show.

V7 trigger offers excellent suction power and versatile cleaning. With a dust storage capacity of 0.54 ml, which is better than most of the cordless handheld out there, the vacuum gives you a continuous cleaning session.

A perfect hand vac to clean dirt, fast food remaining, hair and all the other dust particles, this Dyson handheld vacuum is an ideal cleaning option.

This vacuum cleaner comes included with a long list of accessories that helps you to clean different places in your car. To remove dust and hair from the car seats, it has the mini motorised tool. Apart from that, it also comes with a combination and crevice tool.

The cleaner has a Boost mode for stubborn hair, but that reduces the runtime to six minutes. It is also comparatively small, so cleaning tough to reach places is no more trouble with V7.

Overall, we can clearly state that Dyson V7 is an excellent vacuum cleaner with a beautiful design, versatility, and strong suction.



2. Shark WV200UK Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

Shark WV200UK Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner


Very stylish and lightweight Shark WV200UK sets new standards for portable vacuum cleaners. With always-ready charging cradle, the range of accessories that works great with its strong suction, the vacuum gives what you need – a clean car. Being a small vacuum, you can also use it to clean dry spills, upholstery, and stairs.

With a run time of eight minutes, it can easily give you quick cleanups in the car or a small area. The price is not on the lower spectrum and the dust

storage capacity is also not high, but talking about the convenience of cleaning and performance, WV200UK delivers what you expect from a small area vacuum cleaner.

The cordless vacuum takes around 2.5 hours for a complete recharge, and its dock keeps it topped until you take it out and go. At 1.3 kg, it feels very light in your hands.

Its battery is positioned at the handle, which gives you perfect balance and stability while cleaning. Apart from cleaning car interiors, you can use it with one hand to clean over the head cobwebs and curtains without any stress on your wrists.

There is nothing to set up or assemble in this vacuum cleaner. You have to drop it off on the charging cradle that also works as storage for two of its accessories.

Shark’s cleaning unit comes with an extended nozzle that you can use for day to day car cleaning. As stated earlier, it comes with two attachments – a multi-surface pet tool that is a small upholstery unit that slips inside the main nozzle and a duster crevice tool with a flipping dusting brush.

Lastly, we can say that WV200UK cannot work as a primary cleaner for the whole house. However, this small cleaner is perfect for car cleaning, minor spills and other quick cleanups.



3. BLACK+DECKER PD1820L-GB Cordless Car Vacuum

BLACK+DECKER PD1820L-GB Cordless Car Vacuum


Combine a snail with a vacuum cleaner and you will get BLACK+DECKER PD1820L-GB. Do not think that we are comparing it with snail because it has any sluggish or slow behavior. It’s just that the makers got more creative here and gave it an appearance that looks more like a snail. When not in use, the innovative hose of PD1820L-GB can be wrapped around the central unit. Let us see if it has anything more to offer than a stylish design.

PD1820L-GB offers excellent suction power and extended battery life as compared to several other handhelds. This cordless vacuum cleaner has an unusual look, but when we talk about cleaning, it does exceptionally well.

Crafted for quick cleanups to give you access to spaces where regular vacuums cannot reach, PD1820L-GB does a variety of tasks, including car cleaning, vacuuming crevices, and dusting small materials. On all the cleaning jobs, it gives excellent results.

For dusting, it has a flick-down brush that never moves the dust around but removes it from the surface. So, whether it is the car seats, dashboard or foot mats, it does an excellent job at cleaning litters and other dust particles. It works fine with pet hair as well, but there are chances of clogging if there are lots of furs to clean. If you like the vacuum cleaner, you can purchase a separate pet hair extension for better fur cleaning.

PD1820L-GB is a lightweight, easy to carry handheld, so it lets you clean your car whether it is parked outside the house, in the garage or when you are on a road trip. Another feature that adds to the value of PD1820L-GB is its extendable hose that has a length of 1.5 meters.

It helps you quickly reach all the space under the seat, between the cushions, inside the cup holder and many more corners. At the end of its hose, you will see a nozzle, big enough to pick large dust particles. That is where the vacuum has the flick-down brush; as we were talking about earlier.

