Best Telescopic Window Cleaner UK

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You can easily clean the windows using a squeegee and polishing cloth. But, what if these tools cannot access some of those? Using a ladder is always helpful, but risky.

Instead, you can try a telescopic window cleaner to extend your cleaning range and access all the tough to reach windows. Let’s start by knowing some of the best extendable window cleaners available to purchase.

Best Selling Telescopic Window Cleaners UK

Check our top telescopic extendable window cleaner UK of 2024 below


1. DocaPole 5-12 Foot (1.5-3.5m) Extension Pole

DocaPole Telescopic Pole




A helpful tool, DocaPole extension ple allows you to clean windows that you cannot reach with bare hands. It provides an additional cleaning reach of 5 foot and expands up to 12 foot (3.5m). The pole comes with a dual attachment of squeegee and scrubber that helps you to keep all the windows dirt and grime free.

The multi-purpose extension pole features a standard threaded metal tip that’s compatible with many other cleaning attachments. Means, you can attach any other cleaning tool that is accepted by the Docapole windows cleaning tool.







The Hi-Tech extendable telescopic pole is one of the most valuable window cleaning tools for high windows. Made of high-quality aluminium, the cleaning pole has five sections. Due to an aluminium built, it is lightweight, durable and withstands all the pressure with ease.

The telescopic window cleaning pole can extend up to 16 feet. So, you can choose the desired length wherein you can easily access the target windows. Moreover, its handle is designed ergonomically and is slip-resistant to provide you with a solid grip.



3. Telescopic Water Fed Window Cleaning Pole Brush – Wfpd16

Telescopic Water Fed Window Cleaning Pole



Telescopic Wfpd16 is a professionally designed window cleaner, which maximizes the results without taking much of your time or energy. It comes with some of the most useful features that are helpful for every house owner. First, the window cleaning pole brush is constructed using aluminium. Hence, its strong, long-lasting, rigid and lightweight.

Then, this professional telescopic window cleaner can extend up to 16 feet, which is helpful to clean the windows that are located high on the walls. It has a soap dispenser with a couple of taps; one throws water and another one is for the soap and water cleaning solution.



4. AlsEllan Professional 3 in 1 Window Squeegee

AlsEllan Professional 3 in 1 Window Squeegee



A high-quality windows squeegee that’s versatile, long-lasting and easy to use. No matter how long the window maintenance session goes, you will never feel hand fatigue while using this extendable window cleaning kit. You can use this versatile tool in the shower to keep mirrors and glass doors or walls free from dirt and stains.

The windows squeegee comes with an 8.5 feet extension pole that allows you to clean high windows. Its cleaning head has 180-degree adaptability, which is helpful while cleaning hard to reach areas.



5. Tyroler Bright Tools Telescoping High Window Cleaner

Tyroler Bright Tools Telescoping High Window Cleaner



If you need a high-quality tool that can make house maintenance easy, then try the Tyroler extendable window cleaner. It comes with a microfiber cloth fitted on one side that easily deals with all the dirt and grime without making any scratches on your windows.

On the other side, the cleaner has a rubber squeegee that dries all the windows without leaving unpleasant streaks. Its telescopic handle gives you a maximum cleaning reach of 5.24 feet (160 cm), which is useful while cleaning high windows.



6. Lomida Professional Window Squeegee Cleaner

Lomida Professional Window Squeegee Cleaner



The professional window squeegee cleaner gives you everything that you will ever need to keep your windows clean. Its telescopic tubes extend up to 5.1 inches (62 inches) and hence, you don’t have to look for a ladder while cleaning high windows.

The cleaner has a detachable cleaning head the comes with a scrubber and squeegee. So, you also can use it to clean the windows that are easy to reach. Its microfiber cloth is very absorbent and soft, so you will not notice any scratches after the cleaning session is over.



7. window clean Dekton 3.5m Washing Set Equipment

window clean Dekton 3.5m Washing Set Equipment



window clean Dekton is one of the best telescopic window cleaning kits that you can purchase in the UK. With this washing equipment, you can easily clean windows that are unreachable otherwise. The first impressive factor of the set is its ability to extend up to 3.5 meters, which will maximize your cleaning radius.

Next comes its versatility; you can detach its cleaning head from the pole and clean the lower level windows. The cleaning head tilts, which gives you better cleaning results. You can detach the extension pole in three different sections and hence, the set is easy to store as well.



