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Do you want the best swimming pool vacuum in the UK?

Our team of researchers have taken the stress off you so that making the right choice will be a piece of cake for you.

We have taken our time to analyse a lot of products and came up with the best ones that can be invested in.

What Is The Best Pool Vacuum?

To get the most satisfactory result when cleaning your pool, you need the best pool vacuum cleaner.

The following products have been thoroughly analysed and they can be trusted for the best performance.

You can put your money on any one of them if you want to get it right in terms of proper cleaning.

i. Zodiac Kontiki 2 Hydraulic Pool Vacuum

The Zodiac Kontiki 2 Hydraulic Pool Cleaner (view on Amazon) is a robotic cleaner for effective pool maintenance.

It comes with a minimum fuel pump power of 0.50 HP and that is why high performance is usually guaranteed.

With a cycle duration of 6 hours and a hose length of 1 metre in 8 sections, this is the right machine to get for a sparkling pool.


ii. Pentair LL505PMG

This amazing Zodiac F5 (view on Amazon) features a four-wheel design that goes a long way in preventing tipping.

You will love its big debris channel which ensures that large debris and leaves are picked out without much stress.

Also, its debris bag is disposable and there is a pressure-side cleaner that guarantees perfect ground cleaning of your pool. It has two-fold thrust jets for high performance and that is why the job can be carried out within 3 hours.

iii. Dolphin Avalon 30

The Dolphin Avalon 30 (view on Amazon) is an ideal pool vacuum for all pool surfaces including waterline, walls and bottom.

It has a 2-hour cleaning cycle and that is why you can be sure of the best result.

It can handle a pool as long as 12 metres and comes with a clean basket to retain fine as well as coarse dirt.

Here’s a quick overview of the top 7 Pool vacuum in the UK

Top Rated Swimming Pool Vacuum Reviews

Here are our top-rated swimming pool hoover reviews UK 2024.

1. Zodiac Kontiki 2 Hydraulic Pool Vacuum

Zodiac Kontiki 2 Hydraulic Pool Cleaner



If you are looking for an ideal cleaner for above ground pools that will not disappoint when needed most, you should consider the Zodiac Kontiki 2 Hydraulic Pool vacuum. It comes with a flexible membrane that guarantees perfect opening and closing during water flow. This will go a long way to create the perfect vacuum and pressure that will give you the best result.

You will love its fins which ensure that its movement is optimized so that wider cleaning coverage can be achieved. That is why it is perfect for rigid-walled, above-ground pools and floors only. It comes with two hose deflectors and two adapters making its installation as easy as ABC. You can easily connect it to the suction point or skimmer so that the most satisfactory result will be achieved.

This machine can be used to clean various pool surfaces such as tiles, painted concrete, reinforced PVC, polyester hull and liner. With a displacement speed of 6 meters per minute, this is the perfect machine to get if you want to get it right when it comes to pool maintenance. There are 8 sections of hoses with each section measuring 1 metre.


2. Pentair LL505PMG Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Zodiac F5 Polaris Vac



The Zodiac F5 Pool Cleaner is your sure bet if you want a machine that will deliver according to specifications. With a four-wheel design that prevents tipping which is common with cleaners with three wheels, this is an ideal product for the best performance. It has a big debris channel making it ideal for picking up large debris and leaves.

It is perfect for pools made of fiberglass, vinyl, or concrete and there is a debris bag that is disposable so that you can use it conveniently. This machine has a lightweight frame contributing to its compactness for easy manipulation. You will love its enhanced tire/wheel design which ensures that greater coverage is achieved during cleaning, especially of pool walls.

This amazing piece of the technological device has twin thrust jets which help in ensuring that optimum power is achieved for suction and speed. as a result of this, this machine can clean your pool within three hours and the best result will certainly be realized. It weighs just 2.81 Kg meaning that you don’t need to worry about the difficulty in manipulation.


