How To Remove Mop Head From Spin Mop?

A spin mop is one of the best tools to clean your house. However, after removing all the dirt, it needs some cleaning to be ready for the next cleaning session. If the mop head is broken by chance, then the only option is to replace it. But, how to remove the mop head from spin mop?

It’s an important question because you need to remove the mop head before cleaning or replacement. The spin mops differ according to their make and model. So, the process could be tricky if you have never done it before.

So, the best policy is to read the instructions manual. Most of the spin mops come with a user’s booklet that you can read to understand how to remove its mop head. Most users overlook this aspect and try to replace the head, which generally ends up in some collateral damage. So, it’s better to play by the rules.

You can purchase new mop heads from Amazon. So, do not put the existing head inside a machine without checking its compatibility. Now, we will discuss the step by step process.

How To Remove Mop Head From Spin Mop?

Remove Mop Head From Spin Mop

Hold the spin mop straight and step on the cleaning fibres of its head.

Locate a clamp near the head’s top area and loosen it. Some of the models have nuts that you need to relax. Apart from clamp or nuts, some of the spine mops are available with a plastic clip that you can take out to remove its head.

If you don’t see any clamp, nut or clip, then align the nut in a way that it should face your foot. Bend the handle oppositely and take out the spin head. You might have to twist the handle from its head. So, these are the common ways to take out the mop head from the spin mop, which depends upon the make and model. It’s the reason why we suggest you read the manual that came with the mop.

Once the existing head is removed, the next step is to fit the handle with the new one. Some of the models might need some extra physical force to take out their cleaning heads. However, so do not assume and apply the pulling force. Read the instructions.

After aligning the head and handle, tighten the nuts, c-clamp or wing, make sure that the cleaning head is tightly fitted with its frame.

Test your mop by using it around the floor. If the mop fails, then tighten its head and try again.

Advantages of Changing the Mop Head

  • Allows you to clean the head without any hassles, exceptionally if it’s machine washable.
  • Helpful if the cleaning head is broken.
  • Prevents unwanted smell that is generally created by a dirty head
  • A worn or end of life cleaning head cannot clean your house floors effectively. But, a new head wipes out the surface without asking for much effort.

Points to Remember

  • If you lost the user’s manual or you don’t understand how to remove the mop head from the spin mop, it’s better to contact the manufacturer.
  • Do not twist the head or take it apart using an excess of physical strength, especially if you are doing it for the first time.
  • Not all the cleaning heads are machine washable, so check the manual before washing them. If you are machine washing the head, then remove all its attachments. A rubbing cover or wire might damage your washing machine.
  • Do not change or replace the head on a slippery surface.


The steps mentioned above and tips are helpful if you seek information about how to remove the mop head from spin mop. As you can understand after reading the process, it’s not a big task to change the head. So, use the information to accomplish this job with perfection.

Some of the spin mops need a precise twist, turn or force to loosen their cleaning heads. So, read the instructions manual before you attempt any of the steps mentioned above.

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