Best Industrial Hoover UK

An industrial hoover can be the best solution for general cleaning in a mill, laboratory, cement workshops, nuclear power stations, school, colleges and many other sites where you need extra power and efficiency.

Due to versatility and power, such cleaners never mind cleaning anything that comes in their way, whether it’s wet waste or dry debris.

Similar to all the other products, the right industrial vacuum cleaner will decide whether you are going to have a fantastic time cleaning the oil station or you will find yourself surrounded by dust hassles.

To help you find the right product, we have done our research on the industrial hoovers available in the UK market, from some of the most trustworthy brands and created this list based on cleaning quality, durability, and efficiency.

Our Top 8 Industrial Hoovers UK

Here are our 8 best industrial hoovers UK reviews 2024 below;

1. Sealey PC477 Wet and Dry Industrial Hoover

Sealey Pc477 Industrial Wet



Robust and lightweight industrial wet and dry cleaner from Sealey comes with a durable stainless steel tank. For optimum performance, Sealey PC477 includes a dual filtration system. Hence, it works best for areas where you have kept the dust-sensitive machines.

Not only dual filtration, but the vacuum is also built using two motors for maximum suction and cleaning performance. PC477 features an automatic shut off features while you are cleaning wet waste. It’s an added safety feature to avoid any electrical discharge. Foot-operated squeegee adjustment is also available in this hoovers, which adds to your convenience and ease of use.

The industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner comes with 38 mm accessory kit, 3-pin plug, and cartridge filter. The accessory kit has all the attachments that you will ever need to clean any surface or object. Cartridge filter eliminates any filter change while you switch from wet to dry waste cleaning or vice versa.

Due to a pair of rear wheels, it can be moved easily. Once locked, these wheels work as a stand while you drain its tank. There are two swivelling rollers in the front as well that adds to its manoeuvrability.

PC477 is suitable for areas or places where you need extra power and efficiency. So, it will fit most of the commercial and industrial cleaning purposes.


2. Sealey PC300SDAUTO 30ltr Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Sealey Pc300Sdauto Vacuum Cleaner



Using a powerful 1400W motor, the PC300SDAUTO works with excellent suction. Its broad suction head adds to the efficiency while the extended hose gives you easy all-around access, even tough to reach areas.

Stainless steel tank of the vacuum sits on a trolley with two pair of wheels. Rear wheels are lockable for easy waste drainage while the front wheels allow smooth movement. Its tube is also made of stainless steel and is attached to the central unit using a long-lasting rubber tube. There is storage space on its base and head to store its attachments.

The vacuum can also work as a blower. You can use this feature to clean machines that are not water-resistant. Apart from cleaning, you can also use the blower for aeration and drying at production sites.

Using its three-pin BS plug, you can connect any of the power tools up to 1400W. Once the hoover is connected with a power tool, both works in conjugation with each other. Yes, it starts with the power tool. However, once you shut down the driller or sander, it shuts off after ten seconds to ensure a dust-free hose.

PC300SDAUTO includes a cartridge filter and an additional wet foam filter that works as a backup. Due to the cartridge filter, you do not have to change it anytime cleaning between damp or dry waste.


3. Wido 3000W Double Motor Industrial Hoover

Wido 3000W Double Motor Wet & Dry



With dual motors working at 3000W, the vacuum from Wido is ideal for industrial cleanings. Large dust holding a capacity of 80 litres adds to its value and gives you uninterrupted cleaning sessions for extended periods.

The single-phase vacuum has a stainless steel container that looks robust and is made to last for long. Suction tubes are also made of metal and are sturdy. Its 8 m power cable extends your reach while the 1.5 m hose adds some further extension.

Trolley like the base is fitted with a two pair of wheels that allows smooth movement and convenient cleaning across the floor. There are two handles; one at the plastic cover that will enable you to take it off quickly and another for the container located at the front. To lock the lid, you have to use metal fasteners. Drainage pipe at front bottom and tilting axis of the tank makes way for easy drainage.

Wido hoover includes two separate brushes for wet and dry waste. Apart from the brushes, it consists of a thin nozzle that allows you to clean tough to reach places and an upholstery tool to remove dust and debris from factory furniture or machine coverings.