Cleaning your ride with general spillages, dust particles, is a critical requirement and PD1820L-GB is a perfect solution. It does an excellent job of cleaning your machine so that you can enjoy a clean and healthy drive.



4. Gtech Multi MK2 Car Vacuum Cleaner

Gtech Multi MK2 Car Vacuum Cleaner


A lightweight cordless vacuum, Gtech Multi MK2 comes with LED lights to illuminate dark areas. To give you a battery backup of 20 minutes, it needs a charging time of four hours. MK2 has a dust capacity of 0.4 litres, and it comes included with a dusting brush, crevice tool, power brush head, extension tube, and extendable hose.

A long-range of attachments makes MK2 a versatile vacuum that works on most of the car seats and other areas. Flexible hose and extension tool gives you access to hard to reach areas like the space between cushions. It quickly picks up all kinds of dust particles including animal fur. If you purchase MK2 directly from Gtech, you have the option to buy a car accessory kit, which adds an upholstery brush, flexible crevice tool, a padded case and a soft dusting brush to the range of attachments it has already.

A rubberized grip of the vacuum gives you a comfortable grip, and due to its lightweight, you can easily maneuver it inside the car. Moreover, it comes with a washable filter, so you will not have to spend any money on their replacement.

The power button is located on its top, and there is a set of four LEDs to show you the battery charge level. The battery can be detached from the base so that you can charge it independently as well. Overall, MK2 is an excellent performer when it comes to car cleaning. It picks up all kinds of dust and gives a bright look to the car seats, dashboard and other areas inside your car.



5. BLACK+DECKER 18 V Battery Car Vacuum

BLACK+DECKER 18 V Lithium-Ion Compact Pivot Vacuum


One of the most innovative handheld car vacuums comes from Black & Decker is a compact pivot cleaner, PV1820L. It does not come with a flexible hose, but its extendable nose and pivot design give easy access to under the seating area and other tricky places inside your car.

Let us start with the first features that make PV1820L a unique cleaner, its attractive titanium design. As stated earlier, the handheld comes with a nozzle that pivots up to 200 degrees, giving you access to awkward crevices. It has an extendable nose that works well when you need some extra length. Especially on a delicate dashboard or displays as the nose or flip out cleaning tool has very soft brushes. While it is not as convenient like using a flexible hose to clean under the seats but still works well for most of the areas.

With these convenient features and power, it just has a gravity of 1.9 kg which is comparatively low. You have to empty the dust from the sides; so you will be able to throw out the dirt without making any mess. The hoover comes with a powerful 18V Lithium-ion battery, which never allows the suction power to degrade.

So, you get perfect pickups, even if the cleaner is working on a low charge. It also has a “Smart Charge” technology, so it charges faster than other handhelds and stops automatically after a full charge. Thus, saving you from extra electricity bills and protecting the environment from additional carbon emissions. It also comes included with a wall-mountable charging dock.

Its run time of 10 minutes is good for quick car cleanups. So, if you are looking for an inexpensive handheld for cleaning your ride and even use for some quick cleanups inside the house, PV1820L can an excellent all-rounder.


6. Vax H85-GA-P18 Cordless Car Vacuum

Vax H85-GA-P18 Cordless Car Vacuum



The Vax H85-GA-P18 is our 6th recommendation if you are a pet owner & looking for a good handheld vacuum for pet hair cleaning, it works great for you. Looking at is comparatively low price and extraordinary features, it is a vacuum you can bet.

The vacuum cleaner comes with an 18V battery that gives a run time of 20 minutes, which is more than enough to clean even the dirtiest vehicle. It has a comparatively less dust storage capacity of 0.3 litres, so you need to clean it after every use if you want to maintain constant suction power.

Cleaning a messed up car can be very difficult with all those tricky places to reach, that is why Gator Pet comes with a crevice tool that helps you clean all those hard to reach crannies and nooks. It also has an easy to empty dustbin design called “Gator Mouth”.

Another feature that adds to its value is the TurboTool attachment, which reduces the runtime but gives excellent results while removing stubborn dirt from car seats and pet animal fur. So, if you want to take your dog with you for the next car trip, you do not worry about cleaning its fallen hair.

