How Long Should A Vacuum Cleaner Last?

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One of the worries that come with purchasing a new vacuum cleaner is the question of how long it would last. Now, one shouldn’t venture into buying a vacuum cleaner without knowing this necessary information about it.

A knowledge of the longevity period of any vacuum cleaner gives you a better chance of making the best of it. However, the fact that there are many models to choose from does not make things easy, especially since they all have different features and specifications to offer.

Nevertheless, there is a need for you to meticulously weigh your options so that you’ll end up with the best pick. Thankfully, this article will help you with that.

All you need do is keep reading, and you’ll find vital information about how long vacuums last, the best brand to buy, and what you should consider when choosing a durable vacuum cleaner for yourself.

Understand Brand Differences

To a great extent, the longevity of a vacuum cleaner is dependent on its model or brand. While there are companies that make their products high-end enough to last for about eight to ten years, others do not go to such extents.

Thus, they can only boast of about 3 years of lifespan expectancy for their vacuum cleaners. More often than not, the quality of a vacuum cleaner reflects in the price. Therefore, the more durable vacuum cleaners tend to be more costly than the less durable ones.

Most Recommended Brands

1. Miele

Miele hoovers are popular for their durability and longevity. Some of their products last for up to 20 years. This brand has been functional for a long time. The vacuum cleaners are, so they don’t break easily.

Though Miele products are qualitative, they are quite pricey and are not easily found in stores.

2. Shark

In terms of an upright vacuum, Shark is the best choice. They are both effective and durable. This brand is perfect for those on a budget because they are low-cost. Also, Unlike Miele, shark vacuum cleaners can easily be gotten in stores.

Typically, they last for five to seven years if they are used correctly. Besides, these vacuum cleaners are effective for removing pet hair.

3. Hoover

Hoover is famous for its wide variety of quality cleaning products. They have one of the best selections of upright vacuums, cordless vacuums 2024, stick vacuums, carpet cleaners, and hard floor cleaners.

They can satisfy customers with their wealth of experience. Their vacuums are made with strong cyclonic filtration. They are convenient and come with easy-to-use tools. Their vacuum cleaners also last for up to fifteen years if used appropriately.

4. Dyson

Dyson is also one of the most effective and durable vacuum brands. Dyson cordless vac remains functional for up to ten years depending on how properly they are used.

In other words, these vacuums have to be taken care of and maintained regularly. You’d have to ensure proper cleaning of the machine from time to time, and also replace all the filters regularly.

What Is The Average Lifespan of Vacuums?

As you know, vacuum cleaners don’t last forever. No matter how good they look, they eventually have to be replaced.

A vacuum will last for an average of eight years. However, the lifespan of a vacuum depends on many factors like the frequency of use, brand model, and maintenance.

How Can I Prolong Its Lifespan?

No matter the brand, any vacuum cleaner that is not well taken care of will most likely not last long. Thus, the best thing to do to make sure that your vacuum lasts for long is to maintain it. This maintenance mostly entails cleaning the vacuum and replacing the filters of the machine.

Nevertheless, different brand products require different maintenance procedures. Therefore, it is crucial for you to understand your vacuum cleaner so you can take care of it accordingly. Also, ensure that you do not use it to clean something that may cause havoc to the system of the machine.

Which Vacuum Is Best For Me?

Considering that there are a wide variety of vacuum cleaners of different brands and models in the market today, finding the best vacuum is a challenge. Still, there some things to look out for when buying.

These things will guide your buying. The tips below are what you need to consider and note when searching for a durable and reliable vacuum cleaner.

Is The Brand Credible Enough?

Brand credibility and reliability is important when choosing a vacuum. Therefore, you should watch out for is a brand that not only stands out but one that backs up their products by offering a strong warranty deal alongside reliable customer service.

The truth is that customers will always comment on the effectiveness of any product that performs well. It is also better to go with brands that have years of experience because most times, they’re more reliable.

What is The Machine’s Source of Power?

Honestly, it’s not hard to see why this is so important. While some users prefer to work with a cord-based cleaner, others would instead go with a battery-based one. Now, it is up to you entirely to choose based on your personal preference.

Though batteries make it easier to move the machine, corded units make it always ready for use. The truth is that each of them has both up-sides and down-sides. So, it all boils down to which of the power source works best for you.

Is it Upright or Canister?

Like power source, this one also depends on your preference. Canister vacuums are larger than upright ones, though they tend to last longer. The brand also plays a vital role in how convenient each of these two types of vacuums is.

Does it have a Bag or is it Bagless?

Usually, bagless vacuums come with a dustbin that is sometimes bigger than bags. Thus, you don’t lose anything if a bagless vacuum is your choice. The most important thing is that you get to empty your vacuum cleaner.

What Are People Saying?

It is safer to pick a vacuum that people have tested and reviewed. You know how credible and reliable a product is by listening to what people say about them. So, consider this when choosing a vacuum.

Which Vacuum is The Most Durable?

Without a doubt, the two most long-lasting vacuum brands you can go for are Miele and Hoover. This is because their vacuums remain functional for ten to twenty years if properly used. On average, their vacuums can last up for to fifteen years. Shark and Dyson do not last as long.


Finding a perfect vacuum cleaner for yourself should be easy if you take note of everything discussed in this article. However, consider all the pros and cons involved, and choose reliable products. Maintaining your vacuum cleaner is just as important as choosing the right one.

Make sure that you clean and care for it as regularly as possible. Learn also to replace broken parts instead of abandoning the whole machine. Now, get your new vacuum.

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