8. Rolson 61007 Telescopic Window Cleaner

Rolson 61007 Telescopic Window Cleaner



The Rolson 61007 window cleaner comes with a squeegee and microfiber mop that works with a telescopic pole that expands from 1.3m to 3.3m. Its cleaning head is adjustable up to 180 degrees and offers better cleaning results. You can take out the cleaning head to clean easy to access windows.

Manufactured with steel, the window cleaner pole is durable and robust. Even after a solid construction, the cleaner is lightweight at 413 grams. Moreover, its price tag is marginally lower than other window cleaners.



9. BARGAINS-GALORE Telescopic Conservatory

BARGAINS-GALORE Telescopic Conservatory



Bargains Galore glass cleaner is another convenient tool that allows you to clean any of the windows within a reach of 3.5 meters. Due to its length, the cleaning tool might be a valuable item for your house maintenance sessions. Moreover, it comes equipped with a dual-layer cleaning head wherein one side you will see a squeegee while the other one has microfiber mop.

Due to lightweight construction, the glass cleaner is easy to carry and use. Above all, it has an affordable price tag that’s comparatively lower than other models.







Benelux kit is one of the most convenient telescopic extendable window cleaners when it comes to performing under demanding conditions. It offers multiple benefits when you have to clean some windows that are high on your house walls. The extendable pole secures a detachable cleaning head and gives you an access up to 3.5 meters.

The cleaning head has a windows washer at one side and a mop on the other. The tool weights 1.2 kg that might be somewhat higher than other variants, but so is its extension. With such a construction and cleaning reach, the tool can clean any of the windows in your house.



How to Clean Exterior Windows Without a Ladder?

Cleaning the windows is a time taking the task, especially when you cannot reach them. However, there are multiple ways to clean exterior windows without using a ladder. You can first try to clean them from inside. If it’s not possible, then try one of the following ideas.

Telescopic Window Cleaner: Most of the homeowners prefers to use an extendable pole that comes with a special cleaning head. It’s helpful to wash and dry the windows. Most of them are also compatible with other cleaning heads.

These tools allow you to reach second-floor windows to the least. In case of an extendable window cleaner with hose attachment, you can simply soap up the windows using a garden hose, use water to rinse and finally wipe it dry using the microfiber cloth.

Pressure washer: You can use a pressure washer or an attachment that you generally use for car washing. Mix the recommended amount of windows cleaning solution and use the washer to clean the windows. Make sure that the pressure is turned on in case you are going with a pressure washer. Stand far away from the windows, otherwise, the extra pressure might break them.

Once you have used a cleaning agent over the windows, rinse them with clean water. Try to follow the above-mentioned steps in the afternoon, so that the windows can dry quickly. If water stays on the glass for long, there are chances that it might result in marks and stains.

You can also squeegee off the leftover moisture. Utilize a telescopic cleaning kit, in case the water is taking a long time to leave your windows.

Steam cleaner: You can steam clean the reversible windows. Once done applying the steam, you should use a squeegee and then microfiber polish cloth to get some added shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows?

Using a windows squeegee and cleaning solution is the best way to clean windows. Mix the cleaning solution in a bucket of water, and use a washer or a handheld telescopic tool to clean the windows. Finally, take a squeegee and wipe out all the surfaces.

How do you clean second-floor windows without a ladder?

You can either use a telescopic cleaner, pressure washer or a magnetic toolto clean the second-floor windows. Any of these tools will allow you to clean the windows while maintaining a firm grip on the ground.

What is the best homemade window washing solution?

Vinegar and water mix is the best natural, anti-bacterial and non-toxic windows washing solution. Vinegar is comparatively economical than many other chemical-based cleaning solutions. Even if you ingest or inhale it accidentally, there are no harms.

Does vinegar etch glass?

No, vinegar never creates any damage on the glasses. No matter you are cleaning the mirrors or windows, it should not etch the glass

How can I clean the outside of my upstairs windows?

You can try a telescopic window cleaner that we were discussing today. So, measure the approximate length and try to clean the upstairs windows using a telescopic tool. You can mix wither vinegar or any other cleaning solution in warm water and use it to scrub clean the windows.

Bottom Line

As you can understand, extendable window cleaners are simple and arguably the easiest tool to clean the windows that are tough to reach. There are no reasons why you should not use such an outstanding windows maintenance tool that saves a lot of effort, energy and still offers perfect results.

With that, we have already discussed some of the best telescopic window cleaners that you can try. Now, it’s your sole decision to choose one and enjoy sparkling windows.

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