3. Dolphin Avalon 30 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Avalon 30



The Dolphin Avalon 30 robotic pool cleaner offers a complete solution for your pool maintenance. It is very effective for the bottom of pool cleaning and side sweeping. You can also use it for waterline cleaning so that the most satisfactory result will be achieved. It has a 2-hour cleaning cycle meaning that fast cleaning is guaranteed at all times. If your pool is up to 12 metres in length, you can make use of this machine for guaranteed results.

Also, this machine comes with a clean basket that serves the purpose of retaining fine, coarse dirt. It has an active two-fold brush and that is why you can get the best cleaning result with this robotic pool cleaner. Weighing just 12.4 kilograms, it is very easy to move from one place to another. You can control it with your smartphone or tablet and cleaning schedules can be easily set up.

What’s more, it can be manually navigated while its blinking LED will let you know that it is already in the active mode. It makes use of the cutting-edge PowerStream Mobility System which ensures that it adequately grips vertical planes. This will go a long way in guaranteeing a thorough wall and waterline cleaning. It also helps the machine to avoid obstructions and obstacles during operations so that the best result will be achieved.


4. Hayward RC9990GR Robotic Cleaner

Hayward RC9990GR



The Hayward RC9990GR is an ideal pool cleaner to get for effective pool maintenance. Featuring an innovative filter cartridge system, this machine makes use of filter cartridges that are easy to clean, in lieu of bags. That is why you can clean it with different methods including washing it off with a garden hose. Its patented Quick Clean Technology is a plus making it possible for fast cleaning within 90 minutes.

You don’t need to worry about any installation stress and there is an automatic scanning feature that helps in saving energy and enhancing high performance. It is designed to shut down automatically after each cleaning cycle that lasts for three hours. The debris chamber is easy to access while it’s 24-volt DC motor guarantees higher energy efficiency. There is an in-built computer that helps in calculating the height, breadth and width of the pool for effective coverage.

No matter how small the particles are, this machine can take care of all of them. With the capacity to trap particles as small as 5 microns, there is no hiding place for all debris in your pool. With a suction rate of 75gpm, you will certainly get the best performance when this robotic swimming pool cleaner is deployed to work. You will love its stainless steel bearing system and that is why the durability of this machine cannot be questioned.


5. Masthome Automatic Pool Cleaners

If you are looking for the best budget pool cleaner that will not compromise high performance, you need to go for the Masthome Automatic Pool Cleaner. This machine has a high suction power which requires a connection to the pool pump for effective result.

There is a unique curbed tube that helps in preventing the machine from being stuck in the corner during operations. With 12 spiral wound hoses, each measuring 80 centimetres, you can achieve your cleaning goals without much stress. You will love its durable upgrading hose which helps in preventing air leaks during high-powered operations.

Also, there is a free leaf net which is very useful for grabbing muck, gooey bugs, little flower buds and large leaves. Weighing just 4.5 kilograms, this machine is easy to manoeuvre for perfect cleaning performances. Its compact design is also a plus making it possible for easy storage when not in use.


Other Top Picks:

i. vidaXL Swimming Pool Cleaner

vidaXL Swimming Pool Cleaner


The vidaXL Swimming Pool Cleaner comes with high suction and that is why you may not get a better deal elsewhere. It can pick every debris in your pool including twigs, pebbles, bugs and dirt. You don’t need to worry about any complex installation, plug it in and the cleaning work starts immediately.

It comes with vital accessories like a suction hose, automatic regulator valve, outer ring, eyeball diverter, dive float restrictor and hose cone. With a lightweight design, you can manipulate this machine without much hassle. You will love its hose length of 80 centimetres ensuring that adequate coverage is realized.


6. Catfish Battery Powered Rechargeable Cleaner for Pools

POOL BLASTER Water Tech Catfish Rechargeable



This pool cleaner is battery-powered and that is why it can be used for effective spot cleaning. The Catfish Battery Powered Rechargeable Cleaner for Pools comes with a lightweight design making it ideal for small pools and spas. It can also be used for large pools so that a sparkling pool can be achieved at all times.