Apart from your car, you can also use the H85-GA-P18 to vacuum stairs and furniture inside your house. Due to its lightweight construction, you can easily carry it from one room to another. It is also easy to empty, you have to press the release button, and all the dust empties into the bin.

Concluding all these features, we can say that this is an affordable vacuum that offers a long runtime and perfect cleaning results. This Vax hoover is powerful enough to clean your car including pet hair quickly. Powerful battery adds to its value and makes Gator Pet a robust handheld to beat.



7. TowerTop Handheld Vacuum For Car


If you are looking for a handheld that can clean both wet and dry spills from your car, the TowerTop Vacuum is an ideal option.

This cordless vacuum cleaner looks small but has impressive power to collect all the unwanted dust and dirt from your car. However, if you need something to deal with pet hair or the soil they bring inside your car or the house, then you should look for a vacuum with better power. Meaning, TowerTop handheld works excellent for quick cleanups, but it lacks the energy that is required to tackle stubborn pet hair and heavy soil.

Let us move on to the features it can offer and the benefits you can take from them. The vacuum cleaner has a compact design, which makes it portable and easy to store. Considering the size and the price of this handheld, it gives good suction apart from the pet hair.

Once you switch it on and use the vacuum once, you will be surprised to see its ability to pick up the dust particles, even the finest ones. Whether you are cleaning the car seats, dashboard, areas under the seats or any other place; it gives you excellent results. Apart from car cleaning, you can also utilize the handheld for quick cleanups inside the house.

One of the best vacuum features of TowerTop portable is its ability to pick both dry and wet waste materials. You can use a switch to change the mode once you have to clean any other liquid spills inside the car or on the kitchen slab.



8. BLACK+DECKER Cordless Vacuum for Car

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Vacuum for Car


Cleans your car as fast as you want, the BLACK+DECKER DVJ325BF-GB  from Black & Decker a compact vacuum that runs for 16 minutes after a single recharge, gives you a very quick and efficient cleaning. Once you are done with it, place the vacuum on the docking station to recharge.

It has filter and battery indicators, that lets you know when you have to empty or recharge the vacuum. Filter sensors let you know when the filters need cleaning and help you in its maintenance. Battery sensors keep telling you the battery charge left so that you never face a situation of power loss while cleaning your car.

Both dirt bowl and filter are washable so that you can use them as a new cleaner. It is designed in a way that you do not have to touch the dirt even once. The super soft extendable nozzle works great on the delicate dashboards, between the seats, or cushions and other awkward areas. The extendable nozzle works excellent for tight spaces, so you will be able to clean the areas under the seats.

The cordless handheld vacuum for car with a cyclonic dust filtration system, which maintains constant suction and prevents any chance of clogging. So, it picks even the most beautiful dirt from the car seats, floor mats, dashboard and other areas. Also, it has a Boost mode, which picks even all the smallest of the soil from car seats. Every time the Dustbuster is on the work, you will not see any dust particles in your car. All you will see is a new and clean looking ride, ready to go.

Apart from your garage machines, you can also use the DustBuster for quick cleanups inside the house. Taking benefit of its less weight and strong suction power, you can use it to clean curtains, sofa, bed/mattress and other furniture.


Why Do You Need a Car Vacuum Cleaner?

A large number of car owners use regular house vacuums to clean the car interiors. In most of the case, a regular vacuum like an upright or cylinder works; however, they lack the attachments or tools to clean all the areas inside a car. It will be too big to fit entirely in your vehicle. If you are using a vacuum with a hose, then it should be long enough to reach all the areas under the seat and other corners.

On the other hand, car vacuums are specially designed for cleaning vehicles, seats, areas under the seats and other tight corners. These cleaners come with strong suction power enough to pick up all the soil that comes on the floor mat from your shoes, fast food remaining, used tissue papers, chocolate wrappers and all kinds of other waste. Most of the handheld vacuums don’t have HEPA filter, though hepa filter vacuum cleaners are good to remove allergens, mites and other harmful particles from the air

How To Vacuum Your Car?