All these attachments are suitable for both commercial and residential purpose. Usage and all other instructions are given in its included manual, which is very descriptive and clear for anyone to understand.

Low, medium, and high, there are three power settings to choose from, depending upon the severity of the dust accumulation. Due to such power, features, and accessories, the vacuum can perform at any area where a power outlet is available.


4. Sealey PC200SD110V 20ltr Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Sealey Pc200Sd




Sealey gives you another superb wet and dry vacuum that comes with 20-liter dust carrying capacity. Its capacity is comparatively less than the models mentioned above. However, the price of Sealey PC200SD is also relatively meagre, so you have to be reasonable here.

The cleaner gets the juice from a 1250W motor. Its telescopic extension tube connects with the hose to give you a large cleaning area. The professionally designed vacuum has onboard storage at the base for attachments.

There are four wheels at the bottom; two tires at the rear end are fixed, while the front rollers swivel for smooth movement. The hoovers also include a wet foam filter for damp waste cleaning.

With a weight below 5kg, the vacuum is comparatively lightweight than other contestants on this list. Even at a low weight, the vac is sturdy and can use used under any industrial condition.

It has a stainless steel drum that can store waste up to 20 litres. PC200SD also has a blower function that will help eliminate dry dust from the areas where you cannot use the floorhead or any other attachment.

If you need a hardworking and durable vacuum, but the budget is the only constraint, then you can choose Sealey PC200SD without any second thoughts. The hoover has everything that you will need to clean your factory, office, or house.

Looking at the features, we can say that it gives you the full value for the investment. The drum is easy to drain, and the filter can be changed conveniently as well. Overall, it provides you durability, power, and convenience to clean the surroundings.

However, the hose is short, if compared to other vacuums on this list. So, keep in mind that you will not be getting a bigger cleaning radius with this machine.


5. MAXBLAST Industrial Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner



Industrial cleaning requires a powerful vacuum that can clear anything and everything that comes in its way. Maxblast wet and dry vacuum is one of those that can glide over any damp or dry waste to give you a clean surrounding.

Whether you are targeting hard floors, carpets or any other production area, the vac removes even the most stringent dust, and any other liquid spills that can degrade the appearance of your office or workshop.

The industrial cleaner from Maxblast comes with a powerful 3000W motor and dust carrying capacity of 80 litres. There are three other versions of the vacuum that comes with a dust capacity of 30, 50 and 60 litres. You will notice differences in the price of three variants so that you can choose one of them depending upon your requirement and budget.

The hoovers come with a bag so that you can easily collect the waste and throw it hygienically. At the base, there are four wheels wherein the rear ones are fixed, and the front rollers swivel for better locomotion. There are sockets on the base to store all the four attachments that come with the cleaner.

You will find a drain pipe at the front bottom, and there is also a tilt axis if you want to wash the stainless steel tank. Extension tubes are made of stainless steel to add another layer of durability. There are two handles as well; one for the plastic cover and another at the front for drum.


6. Wido 3000W Double Motor Wet & Dry

Wido 3000W Double Motor



A first cleaning device, Wido 3000W Double Motor Wet & Dry uses a computer-controlled mechanism that adjusts the brush according to the floor height resulting in optimum cleaning performance. No matter what is the targeted floor type, the vacuum continually monitors its performance and gives you the best.

Single motored Wido has a comparatively low weight. The vacuum looks like an upright vac and works in a standing position most of the times. It comes with a sizeable telescopic tube that allows you to use the vacuum under the furniture.

When you have to clean low areas, you have to use the vacuum horizontally to the floor because there are no extension tube or hose attached to this model. You can quickly and easily change the brushes without using any of the tools.

There are sensors to control performance. These sensors check the resistance of the rotating brush and then adjust the functionality accordingly. It’s the reason why it gives you desired results on all floor types, whether it’s a hardwood or carpeted.

The Wido utilizes advanced s-class-filtration that contains all the allergens like an expert and gives you a healthy breathing environment. Due to the efficient filter, the hoover never reintroduces dust particles or other microbial back to the atmosphere. It’s the reason why it is an ideal cleaning solution for hospitals, schools, restaurants where allergic individuals can be present.