It comes with an internal pump as well as a big filtration bag which ensures that all manner of debris is effectively suctioned. You don’t need to worry about cords disturbing your job as a Nickel-metal hydride battery powers this machine. It has a runtime of 35 minutes meaning that a fully charged battery will handle your job within 35 minutes.

You can use it a handheld for spot cleaning and it can be connected to a telephone so that adequate coverage of deep areas in the pool can be achieved. Weighing just 1.4 kilograms, manipulating this machine is a piece of cake. Its vacuum hed is 8-inch wide meaning that there is no hiding place for all types of debris.




INTEX 28001 Auto Pool Cleaner



The Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner is a powerful machine that can be used for your whole pool floor. It is designed for above-ground pools and comes with 1.5 hose fittings so that the best results can be achieved. This machine works with almost pool systems. Hence, you don’t need to replace your filter pumps after purchasing them.

If the flow rate of your filter pump is between 1,600 and 4,000 gallons per hour, you are certainly fit to use this machine. It can clean pools that are not so big because it reverses a hoover direction for efficient floor cleaning. There is a hose that accompanies this pool cleaner and its measurement is 24 feet and 7 inches, making it perfect for domestic pool cleaning.

You will love the dynamic venturi suction technology of this machine guaranteeing the perfect collection of non-organic waste, debris and leaves. This will make it possible for you to enjoy your work for an optimum outcome.


What Is Pool Cleaner?

Pool cleaners are essential for the effective management of your pool. Twigs, leaves, dust and other debris can damage it because these unwanted materials will form a film beneath it. As a result of this, owning a pool comes with a higher level of responsibility so that it can stay clean at all times.

When algae form on the walls of your pool, it can be a headache for you. Also, if organic materials decompose in it, the water will be cloudy which can lead to the development of microorganisms. If it is not properly cleaned, it can be hazardous for swimming and can bring about unhygienic issues.

Benefits of Pool Cleaners

Cleaning a pool can be stressful, especially if you don’t have the right tool. Pool cleaners offer hope for effective management of your pond but what are the benefits of owning a cleaner? Some of them are discussed below.

1. Saves water: The majority of pools have circulation pump filters which help in keeping them clean at all times. The use of circulation pump filters wastes too much water and this can push up your cost of maintenance.

Swimming pool cleaners get rid of debris independently meaning that you don’t need to use the circulation pump filter frequently.

2. Reduces Chemical Usage: Chlorine is usually used to disinfect pools so that bacteria and algae will not thrive in it. Overuse of chlorine may not be safe, especially if you use a highly concentrated product.

A pool cleaner will scrub every part of the pond with advanced brushing technology ensuring that pollutants like bacteria and algae are eliminated. This will reduce your chemical usage for safer swimming.

3. Advanced Cleaning Technology: Pool cleaners make use of advanced cleaning technology to get rid of debris.

Particularly, robotic cleaners find their way through the pool beds to ensure that all pollutants, either internal or external, are suctioned. Internal pollutants include bacteria, chemicals and algae while external pollutants are urine, sweat, suntan lotions and so on.

4. Easy to use: Pool cleaners are very easy to use with no cumbersome installation process. A lot of robotic cleaners are plug-and-play, meaning that you don’t need to worry about the complicated set-up.

Even though you may need to program a robot for effective cleaning, this is usually a simple process. Apart from this brief initial set-up, plug your device and you are good to go.

5. Energy efficient: Pool hoovers are highly energy-efficient. The majority of them don’t use more than 70 watts per hour meaning that you don’t have to worry about excessive energy consumption which will increase your electricity bill. This will go a long way in reducing your maintenance cost without compromising quality.