Now you know the positive and negative aspects of a corded and cordless handheld car vacuum cleaner. You can easily select which one you need depending upon your requirements and preferences. So, let us discuss how to use your new cordless vacuum cleaner to get the best results. We are presenting some of the tips that will be helpful.

Check for the right attachments. To clean your car, you need a handheld car vacuum, but with the right accessories to reach all the area inside the vehicle.

Collect all the personal items and trash. There should be some of your things inside the car may be like water bottles, cans, wallet, papers or any other thing. Take them out as they will add to the clutter and you may lose something important. Also, collect all the trashes like cans, paper bags, big wrappers, etc. and put them in a separate garbage bag. Make sure that you check door pockets, and other holders of the car and look on the floor as well.

Vacuum the dirt. Use the cordless car vacuum cleaner and remove the dust. You can do it without any attachments. Remove the floor mats, so that you clean the floor as well. Vacuum cleaners the seat covers, seat folds, carpet and all the other area where the vacuum can reach. Shake the removed floor mats to get rid of heavier soil and then vacuum them to remove the small dust particles.

Use the attachments. After cleaning the car using a regular vacuum nozzle, use any deep attachment to clean the floor. You can use the extenders, hose or flip out to reach the area under the seats. Use smaller accessories to clean the front pedals and regions between them.

Use a brush to remove the dirt from fibers. Use a stiff brush to bring those dust particles to the surface. The brush should not be extra stiff to break the carpet fibre in the process. For vets, nooks and all other areas where a vacuum cannot reach without any attachment, use a soft brush to clean all the dust.

Clean the fine dust. There should be some very fine dust particles still left. Use soft bristle brush and low profile head to pick all of them. Use the cordless vacuum with attachments that are likely to pull the finest of dirt all over the areas where you doubt they can hide.

Vacuum the area under the seats. Cleaning the area under the seats is a tough task. If you can move the chairs, move them temporarily to clean the area. For example, if you can move the seats forward or backward, move them and clean the area.

Check the carpet. If there is any stain or soil left on the floor carpets, spray some of the carpet cleaners and leave it there for the required time. Use a vacuum cleaner over the mats to remove the cleaner. Repeat the process if needed.

Remove bad odour. If you feel there is an unpleasant odour coming from carpets or the vehicle, use a car freshener.

Other points to consider:

  • You can consider cleaning the car from one section to another. For example, first you can clean front seats, then you can move to the rear.
  • Use upholstery brush to clean sun visors, gauges, headliners, seats, console and other vents.
  • To remove dust from sear crevices, ashtrays, cup holders, door seals, along with door jambs and seams, use crevice tool.
  • If you have to clean pet hair, either look for the best handheld vacuum in UK that is expert in picking pet hair or use revolving brush to clean the animal fur.
  • Before applying any conditioner on the seats, use an upholstery brush to clean them. So, that none of the dust particles are rubbed on the leather resulting in a ruined look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i buy a car vacuum cleaner?

You can order a good quality car vacuum cleaner on Amazon.

Can I use a regular vacuum for my car?

A standard upright vacuum cleaner is not suitable for car. To clean hard to reach areas & narrow spaces of your car interior a handheld portable vacuum with extendable hose is preferable.

How often should you vacuum your car?

Every couple of weeks or at least once in a month is ok. Keeping your car clean is a good practice.


Car trips are always one of the best memories: images, new markets, new things to eat, exciting places to see and much more.

If you are passionate about your ride, cleaning it cannot be a routine task for you. To clean the car, so that you can enjoy a fresh and hygienic drive you need the right car vacuum that can reach every area. Keeping the same fact in mind, we have presented some of the best cordless handhelds so that you can easily choose your new vacuum.

We have seen various cordless handheld car vacuum cleaners in this list, with different dust storage capacity and suction power. Choosing the best among them is one of the difficult tasks.

To summarize, the most important factors you should consider while purchasing the best car vacuum should be the suction power, run time, weight, and ease of use. All the models on this list have these abilities. Also, they all come with the right attachments that you will need to clean your car.

However, as per our tests and performance review, we recommend Dyson V7 Trigger and Shark WV200UK as two of the best handheld vacuums for car 2024. Both of them has strong suction and comes with different attachments that will help you while cleaning different areas of your vehicle.

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