The vacuum gives you a reach up to 4-meter power cable, the cleaning radius extends dramatically and allows you to clean a large area without changing the power outlet. It comes with some necessary accessories that can easily be attached to the floor head to clean a wide variety of objects.


7. Vacmaster Industrial Wet & Dry Vac Cleaner

Vacmaster 110V L Class Wet and Dry Vacuum



Manufactured as per the standards of electrical safety, the industrial wet and dry vacuum from Vacmaster is an ideal cleaning solution for workshops and construction sites. It has L Class certification, which means it can be used with light hazardous materials. The thick stainless steel tank and crush resistant hose are further additions to its durability. If you need a long-lasting vacuum that can be your cleaning assistant for long, Vacmaster gives you the right product.

The cleaning machine has a single 1000W motor that generates a suction power of 178 air watts, which is valid on almost any surface. As it is crafted to be used by professionals, the vacuum has decent dust carrying space of 30 litres. Its 15″ floor suction nozzle combined with stainless steel suction tubes gives you a safe as well as quick cleaning results.

Vacmaster vacuum has a washable and reusable pre-filter and a cartridge that contains dust directly into the tank or in a dust bag. You can use the optional feature of a dust bag for hygienic dust disposal. Also, there is an additional foam filter for wet waste.

Another considerable advantage of the hoover is its take-off socket that can be to connect power tools. Once connected, it helps you to extract the debris while you drill or sand. Once you power off the power tool, Vacmaster shuts down automatically. It also works as a blower once you connect the hose with its exhaust port. Overall, the hoovers have all the features to be a commercial as well as residential cleaner.


8. VonHaus 3 in 1 Wet and Dry Bagless 30L Industrial Hoover

A powerful yet affordable 3 in 1 cleaner from Vonhaus has a high suction power. The bagless industrial vacuum has a low price tag once compared to other cleaners on this list. It’s the reason why you cannot overlook the heavy duty cleaner.

Powered by a 1250W motor, the vacuum quickly deals with long cleaning sessions in your restaurant or showroom, DIY projects, and home renovation. Another factor that adds to its commercial value is large 30-litre dust carrying tank. With this capacity, you will never have to waste your time and energy to empty the drum at regular intervals. Once required, you have to take out the plastic cover and drain its tank.

The 3 in 1 comes with two filters: HEPA and sponge. HEPA filters remain active while the vacuum is tackling dry dust and captures all the dirt, even if they are as small as 0.3 microns. This feature makes it an ideal cleaner for your office if someone in the team suffers from any airborne allergy.

As it never allows any dust or allergens to escape back to the atmosphere, you get a clean house as well as hygienic environment to breath. The HEPA filter is washable and reusable, so you will never have to spend on any replacements.

Apart from the HEPA, there is also a sponge filter that needs to be fitted with the vacuum when you have to clean wet waste. The sponge absorbs all the liquid spills, debris, and other dust particles.

Overall, the 3 in 1 appears as a cost-effective alternative to the models we discussed above. Apart from giving efficient cleaning performance, the hoover also cuts down the filter purchase costs. However, you have to be ready to apply some extra effort while emptying the waste.

If you want a powerful wet and dry vacuum that takes care of both your constructions sites or office, then Vonhaus gives you an affordable choice,


What is an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner?

Helpful in cleaning and maintaining confined areas, an industrial vacuum cleaner removes hazardous fumes and dust.

Such cleaners are useful in areas where no emissions are allowed, especially if there are dust sensitive machinery and laboratories. It can also be used in medical facilities.

Industrial Vac Cleaner Buyers Guide

We discussed some of the best industrial vacuum cleaners in UK; however, to make the right selection, you need more information. You should know and remember some of the factors that you need to consider while making the purchase.

Bag capacity: You need an industrial vac; means you are going to clean lots of dust with it. wet and dry hoover come bagged as well as some of the options also include bags for extra hygiene.

Well, whatever the case is; you should check the dust storing capacity of the vacuum before paying the price. Make sure you get large enough tank that can accommodate all the waste from your factory or office.