6. Environmentally friendly: Pool cleaners do not produce chemicals that can be hazardous to pool users.

The majority of them work underwater ensuring that every part of the pond is properly cleaned. They don’t produce toxic gases while their heat is highly controlled.

7. Low Maintenance: The use of pool cleaners, especially robotic ones, will reduce the stressful chores associated with pool maintenance.

With a built-in filtration system, you don’t have to worry about backwashing which consumes time as well as energy.

What To Consider When Buying Pool Vacuum

Buying the perfect robotic pool cleaner requires proper research so that you will be able to get the most satisfactory result. If you want to get value for your money, there are some factors to consider before making a purchase and some of them are discussed below.

Vacuum pressure: The vacuum pressure of the robot cleaner you want to buy is very important. Some machines can lose their suction power when the filter bag becomes full.

This can lead to poor work because suctioning will only take place for some minutes. As a result of this, you should get a machine with guaranteed hoover pressure so that effective results can be achieved.

Filter size: You will be making a good choice if you get a machine with a filter size that is big enough for your pool. It won’t be convenient for you if you will have to clean the filter frequently when it is full.

But if you choose a large filter that fits your pool, your robot will effectively carry out the cleaning process and you will not need to clean the filter repeatedly.

Wall and stage capacity: If a robot cleaner cannot clean the wall of the pool effectively, it isn’t worth investing in.

A good cleaner should have the capacity to scrub all the algae causing issues on the walls of the pool. This will guarantee effective cleaning for the most satisfactory result.

Navigation: There is an internal mechanism in virtually all pool cleaning robots that maps out the route of your pool for effective cleaning. This ensures that proper navigation is achieved so that the highest level of performance will be achieved.

As a result of this, you must ensure that the machine you are going to purchase has a perfect navigation mechanism so that your goal will be easily realized.

Low voltage: You need to look for a product with low voltage so that you will be on the safer side during cleaning operations.

Since they usually work underwater, you will be making the right choice if you check the voltage level before parting with your hard-earned money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do pool cleaners do?

Pool cleaners are used to get rid of debris in the pool without much effort. Robotic pool cleaners make the work easier because they handle the job with more precision. Once they are programmed for your particular pool, they will handle the job with utmost perfection.

How much do pool cleaners make an hour?

Professional pool cleaners can make up to $60 per hour based on the data released by the SpringBoard Pool Route Brokers. If they carry out equipment maintenance and repair, they can earn up to $200.

How do I clean my swimming pool?

It is advisable to skim the water of your pool daily so as to prevent the formation of debris on the bottom. This will go a long way in making vacuuming easier. Vacuuming should also be carried out regularly, ideally every other day. A robotic vacuum will make the job easier as it will carry out the job without much effort on your part.

Will baking soda clear up cloudy pool water?

That is counterproductive. Baking soda is basic meaning that it will aggravate the pH level of the water and this can make it turn cloudy. Chlorine is a better alternative if you want to clear up a cloudy pool.

Will baking soda kill algae in a pool?

Due to its alkaline nature, baking soda can kill bacteria and prevent the growth of algae. The addition of baking soda to your pool will provide the required alkalinity that will avert pH fluctuations and this can lead to the death of algae.

How do you clear up a cloudy pool fast?

Before clearing a cloudy pool, you need to get a pool water testing kit so that you will be able to know the quality of the water. Once the quality of water is determined, you can use many methods to make the water clear.

You can use a pool clarifier that clumps the tiny particles in the pool together so that the filter will have the ability to filter the larger clumps more efficiently.

You can also make use of a pool flocculant and regular cleaning, as well as replacement of the filter, will work. Above all, maintaining your pool regularly will go a long in eliminating cloudiness. Weekly maintenance is advisable so that you will be able to get the best result.


If you really want the best swimming pool vacuum cleaner in the UK, you should go through this review properly.

We have selected products that are properly investigated so that making a perfect choice will not be difficult for you.

It is our hope that you will make good use of this piece so that your pool maintenance will be taken to the next level.

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