Power cable length: Whether you are buying a vacuum for commercial or industrial cleaning, the power cable is a big deal. It matters more in an industrial cleaner because construction sites, factories, manufacturing establishments and similar areas have large areas to clean and you might not find a power outlet nearby.

If you are going to use the vacuum on construction sites, then you will have minimal access to power outlets because there will be other machines at work as well.

Even if you have power outlets, still an extended power cable is always beneficial for unexpected situations. So, choose a vacuum with at least 25 feet of power cable.

Suction power: In general, industrial vacuums have powerful suction. Still, you need to check because this is the main factor that ensures the efficiency of a cleaner.

A vacuum with strong suction will be able to collect dirt and dust in a better way from carpets or hard floors. Also, it will be able to catch the smallest of the dust particles.

Durability: It is a prominent factor but matters more if you are on a hunt for an industrial cleaner. If you are using a hoover for business purposes, especially at construction and manufacturing sites, you need a robust unit.

Most of the models mentioned on this list come with a stainless steel tank and sturdy extension tubes. So, you can comfortably choose any one of them depending upon the requirement and preferences.

Noise level: How much sound the hoover will make while cleaning the floor is another consideration. You cannot overlook this factor if you are buying a vac for a showroom or service center. If there are customers or business-related individuals around, then it’s better to clean around silently. So, choose a vacuum with a low noise level.

Budget: We will not recommend you to be a money saver while purchasing an industrial cleaner. However, there is no need to spend a fortune on something that you don’t need. Compare the prices, features, and then choose a model that suits you the best. It’s the reason why we have included cleaners from different price categories.

Difference Between Industrial & Commercial Hoover

The differences between a commercial and industrial vacuum are based upon their usage. If you need a cleaner for your office or showroom, then a commercial vacuum will suffice.

On the other hand, if you want something to clean a factory, plant, mill, manufacturing site or service centre, then you need a heavy-duty industrial vacuum. Let’s find out some of the other differences between the two categories.

Construction: Generally, we use canister based or upright vacuums for household cleaning. Commercial vacuums are also available with the same form factor. However, there are differences between the built. Industrial vacuums come made with hard plastic or even metal, while residential cleaners are mostly crafted with plastic.

One glance and you will understand that it’s an industrial vac. It never looks like an upright or cylinder based vacuum. Most of the time, they are crafted with heavy and robust metal like stainless steel. Most of the time it resembles a lawn motor, and you need a specialized person to operate an industrial vacuum.

Noise level: Commercial cleaners do not have a high sound level, especially if one comes from a reputed brand. Motors of an industrial cleaner produce sound at high intensity because of the powerful engine. So, the noise will be an issue.

Power tool socket: None of the commercial vacuums will have the feature to connect a power tool for synchronized functionality. However, most of the industrial cleaners come with a plug wherein you can connect mitre saw, driller, sander, or any other compatible tool for dust collection.

Suction power and efficiency: Commercial vacuum also includes dry and wet vacuums. However, a commercial cleaner takes time to clean extra spills or dust while an industrial vacuum does the same quickly and efficiently because of high powered motor and better suction power.

Apart from being efficient, several industrial vacs come equipped with dual motors. However, you will not find many commercial cleaners with more than one engine.

Filtration: For commercial hoovers, the filter type or filtration level depends upon the manufacturer and model. However, industrial cleaners generally come with fine filters capable of containing the smallest of the particles. Several models are also trained to catch hazardous dirt from the air.

Price: Last, but not the least; a commercial vac will always have a low price tag when compared to an industrial cleaner.

Bottom Line

Sometimes, there are situations where a regular vacuum cannot be sufficient. Its where you need the control of an industrial vac cleaner. If you compare a conventional household hoover with the industrial ones, you will find that the latter lacks some of the convenient features.

However, they are rugged, powerful, and are a cable or removing a large amount of dirt quickly from carpets or hard floors. We have selected only wet and dry vacuums in our list so that you don’t have to worry about anything on your construction site or service centre.

If you will ask us to choose one among the eight models we discussed, Sealey PC477, that’s what we will recommend. The vacuum is a no-nonsense powerful cleaning machine with high waste storage, which makes it a perfect option if you are looking for the best industrial hoover for your workshop.

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